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Haunted College Including Mad Nuns

Posted on August 22, 2010

I’ve been a fan of paranormal stuff since I was a little kid. I’ve always wanted to see a ghost. I’m in this program that teaches high school students college classes in the summer. There’s this Catholic college I stay at in the summer. Anyway, my first weird ghost experience was in my first dorm room at this college.

I had two other roommates. My bed faced the two large closets in the same direction as the hallway. One night, around 11:00 or so, I started to hear crying. Like an old elderly woman crying. It lasted only for a couple minutes. I was curious and got up. Looking around, both of my roommates were both asleep. I put my head on the pillow, trying to go back to sleep. I hear the crying again. I simply said “Whoever’s crying, please quit.” I was waiting and heard silence for a bit. Then a thud came from my closet. I was thinking one of the girls in the program was playing a trick on me. The crying started again. I got up the courage and yelled. “Stop crying! I’m trying to sleep!” Simple as that.

I kept on staring at the closet door, waiting for someone to come out. Then I black shadow went across the door in the moonlight towards the sink. I was really scared after that. My roommates would experience other things too. One of them came back to our room around 4:00 p.m and seen the doorknob shake, like someone was trying to get in. It quit when she came up to it. That was the only time it happened. My other roommate would hear a brush feeling when she’s sleeping on her left side facing me.

One of my friends, would tease my other friend about the nuns that haunt our residence hall and the chapel. Supposedly there was a fifth floor I gotta say 80 years ago where a nun committed suicide. A crazy nun they called her. After her death, students would move into the room where she killed herself. At night they would wake and see her throw a chair out their window.

Sent in by Krysta, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Haunted College Including Mad Nuns”
  1. AnNa bites back says:

    thats weird,i’ve never heard a nun do something like that.i wonder what the reason was,a nun killing herself,thats odd.

  2. trolldoll says:

    i think you are probably right about the nuns living there. so i would be curious and try looking up the history of the place to see if a nun did commit suicide. i wouldn’t believe everything i heard. tall tales stay alive thru the living.

  3. Jaybee says:

    Yeah, I don’t know that I’d believe that. Catholics are taught never to commit suicide because you don’t go to Heaven. Nuns are supposedly married to Christ, it would be very, very, very difficult for me to believe that one would kill herself. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if another nun pushed her out the window or something. Evil lurks in the hearts of man, as they say, and maybe one of the other nuns was jealous or something. That would be far more believable – to me – anyway.

    • GirlRacer says:

      Throughout history, its documented that nuns who have been raped by other priests/mental patients/civilians. It was rife in the 1800′s. I’ve seen cases where in 1916 a nun was gangraped by monks. The poor dear was made pregnant, she was beaten by her fellow nuns for weeks after. They tried to ‘kick the baby out of her’. She committed suicide after the last beating she had, by standing on a chair, and jumping out of her window.

      Who’s at fault here?

      Those same priests and nuns got away with it for the rest of their lives. Giving mass to the communities with a smile on their evil faces, the evil nuns going out into these communities supposedly helping.

      God took that poor soul and gave her happiness, the rest of the evil filth are still burning now.

      Paedophilia in the clergy. Sure, it’s a sin to commit suicide but its fine to rape little children.

      What the heck is wrong with this world today.

      Don’t bother to reply and tell me I’m wrong. I’m a historian. My job is to find fact.

      And I’m not saying all priests and nuns are evil. They’re not. There are decent ones out there who do help. Its the evil filthy inhuman ones that tar them all with the same brush.

      • Jaybee says:

        “It’s a sin to commit suicide, but it’s fine to rape little children”? No. No and no, the rape of small children would be a mortal sin and those priests who did so have most assuredly earned their rightful spot in hell. I’m not going to dispute what you wrote, I’m sure a lot of atrocities have been committed by humankind in our time on earth. I’m horrified that men would take vows to serve God and do the awful things they’ve done, but I don’t think that tars them all with the same brush. I think each person is judged on their own merits. How many times do you see a family that is kind, loving, etc., yet one of the children will end up on drugs and in trouble with the law? I appreciate the fact that you’re a historian, but you seem to have a lot of anger towards the church in your piece, I hope that none of your comments stem from any personal story. If they do, I’m very sorry.

        I don’t know, and neither does anyone else, what happened to this poor nun. She may have, in fact, been in the situation you describe and chose to end her life. She may have been murdered. She may have been madly in love with someone her family opposed, thus they made her take vows instead and she’s still pining for and/or searching for her true love. Who knows, but it is interesting to read the contributions here.

