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Possession in Progress

Posted on February 21, 2010

A few years back in my late 20′s I was like most people trying to figure out where I was going at 30. I was drinking, partying anything but dealing with the reality of turning 30. I began to run with the weekday party crowd to escape my responsibilities.

One night I go out and met this guy Art on his birthday which happens to be 01/06/66. We quickly became friends and then roommates. I thought he was the coolest guy around, he was cocky, arrogant, confident and everyone wanted to hang with him. I sensed there was something wrong with him almost immediately. There were times when his eyes would appear totally black, he became extremely depressed and cry so much it sounded animalistic. He told me that God had cursed him a child that was not only blind, but death, and deformed as punishment. He never said for what. Although he was very religious and could quote the bible front and backwards he was a deceiver, liar and manipulator.

One night after partying I saw him the real him after a night of partying he got drunk and bit this girl, yes bit her on her face, and proceeded to beat her. It seemed so surreal and I questioned did I even see him bite her. Thinking he had a temper I still continued to hang out with him then the nightmares began.

Anytime I fell asleep or passed out around him I would have these horrific nightmares about dead children telling me they could see me because I was dead. Dreams of animals talking and visions of cities burning. Thinking he was religious I brought them to his attention and he assured me that it was because I had a gift. I thought that was unusual because I had not shared that with him. But I have always been mainly post cognitive and slightly pre-cognitive. He explained to me that God had placed him in my life to change me for the better. Considering that he was more religious than me I believed him.

As time went on he would began to have these moment of extreme violence, screaming, cussing and making jokes about hell and salvation. He believed his soul was in danger and he began fasting and reading the bible more. He alternated between religious fervor and pure hell on earth. As time went on he began to share more of his life; in particular he had genuine concern he was going to hell and being punished for his past treatment of people. He would become so frightened he would cry and scream animalistic and if you tired to comfort him that’s when Legionnaires would appear. His eyes would just disappear and he would say the vilest stuff about you. The next day he would have no memory of what happened.

As the demon took over it began to take its toll on me. I became very thin, I couldn’t sleep, I was literally scared to close my eyes. I would hear sounds coming from his room and it was chilling. I decided after one particular weekend of hell I would began fasting and praying for him to be removed from my house. Well he noticed and he confronted me he asked “What was I asking for?” I explained that the Bible clearly states not to share. He said “Well you keep that between you and your God.” It was then I realized I was dealing with a Demon. I prayed and fasted and God said soon. In fact he told me Friday.

Well Friday came and went and I was still being terrorized. The following weekend he went out got drunk used my car and ID and never came back. The next morning I woke up and there was a religious program on talking about God’s way. The young man explained God’s way was costly, hard and could be discouraging but you had to have faith. This young man was speaking to me. Art ended up going to jail. When he left I could not open the door to his room. I would keep it closed as the smell and the heat was unbearable. There was nothing in the room but a bag of clean clothes. I would not touch anything of his because I new in my spirit that whatever was in him was in the house.

Finally after two weeks I started with the bathroom I found a comb with his hair. I burned the hair and went to my closet to pray. During my prayer I saw what the Demon looked like and I cried out and started speaking in tongues. From that day forward I believed in evil in people. There are times when I see someone and I see that same mocking haughty look of the demon. I have seen it twice since then. It recognize me and I recognize it but I am not afraid because I have faith.

Years later I dreamed about Art. I came to him in engulfed in a white light. His liver had failed and he was dying of Hepatitis he reached for me. I haven’t dreamed about him since.

Written by Shay, Copyright 2010, TrueGhostTales.com

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51 Responses to “Possession in Progress”
  1. Lisa says:

    That is one creepy story — I would have left the minute he started acting wierd!

  2. Sandi says:

    Thats really scary. I dont know how you managed to stay. Although it sounds like you just could not help yourself so maybe the demon had something to do with that. Thanks for the story. Seriously scary though.

  3. troj says:

    Sounds more like just really messed up people than anything paranormal.

