Witchcraft Gone Wrong

Posted on November 25, 2009

Okay, before you guys freak saying “oh she’s so young, she doesn’t see anything” everyone says it cause I’m only 13. I’ve seen things since I was a kid. But when I was a kid I used to do witchcraft. I loved it, it gave me a thrill to see the wonders I was making. I hated myself for doing it.

My mom used to tell me not to do it, so I keep it down low. I stopped doing it after I got attacked one night by a “spirit” I would say. Though I saw nothing. I did a spell to summon a spirit who was supposed to give faith. I wont mention the name, not even over the internet. I’m too afraid to.

I was sitting in my room with the spell in front of me. I had to draw two of the same design that was printed on the paper, then summon him to come. I did it in front of my mirror, on the floor. So after I got done drawing it, I summoned him. Nothing happened so I chuckled. Then my drink fell over onto the floor, washing the chalk away. But I didn’t touch the drink ! It was at least 19 inches away from me on the floor. So I mopped it up, and saw a face in the water and Cola mixed together. I thought it was mine so I got closer to get a better look. It wasn’t mine. But a snake like creature? I would say so. I backed away shocked. I didn’t think it would work.

So after I got done cleaning up, I laid on my bed and turned my MP3 up as loud as it goes. My battery was fully charged, but then it cut off. The battery died. And I heard a whining noise under my bed. Like a dying cat.

Look here ! We had 2 cats die in our house, but we got rid of them all after the momma cat gave birth. The only animal in the house was our weak dog who was old, and sick. I checked on her and she was asleep. I looked outside to see if stray animals were around, but no. Finally I looked under my bed. And the same face was there. Deformed, and crying for help. I swear on this day ! I will never use that spell again, never say nor repeat it. Not even look at it. I ripped the page out and burned it.

Though I still do witchcraft, and I always will. Voodoo, and Hoodoo too. But never again, ever will I look at the man’s face again, but in my mind it’s forever scarred.

I will never do this spell again.

Sent in by Summer, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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82 Responses to “Witchcraft Gone Wrong”
  1. LMC says:

    wow well you should be careful when you do spells you can open a door way and let something bad in. the face or whatever it is could still be there did you pray to send it back from where it came from?

    I hope everything is ok sweety be careful k. have a blessed life

  2. Holy Hunter says:

    a snake??oh you summoned……..never mind, you just messed with the wrong doors.
    be very careful please, you can get lost in these worlds for real……

  3. Gregory says:


    My grandfather was a gentle, kind, person. He once told me, “Experience is a dear teacher and a fool will have no other.” I was about 13 years old then. It took me a few years to appreciate what he said. Essentially I believe it implies we should be able to learn from others and other’s experience, or else we can learn “it” the hard way…, by our self. Needless to say, I learned a lot of things the hard way. When I was a little older I started listening to my elders, and the learning became easier.

    Please consider the potential danger you are placing yourself and others in when you practice these crafts. Take heed of some of the warnings that others have made on this site.

  4. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Can i ask??? why, at such a young age do you want to do witchcraft?? you already had a bad experience!! so,, why continue??? and hoodoo and voodoo,, these are things you have to be very careful with.. very dangerous.. not anything to play with……your story just didnt make sence to me…. what are you looking for????

  5. Andrasta says:

    I don’t think you should “do witchcraft” until you fully understand what it is you’re doing. You clearly have no idea what you’re doing, though you call whatever you are doing witchcraft. None of the witches I know summon spirits for anything. Faith is something you have to learn how to grasp on your own.

