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A Scottish Ghost Story

In January 2008 I took a course through my University where we got the opportunity to go to London and study Theatre. During our trip we were given a weekend off to do whatever we wanted. So a small group of us took a train up to Edinburgh. There was a total of four of us on this journey. Peter, Dante, Susan, and Myself.

When we arrived decided we would take a ghost tour. An idea I was totally for until we were reading the description of the tour we selected and a warning which read “you accompany this tour at your own risk.” But I figured I would be brave and we set off to find the starting point of the tour.

The tour was conducted in three stages, the first part outside a church, the second part in a cemetery, and the final part in “the Black Crypt.” The Church portion was about the history of Scotland and …

August 22nd, 2010 by Caretaker