  4. Lotus S. Dust says:

    wow. this is a pretty powerful account. I am sorry that you were deceived, even if it it lasted for only a short time, you can never get that time back. I’m thankful that the Lord revealed the enemies lies to you. I know when your in the situation it seems like it lasts forever & takes a toll on us spiritually & until we can identify it as demonic manifestation, we feel lost. I’m proud you kept faith & got through it alive. Bless you & thanx for sharing!


  5. anna says:

    i think thats crazy.I agree with lisa i would of left.have you heard or seen Art I know you had the dream but maybe It came true or I dont know.thanks for the story.thats messed up what you went threw.well if you do have anything else happen to you let us know.thanks again.

  6. Karl says:

    Hmm… I’ve heard that people who are extremely religious will get possessed

    • Dare says:

      Yes, religious people can get possessed. Being religious and having a relationship with Jesus is two different things. A demon and/or Satan can only touch a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ if (and ONLY IF) two things happen: you have sinned or Jesus allows them to touch you.
      There is freedom, though.
      Just because someone reads the Bible or goes to church or proclaims that they are religious/Christian does not make them a servant of Jesus. The Lord says that Himself: There will be those that go to Jesus in Heaven and say, “Lord, I cast out demons in Your name and I did this in Your name,” but He will turn to them and say, “Depart from Me for I did not know you.”

      • Karl says:

        Thanks Dare, I know the difference. I’m Christian too (Missouri Synod Lutheran). I’ve mainly heard this happen to Catholics that are overly religious and of course people who do not believe in God. Although, it sounds like this guy has severe mental problems.

        I also know that a demon cannot harm you as much if you are baptized in the name of the lord and also follow his teachings. For example, my mom messed with an ouija board as a child and as a result of it she was attacked by demons. She also saw orbs and strange figures. But later in life when she converted from being Baptist to being Lutheran, everything bad stopped happening. But I think being Baptist made her unhappy and made her feel like she was going to hell.

  7. Dare says:

    Sounds like a learning experience that Father God had you go through. It’s good that you turned to the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s also good that you leaned on Him and have faith. Praise God that the demon did not kill you, did not draw you away from Christ!!

  8. Eileen says:

    …thank God you got out of ‘there’ ok….for those who say “I would have left”…it’s like saying the same thing to a battered woman, a person like that is manipulative…but slowly…when you meet them they are intriguing, fun, interesting, engaging…and slowly, and insidiously they wear you down, and it’s hard to get away…or even know which way is up.

    I to this day am not sure if my ex had multiple personality disorder, demonic possesion or was mentally ill.

  9. Lisa says:

    Eileen, you make an interesting point in comparing in comparing the situation to battered women syndrome — especially regarding the fact that the batterer is more likely to kill the victim when she tries to leave! I know, because it is a situation that I have lived with for quite some time — you’re afraid to leave, yet afraid to stay. Your comments made me see this story in a totally different light.

  10. trolldoll1681 says:

    he sounds mentally disturbed and it does sound like schizophenia. if you live with someone long enough and i mean spend 24 hours a day, i think you tend to absorb there personality. i know someone, not this bad, but bad none the less, who took on all the personality traits of his friend. voice clothes, conversations etc. it was very eerie. both guys are loners, and sex addicts. they will stop at nothing and care nothing about what they say and do in front of very respectable people. but there is nothing we can do but put them away. there is not enough money in this world to put these people away from honest, law abiding everyday happy people. people i know avoid them at all costs. one is alcoholic and the other is not. the alcoholic is on disability. the other is going thru kemo for brain cancer. that’s what makes the world go round? lol

  11. Eileen says:


    dear one, if you are still with the batterer, please do what you can and leave, it’s like breaking an addiction cold turkey…I had to move and change everything, but now, years later the only regret I have is not having the personal strength to leave sooner.

    I’ll pray for you, and send energy for YOUR healing…because it is almost like getting past PTSD…in fact I recently read battered women were one of the groups most likely to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder…(and shamanically from soul loss)…I hope you and other battered women can find the self love, to honor their well being above all else.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you, and , unfortunately, i am still with him, because he has threatened my children if i try to leave.

  12. trolldoll1681 says:

    lisa PLEASE LEAVE, GET THE KIDS AND GO, DON’T TAKE ANYTHING!!! call a cab, go to the cops. if you stay it will get worse. i found out the hard way. he ruined MY HOUSE. he threatened to kill me as the cops took him away and he was out that same day. he kept coming back until i went into a homeless shelter. i lost everything, but not my kid or myself!

