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The Ghost I Never Saw But Knew Was There

I know most people are skeptics and I used to be one as well. There were quite a few times where I believed that there was someone or something else, other than my parents and I living at our house.

It had been happening off and on for the past 5 years. I was starting to get into the paranormal just by watching the TV shows and what not. I started learning how to identify things that were out of the ordinary, i.e. paranormal.

One particular instance that got me to believe there was an entity in our home was one late afternoon when I was watching TV with my dog. My dog had been laying in my lap when all of a sudden she sat up very quickly as if she had heard something that startled her. Then, as soon as she sat up, she started looking around and seemed to be following something with her eyes. It looked …

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

August 26th, 2010


The Thing in My Room

When I was about thirteen years old my beloved great Grandma died and my parents inherited her home. My Gran was a beautiful lady,one of the most loving and gentle souls you could ever hope to meet. My parents decided that we would all move into Grans house as it was such a happy place for us all and was so full of happy memories.

Everything was fine for about a year but when my youngest brother was on the way, alterations had to be made to the house to accommodate our growing family, this is when it all began.

It started with an uneasy feeling, when I was in bed at night I felt as though someone was watching me. After a while I started to see a dark shadow stood in the doorway to my room. Every time I saw it I was filled with a feeling of dread and I was so afraid I would pull the …

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Tags: Shadows
August 25th, 2010


The Drummer at the Dam

I have always been fascinated by ghost stories and tales of the paranormal. I’ve always had an open mind about that kind of thing. Especially if I feel I am in a place that could potentially have some paranormal activity. When I had the experience I’m about to share with you, I was not prepared whatsoever.

It was five years ago and I was still living with my parents in Bandera, Texas. I was 18 and had just recently met a guy named Jeremy that seemed pretty cool so I decided to take a drive out to Kerrville (about 40 miles away) and hang out with him for a day. After driving around town for awhile, he suggested that we should check out this old dam that wasn’t far to hang out and talk.

We were driving in this small neighborhood that was surrounded by a wooded area and he instructed me to park on the side of the road …

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Tags: Kerrville, Texas
August 24th, 2010


Our Ghostly Room Mate

I have had some usual experiences, which I hope to post here in the future. Nothing really scary, but interesting and all absolutely true.

I was a single parent raising my two daughters and we moved into a small townhouse that was built in the 1930s. Many families had lived there over the years. We moved in in 1995. It was two levels, a large living/dining room on the ground floor, a flight of stairs led to three bedrooms.

I don’t know when it started, but we starting hearing someone run up and down the stairs, all hours of the day or night.  It sounded like a child just rapidly running up and down the stairs. I didn’t get alarmed, I just told myself it was coming from the neighbor’s house. No matter that the neighbor was an elderly man who lived alone, had no family and wouldn’t be running up and down stairs.

We also would be in the …

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

August 23rd, 2010

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A Scottish Ghost Story

In January 2008 I took a course through my University where we got the opportunity to go to London and study Theatre. During our trip we were given a weekend off to do whatever we wanted. So a small group of us took a train up to Edinburgh. There was a total of four of us on this journey. Peter, Dante, Susan, and Myself.

When we arrived decided we would take a ghost tour. An idea I was totally for until we were reading the description of the tour we selected and a warning which read “you accompany this tour at your own risk.” But I figured I would be brave and we set off to find the starting point of the tour.

The tour was conducted in three stages, the first part outside a church, the second part in a cemetery, and the final part in “the Black Crypt.” The Church portion was about the history of Scotland and …

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August 22nd, 2010


Home Made Ouija Board and Spirits

The night before we were both talking about the weird things that have happened in my house and somehow we got on the subject of Ouija boards. Neither of us had ever used one. But I had read enough stories on this site to know how to make one and the proper way to use it. So we decided that the next day we would make and use it.

That morning after we made the board we found a dark room to use it in. We lit three candles and said the Lord’s prayer. when we first started we asked if their were any spirits that wanted to contact us. The shot glass that we were using as the planchette moved to the letter “I”. It didn’t move it all after that no matter what questions we asked, so we said goodbye and ended the session.

Now we definitely should not have done this but we continued to keep going …

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August 22nd, 2010


Haunted College Including Mad Nuns

I’ve been a fan of paranormal stuff since I was a little kid. I’ve always wanted to see a ghost. I’m in this program that teaches high school students college classes in the summer. There’s this Catholic college I stay at in the summer. Anyway, my first weird ghost experience was in my first dorm room at this college.

