Something Isnt Right

Posted on June 8, 2011

The night I got home from resident camp this year I called one of my best friends and told her everything that happened in the course of the week. By the end of me telling her everything I was almost in tears because I girl that shared a tent with me, who became like one of my best friends, is in real danger. I didn’t want to scare her and me tell her that how she is telling me, it sounds paranormal. But leaving her to believe that whoever is trying to hurt her is alive and very real, it broke my heart to see her so terrified. What my friend told me after all of this scares me even more.

Bethany has been having dreams, in these dreams she is being warned to run, someone is coming. The most that she has seen is an outline of a man, that’s it. She had those dreams the same nights that my tent mate freaked out.

I made a terrible mistake.

On the last day at the camp I was the last one in my tent. I was tying the flaps shut so animals couldn’t get in before the next Sunday when more girls would sleep there. I looked into the woods where my tent mate first saw the man (while at camp) and very clearly said for whomever was hurting her to leave her alone or they’d have to deal with me. Now I’m not much of a threat on most days, but you harm someone that I care about I’m going to be pissed. And pissed off redheads aren’t fun to deal with.

Bethany is refusing to tell me if she is still having these dreams and I have a horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen.

I was at my aunt’s house yesterday for my cousin’s bachelorette party. After we got back to Aunt Jenny’s house after dinner they were doing wine tasting. I’m underage by many years, but I was allowed to take a sip and join if I wanted to. I’ve had a sip of wine before and I nearly threw up. I decided to get my bathing suit back on and go swimming at night while everyone else was getting drunk.

I’m a strong swimmer, and the pool isn’t that deep. Maybe eight feet, if that. I ran and jumped into the deepest area, and right before I hit the water I saw a woman standing in the woods. As soon as I hit the bottom of the pool I shot myself to the shallow end, closer to everyone else. When I was above water again I looked for the woman and she was gone.

Alright, so that was okay. One of my cousin’s friends came over because she was wanted to know who was swimming. That’s understandable. That’s what I went with, and I forgot about it.

I grabbed one of those bed things for the pool (do they have a name?) that floats and I pulled it into the water. I went over to the edge to make it easier to get on. Once I was on I dog paddled my way into the center of the pool so I could freely float without hitting a wall. I was watching the stars and trying to find the third star to the summer triangle when I heard a splash in the water. I knew that no one was over there with me because I would of heard them walk around, or I would of at least seen them. I looked in the water, there wasn’t anyone with me. I sat up on the bed thingy and looked under me. Still no one. I laid back down, and then the bed was jerked towards the shallow end about three or four feet. I was floating in the water for about fifteen minutes beforehand, and nothing like that had happened. I dived off of the thing and swam the rest of the way to the stairs where I sat for about twenty minutes.

My aunt lives about fifteen minutes from Grand Rapids, MI, so there are a lot of people around. She has tons of oak trees in her backyard (huge backyard) and you can’t see the neighbors fence behind them. A bright blue light, almost like a cell phone light, came on behind a tree. I sat and watched it until it faded away.

After I had calmed myself down from the jerk forward I swam to the middle of the pool. I moved just my head backwards to look at the sky. Then something pulled me under.

It was just a jerk, real quick and I was back above water in almost no time. As soon as I got my head above I saw a man standing on the edge of the pool. He was there, I know that he was. But when I blinked he was gone.

I got out of the pool real fast after that and went over to watch them try the wine.

We all got in later, and I was swimming trying to push my mom under because she pushed me into the pool before I was ready. I felt really nervous the entire time.

We went inside one by one to go to bed. I was one of the last ones in. I slept on my aunt’s chair in the living room.

My cousin (the bachelorette) has a tiny dog that she brought. He was laying down next to her and when I came into the room he started to bark. That’s normal I know, I have a dog here at home who barks at everyone. But this little dog kept waking up in the middle of the night, look at me, and bark. Just at me. And where was the chair? In front of the window. What did you see through that window? The deep end of the pool. Could the dog of seen something behind me, outside by the pool, or was he barking at me?

Thank you for reading.

Sent in by Ghost Girl, Copyright 2011

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15 Responses to “Something Isnt Right”
  1. SK_Chey says:

    That one is really creepy, has this been happening to you for a while or did it just start happening. Have you told anyone else about this?

  2. yumi says:

    The floating thing is called a lilo by the way. ;)
    Interesting and weird story. I’d have gotten out of the pool at the sound of the splash, enoughs
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Buddy says:

    Uhh� I�m too confused to day anything, but�
    I�m not sure if I got it right, you met a girl at a local camp who became one of your best friends and that she is having these frequent and consistent dreams of somebody warning her to run away and in the dream she sees this silhouette of a man. During the night while your friend was having this scary dream, another tent mate of your freaked out at the same time (correct?). Somewhere in between, your friend saw the man (from her dream) in the woods (I�m not sure if I got it right) anyway, this scared your friend even more and you tried to comfort her. And during the last day of camp after packing up your stuff, you went to the area where your friend saw the man and you tried to confront it, believing that it would leave your friend alone. But the weirdness didn�t end there just yet.