    • Lisa says:

      I know you’re right, but he is a VERY scary person – once, he grabbed my throat and said if I ever tried to leave, he would chop my head off and show it to my kids, and then kill them! I don’t talk about this to anybody; they would not believe me, anyway; they all think he’s a great guy! He has them totally fooled! As some people have posted about their abusers, he seems almost demonic at times, and he did not use to be like this! I don’t know because I am too afraid to look in his eyes when he gets angry-I’m afraid I might see black eyes. He has seriously hurt me more than once, I only feel safe talking about it here! Thanks so much for caring! Lisa

    • eileen says:

      When kids that have been molested are asked “why didn’t you tell anyone” they always say…..”I was threatened, they said they would kill my family, my pet, my mom” but when I hear those stories, I always think….they were just trying to scare the child, most likely the child could have gotten away, if they weren’t so afraid of the threats….so warn your kids, your family of his threats….and GO!

      • Amy says:

        I understand where you are coming from. However, being a victim of abuse as well, it is a lot easier said than done. I was so ashamed and felt like it was me that was the problem and not him. Finally, my sister and her husband physically came to mine and my husband’s house while he was gone and packed a bag and took me out of the situation. I don’t know that I ever would have left if they hadn’t done that because I was trying so hard to make it work. It is even harder for other people to understand where victims of abuse are coming from because they don’t know what it is like. I am just glad that we are the lucky ones and I am definitely praying for you, Lisa, that you will one day have the strength to get out of that awful situation.

        • AnNa says:

          i’ve never been there before,but my dad hurt my mom years ago.well all of us.not hitting its the words that hurt the most.(i think).my mom as chocked and blacked out.my dad was a drinker(heavy)he was a jackass.but then my dad changed.he still drinks he hasnt for a long time.i have no idea why he started again.he was doing so good.but this time its different.he might still drink but hes aucally funny.he loves his newfews,and neices.then there my JERK of a brother in law.i dont think of him as one.he i am pretty sure he hit my sister.he threaten her about the kids(2 kids theres one each of another relationship)and im not saying its just his fault,because my sister has issues too.but shes trying to get the kids back.hes just saying stuff to her to make her feel bad.i ,my 2 other sisters tell her he has her wrapped around his finger.stop talking to him.she cant get the kids back if she wants a life with him.she finally is thinking a bout a devorse.were all glad.the only reason why i am saying this is you dont know know who i am,or were i live.so if my sister knows i am saying this she would be upset.you know what it does hurt me.i will never say it but i do know somewhat your going through.he even called the cops on her for something that was soooooo stupid.i think she was scared and she didnt want to say anything.how could she everytime they would be over he would want to know what we were saying.sorry about going on.i do hope things get better.but what they say is it will get worse before it will be better.but i think it will be better for you since you left.

  13. trolldoll1681 says:

    okay i understand that your scared to leave. but believe me once you go out that door and get around people that care and understand you will breath!! don’t give him the satisfaction of owning you. you are so much better than he is!! this is not love! please i beg of you. i have been exactly where you are. my dad cried when he tried to get me away from my kids dad. carl then pointed a gun at my dad. i had to go on the run. living here and there. i gave him the slip. finally it all caught up with him and he left town. you nor anyone else deserves what your going thru. it is a disease, a mental disease. go to your nearest gas station and hide in the back! just get out, if i could i would take you in in a new york minute. you are good, you can think for yourself, you don’t deserve and don’t believe this is all there is!! i don’t know how else to……………

    • Lisa says:

      trolldoll, you are 100% right, and the things you said make me realize it! I am so tired of the beatings, the namecalling, the controlling –all of it, and I want my life back! I have not seen or talked to one of my sons in years because he (my husband) won’t let me. I paid for the car, but he put himself on the registration ,not me. It’s my house, but he says everything is his, not mine. The worst part is that I have really severe Lupus, and that doesn’t even stop his abuse –it’s amazing that I’ve survived this long! I’m working on a plan to get my life back. I see that getting out is the only thing to do. Thank you, you are such a good-hearted person!

