Telfair Art Museum Ghost

Posted on July 3, 2009

I encountered a very powerful ghost two summers ago in Savannah, Georgia. My family and I wanted to see the Bird Girl Statue from the book �Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil�. She is currently being displayed at the Telfair Art Museum in Savannah. On the way there we took a tour that described unusual stories around the city. The story of Mary Telfair came up. She had been in love with a gentleman, but he jilted her and married her sister. This infuriated Mary and she swore that she would never get married to anyone. She lived a spinster�s life in the huge mausoleum-like stone mansion of her father. Upon her death, she willed the Telfair mansion to become an art museum on the edict that there should never be any parties inside it. Years passed and the Telfair Art Museum decided to hold a fundraiser. Trying to abide by the rule, they set up the tables around the outside of the massive stone building. Suddenly there was a great wind that arose and the fund raiser was ruined by a terrible rain storm around the property. Ever since the museum has help it�s fund raisers in the center park across the street.

Naturally, I was intrigued. I had to find out if Mary Telfair, the Storm Queen was still there. We went inside. I asked a guide which sister owned the house? Then I proceeded to view the dark and enormous paintings inside. Several were twenty food high paintings of horrible battle scenes with blood and death everywhere. I made light jokes aloud about the Dark Knight imaged at the center of one painting. Then I spotted a portrait of a 19th century lady in black. I talked to the painting of Mary Telfair and said that she was �handsome�. This must have infuriated her. Finally I went upstairs to the dinning room. There was the most beautiful and complete 19th century silver dinner service that I have ever seen. In the center was a silver wagon with water and wine cravats. It looked like a toy only in silver. I said aloud �Oh how cute!�

A terrible crushing feeling came over my head. I felt the intense anger of Mary. She was paralyzing me with her touch. It was like a wave of anger and blackness reaching into my mind. Next I felt her boney fingers tickling me around the belly button. Fortunately the horrible feeling stopped. I did not know what she had done to me at the time, however, I knew absolutely for certain that Mary Telfair is still at that art museum guarding its treasures. The darkness I felt was like a deep depression. There can be little doubt that she is mentally ill and dangerous. Indeed, Mary hates men so much that she built a hospital where only women are allowed. If a male baby is born there the two must leave within three days according to her will. I am female, so she has issues with women as well (or at least women who mock her paintings).

Today I talked with a friend about the teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castenada. My friend described a passage in the book where Don Juan explains how each of us has a crack near our belly button that leaks out our life force in a trickle throughout our lives until it is drained and we die. An evil sorcerer can open up this crack in an enemy and drain the life force out entirely. Hungary ghosts often open this crack to suck out some of the victim�s life force in order to maintain their own existence. This may account for the many legends where staying overnight in a haunted house causes the person to be found dead in the morning. Their life force has been drained. Some sorcerers can close up this crack enabling them to extend their life for whatever purpose.

I am now very upset to learn that Mary stole some of my life force and intend to get even with her. I just do not want to endanger innocent people in the process. I do not want others to fall prey to this evil ghost. I have a theory that she died with such hatred of men that her spirit could not pass into the next realm. Also the Telfair Art Museum is made out of a very heavy stone, either granite or limestone. There is tons of it. Limestone is made of dead sea creatures which are made of calcium the same way our bones are made. This could trap her permanently in the building if she were to have died there. It also may be the source of magnifying her power, hence the storm queen aspect.

I have felt a sense of vertigo in several haunted places that I have visited such as Boot Hill in Tombstone, Arizona. That is built on a mountain of limestone and one of the most haunted places in the world. I am thinking now that my vertigo is a sign that the ghosts are stealing a small part of my life force as I walk in the door! I am now seeking to find ways to protect myself from this theft as I may be more susceptible or more aware that it is going on than other people. I am not sure if life force in renewable. I need to look into yoga and see if it is possible for me to generate anew what has been lost.

