Saint Mary’s College Tagum Room 316

Posted on September 8, 2009

Let me tell you another story, one I didn’t experience at home and definitely one I didn’t experience alone. I attended college at a catholic institution where I met most of my true friends. In our 1st 2 semesters we had block sections and I had all the same faces for classmates but it wasn’t then that I met my best friends. The Next 2 semesters,I met new people, met some of my good friends but I somehow lost contact of them since most of them failed in class. Only Jessie and I were left in the gang and she unfortunately fell to a different class every subject we had. It was summer that I met my best friends as we had all the same classes. We hung out together, and went out together even after our classes. It was block sectioning once again so I saw the same faces every subject.

Saint Mary’s College of Tagum, Philippines – just a little background of the school, this school had been subject to paranormal studies and documentations for local researchers and adventurers looking for a thrill for over 10 years now. A few stories I’ve heard were headless nuns walking about or lady in white and there’s this one story a lot of people witnessed was as the students were having their flag ceremony, the flag went up and down, from top to bottom of the pole several times and stopped at the top of the pole and just swung around and the around with the flag seemingly stretched. All the students and some of the nuns ran away. I could go on and on, this building has a lot of stories before mine and a lot of witnesses.

Anyway, back to my story, The next semester, we had the same sections, again same faces and a few new ones. We had a couple of major subjects that semester and everything seemed manageable. In our Microbiology subject, we had our classes at room 316, I had my seat at the right row next to this boy’s seat. I would often look at his notes to copy the lessons or to� check my spelling. However, a few weeks into the semester, I noticed he hadn’t been in to any of our classes. Then the news broke, he committed suicide and was in local hospital’s ICU and is in a very bad state. He hung himself after not being able to cope up with stress. A few days later, he died after being admitted for a few days. We were all sad,but classes went on and life became normal again. Not a month later,another news broke. Another student from the same class committed suicide during break period of our microbiology. It wasn’t a successful one, thank GOD. She was lead to the hospital for wound treatment after she slit both of her wrists. Again, a few days after this event everything went back to normalcy. But not a month later, another student committed suicide and the news broke at the same class. The girl took a mouthful of pills and was taken to the hospital for lavage. She stopped studying after that semester. Our instructress – who was tired of announcing a suicide attempt of her student – requested to pause the class to pray for ourselves and for whatever’s going on to stop. The prayer seemed to have worked. No more attempts had been announced after that.

The following semester, We met new faces, some of the old ones – including Jessie.We had our NCM again at room 316. A few days in and already some strange things would happen. I was seated at the front row, at the right half. everytime I’m in that room I would often feel like jumping out of the window (this is situated at the 3rd floor of the old building) although I’m always in a logical state and know this is definitely not something I should do. We were asked to face the wall at the right as the projector was directed there. Our teacher was presenting pictures to us and was discussing this as she went about changing graphics of the presentation. Behind her was a wall where the projector was directed and at the leftmost and rightmost corner were the doors. It was probably around early November (We Filipinos show the spirit of Christmas right as the 1st “Ber” month hit) A belen was set up and the Belen was then situated a few seats behind me. My best friend was behind me at that time so she was closer to the Belen. As our teacher discussed, I heard a very clear yet faint singing of a sweet voice which was undoubtedly female. And it was coming from the direction of the Belen, I turned my head and saw my best friends worried face. Yep, she heard it too. Nobody was singing, the class was quiet. By the way, our class is always the last one out of the school as we stretch out almost at 9 in the evening – this isn’t common in our school. I swapped seats with my friend as she was clearly scared. It was fine with me, it wasn’t so scary. Suddenly, our teacher looked behind her as if she was startled by something. Then she asked “did someone pass by behind me?” Of course nobody did. We tried to continue our class but most of us had been seeing a very fast white something and shadow something passing back and forth as we looked beyond the door. My teacher didn’t know this but she’d been really feeling uneasy – I guess – so she cut the class short and suggested we continue the next day.

Next day – one of the students were having a report and this time, I was seated at the back seat at the left half beside Jessie. My teacher sat beside me as she observed the reporters. A few hours into the class when Jessie, me and another classmate of ours heard a male voice almost like praying and singing on a microphone. I couldn’t believe it. I excused my self as I went to the bathroom. The chapel below us, I checked, it was visible and it was empty. The registrar who had access to the speakers and microphone for announcement and daily prayers closes after 4:30 in the afternoon. There was no way anyone could be around to be on mike singing. As I went back in, the voice kept its litany. My teacher, clearly annoyed thinking someone from class was doing this,shouted “whoever is singing in class will sing in front after the report” After the report, she again announced whoever was annoyingly disturbing the report earlier stand up and do the singing now. It was then that I told her that the singing wasn’t from the class. Less than 10 students out of 40 heard that voice and she just went quiet. Possibly thinking.The next day it was announced that we were to have our class at a different room that day and onwards.

I asked some of the graduates of that school about some of their experiences-one of them,my aunt, randomly told me some stories but this one story got my ears, one really haunted room 316 even on broad daylight, chairs would move, doors slam. This room was said to be the room of one student who committed suicide years ago. He was� said to have shot himself with his father’s gun unable to cope up with the family problem he’d been having. His spirit was said to have been seen in that room a couple of times. This was once the most haunted part of the school. She had no idea of what had happened at my class a few months back.