  14. trolldoll1681 says:

    dear lisa, i haven’t been able to stop thinking of you. after what i have witnessed and been thru. your health is the most important thing you have, yes make a plan. be careful not to give him clues. i’m surprized he hasn’t locked you in your house! when you do leave he will destroy your personal possesions. but some of those can be replaced. he will have to take the responsiblity of paying for the house. i’m sure where ever you are, there has to be a shelter nearby. sometimes the cops don’t like to deal with domestic problems and i found that out nearly to late. if it hadn’t been for my parents getting there first, i don’t know what would have happend. and that’s another thing. if he knows your relatives live nearby, don’t go there. but do tell them to be on the look out. the more people that call the cops on him the better. they will put out a warrant on him. this is going to drive him to new heights of anger. don’t accept any cell phone calls. save every text and voice mails for evidence. YOU CAN DO THIS!! if you can please let us know how your doing. but if you don’t for awhile, we will be here waiting patiently!!

    • eileen says:


      I’m not sure what to say, but when you can, leave. Leave with the clothes on your back if you have to, if you can get to another city and go to a shelter there, do it…..Restraining orders are a joke if someone is that abusive, they don’t care….his attacks are most likely making your health worse…our emotions feed our health, for bad or worse.

      I am praying for you, don’t be afraid….even if leaving feels scarier than staying….fear for a week or continued fear for a lifetime?….if you have a child in the house, grab them up and run when you can.

      please, somewhere deep inside, find the spark in you, the one he’s been slowly snuffing out…it’s still there, I promise you…..find it, feed your flames, and escape.

      Trolldoll, I am glad for your strength, for your survival.

  15. trolldoll1681 says:

    thank you eileen, i wouldn’t of been here if i didn’t finally find the strength from all those women i stayed with. unfortunately i gave up my child. his abuse took a great toll on me. he continued to abuse us from afar and i also lost my way. i got into drugs and my daughter was sexually abused by a man i knew. not many know this. carl has been lieing and probably abusing his current girlfriend/wife. his family has cut all ties. there are alot of things that lead to my actions. but above all samantha is safe and healthy i hope. she’s 22 now and she was 6 when i let her go. i choose not to find her because i want her to be the one to decide if she wants me in her life. i myself am adopted and had married birth parents. i was taken from them. they would be in there mid 80′s now and the laws have changed, but it is a very expensive thing to find someone. i don’t have names or a city to go on. i know where my daughter used to live. so i wait…..

  16. eileen says:

    did you ever watch “The Locator”? I was crying the other night watching that…Oh, but in one of the stories the mother did not want the children, she talked about the dead father’s “demons” and how she cringed every time she saw a shadow…..they didnt’ out right say anything, but things were inferred…..

    Check it out, maybe he could help you?

    • trolldoll1681 says:

      eileen, i did go to that channel and tried to get ahold of troy dunn but to no avail. i’m sure he gets thousands of requests everyday. don’t know where else to go. i once had the money and could have and probably should have but didn’t but that doesn’t matter. life goes on.

  17. Lisa says:

    Trolldoll and Eileen, sorry I haven’t been able to answer until now; my husband has been “hovering” and watching everything I do, so I had to wait until he left!
    Trolldoll, my God, you have been through bloody Hell! Please, I’m not trying to tell you what to do, heaven knows, my life is a mess and I have no right to tell anybody what to do, but I really feel that you should try to find your daughter if at all possible–she might think that you don’t want to see her or don’t care about her, and I bet she wants to see you badly, but she may be afraid to initiate anything. Just please think about. As for me, my oldest son is going to send money and help any way possible , he said.
    Eileen, you are right about the way child abusers scare victims into not telling; I guess he is using the same tactic on me. Both of you guys have been through thisand I can’t tell you how much your understanding, support, and encouragement means to me–you are both so brave and I hope I can become half as brave!! Bless you both, and I wish you great peace and happiness!!

    • trolldoll1681 says:

      When he leaves wait for 10 to 15 mins then get the freak out! Just go, what is holding you back!