  6. Zaman says:

    U r too young to do witchcraft, u r not powerfull enough. I tell u my friend gave me a ring that possessed with evil power, i kept the ring but after two days i got sick for two month. Because i cant handle the power inside that cursed ring. It’s happened when i was 16

  7. Grey Wolf says:

    As some of the other people have already said…you have to be very,very careful!!!Because when you open up a door or portal to another realm…both good and bad can come in…and itI is not always so easy to get rid of the bad;as the bad do not want to go willingly.It sound’s like you have already had an experince that freaked you out…how do you know it is over??Did you banish it?Also once the negitive spirits take notice of you and you opening up a portal they will be drawn to you and they are not always trueful especially in the beginning.What concerns me is that you could make contact with a spirit or spirits that can cause you great harm..to you and those you love;and really may be very hard to get rid of.So please think about what you are messing with…the spirit world is very real…there are good and evil..just as there are good and bad people in the world..and the bad or evil is very dangerous!!!And yes I do believe you about what happened…keep reading some of the other stories people send in to share on this site..and you can see that some experinces with the paranormal can be negitive..and some things are best left alone…but of course it is up to you..I am just trying to warn you to be careful; sometimes what may start out as fun or exciting can turn in to terrifing and dangerous.Blessed be!

  8. Holy Hunter says:

    witchcraft and humans were not ment of each other, keep it up and you’ll see what I mean. there is no such thing as “safe witchcraft”. mark my words get out of it completly.

  9. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    when i was about 13, i tried out the Q. board, it was a very bad experience, and i never touched it again.. but, it could have been to late,,,,,, i still dont understand why anyone would consider trying anything again, after such a bad experience…. curiosity isnt always a good thing……ktm

  10. scarygirl67 says:

    In my opinion….you were testing it out and seeing how far you could go. You know now.

    The craft is something that is meant to show ways to work in harmony with nature….and to further the greater good. Using it simply to summon energy….for what? To see what it will do?

    Never forget that anything you do comes back to you times three….good or bad.

  11. tabbycat says:

    i know this is a dume question but whats hoodoo?

  12. LMC says:

    I don’t know tabbycat but I would like to know??? Maybe???

  13. Summer says:

    Hoodoo is like Voodoo, but Voodoo is a religion. Hoodoo is like summoning, and sacrificing. If you want there’s a movie related to it called The Skeleton Key. Check it out if you want. && It’s not a dumb question. I get asked that a lot.

  14. LMC says:

    thank you for answering our question. I saw the skeleton key pretty cool movie. I can admit I get a lil bit intimidated with different things when I don’t understand them I want to know I will be ok.

    I never did the board… well I tried it once years ago it didn’t work for me. Once I thought it was cause I wasn’t doing it right then I started to get wierd vibes off of it so I decided not to mess with it at all! Funny thing is my friend could get it to work and she thought it was because I had too much faith in God for it to work???? I don’t know she was joking when she said that! lol!

    Did you read the story here titled “Talking to a friend from hell” part 1 and part 2??? pretty serious stuff! It did scare me and shocked me from some of the info the story was giving!

    be careful sweety! I hope your Thanksgiving was a good 1!!!

  15. Calico says:

    I am a witch myself. However, I prefer the term Wiccan or Pagan, as I dislike the negativity associated with the term “witch”. I have been so for the past six years, seven this coming December. I have not once had a mishap with any of my spells. The key is to go over your spells thoroughly before you cast them. If you are unsure of how to properly perform the spell in question then do not do so. It is better to write your own than those you find in a book.

    If the spirit is still bothering you I can help you send it back.

    Farewell and Blessed Be.

    • Sunny says:

      Hey Calico,I’ve only begun practicing Wicca about five months back (14 years) and there is no covens near where i live.Is it absolutely nescasary to have/be in a coven?

    • stella says:

      Calico! I have a question. Can christian do wiccan magic and still be a christian? Please don’t be rude to me because I’m christian. Every witch I asked this question was rude to me just because am christian. I was never rude to wiccans pagans etc. and I never will be. I just want to do magic because I like it and I wouldn’t make any harm to anyone with my magic.

      • apostleled says:

        If your desire is to become Christlike these scriptures may speak to you. Deuteronomy 18:11-12 and Isaiah 8-19 and also Leviticus 19:31.

  16. Calico says:

    Holy Hunter, Witchcraft is not evil or negative unless one makes it so. Magic is magic in general your intent decides on whether it will be positive or negative.

