Young Girl Murdered By Man She Met Online

Posted on November 8, 2007

This post is a not related to ghost stories, but I feel like it is very important.

A young Minnesota�girl was killed after she met with a man in person whom she had come into contact with on a website called Craigslist. (*1) Katherine Ann Olson, age 24,�replied to a help wanted ad for a job and was later found murdered. Police do have the suspect in custody, but that is little consolation for the girl and her family.

There have also been at least 30 people who have been murdered by someone who they met through MySpace. Most of these have been young girls.

It breaks my heart to hear news like this. I want to strongly advise anyone who reads this to be extremely careful with people you meet online. It is very difficult to know who they really are or what their true intentions might be.

If you ever decide that you want to meet up with someone in person make sure that it is in a public place and you are not alone. Remember, you may have “chatted” with the person for a long time and feel like you know them, but do not take any chances with your safety and your life.

Judy Cajuste(*2) Judy Cajuste, a 14 year old girl from New Jersey, was killed by a person whom she met on MySpace

She was killed on the date of her last login on MySpace 1-10-2006. She was strangled and left naked in a dumpster.

The police believe she may have met with foul play as the result of meeting an individual through her MySpace account.

(*3) Taylor Behl Taylor Behl, a 17 year old girl from Virginia was found dead, after being strangled and raped then left in shallow grave. Taylor Behl was killed by a person she met on MySpace.

My sincerest and heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of these girls and all others who have been hurt or killed by predators they had met online.

I do not wish to cause any of them any more suffering by posting these pictures here. My only intent is to give my readers a sense of reality on the subject and hopefully my words will cause you to reconsider when you get the idea to meet someone in person.

There have also been many girls who have been sexually assaulted by men they met through MySpace and other social networking sites. Many of these girls will not come forward because of embarrassment or fear.

*1 Craigslist users wary after killing of baby-sitter

*2 Police Hunt For Killer of 14 year old New Jersey Girl

*3 Taylor Behl

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15 Responses to “Young Girl Murdered By Man She Met Online”
  1. Deacon Dan says:

    That is so sad. People need to be aware that as great a medium as the Internet is, there are some unsavory characters that are going to prey upon others. Always use caution and wisdom with any Internet interactions.

  2. The Caretaker says:

    I have two daughters of my own and my heart really goes out to the families of these victims.

  3. Pat says:

    I have a 13 year old niece that has way too many older guys on her FB friends list. I copied this and sent it to her. She was born in 1996 but her page says 1990! She has NO idea what she coulkd be getting herself into! Hopefully this post will help wake her up!

  4. Karen M. says:

    That is terrible, when my daughter gets old enough to want to be on the internet, I’ll show her this too! I just watched a show where they arrested a police officer for picking up young girls and trying to have sex with them! The girl was only 15 and the police told her to invite him over , when he got there they were waiting for him. You never know who’s out there!

    • anna says:

      and cops say you can trust them.thats think you can trust ppl and the ones who you least expected is the one.

      • SUNNY says:

        Not all cops….Anna… If you want to weigh the odds ….of the bad against the good (COPS)…believe me …we will win…
        So…before you put us all in the same boat..( my husband) included…..STOP…and think. There are many long and dangerous …days and nights…I stay up worrying…listening to the scanner…….praying that the bad guys don’t win. Police Officers take on this responsibility…for less pay..and less recognition than is deserved! When they strap on that bullet-proof vest each day……noone knows just who’s out there and what problem is on their mind…….and it could be their last…..

        • anna says:

          sorry i didnt mean it like that ,that all cops but some long has your husband been a cop?growing up i always wanted to be an undercover cop.

  5. anna says:

    i think its not just the internet its anywhere.when i was 15 or even going into high schooli met a friend and we would hang out every weekend and we ended up metting so many guys its not even funny and to this day when i think about it i am we both are very lucky nothing happened to us.i would always think oh they wont do anything they seem harmless but it only takes just one guy to screw it i dont think its just the internet.its who you met as well.

  6. anna says:

    i feel sorry for the families that lost someone by that.americas most wanted i watched were ppl met a guy and the guy killed not saying i was in the place but i was being friendly im mean thank you for opening the door for me and that was it,it went down hill he fallowed me so close in the morning that if i stopped he could of hit me.were i was working he was there with other men he worked with and he scared the crap out of me to the point that i cryed.he knew were i lived and it went on for months.and finally i got feed up and went tpo the poilce.there like what do you want me to do about it.i said stop the way he was married and kids..i saw them later and they were still its to how nice you are you could have the wrong signal too.i vent seen him in yrs.i want to keep it like that.

  7. Caretaker says:

    This story is over 2 years old but the message is still important. BE CAREFUL ONLINE and do not share your personal info.

  8. arlyn says:

    if there is a punishment more than death, i think that is what those murderers deserved to have.

  9. anna says:

    my sister dont think of the bad guys should get the chair or anything like on the other hand i can you kill someone ,rape kids murder anyone and just go to jail.i think you do that you should get punished.all those family members want to know the truth and hurting inside because they lost a loved one and all some killers get is couple of yours.some yes life without getting out.some for me my opoion only i do think murderes,killers get what they deserve.and the thing that bugs me is when these kids met the guys on line in person they dont think something can i just hope kids will learn but some they will say i wont happen to me.i know better.wich they dont because they want to met the guy so there it is i said thats me my opoion.everyone has theres.

  10. anonynomous says:

    feel sorry for that girl

  11. AnNa says:

    i agree with arlyn i watch lockdown and its with murders rapiest robbery what ever you can think of thats what they did.they say they have changed they have families that they miss dearly.what about the families that they killed they will never see them again.i think anyone who kills like on the web site or other stupid stuff they deserve everything they get.they dont even deserve a sorry if im being so harsh but thats me.its weird the girls that lost there lives on the web site when other read they probably say oh it wont happen to me.i just takes just 1 time,1 time to meet someone.i just had to get that of my chest.

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