  18. trolldoll1681 says:

    yeah i have to say it was hard, but it was 20yrs ago. i went thru it a couple of more times without my kid. i know there has to be away to find her. i have already given Children and Families of Iowa permission to tell her where i am in case she goes that route. i can’t find her thru them, they won’t let me. maybe someday. i never met my birth parents and it sometimes goes that way. i could have a bro or sis out there i don’t know about. if i win the lottery i will. i don’t have credit cards or anything so i can’t go that way. she has a right to her privacy and yes she was angry with me just before the end. i tell you the whole building was in tears from her yelling mamma over and over. i didn’t have anywhere to go so i went home and got drunk. they didn’t call or come check on me either. but i know for a fact she got placed with a good family. if you do the very most you can to get safe and listen to the counselors and cops, you will be alright. i mean just get up and go this very instant. wait till he’s in the shower. go to a neighbor and have them call the cops for you. there is a million ways to leave. you don’t want to know what i would do to him if i got my hands on him. now that is wrong for me to say that, but i now have this built in hate for any man who says or does anything dirty and mean. sometimes it’s even my own boyfriend which he’s more like a husband after 14 years. i did leave and bought a house for 2 and half years because he was acting the fool. i want to give you my email and phone number but i am not allowed here. caretaker is there anything you can do?

  19. knowtomuch says:

    Lisa, i have also lived the life you are living, more than once!!! I did finally get out, and luckily i wasnt ill at that time. I now have MS , and am not well… all of the terror i have been through in my life has caused much illness with me.. i still live in terror, as i know those people are still out there. I ran for years, but have stopped running…. Many of us here understand exactly where you are in life. You are not alone!!!!

    When i escaped, i had no one.. i was afraid to talk to anyone, he had me so convinced that he knew my every move. The first one was a very evil man.. and i was very young. That was the first time…..

    I will be praying for you and everyone here. There are so many that live in pain. We may not have the same stories, but, we all feel the same pain and fear… God bless us all….

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks, ktm, and yeah, my health is definitely something that makes it more difficult to just take off (that and he has my car!) Right now, I am so weak, its hard to even stand up very long.(I’m in a Lupus flareup, and even though my immunosuppresant meds have been increased, the flare’s nowhere near under control yet) I’m just going to have to endure it until I’m feeling a little better, guys! I keep making typing mistakes; it’s really hard when your wrists and fingers are sore and aching! ktm, i left a post for you, don’t know if you saw it, on the comments of the “Demonic attacks during sleep” (I THINK that’s the name of it, anyway!)story telling how sorry I am about how you lost your daughter and the ordeal you went through–nothing could be worse than losing a child! My brother was brutally murdered, and I don’t think my mother ever got over it–the killer was never found, either. As you said, God bless us all!
      Love to all, Lisa

      Soon, T.D., soon..I am getting myself together!!

      • knowtomuch says:

        Lisa, honey, i suffer with MS, and i know how you feel. Its hard enough to manage with daily living. I was wondering, how old are your children??? I tend to forget very easily. Its very hard to leave the abuser, especially if children are involved. I remember my first husband and his guns, and the threats, and the abuse, mental and physical. His family just turned thier heads the other way.

        I just have to say this, i think i posted it already, but, That first husband that i have talked about, his stepdaughter, who he adopted when a baby, just died on the 8th, i read it in the obituaries last night. She was ill her whole llife, and passed away at 23.. Her life was this, After we divorced back in 1982, he had been seeing this woman who is now his wife. He gave up rights to Amber, and took on her 4 kids..

        Long story short, he ended up in prison for drug problems, and when he came out he was a preacher, imagine that!!!!!! lol….. Anyway, this daughters life has been, my x husband and his wife taking this child around to different churches, putting her up on the stage, and begging for money… thats his job.. well, now, his money maker is gone, after 23 years. the poor girl never knew any better…..

        He has also lost 2 of his step boys, one to a drug od, and the other in a suspicious fire…

        It says in the bible, not in so many words, what goes around, comes around, ten fold. He did many bad things to me and Amber, and he is reaping what he has sown,,, bad seeds…

        I know i sound hateful today, i am just so glad that this poor girl is in heaven with Amber now. she was always such a sweet girl, and suffered much.. my x husband, did not beleive in medical help for her.. so she suffered…. it has made me sick for many years!!!!!

