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Scary Times in Red Oak

I live in Dallas and a friend of mine lived in Red Oak. She keep telling me there was something in her house she didn’t know what it was. So when we went over things started to happen while we were cleaning her house. The whole house got really cold and the next thing I remember my friend got pushed in to the dresser and it left a big mark on her chest. It got even worse as we went through the house. Her baby keep crying and would not stop.

I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. I just keep saying phrases out the bible and the next thing I know I was across the room. When I came too I was really freaked out. I had scratches on my leg and back. I just kept saying bible verse and finally things settled down.

I have never forgotten what happed. I guess that’s when I know …

September 24th, 2011 by Caretaker 
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My Old House in Texas

I was in the sixth grade when this happened, if I remember correctly, I am now 18 years old. I was living in Texas at the time, and my family was going to church regularly.

One night I woke up randomly, which was not unusual, and is still not unusual, but this night I turned to get more comfortable, and there she was. There was a woman next to my bed. She was wearing a red dress, which could have been a prom dress or just an evening gown, her face seemed like it had been beaten, such as her nose seemed to be broken and her jaw seemed to be misshapen.

The strange thing about this occurrence was that, while she was screaming, inaudibly, towards the corner parallel to my bed, I got a very calming feeling. I believe she was protecting me from something, but she could have just been re-living a moment in her life. I believe …

September 20th, 2011 by Caretaker 
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Shadow Man and the Lechusa

From the time I was a little girl around 4 years old, I could see things… ugly, evil things!

The first time I saw something I was staying the night at my dads house and I was sleeping with my stepsisters, everyone was asleep it was 2 in the morning and I was awaken by the coldness. When I turned to the right I saw this face it was black with sharp teeth and blood red eyes laughing at me it seemed, being that little I turned over and covered my face with the blanket!

The next day my sisters and I were playing, they had wooden bunk beds and I was climbing up the stairs when they started falling and I landed underneath them. The scary thing is a rusted nail that was hanging out missed my head by half an inch when I looked at the nail I started crying because it looked exactly like the faces teeth.…

June 27th, 2011 by Caretaker 

Furniture Moving Upstairs

This paranormal story was told to me by my grandma.

When my grandma was a little girl they lived in this house in Texas. A lot of stuff happened in that house but one story sticks out above all others.

One day, my grandma and all her 6 brothers and sisters were all downstairs playing around. Their dad had just left to go pick up their mom from work. They only had one car so their dad had to pick up their mom every afternoon. While he was gone the creepiest thing happened. All of a sudden they heard tons of movement from upstairs. They didn’t know what the heck it was but it terrified them to the bone. My grandma said it sounded like things moving and shuffling and being jostled around. This lasted a good 10-15 minutes. They all huddled in a corner shaking and some were crying (the little ones were) until their parents got home about …

June 6th, 2011 by Caretaker 
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Little People on a South Texas Dirt Road

The story I am about to tell is 100% true.This is not a joke or in anyway made up this really did happen to me and my three children.

We moved from Indiana to come and live here in the southern most tip of Texas so we could be close to my husband’s family. We built a beautiful home on a lot that was the last one before the road went into dirt. We have no neighbors on our left side and the road and empty fields go on and on for many miles. So on this day I decided to take my three boys Austin, 13 Julio, 6 and Emanuel, 4 on a walk down the dirt road to just basically be outta the house for awhile.

We began laughing and chasing one another as moms do but about two miles down the road my oldest son Austin let out this scream that made me immediately turn to see …

March 27th, 2011 by Caretaker 

The Endless Forest and the Horrible Golden Eye

I had never been hunting before, and I was so very young at the time. I’d practiced with my twenty-two riffle and what not out in the back, but I’d never actually ventured into a forest to hunt for squirrels or rabbits. I wanted to hunt so bad, and finally one day, my friend Traylon Vincent asked his father if he would take me on their next father-son hunting trip. Jimmy accepted, and Traylon and I made our way up to a part of North Texas. I really had no idea where we were at the time, I knew it was about an eight hour drive, and I had fell asleep. When we got there, Jimmy told me to call my mother and let her know we’d made it to his cabin ok. I love nature, but there was a very ominous feeling about this forest when I stepped out of their truck, it was like this familiar whisper was …

March 11th, 2011 by Caretaker 

A Grandmothers Good Bye

Well Hello Again, My name is Crystal and I’m also the writer of Haunted Ranch in Falfurrias Texas. Well in my last story I had mentioned my grandparents having a huge ranch, and how it seemed to be haunted. I also mentioned that my grandmother had passed away. Me and my grandmother were extremely close. She was the queen bee she always knew what to do and say to bring together our whole entire family. Even if there was drama she always would fix the problem.

I’m sadden that her life ended at the age of 68. She was a diabetic. her favorite holiday was Easter and for some strange reason that was the only holiday that the entire family could make it and be with each other. She had 9 children. Well to get to the point Easter was right around the corner and it was a surprise because we for the first time me and my parents …

March 8th, 2011 by Caretaker 

Ouija Board Story from Houston Texas

I have a Ouija board story. In 1998 while living in Houston, Texas my sister and her husband came up to visit from a small out of town city where they were living at the time. Being one who likes to try different restaurants, and given the vast number of famous restaurants in Houston, my sister wanted to go out to eat a nice dinner. She picked one in the “Galleria”, a famous mall in Houston.

My sister is also an avid Barbie doll collector and noticed a famous toy store across from the Galleria. Apparently the toy store has Barbie dolls that are hard to find, and she wanted to go in and take a look. While there, she bought a Ouija board. She is also very superstitious.

After dinner we went back to my apartment and she immediately opened the board. Myself, my wife and my sister sat at the table to try it out. My brother-in-law would …

February 21st, 2011 by Caretaker 

Ghost Face in a Texas Farm House

February 16th, 2011 by Caretaker 

Haunted Ranch in Falfurias Texas

February 12th, 2011 by Caretaker 

The Witch House in Texas

In 1994 I was working on a Seismograph crew in north central Texas about 30 miles northeast of Midland. The job would take us walking miles off road along the country side, laying out cables and equipment.

One day doing this we came across an abandoned farm house, out in the middle of nowhere. The house was a one story stucco, with a long front porch and the windows gone. The house had several oak trees around it. In the oak trees hung small dried animal carcasses of reptiles and rodents that are found in the area. But the strangest thing paintings that covered the house. The paintings were a graffiti of strange symbols and writings that I did not recognize or understand and never seen before. Even though we can see it’s hollow interior, none of us would dare go in. One of the workers had a camera and took a picture of the house. Shortly after that I …

December 15th, 2010 by Caretaker 

The Drummer at the Dam

I have always been fascinated by ghost stories and tales of the paranormal. I’ve always had an open mind about that kind of thing. Especially if I feel I am in a place that could potentially have some paranormal activity. When I had the experience I’m about to share with you, I was not prepared whatsoever.

It was five years ago and I was still living with my parents in Bandera, Texas. I was 18 and had just recently met a guy named Jeremy that seemed pretty cool so I decided to take a drive out to Kerrville (about 40 miles away) and hang out with him for a day. After driving around town for awhile, he suggested that we should check out this old dam that wasn’t far to hang out and talk.

We were driving in this small neighborhood that was surrounded by a wooded area and he instructed me to park on the side of the road …

August 24th, 2010 by Caretaker 
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