    Also, it is associated with many nature based Pagan religions. It is used to bring about positive desired change.

    Zaman I have been a Pagan since I was twelve and I have not had any mishaps. If one takes their time and knows what he or she is doing they will be fine. Age has nothing to do with it. Intelligence on the subject matter however does. If one knows what he or she is doing there will be no real danger.

  17. XxWALTZz says:

    its kinda boring and its not totally real for me because i once been a audience(someone in our family been hit by a wichtcraft) in a real wicthcraft……

  18. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I have a question,, why would anyone want to cast a spell?? and what sort of spells would they cast?? it seems to me ,that would change the order of things that come naturally….and should be…????? i would like an answer from someone who practices this, if possible!! thank you,,, ktm

  19. troj says:

    I have to say this does sound unreal (as another poster said). Witchcraft is nothing to mess with regardless of what all the others say on here.

  20. Calico says:

    Magic is very much real. It is a part of many Pagan religions as I stated before. Granted there are those that use it for negative outcomes, most do not. Troj, magic has so much negativity associated with it because individuals believe that Paganism and Satanism are the same thing. Paganism is a nature based religion. In it magic is used for protection, healing, etc. In Satanism it is used for revenge, controlling others, etc. The Satanic religion started as a way to defy the christian one. However, Paganism dates back far before the start of Christianity. I’ve giving this little bit of info for the simple fact that it upsets me that individuals believe Paganism to be evil, when it is not.

    Knowtomuch, we use them to protect friends and family and to heal them. Magic is sending out energy to achieve a desired outcome, but in Paganism we use spells only when it is needed. We do not go about casting spells simply to cast them. Paganism is about worshiping our Goddess and God, becoming one with nature, and the spirits of nature, not casting spells 24/7. However, magic is a part of the religion.

  21. Zaman says:

    maybe age don’t do much with witchcraft….
    But don’t mess with evil power when you are too young

  22. L .J. Richard says:

    Why do I not believe you Summer? You are too “polished” for a 13 year old!!!

  23. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Did the original poster ever come back??????

    Very interesting, i feel that the energy that i cast out is God related.. i cant do anything by myself, God works through me… but, thats just my opinion…… ktm

  24. Holy Hunter says:

    I never said witchcraft was evil calico, I was stating that human beings and magic are not a compatiable thing. you were not born with magic, there fore this witch craft can be dangerous. I am aware that there is more spells other then summoning and demon powwr crap, but witch craft should not be labeled as being harmless. young kids spells trouble with witch craft(no pun intented).

  25. Calico says:

    i never stated that I “messed with evil power” Zaman. Also, as I stated before magic is magic. It is the user that makes it positive or negative. Eh, Holy Hunter, magic is all around us. One just needs the will to tap into it. Also, the only time that “humans and magic don’t mix” is when ignorant fools try to use it in a negative way. I wasn’t trying to attack you so don’t at like I was. I was stating facts.

    Some people here should read up on what magic and paganism actually are.

  26. voodoochild says:

    Words of advice do not practice witchcraft at all. you are to youn gto fully understand it that is why you summoned the wrong spirit. Why would you want to summon anything it’s just like using a Ouija board you are opening a portal.

  27. Calico says:

    Age really has nothing to do with it. If you say the wrong words or do improper visualization during spell casting it can cause it to backfire. I have used Ouija boards numerous times and I have had pleasant experiences each time. Again, if you know what you are doing you will be fine.

  28. ichigo says:

    What is hodoo? I believe in voodoo and reincarnation, but what is it? Nver heard of it b4

  29. Calico says:

    HooDoo is a form of folk magic that has its roots in Africa, Native American and European traditions.

  30. Ichigo says:

    Oh, now I know? Hoodoo doesn’t count as summoning your spirit guide, right? Cause I have one, and she’s awesome!

  31. Calico says:

    Not to my knowledge. Anyone can do so. You don’t have to practice hoodoo to find him or her.