        He is a bad seed, from his mother, and always will be… and he calls himself revrend,,lol.. he has also lost his father, who was a fine man, and his sister to cancer at a young age…

        I just had to get this out……

        Honey, try making some sort of plan of action.. there is always a way, no matter how afraid you are.. i was so afraid that i thought, well, whats the worst he can do, kill me??? and he almost did…… God bless you and your family. there is always a way out honey, just remember that….

        • Lisa says:

          Thanks, KTM, for the encouragement. Wow, that first husband gives entirely new meaning to the word “jerk”–and what a rotten shame that his daughter was sick and really had no choices. The poor kid really had no life at all! I just pray that he leaves you alone. My kids are in there 20′s and 30′s, but they are the main reason I have stayed with my husband–he knows exactly where they are, and has threatened their lives if I ever try to leave. He says he doesn’t care about anything, he’ll kill me , then them, and then himself, and he means it–he has hurt other people besides me, and one of them (an ex-girlfriend) is dead. But, I have had it with the abuse; I’m too sick to take it anymore and it is making me sicker. As for the weakness, it would do no good to go to a hospital; the weakness is due to antibody-mediated muscle damage and lung damage from the Lupus and it can’t get any better, just like the fact that you can’t undo the MS damage.
          With God’s help, I have come up with a plan that has already begun to be implemented–wish me luck,because I’ll need it, but if it works out right, it will be best for everybody involved. That’s enough of that! KTM, do you think an abusive person can draw evil spirits into someone’s home? Did you experience anything like that? somebody recently told me that such things have occured. What do you think?

  20. eileen says:

    Trolldoll…there is this show on WeTV called ‘The Locater”….I had to turn it off, cause I cry everytime I watch it….do a web search, on the show, people share their stories, and “The Locater” finds their families…whether it was kids abandoned by moms….families split by foster care, adoptive kids/ parents…..it’s a great show…..look into it, they always ask people that are looking for missing family members to contact them….it’s worth a try, I hope you can find each other and heal, for you surely deserve that peace.

  21. trolldoll1681 says:

    yes i know the show. and there was another one on for a short while also. i went to print the 13 page application but ran out of ink. like i said they get thousands of requests and i have put in one but never heard back. it would be a very big long shot. so i wait.

  22. eileen says:

    Sorry trolldoll, didn’t get the post yet that you tried….try again though…I’ll be praying for you…knowtoomuch, lisa…maybe that’s why we are all here reading stories about demons….we’ve all been to hell!

    Lisa, you have sooo much to gain, and very little to lose, but the truth is only you can save yourself, and if you dont’ stand up for yourself? For me the catalyst was when I got really sick, and he was very cruel to me, and when he started to be abusive to the kids…that was my “rock bottom”…..I hope you find your power, and save yourself.

    there is a book by Sylvia Brown about past lives…..very briefly: a woman comes to Sylvia for a reading, you see when she and her husband met they just ‘clicked’…they knew they had spent lifetimes together, and they were destined to be together….execpt he was very abusive and cruel….so because of the intense connection she felt they were meant to be together, how could she even think of leaving?

    So Ms. Brown does the past life reading….yes they had spent lifetimes together….in one he was a judge who senteneced her to have her eyes poked out, in another life a sexually abusive father who raped her, and she killed herself when she became preggo….in fact in every lifetime they were together, he was very cruel and abusive to her….so what’s the karma? TO FREE HERSELF FROM THE CYCLE! ….to stand up for herself and cut the ties, or continue to suffer his abuse, lifetime after lifetime…..always loved that story….and the karma is that you have to break the cycle!

  23. trolldoll1681 says:

    eileen, you hit the nail on the head. and yes i’ll look for a way. i just don’t want to cause her grief after all she had been thru. she has a extremely rare brain disorder when she was one. then she fell out of my moving car and ended up with 3 skull fractures. the seat belt was broken and the door was too. i have flash backs because of these. she has a right to a happy life!!

  24. knowtomuch says:

    Trolldoll, is that your daughter you are talking about??? I havent asked you many questions about her, as i dont want to upset you in any way. Bless your sweet heart….