    After the camp, you came to visit your Aunt�s house to attend your cousin�s bachelorette party. During the course of that evening you left the main gathering area to take a night swim. And this was when more weird stuff happened, where a mysterious woman suddenly appeared and invisible hands tugging and pulling on you at the pool and the mysterious man also appears.

    There are two approaches to your dilemma; one is the paranormal approach and the rational approach.

    In the paranormal perspective, your friend could have already been haunted by an entity or that the entity got attracted to her. Judging from how you described it, it�s most likely to be a shadow person. Although they are known to be malevolent, they rarely inflict harm to people unless they�re aggravated. You may have pissed it off when you tried to confront it and now it�s following you. One of the things you can do is maintain the strong will you showed it during the time you confronted it, never ever falter! Once the entity sees a weakness in you, it will make things a lot worse for you, so be on your guard. Right now it�s keeping its distance because you don�t seem scared of it at the moment. Just be strong and maintain a positive atmosphere that will drive it away.
    Rationally speaking, your friend may only be suffering from a case of night terrors and that your other tent mate just so happens to have reacted with what had happened with your friend. The entity your friend may have seen could have been caused by the trauma or stress she encountered from the night terrors. The reason you seem to have been able to see the entity was simply because of suggestion. Psychologists explain that people tend to see things in a different light when they are influenced by other�s suggestion. An experiment was conducted to a group of people in an old abandoned prison to test the power of suggestion. The people were sorted by group one group believes in ghosts and the other group doesn�t. The people who believed in ghosts were told that the area they are going to investigate was not haunted, while the group who did not believed in ghosts was told that the area they were going to investigate was haunted. The results was pretty interesting, because the people who were told that there were no ghosts in the area didn�t report any paranormal activity while the other group reported otherwise. It�s a simple transfusion of psyche which can be ignored and forgotten through time.
    But which ever angle you look at it, I still suggest you be on your toes in case the entity tries something to hurt you or your friend.

  4. Rosie says:

    I don’t get it and your story is not very logicle. Do you want to say the ghost followed your friend turned out to follow you everywhere?

    • Buddy says:

      It was very confusing, because there were unnecessary details, but I think I cleared that up with my post earlier

  5. Anonymous says:

    So, there’s this demon following you and it was because you stood up to it and told it that you are your friend’s protector. The demon will continue to persue you and will destroy you because of this IF you do not go to Jesus and ask for forgivness for trying to do His job.
    There is a difference between standing in the gap for a friend and trying to step into Jesus Christ’s shoes. Standing in the gap for a person takes a lot of strength that can only come from Jesus, patience, and prayer. Standing in the gap is warfare, but one that it seems you TRIED to do, but ended up trying to step into Christ’s shoes.
    The object of ALL demons is to kill, steal, and destory. Now that you have the demon’s attention, it will target you. Again, just repent and step away from the fight BUT continue to pray for your friend.

  6. emogirl98 says:

    Wow.I believe the dog was barking at something behind you.Sometime’s when i’m on the computer or watching tv my dog will stand i front of me and look at the door to my bed room ot the kitchen or sometime’s the front door and start growling and barking.And i would be the only one in the front room.

  7. lildracomere says:

    it made not sense first you were at camp then somewhere else o.o

  8. dharshan says:

    That is a very interesting and scary story! I applaud your courage and how you tried to help your friend! My only problem was your story was hard to follow and also you need to understand the use of the word “have” which you seem to be confusing with “of”.e.g.when you say “I knew that no one was over there with me because I would of heard them walk around, or I would of at least seen them” you need to have used “have” instead of “of” in both places! Sorry for the grammar lesson but I couldn’t help myself! Keep us posted on further such incidents!

  9. Nate says:

    I live in Grand Rapids. Cool to hear a sort of home town ghost story.

  10. JR says:

    Perhaps it might possibly be an entity that had drown in that end of the pool do to an accident or something along the lines of that such. Maybe the “man” is trying to warn you of something in particular. Notice how nothing happened to you when you were in the Shallow end .

  11. kelisy says:

    I think you should have gone in when you seen the lady & are you in some connection with the athor of terrified at camp molly laurem or somethig to that effect???????????

    • Buddy says:

      Interesting inquiry, I was also thinking about that, since both recounts were very similar.

  12. BeautifullyScarred says:

    I just wanted to reply to Buddys recount of your story….she said she was on the phone with a friend (bethany) who was having those nightmares about being warned to run…she had those dreams the same nights her tent mate freaked out. :) anyways great story hun and my only advice is to pray *Take Care*

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