  32. gLEN says:

    i still dont get it, why would u guys even do those? arent you guys scared about it? hey where can u get a oujia board?

  33. strwrz says:

    calico- how would u summon ur spirit guide? i would love to do so and any advice would be much appreciated

  34. Lotus S. Dust says:

    I FIND IT AMUSING that this 13 yr old little girl is claiming to have used witch craft when she was a “KID”…………………..? you are still a kid. plus you said you USED TO deal with the craft & then talked about how you do still???????????????????? honey you dont know what you’re doin or speaking of. i suggest you stop insulting people’s intelligence & the craft as well for that matter.


  35. Calico says:

    Glen, no it doesn’t it is part of my religion. It upsets me that ignorant people think it is something evil or demonic. Try looking up Paganism, Wicca, or magic. Magic is magic. The intent behind it makes it good or evil. Strwrz, do mean your spirit guide, as in the spirit of a person, or animal spirit guide?

  36. Calico says:

    Lotus S. Dust, You do realize that the starter of this post has not been back? -lol-

  37. NimNod... the She Goat.... says:

    oh she�s so young, she doesn�t see anything

    just kidding, thats some serious stuff, be careful with what you are messing with, it may have even more unpleasent results!

  38. strwrz says:

    calico- well im not really sure what the difference is ( and please dont say that one is an animal and the other isnt) is 1 bad and the other good. how does it all work

  39. strwrz says:

    holy hunter- ur post on the 25th when u said ” a snake … u summoned…” please tell me u were about to make a naruto refference. for all those who dont know wat naruto is… get with the times people

  40. Calico says:

    There are different types that you can all on Strwrz. No, your guides mean you no harm. They are there to help not harm. You can use meditation to call out to them. They come to you and assist you if you need it. Once you contact him or her you can call on them in the future to assist you again if you so need it.

  41. zoecat says:

    witchcraft is bad, it is a sin you will go to a place opisite to heaven unless you go to church and pray…

  42. ZOEE CAT says:

    ok you are to young to do witchcraft and witchcraft is a sin i know that because i am a christian.

  43. ZOEE CAT says:

    arent you afraid if something bad might happen if you accedentily do something wrong.

  44. Calico says:

    I am 19 myself and I have been a practicing Pagan for the past seven years. Being a Pagan is not a sin. I am a witch yes, but we don’t worship your “Satan” or anything close to it. We worship a Goddess and God. Satanists worship Satan, but not the one depicted in the “Bible” Paganism was one of the first religions. Christianity came much later and took Pagan religions and turned them into Christian ones to get rid of any Pagan association.
    If you are careful and know what you are doing there is nothing to worry about. Paganism in itself is a nature based religion. We work with nature and the beings and forces in it. Magic is just a part of it. I was a christian myself once, and I left that religious path to follow the one I am on now. i am not trying to push my religion on you I am giving facts, so don’t come here and try to push yours off on us. You religion is no better than anyone elses your God is no better than my deities or any other. We all have a right to believe in what we wish and follow our own path.

  45. Calico says:

    No it is not a sin. We harm none and give back to nature and the beings in it. Just because it has been pounded into your head that it is such, it is not. I do pray to MY Goddess and God. Believe as you will. Your statement just shows how willfully ignorant you are.

    Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

  46. Satansgirl66 says:

    As with some others here I am also a witch. I embrace that word and am here to tell you to be careful. You don’t just go calling up spirits for the fun of it.

  47. Calico says:

    Nice to see another Kin spirit here. *nods* One should not summon anything unless they are experienced in such matters.

    Merry Meet and Blessed Be.

  48. zoeecat says:

    i am not saying it is bad it is just god doesnt like that.he doesnt like it because the devil does it. but i would like to do it but i am afraid.i am not saying you will go to hell you will still go to heaven.

  49. Calico says:

    And some of us don’t believe in your god. Satanism is a Pagan religion, yes. However, not every Pagan is a Satanist you must understand this. Even they are not evil. From what I know and from those that I have talked to, those that practice Satanism don’t even follow the same God that the Christians view as a “demon.”