Written by Jenny, Copyright 2009

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26 Responses to “Saint Mary’s College Tagum Room 316”
  1. Robbie Scifres says:

    Man Oh Man! You gave me chills. Suicide is so sad, no doubt the boy does haunt this room. I am glad the teacher moved the class. So sad about the other suicides and attempted suicides. Tell me more!

  2. Karen M. says:

    I’ve seen several documentaries on the pressure they put on kids in asiatique contries, to excell in their schools, I think that it is sad that they pushed them to the point of suicide!

  3. Pat says:

    Wow! So sad and yet just as scary as sad… They need to bless that school and/or do an exorcism as well… those souls need to move on…

  4. meli�a says:

    that’s awfully sad – i’m glad you have a logistic state of mind!

  5. margaret says:

    I will never school there ever.

  6. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    That was some story, and very sad!!! I wonder if they stopped useing that room all together..??

  7. Anonymous says:

    this story was not as cool as the other one i read about on this site that took place in arizona but this was a little good.

  8. Olga says:

    I’m curious as 2 knowing if this room is still being used 4 teaching….

  9. as far as i is still used.... says:

    as far as i know it is still used….

  10. YOLI says:

    I had a dream that I was going to a college. The clasroom # was 316, and it was an astrology class. Now I am looking for any meaning to this dream. Blessings~

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I dont believe the stories… Ive been in The school for a long time since elementary days until college we sleep there when theres occasions and graduation programs coz we decorate the stage ,there are no ghost or any thing ….only nun roams at night to check all the rooms cleared of students or the workers finished cleaning and checking the lights to be shut off. Why fear God is with us always we pray every day in class. Paranormal activity is only in the mind who creates it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    sorry i don’t believe the story… i’ve been in that school from elementary to high school. i never heard about it

  13. mart says:

    Even I didn’t experience to study that school, but I experience to visit that place. And I believed that story was true. I just experience a weird thing that scared us a lot. We can’t understand how it possible, and we can’t explain how it happened..

  14. Jo says:

    i stumbled on this site while looking for my Alma mater’s possible website. i studied there from kindergarten to high school and we even slept there during our camping. never experience anything scary.,, lots of hearsay but I’ve never seen one. Regarding that room on the 3rd floor – that student is a she not a he.before, high school is exclusive for girls. i was in 1st yr. high school when she(3rd yr student) committed suicide.

  15. elmer M. says:

    I studied in St. Mary’s – Tagum for 5 years (College) and we used to stay late at night (till 9:45pm) for the classes because our teachers are mostly moonlighting teachers from public offices who’d do the classes during the night, but I never heard or seen anything that is unusual. Did’nt even hear about the suicides.. which year this supposed incidents happened?

  16. Secret Me says:

    I’m studying in St.Mary’s up to now and I have also heard some few stories my classmates had an experience even our teachers would share about their experiences but I never had,we even have name the ghosts.

  17. kirk says:

    @anonymous. we respect you from not believing the story. but then, the story is true. i guess your’e one of the student who haven’t really experienced it or witnessed it..
    twas scared but true… sad, but true…
    just respect the article and the one who created it..

  18. serg says:

    actually, i kinda heard similar stories like this. definitely, they would say that room 316 was really haunted. im a college student by the way of this institution and we used to have classes at that same room before. felt strange during classes then. its seldomly used then as an lecture room.

  19. happy says:

    I am a working scholar in this institution, whether you believe or not I haven’t seen that kinda!
    I could really think what happened to that said room 316…Yes indeed, I heard sometimes the bouncing off the doors perhaps it is due to the wind.I don’t think it so….
    I’d always alone walking at @ 11:30 pm or sometimes @12 midnight when my boss ask me to go in the office or after my evening bayanihan.
    As what I can deduced that science can explain it too why we can see some invisible matters behind our midst^*^

  20. friend says:

    Just don’t be scared at this room 316…always pray to our Almighty God.

  21. Amy says:

    And, remember that our mind is very much powerful in terms of imagination.
    Can you still remember of what Einsteins maxim?
    It says that, “imagination is more powerful than intelligent.”
    Correct me if I am wrong^~^
    Again always pray to God. He is near and ready to protect us from harm.

  22. GuY_From_SMC_of_Tagum(JDMB) says:

    Wow…. wat a story……. I recently graduated from this institution but I never heard this story before…….. I was curious of the ghost stories when i was still studying….. I have roamed this school all by myself at night during our school activities in order to proved that the stories are true…. i roamed the first floor…. then the second… and last the third….. but nothing happened…. hehe… well this was only my experience…… hope someone shares me theirs……

  23. aussie_guy says:

    @amy: yeah, your wrong.. lmfao. the right one is imagination is more powerful than intelligence.

  24. noname says:

    just respect the author of this story… people might not believe until they will experience that kind of strange… i may not have bump into that experience @ that institution(SMC)… but on my own experienced… i have seen a shadow of a lady calling on me way back when i was 7 yrs old…. i pretend im sleeping while looking at her…. that happened @ around 12 or 2 am.. after she gone… i call my mother right away to woke up and said that story to her.. for i know if i would not tell them right away or the next day, they might not believe my story… later we found out that the sister of my grandmother past away on the previous day and it seems @ same time with my weird experience….. and i understand to whom who dont believe to that kind of story…. because one day i was like them…… now if i may not believe? i would rather choose to respect the story teller……

  25. kate says:

    I am from the same school too…
    I am a high school student there…
    now I know why there is no class in that room during evening :D

  26. Amy says:

    @ aussie_guy: heheheh thank you for the correction:) love it!

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