The Nordic Demon

Posted on January 17, 2012

It was a Monday, Martin Luther King day to be exact. I heard my son screaming at me for buying his sister Autumn who is 17 some felt at a fabric store on the internet. Mykel kept yelling most of the day how his life is bad, no one will spend money on him. Mykel is 19. His friend who also is living with us Nick who is also 19 called up his father to pick him up for a day and bring him to his house. I saw Nick grab his back pack and cigarettes and leave the house. His father was waiting within minutes in the driveway. Most of my and Mykel’s argument was over Nick living with us.

Nick told us that it would be for a few days. However a few days has turned into several months. Nick cannot live with his father because his new stepmother does not like him. Nick tried to live with his mother Lori but she attacked him and left scratches on his back. Nick told me that his mom had a demon in her and he could see it in her eyes and she attacked him.

I am a single mother trying to support 3 children on my own. When I ask Nick how long he is staying he always is unclear. “My father is building me a room in the basement”. this is his answer. Other times Nick says my father is getting me an apartment.

My sons yelling continued, and I thought back to Christina being in the hospital. I wondered why there was so many problems right now along with Christina sick. I put on my catholic crosses that had just arrived in the mail. Hoping the yelling would stop.

After several hours my son went to his room in silence.� Then I spent sometime running to a Jo Ann’s fabric store to take back some yarn on East State in Rockford Illinois. It was 8:45pm and the store was about to close. The store would not take back the yarn, since I forgot my receipt. I went in the back and picked up more yarn. I carried the yarn to the register. The yarn came tumbling down as I was carrying the yarn. I thought maybe it happened because I was hurrying to ring them up before the store closed.

The clerk was an old white harried woman. She rolled her eyes as she rang me out. She handed me my receipt along with my bags. She also handed me the bags of yarn I could not return. I walked out of the store and she locked the door behind me. I looked back at her as she was locking the door. She had a look of relief on her face that I has left the store on time.

I drove along East State Street in Rockford and took Harrison to my house. I pulled up and parked my car. I ran inside the house carrying bags of yarn that were from Jo Ann fabric store. I put them on the bed in my living room. I ran into the other bedroom and found my lost JoAnn fabric receipt right away.� I yelled I found the receipt, but the store is closed. I thought just my luck.

To make my self feel better I asked Mykel, who was in his room playing a computer game, if he wanted Burger King. It was now 10:15pm. I got in my car and drove 2 blocks away to the Burger King on 11th street. I could see the Burger King lights were off.

I drove home and called the Burger King on 11th street. They answered the phone and told me to go to the Burger King on East State Street.

I hung up the phone and yelled to Mykel that I was driving to Burger King on East State Street. Mykel said ok, hurry because I am real hungry. I asked him how to get to Burger King on East State Street. Mykel said, “just take, North 2nd Street and Right on East State Street.

I got into my car, and shut my car door. I backed out onto 23Rd. Ave. and drove down 23Ave until I ran into North Second Street. I took a right turn unto North Second Street.

I finally saw East State Street and took a wrong turn. I turned left. Upon noticing my mistake I pulled into a drive way and faced my car back again in the correct direction.

I finally drove right down East State Street. I could see Burger King with it’s lights on near Charles Street. I drove until I could take a left turn unto the Burger King parking lot. I drove to the back of the Burger King Building to the drive thru speaker. I was greeted by Burger King voice saying. “How can I help you?” I responded with my window cracked on the drivers side I replied. “The $6.99, two Whopper special with two cokes and two fries. In the drive thru speaker, the voice said. “Ok, you can pull around and pay for your order to the 2nd drive thru window.

I pulled my silver Chrysler Sebring around the curve and arrived at the 2nd drive thru window. I rolled down my driver’s side window and handed the Burger King attended my credit card. As he took my card I looked for a few seconds away. I noticed that it was pretty dark around. I looked up at the sky and the night sky had clouds and they were blocking out the moon and stars. So it was very dark out. The Burger king attendant was a young 20 something Hispanic clerk. The dark haired Hispanic handed me back my credit card. I grabbed my credit card and put it into my cigarette tray. I looked around and did not see anyone but me and the Burger King clerk. The manager who was waiting on me handed me the drinks first one coke and then another one.

All of the sudden I heard someone yelling outside of my car. A street man came walking up to my car. The man started to yell give me some money. He was still a little distance away. But as this man got closed to me. He ran up to my car and tried to unlock my passenger side door. I saw the man had pure white hair, long about down to his back. His eyes glared at me pitch black. I could see him now, he was too close. He tried another car door, on the passenger side.