    • Caretaker says:

      It has always been my understanding that pagans did not believe in Satan so how can Satanism be a pagan religion?

  50. Calico says:

    It is considered one by some, which is why I said what I said. It could be classified as one. The range of Pagan religions has widened in recent years and now more religions than before are considered Pagan by some individuals.

  51. lissa says:

    Okay, wow thats freaky! umm actuall i was wondering since u guys seem to know more about this than i do then i have question.
    My great great grandfather had powers…u knw what i mean right?
    well how do you know who in ur family line will inherit those powers?

  52. Calico says:

    I cannot say for sure. No one in my family practiced the religion before I did, but everyone in my family has had the ability to see spirits.

    I would assume that you believe that you have these powers if you have asked this question.

  53. papi sal says:

    You should try talking to a friend I have she taught me much about all these kinds of things & thats how I keep my sister around, well her spirit at least.

  54. Calico says:

    I understand that you wish your sister, but why keep her spirit around? Why not allow her to rest in peace? I’m sorry, but this just seems wrong to me. I mean no offense to you of course. I’m just sharing my thoughts on the matter.

  55. mimi says:

    You played with fire, you got burned. I feel sorry for you. If you r smart, you should stop the magic crap and never do it again. The power you get as a witch is evil.

  56. Calico says:

    Mimi, incorrect dearest. Magic is not evil. The intent of the individual using it determines whether or not the outcome is “evil.”

  57. CHILD LIKE says:

    I just found out that a friend of mine who used to live in the same block as I do moved because they would see shadow people and things in their home would move even during the day time. After I told her about my daughter was when she told me about her experiences in that home. July my friend told me she took a spiritual reader to her home and she told July that it was because she lived to close to the cementary and some of the spirits there can’t cross over and so they wonder around our houses and feel comfortable there so they won’t leave now.
    I didn’t always have experiences in the home it was on and off but never bad ones.
    I hope my daughter Omedi doesn’t have bad ones either. I know we are different because her character is much stronger than mine but I have a more open mind then she does. I don’t know how to protect her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Verity says:

    Calico, agreed…with everything you said. And I guess Satanism can be considered a Pagan religion since the umbrella is so broad that any religion other than the the big ones like Catholcism and Christianity is considered a Pagan religion.

  59. spoony monster says:

    You DO know that modern-day witchcraft has NOTHING to do with ghosts and spirits, right?

    I’m not sure where you found this “spell” but it’s not actually a spell. A spell is a prayer, and does not summon.

    I have been a practicing witch for ten years, since I was twelve years old. I got into it for much the same reason you have. But there is a difference between Wicca/Witchcraft and what you are doing. I’m telling you this from first-hand experience.

    If you get involved with black magick and spirit manipulation like you are now, it WILL come back and bite you in the @$$. It’s called karma dude.

  60. Sunny says:

    Ps I havent actually summoned anything exept for one time with a ouija board(nothing bad happened).and i wasnyt leading the session it was my frend niamh.

  61. Jessi :)) says:

    I’m sorry but witchcraft itself is bad everything to do with it IS BAD you know what it’s so bad that idnt think the word bad can describe it , I believe that the bible says those that do magic meaning if u do black magic & white magic will go to hell & usually ppl b like oh hell ? Nahh I’m never going there GUYS OPEN UR EYES TO REALITY Ur not a liddo kid anymore the time will come when god comes with a trumpet & with his angels to take all those who believe in him & that repented , those who do witchcraft I wouldn’t say there bad ppl cuz criticizing ppl is sumthing u shouldn’t do but I’m just saying what’s so good about it ? All Ur doing is worshiping the devil opening doorways for the evil spirits [demons] into you & Ur home :\ THERE’S NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THAT !!!!!! listen ppl white magic is BAD HORRIBLE DISCUSTING ok ppl b saying it’s good well guess what IT’S NOT AT ALL !! Don’t you know what the devil is doing ?! He’s trying to make witchcraft seem like sumthing fun ,sumthing children will like to do sumthing innocent ! you ppl need wake up before it’s to late !!!! the only way to go to heaven is by Jesus Christ the one who died for EVERYONE on the cross cuz of our sins but rose on the 3rd day, JESUS LUVZ YOU no matter what reliogion you are Kay ?! All he wants is for you to stop doing what Ur doing like praying to idols to statues to saints ,zodiac signs , palm reading THAT’S ALL FRM THE DEVIL ! That’s satanic !!!! Ppl !!!! Look turn to god & watch how all Ur problems will wash away :) well Ihope you liked this & will turn to the all mighty god one day or evn today cuz u never know when it’s to late , my name is Jessica ,I’m 14 PEACE GOD BLESS

