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New Ghost Picture On True Ghost Tales

Posted on January 15, 2008

Have you checked out the ghost picture collection here on True Ghost Tales? Today we posted a brand new picture which has never been seen on the Internet before.

The picture was taken by one of our readers when she was visiting a place called the Kennesaw House, which is located in Marietta, Georgia.

Aimee didn’t expect anything strange, but when she was looking through her pictures she noticed a face that appeared in a mirror.

Aimee contacted us and sent us the picture to take a look at. Sure enough when I looked at the picture I too could see a face in the mirror.

Aimee has also captured a very cool and eerie EVP (Electronic Voice Recording) which she has generously offered to share with all the True Ghost Tales readers. It will be posted on the site very soon and you will read about it right here on the Paranormal Blog.

I invite you to take a look at the picture and come back here to post your comment. Let Aimee and all the rest of our readers know what you think about this ghost picture.

Kennesaw House Ghost Picture

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61 Responses to “New Ghost Picture On True Ghost Tales”
  1. Brittney Turner says:

    I don’t see a face. there is nothing there. you people need to check your eyes.

  2. The Caretaker says:

    You mean you don’t see two eyes and a nose? I can see them in the mirror and my eyes are fine :O)

  3. Aimee Bevel says:

    Hello. This is Aimee and I am the one who took the picture. I asure you that there is something in the picture. Maybe your eyes should be checked. It’s funny to me that you can’t see anything, when I’ve had over about 300 people look at the picture and they can see it. So I suggest you get your eyes examined. Thanks.

  4. Penny says:

    I see the ghostly face but I also see an image of a dog or something just to the left of the face. does anyone else see it?

  5. REBEKKA says:

    I can’t see anything either?!

  6. Christie W says:

    I, personally have seen numerous ghosts, heard them, and have had personal body encounters. In a way, you can call me a medium, though, I don’t claim to be. From personal experience, this is a full body apparition of an older female woman. To me, possibly in her sixties or older. This is ligitimate.

    • Natalie a says:

      Funny how u mentioned a older lady thats the feeling i got but it wasnt the circled pic it was to the right of the pic. I see a old lady

  7. Aimee says:

    To Christie W, so do you think this woman had something to do with the Kennesaw House?? What period of time do you think she was alive and what do you think her name might of been??

  8. vicky says:

    the pic is just a reflection dude! calm down! its so not a ghost! it doesnt even look like a person ur just over reacting and ur seeing wat u want to see!

  9. Aimee says:

    Funny that you think its a reflection. Because it is not! You are entitled to your opinion.

  10. Rusty says:

    It looks like a smudge on the glass. I don’t see anything, especially not a sixty year old lady.

  11. Jason says:

    I have to agree with everyone me and my friends cant see anything

  12. Pamela says:

    We had different opinion! We hadn’t the same mind so if you think that it is fact or fiction, go though what you believe, thats it! But for me, isn’t!

  13. leslie says:

    i think this is just a ridiculuos picture.. me and my friend were
    lookin’ at it and we couldn’t see any face!…
    if u dont have a ghost picture please dont waste ur
    time putting bullshit..thanx! =)

  14. nikita says:

    hey my name is nikita and im one of those people that really and truly believe in ghosts and spirits. there is really a ghost in this picture.. if u dont believe dont comment on it and go away..

  15. uma mukherjee says:

    i and my friend was looking at the picture i really dont see any face there please confirm

  16. Elise Jones says:

    Hi. I believe this pic to be 100% authentic. I volunteer to work at the Kennesaw House and believe me this place is incredibly haunted.

    The current owners of the Kennesaw House have seen this picture and believe it be a ghost of the original owner. There is activity in The Kennesaw House daily.

    I do agree, that it is very hard to see the face but if you keep looking you will see it. This particular room has had a lot of activity reported and we’ve had several paranormal groups investigate and they all agree that we are definitely not alone.

  17. CM Misery says:

    it looks like a demon to me…but yeah there is definitely a ghost picture there!!
    I don’t know how people can not see that….

  18. geno says:

    i do not see a face . i just see a mirror and i don,t think there is a ghost in that picture at all

  19. nikki says:

    i do not see anything, seriously!

  20. Rhiannon says:

    I can see what you would think could be face, but I just see the eyes, not a full face, which would lead people to believe there really WAS a face there. I’m not saying there is a face or not, I just don’t see anything but something that looks like 2 eyes and could be a very poor reflection.

  21. Rhiannon says:

    Ok, I looked more closely and when you’re zoomed OUT I see the face, but when you zoom IN, I don’t see anything but 2 eyes.