While this was happening the 20 something Hispanic manager yelled. “I am called the police, leave here at once.” The manager dialed 911 on his silver cell phone. I could hear him saying. “Get, to Burger King fast, this street man is trying to break into this woman’s car.” I looked again at the white haired street man with a dirty, blue jean coat. His eyes glared at me. I could see the pure blackness of his eyes.

He screamed. “let me in.” The street man, started to bang on the driver’s side door, I could hear bang, bang, bang as he was punching my car. I rolled up the window and hit power lock again.

Being pretty frightened. I did not know what to do. But something overcame me, possibly the feeling of helplessness, and terror. But,all, of the sudden I shouted at the street demon. I guess that was what I was seeing. I shouted. “Demon, leave me alone, in the name of Jesus Christ.” I screamed, again. “Demon, leave me alone in the blood of Jesus Christ.” All of the sudden the street man or demon with black eyes turned away and ran up to the front of Burger King. I could see his white hair flying in the wind like a witch. He had on dirty blue jeans and looked like he came bowels of the earth. His clothes filthy, dirty tanned white hands shook the doors at Burger King. The street demon turned and left my car alone. The man ran for the front doors at Burger King.

The street man tried to break the chain that locked the front door at Burger King. I sat in my car in shock, I could not move. I thought in my mind that, I might be witnessing something that was only on TV. I shook my self gripping reality, I looked straight ahead. I was afraid for the teenagers that worked at the fast food restaurant. The young teen Hispanics at the drive thru continued to talk to the police on the phone.

The Burger King crew, told me that the street man tried to break into Burger King when the door was locked. They looked frightened. I told the crew that his eyes were pitch black. I told the Burger King manager this type of stuff happens to me all the time. I lifted up my Catholic crosses that I wear and said that is what saved me. The younger Hispanic Burger King crew member looked scared. The Hispanic manager handed me my food and drinks. I told the manager that they maybe should buy a gun.

I thanked the manager, and told him that I did not want to stick around and talk to the police. I finally started my car back up and drove out of the Burger King parking lot. I waved to them goodbye. I took a right out of the East State Burger King parking lot and saw the demon, homeless man with white hair flying in the wind. He was walking across the street by the bank. I quickly drove away He seemed to scurry along a side street to escape from the police who would soon be arriving at Burger King. I drove back home down North 2nd Street shaking from what I believe was a true encounter with a demon.

Sent in by carr, Copyright 2012

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7 Responses to “The Nordic Demon”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I still can’t be convinced it is a demon simply because his eyes are all black. It might because you saw him as a demon since you are dealing with a lot of negative things in your life. .

  2. Marty says:

    I don’t know about a demon, but at ninteen thosse two young men would either find a job and go to work, or they would find another place to live. They are old enough to vote, they are old enough to support themselves. Sorry but that is how I feel.

  3. Kelly .T. says:

    Im sorry but I dont think it was a demon you encountered just sounds like a crazed hungry homeless man looking for a way to get food. Because ya know the world has people like that and its not because they are demon possessed. However it would still be pretty terrifying to have been there.

  4. Peanut says:

    For all you know the man could have been doing drugs or something. to make his eyes all black.

  5. Anonymous says:

    despite what all these naysayers will have you believe i know that what you encountered was in fact demonic. the black eyes you mentioned are the tell-tale sign of a demon or demonically possessed person. that combined with the fact that you were left alone after you told it to in the name of jesus is more than enough to convince anyone knowledgeable of such things.

    • Tao-kaka says:

      You can’t call it “fact” without any proof that it is a demon, the thing is in her story she said that it was dark out so it stands with reason that without proper lighting the eyes where cover with a shadow that caused the eyes to appear black. With more lighting maybe it will be easier to help support your argument, but without that then you have nothing. As for the “in the name of…” it could simply be because the man grew tiered of the car and thinking that the Burger King was unlocked he tried to get in to get food. Faith is good in all but simply asserting belief of demonic entity without thinking or trying to refute any possible physical or scientific explanations one can’t really say that it is demonic. Also please stop describing witches with the proverbial white hair black cloak and hat Halloween theme please…(directed to the righter) because witchcraft or wicca is about the earth and animals or something like that, it is a religion not an occult. And as for your your son and his friend I know that I shouldn’t say this since it is not my business carr but you should force to get a job especially to your sons friend since he is staying with your family he should pay you for room and the other basic necessities of life that you provide for him.

  6. Anonymous says:

    look up black eyed kids or bek’s….they dont have to be children or kids there are reports of adult bek’s..pretty sure thats what you encounterd, though bek’s are normally not so aggressive.

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