        • GirlRacer says:

          Hi Jaybee (really nice name you have there)

          Firstly, my grammar was a little off. I should have added a question mark to what I said which you quoted above.

          I have been an athiest most of my life, even as a child – until fairly recently. Nothing special happened, nothing untoward and this may sound and look unbelievable but I literally woke up one morning and just really felt unexplicable and extremely strong… love is the only word I can use. Like I knew that somebody was looking out for me. Who loves me, sins and all. Who will never turn me away nor ignore me whether it be with people or alone.

          My issue with the church and bible is that its written by man, and run by man (by man, I mean human not the male species so don’t worry guys I’m not a man-hater but my ex could well have made me one, thats a different story!)

          Who are we to judge? Fair enough, we all do at times.

          The issue I have is that the church and the bible have lets say, a certain criteria to be filled by catholics/christians alike in order to ‘pass into heaven’ – huh? For example that poor nun explained above. A good person right until the bitter end. Because apparently suicide is a mortal sin, and ‘man’ says God does not take that into consideration, and ‘scratches’ all of her good deeds and her compassion for people and basically says ‘stuff you silly pants, your bad! NEXT!’ Thats not the God I have gotten to know, and love.

          I’m not a catholic nor christian, muslim, jew, buddhist, satanist, wiccan or any other religion. Why put a name on it? I don’t pray. Why cause God hears my heart.

          I am a good person. I try not to hurt people, to lie or steal, rape, murder, fight, etc.

          Those that do are judged. On earth as it is in heaven, as I so often hear people preach in the Our Father prayer. On earth, more often than not people will feel compassion for a suicide cause.

          However, if we all agreed the world would be easier, but boring.

          Seriously enjoyed your response. I enjoyed responding. Its nice to debate. We’re not just pretty faces.

          Thanks again.
          Steph xx

          • Jaybee says:

            Oh yeah, the question mark would definitely have made a difference! Then it’s a query, not a (presumed) statement of fact. We’re actually not debating, but discussing, as I happen to agree with you.

            I grew up Catholic, had a wonderful Catholic upbringing – no horrible priests (okay, some were cranky, I don’t think they liked kids), no ruler-beating nuns (okay, some were cranky, etc.), but most were wonderful. I still believe, for the most part, but I agree with you about how someone could be a good person until the end, and finding life unbearable, they would take their life – and suddenly be on the outs. For the same reason, I take issue with the so-called “Christians,” who believe (according to my crazy cousin), that you can rape, murder, pillage and spread despair everywhere, but upon your last breath, you can magically say you’ve found Jesus, or whatever, and suddenly you’re seated at the right hand of God. I believe you’re judged on the sum of the whole, not judged by some or one random bad act, and not forgiven because you spout off a sentence. I could be wrong, but that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. If everyone was simply the best they knew how to be and tried not to say things in anger to hurt, didn’t steal, didn’t lie (altho I’m still telling my mom she looks good in that horrible blue dress, no matter what), etc., that would be good in my book.

            The area between our world and the next is what drew me here. I’ve had enough experiences that, should I never hear or see anything again, it will be wonderful. It’s interesting to ponder, “WHAT is it?” Is it purgatory? Is it a waiting station? Is it just simply energy left over? Is it evil, are they angels – and I don’t believe there’s one simple answer. Some of these stories are really interesting, some I think are totally made up, some are really hard to follow, but still an interesting site, that’s for sure.

          • Sai Chan says:

            I saw your comment on “The Little Girl-Ghost Demon..”, and found interesting to search and here you are.
            I think you’re on the right track of finding the truth.
            I’d like to share with you some ideas here.
            The true God is never restricted within the religions to worship or for fear.
            Free choice everyone.
            Free choice to evil or good, so liberty to do unto others, also liberty of others to do unto you.
            It’s just a sin to YOURSELF to suicide.
            You could have eternity on Earth to learn with your own free will until realize the good from the evil is just a thread close.
            And the main evil initiated always within your own insatiable wants.
            And sex drive is the best tool to inflame those wants.
            While flesh is so disposable to your soul, to the God.
            Even superficially equipped or crippled, as handicapped or aided, as you love or hate, is always your free will to decide.
            You think you are good, but they all think they are good instead.
            Our purpose here on Earth is to end war.
            Regret not, hate not, just be, so pure love can come in, is a time God would show He’s always there.

  4. Gummie Bear says:

    Very interesting story. Thank you for sharing. That’s sad about the Nun. I have to agree with the other posters, possibly the Nun was murdered instead of committing suicide.

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