  22. Aparajita Acharyya says:

    No i have not seen anything in the mirror.I hope there must have happend any mistake of mind or eyes.When this picture was snapped fear factor was working so the person did nt catch up the thing properly.May be there was nothing.It ,s just a rumour.

  23. Aimee says:

    To the person above my comment………what are you talking about?? Fear Factor?? Rumor??? I am the person that took the picture and there most certainly a face in the picture!

  24. Kerry says:


  25. CMF says:

    looks to me like the flash is reflecting smudges on the mirror.
    Additionally most “orbs” as well are simple reflections of the flash off of something in the room. “Orbs” in graveyards and what not are ususally insects.

  26. Silvana says:

    The photograph submitted by Amiee was interesting,because I could see what seemed to be a pair of eyes. I sort of distinguished a face shape,but for the most part it was dark. Any similiar observations?

  27. Darren L says:

    at first i couldnt see it, i read all the comments and was in agreement with most people, aimee was getting quite annoyed that we couldnt see it, i had another look a couple of times, and mainly i can see only the eyes, its like its face is on a tilt, i figured that something must be there as she was so adament, and also the fact i read something that aimee also has an EVP as well, which i would love to hear.
    so yea, i see the eyes and can see what she is talking about now.

  28. space cadet says:

    its only dust

  29. Andy Grainger says:

    There is nothing there – or at least I can’t see it at all.

  30. Teresa says:

    I am in agreement with CM Misery, I think it looks demonic, kinda reminds me of the statue from Exocist, The Beginning. However, I live in Kennesaw, right outside of Marietta. I have been to the Kennesaw House and it is scary as hell. Lots of nasty energy floating around. The place was most recently a hotel before it became a museum and was used as a hotel before the Civil War. However, during the Civil War, it was used as a makeshift hospital for both sides. So, you think about being cared for with your blood enemy and dying right alongside them. Do some research, the Kennesaw House is almost as well known for being haunted as the Lemp Mansion.

  31. Jesse Williams says:

    commendations on the fine picture you took
    I just can’t fathom as to how people can not see the obvious demoniac entity present in the picture…
    The eyes are rather bulbous and almost, dare i say, protrusive, in comparison to the rest of the face and there appears to be discernible fangs just below the eyes too where a mouth begins to appear.
    As for the authenticity of the picture, i can’t really comment but it appears reasonable to me.

    Have you presented this too any specialist of some sort? Demoniac or a photographer?
    Take care :)

    With sincerity Alpha

  32. Aimee Bevel says:

    Hey Alpha,

    I am the person that took the picture!

    Yes, this picture has been reviewed by several photographers and others and is 100% authentic. Has not been altered in any way. The owner of the museum has reviewed it and was shocked by what he saw. I’ve had several professional paranormal investigators look at it and they say there is definitely something in the picture. Something trying to manifest its self! I don’t expect every person to see what is there but according to several people there is definitely something paranormal going on in the picture. IT IS NOT DUST, OIL, REFLECTION or any other thing that people may think!


  33. Lolman says:

    I can see a skull there,but i think its just dust,as it might happen if u used ANY source of light

  34. emmie says:

    i can see sommet there…..how can u nt see that??? but, it doesnt look like an old woman!

  35. carol says:

    hello Aimee – glad to see that you are still pursuing your interest. I see what appears to be a face in the mirror. It seems that some people are better at seeing images than others.

  36. A curious skeptic says:

    Would love to see another picture of the mirror at the same angle for comparison. Is the face Always in the mirror or was it just captured in this photo? I have several antique mirrors and when the silver on the back is wearing off it can “look” like there is something in the mirror.

    Amiee- Very good job in getting the pic and getting it authenticated. If it is what it is – no need to be defensive about it, some people won’t believe no matter what you show them. Save your energy for getting more truly awesome evidence!

  37. alan says:

    i believe in gohst

  38. tracy says:

    Funny thing is I just asked my friend to look , and she described a face to me . She was like ” the eyes are here, that’s a nose etc.” I do believe the lady that took the picture. But I cannot see annything , while my friend was going nuts trying to show me what she saw.Maybe it’s one of those things that not everybody should see !Just like how others have the “gift ” to see and hear things, others don’t, I don’t know..