The entity that you saw above with the purple eyes does not seem like a positive entity to me. The only reason why it did not jump you and steal your life force is because you let him know that you could see him. He was wary that you might be more powerful than his usual victim and left you alone. His existence in those woods indicates that there is an open portal near some graves in the woods where he can enter our realm. The locals are staying away for a good reason. I have read about dark shadow people before. They are extremely dangerous. They either drain life force from the victim like a vampire or they possess the victim for whatever ill purpose they have in mind. Teen- agers are their favorite victims as they are very sexually active and in their prime. With a more mature victim, they would be more likely to drain the life force. Fortunately, I have never encountered a shadow person, but I do not go to graveyards at night either.

I have had batteries from my camera drained a couple of times though in graveyards. You may have been lucky that you had the Ipod there as the creature was satisfied with draining your batteries instead of your life force!!! I encountered an angry ghost this last week in Vienna, Austria while on tour with my orchestra from the US. We were visiting the main cemetery in downtown Vienna. It extends for miles and has some of the most elaborate monuments in Europe. They are much too large to call mere tombstones! We visited the section with many of the most famous composers including the grave of Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Johann Strauss Jr, and Sr., Mueller and others. As usual I was talking to the other musicians with delight at finding all of my heroes buried in one place. My daughter was taking pictures off by herself when one of the statues yelled at her. Later when she told me this, we went back to that grave and I asked her �What did he say?� She said �I don�t know, it was in German�. The grave belonged to one Karl Komack. His image peered out of a bronze slab looking rather like what happened to Han Solo when he was encased in carbonite. Karl�s statue was next to that of Hugo Wolf who had a rather large moth sitting on the stone carving of his nose! I took a picture of Hugo Wolf and the moth, but my daughter said that Karl would not like his picture taken. My daughter is much more sensitive to spirits than I am. I said that I would look up Karl Komack when I got home. If he understands English, this may have infuriated him even more. Imagine being buried next to all of those giants of the 19th century and having a bus load of classical musicians descend on you. He may be a writer amidst all of these composers and feel left out.

As I was leaving, I wanted to take that last panoramic digital photo of the composer area. I was well away from Karl�s grave by this time. My camera started hissing with static. I had no doubt that a spirit was busy draining my batteries. Finally it stopped and I still had enough juice to take the shot. However, the camera did not work well after that and I had to put in new batteries later. I got home to my computer and looked up Karl Komack. I found nothing. As is true with many 19th century thinkers, this man has truly been forgotten by history. There may be a few Austrians who know who this man was. I may be looking in the wrong places. However, I can see why he is so angry. I am grateful that he did nothing more than yell at my daughter and steal energy from my batteries. It could have been worse.

I hope you all stay safe.

Sent in by Luna, Copyright 2009

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3 Responses to “Telfair Art Museum Ghost”
  1. Mbhaub says:

    I can enlighten you about Karl Komack. That’s the German spelling of his real name, which in Czech is KAREL KOMZAK. Komzak was a military band director and composers of some note in fin de siecle Vienna. His music and concerts were widley known and appreciated. He’s hardly forgotten, as there are several cds of his music available. But the cds have all used the Czech spelling. This was not an unusual practice by any means. 100 years ago there was Pressburg, but now it’s Bratislava in Slovakia. Just a difference in using German or Slovak. Makes music research in that part of the world very complicated.

  2. kutin says:

    great story, from the sounds of it i wouldn’t want to go to that art museum since I wouldn’t want to say the wrong things and anger Ms Telfair.

  3. Camille says:

    Thank you for your insight.
    I don’t think that I would like to go to the Savannah Art Museum, either, although,
    usually that would be a place I would like to visit.
    The information regarding the “crack near the belly button” is something I will be looking into. It has been years since I read any of the Carlos Castenada writings.
    I think I need to look into yoga, I do not like to think that my lifeforce is draining out.
    Thank you for your stories,
    I hope you will write more.

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