I had two other roommates. My bed faced the two large closets in the same direction as the hallway. One night, around 11:00 or so, I started to hear crying. Like an old elderly woman crying. It lasted only for a couple minutes. I was curious and got up. Looking around, both of my roommates were both asleep. I put my head on the pillow, trying to go back to sleep. I hear the crying again. I simply said “Whoever’s crying, please quit.” I was waiting and heard silence for a bit. Then a thud came from my closet. I was …

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From Category: General Paranormal

August 22nd, 2010


A Visit to the Haunted House Next Door

This is my first paranormal experience when I was 9. There is a house near where we live very big and old. Everybody calls it a haunted house.

My friend and I always wanted to see ghosts so we decided to go there. The main gate is always locked so we made an excuse and went to the roof of the house next door to the haunted house. When we reached the top we saw that the door of the roof of the haunted house was open.

We went in and saw that the house had spider webs and an inch of dust everywhere. But on the floor there were footprints. We were small and got scared but decided to go on. As we reached the stairs (the haunted house had 3 floors) that looked over to the ground floor and all the stairs we saw a small girl (smaller than us) on the stairs that joined the ground floor …

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From Category: General Paranormal

August 21st, 2010


A Night at the Unmarked Graves

While growing up in Richwood, West Virginia, I had always heard locals tales of the paranormal. There was a couple of friends of mine who had been visited by a Sasquatch type creature in the Cranberry back country. There was the tale of the nearby Braxton County Green Monster. Ghosts stories too many to count were told in every hollow in the hills. Of coarse no West Virginia native has gone without hearing a tale or two of the Moth Man. However, I never would have expected that I would have my own run in with any such phenomena.

The first part of my story, which at the time I didn’t even realize was part of any story at all, goes all the way back to high school. It was the fall of 1991. My high school sweat heart and I were parked on top of Fork Mountain, just outside of Richwood, to, um, “watch a meteorite shower.” Yeah, that …

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August 20th, 2010


Why Me?

My name is Ric and I’m 21 now and I’ve been having weird stuff happen to me just about my whole life. I was only about three when I first started having the dreams, dark figures stood in the shadows of the trees and gravestones of the cemetery.I heard footsteps coming toward me and saw a slightly larger figure with wings walking through the darkness towards me. I had the dream a few more times but I always woke up before I could see any real details. The dreams continued for a few months and then when I was 4 I would wake up in the middle of the night and see really large yellow cat-like eyes across the room and I would hear a low growly whistle sound. I didn’t try to tell either of my parents because its hard to tell people things when they are never there or don’t listen as we all know.

Things calmed down …

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

Tags: Dreams, Shadows
August 20th, 2010


The Rosa Witch Legend

In the early 1800s, William Wolcott moved his family from North Carolina to California, the area we now know as Sonoma County. They settled in the small town of Jose Ramon, which later became Santa Rosa. Wolcott purchased some land and a small hotel his family soon called home. The Wolcott’s had three children: the eldest Billy followed by Dennis and Tracie whom they called by her middle name Aileen. Over the next several years William acquired more land, increasing his holdings to 472 acres. A number of acres were used for pumpkins and grape vineyards. The townspeople took a grand liking to the Wolcott’s and appointed William as the county marshal for many years.

On a day like any other, William Wolcott was inspecting his pumpkin patch that grew behind the hotel, when he saw a figure in the middle of the patch. As he approached, the figure took shape of an elderly woman hunched over as if she …

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From Category: Mysteries & Legends

Tags: Legends, Witches
August 19th, 2010


Phone Calls and Room 11

I am 16 years old and when I was younger my family used to move a lot. By the time I was 12 we had lived in 6 different houses and were looking to buy another; my dad had just got promoted and we were looking for something a bit spacier now that we could afford it. At first I didn’t want to move as I’d have to leave my best friend Ellie behind, but when I saw the old-fashioned house I changed my mind instantly. It was situated in St. Francisville, Louisiana. It was beautiful there. The population must have been small as it was a quiet place to live and the place we moved to was exceptionally remote with little country roads and patches of green. I settled in instantly.

There wasn’t really a lot of talk amongst the neighbors and everybody sort of kept to themselves. It was also hard to find a family with children my …

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

August 19th, 2010

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