  25. trolldoll1681 says:

    it is my daughter and she went thru all of it. there is alot of details i don’t want to go into. lisa if your health is that bad please call a ambulance. this would be the perfect opportunity for him to hurt you badly. if it is this bad please call a ambulance you need to be in a hospital. i don’t think he could stop a imt from helping you because the police do come on those kinds of calls. you can’t help yourself now please if you don’t do the right thing then there is nothing left for us to tell you. i think you really don’t want to get out of this situation. screw the car. let him have it. you can’t drive anyway. i wish you luck!! you have a reason and a will USE IT!!

    • Lisa says:

      Trolldoll, I do want want him to be FAR away from me, but see my message to KTM about why I can’t go to ahospital; they would just send me back home. I have already started my plan, and within a week, I hope I will have good news! Thanks for your support; I guess I needed a push to get going on this; just saying that it’s a little harder when you’re not healthy and takes a little more thought and pre-planning.

      • Roseline says:

        Hii Lisa! Your story really touched my heart =3. Your an amazing mother for loving your children so much, and always thinking about them. I will keep you in my prayers. I also want to say you seem so nice and cheerful, and it’s so admirable to see someone like that, especially in the circumstances you are in!

        xoxoxox <3 =]

        • Lisa says:

          Thank you, what a thoughtful person you are! I have hated every minute of the abuse I have endured, but I knew that this guy is not just talking–I have seen him carry out threats against others, and I knew he would probably go right to my kids if I just walked out when he’s gone, and I will not drag them into this terror; that’s why I had to go about this in a different way–he’s not their father (my first husband died) and he does not care about them at all. I know many people think he was bluffing as a control tactic, but I know him–he’s not bluffing. Thanks so much for your prayers! My faith is what keeps me sane.


  26. trolldoll1681 says:

    K2M you could never upset me. i’ll talk to ya later you know what i mean. this just brought up old memories. not all bad. love ya!

  27. trolldoll1681 says:

    okay lisa this is what i would do. go to the hospital. tell them you are being abuse. that is your first step is reaching out. you need a anchor. they have to help you to be safe. they are sworn to this. they have taken an oath. please. there are so many ways you can put the power in your hands, he is done doing this to you! i hate to say this but do you like what he does in ways i would never understand ever. forgive me but i can not condone you staying with him for another day. he is not worth the salt in your tears!!

  28. trolldoll1681 says:

    i do feel these men are in some sort of rage. they hate so very much they are not the person you see. k2m and i have seen this also. something has caused there brains to short circut. tread lightly around him. don’t tick him off if you can advoid it. play it cool! it is probably going to be exhausting like i know it has to be. shoot girl i am stuborn but you take the cake! keep on truckin!! :)

  29. eileen says:

    Call me nuts or not, but YES I believe an abusive person can bring evil spirits into a home, and that evil spirits can influence a vulnerable person (mentally unstable, abuse victim themselves, drug user, etc) unknowinly….. I also would be wary of a hospital, if you have no insurance, and no moneyforget it..if it were I, I would find a way to a shelter in another city..then move to yet another city as soon as possible.,.was thinking of you all weekend, wish you well.

  30. Lisa says:

    T.D. and Eileen, I have people helping me now, and I’ll update later! thanks again for your support!


  31. DestinyBlaze says:

    That’s really scary. You’re a very brave person to have dealt with that. I would have been scared senseless.

  32. BMW Princess says:

    He could have been possesed but I think it’s just the Devil Made Me Do it excuse

  33. GirlRacer says:

    Hi Lisa, trolldoll and KTM.

    Lisa, I’m fairly new to this site, but trolldoll would hopefully vouch for me here.

    I posted a comment in another story about the ‘man’ i was with, 2 years of mental, physical and sexual abuse. I am 33, but do not have children so the situation is different. I cannot begin to imagine how afraid for your children you must feel.

    Its easy for people to comment and advise. Even those of us who’ve been through it.

    Take the strength from your children, become a unit for each other to depend on. You’ll find the strength to do what you need to do and always know you’ll have friends and support here to come and rant or chat or just to take your mind off things. We may not be able to do much, but we’re here to support you.

    Love and virtual hugs to you and yours,

    Steph x

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