  62. Joseph says:

    Jessi, you really shouldn’t be going around yelling at people to follow the same religious beliefs as you, because everyone has the choice to believe in what they want to. Also, Paganism isn’t devil worship, just to inform you.

    Oh yes and for the original poster; That’s quite a strange tale but I don’t doubt the truth in it, and I hope you’ve overcome it ever since.

    And Calico, you do a fanominal job at explaining these sorts of things, if I may say :)

    • Jessi :)) says:

      Am just saying the truth what’s right you know look as long as I know that’s bad I’m good am just letting ppl know about the truth u know of witchcraft , y’all don’t have to believe me am not forcing you to but I do hope & pray one day you guys change …PEACE god bless

      • Thomas says:

        i dont mean to be rude im not a witch, wicca or pagan or any of those things im just interested by all things mystical, but who are you to knock down peoples beliefs? and how do you know your beliefs are the right ones? most christians are only christians because they had religon rammed down there necks as children!

        • LMC says:

          So true Thomas, so true… I’m a born & raised baptized Catholic… But lets resonable a child is usually taught their parents beliefs, what ever they belief in, christians, wicca or even Satanism. All children are taught who they are, what they believe in, all about their ancestors & .

          What’s remarkable about today is when children grow up they have a choice of what religion they believe in, they can also learn the history of the world

  63. Anonymous says:

    My Dear you must be careful, i once did a spell called The Burning toilet spell, It sounds mad but it was a spell to make up with my mother, i wrote the words on a pice of paper and set it alight throughing it down the toilet, in the ned i did end up making up with my mum, but the next day i went into my bathroom and the toilet was on fire, it was burning like crazy, i tried to put it out,i ran out of my room to get water, when i came back the toilet was untouched. unburned, like there was never even a fire, it wasreally strange :)

  64. Calico says:

    Incorrect. A spell is the sending out of one’s intent or energies to bring about a desired change. A prayer is asking for the aid of a deity.

    Thanks Joseph. ;)

    Jessie, to be honest dear, Paganism was around far longer than Christianity. The followers of your religion slaughtered thousands of innocents for even considering another religion. But we are the evil ones? Oh and may I add that everyone one of your religions holidays are taken from and based off of Pagan holidays? That would then mean that you are participating in evil practices, since all Pagans and anything associated with them are evil according to you. Who are you to condemn us for standing up for our beliefs and spreading the truth? If I remember correctly, your bile does say that only your God can pass judgment yes? Therefore, unless he went on vacation and made you his official spokesperson do us all a favor and stop trying to do his job for him.

    Let’s face it your simply spitting forth everything that’s been pounded into your head since childhood without even taking the time to do research to the contrary. That dear is nothing more than willful ignorance on your part. Satanism and Wicca are to completely different religions and follow to totally different sets of religious views. Look it up if you know how to do that on your own without having someone to tell you.

    Just saying what I know, Kay?

  65. calico says:

    I meant to say Bible, but I was in a rush.
    Didn’t realize the misspelling until just now.
    lol Anyway, thanks. I thought so too.

  66. apostleled says:

    mercy, grace, peace, unfailing love , gentle, selfless, humility, kindness, forgiveness, hope, and truth. These things are the character of our Father and we should walk in these things becoming unoffendable.

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