  39. Mellisa says:

    It’s weird that people only talk about a pair of eyes, because when i saw the 1st pic what i saw is a shape of head, then on the 2nd pics I couldn’t clearly see the eyes, but i saw the mouth, cheeks, her chin, a forehead, and 2 black spot that should be her eyes. i think her face shape looks like a woman & her head is a little bit bend toward the left side of the picture while she’s looking ahead. but i’m not sure. what do you think aimee?? is it what you see too. i agree there’s definitely something there, but just not clear. it’s transparent so some people can’t see her.

  40. Mellisa says:

    oh i forgot to mention, i saw the nose line too and she looks like she’s wearing something on top of her head on the right side. but i still couldn’t see her eyes just two round black spots above her cheeks. interesting. it’s as if she’s posing for you aimee!!!! what do you think did you see the same figure as mine? cuz, maybe i’m wrong

  41. Rhetta Akamatsu says:

    Hi, I am writing a book for History Press titled “Ghosts of Marietta,” and I have thoroughly researched Kennesaw House. I honestly cannot see anything in the picture on the website. If we could see the original picture, it would be easier to tell if something is actually there. However, Mr. Cox, who is not the “owner” but the director of the Museum, has caught several very convincing photos on the security camera, and several paranormal investigation groups have caught photos that are very clear as well. There are alleged to be over 700 ghosts in Kennesaw House, but none of them are threatening and no one I know has ever experienced “nasty” or “negative” energy there.

  42. nix says:

    I really m not sure bout this pic..i mean i do see somethin but then again!

  43. James Baker says:

    In the close up shot of the mirror I not only see the face that is pointed out there, but I also see faces all over the mirror. I see eyes, noses and mouths, some even appear to have a complete head shape to them.
    Look all over the close up picture and see if you see more than just the one face, I think there are many spirits trapped in that mirror.

  44. Kim Lorton says:

    there are actually 17 small faces in the picture of the mirror and around it. Very interesting!
    I have been there before it was the museum. I also took a haunted tour and captured a photo of a small boy sitting out front in period clothes like he was waiting for someone. if you like I can send it to you1 I thought it was very nice of him to let me see him. I am an amateur hunter, but can hear spirits and have one that has been with me for 2 years next year. I have a few evps and someone telling me the name “rick” lound and clear.
    spirits seem drawn to me, and though I have had to clear my house sometimes, as it seems to be a gathering place, they respect my rules, and get chucked if they do not.
    Snap is my spirit friend, as he communicated with me by fingersnaps 1-yes 2-no. he does not like to talk much, but at times is quite “verbal”. thanks, Kim

  45. mitchell says:

    if thats a face it must have been run over by a semi

  46. June says:

    When I first looked at the mirror picture i seen something that looked demonic to me
    on the second image I could make out a man with a moustache and his shoulders seem broad. that is the images i seen . thank you for sharing your pictures i found them to be really interesting.

  47. Jen says:

    I believe there is something there, however I’m finding it difficult to see exactely what it is…Im not very good at ‘making out’ pictures so Im going back to see if I can see something better (with my terrible eyes). If it was a fake, Im sure Aimee would have made it alot easier to see…dont u think?

  48. Lindsey says:

    Personally, I think the close-up makes it more difficult to see. If you look at the original, there is a woman bending forward as if getting up out of a seat. She has short curly hair, or at least that’s what it looks like to ME. I’m sure others see something entirely different. Perhaps it is like the psychological tests where what you see tells a story about your psyche :) In the close-up shot, I see what looks like a cartoon-ish figure of a man with big bug-eyes. In the close-up I really had to stretch my imagination to see anything else.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I am really sorry but I do not see anything in the mirror! Absolutely nothing and I have really tried.

  50. blondie says:

    i cant see anything in the second picture, but i saw a face straight away in the first picture.
    It looks to me like a woman and the angle of the face appears as if she was looking over her shoulder. I can see a face, eye sockets, eye brows, nose and mouth.

    ive always been able to see faces either in mirrors, shadows, water and even wallpaper. I used to do this frequently as a kid to pass time if i couldnt get to sleep.
    So im undecided as to whether i think its a real apparition, a trick of the light etc.

  51. ashley lesley says:

    it looks like krusty the clown or homer simpson to me, but that is just my interpretation.

  52. Anonymous says:


    You need to not be so defensive. Some people may see it and some may not. Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion thats why they have the comments board. So dont jump down everyones throat when they dont agree with you.

  53. anna says:

    i dont see it.

  54. Anon. says:

    it more looks like a few scratches or markings on it, i don’t think its anything

  55. Tracey says:

    hello, I can see it her *A Woman* her face is well Hard to explain like she have no skin left and her eyes like boogle out and can see her teeth you can image what i am trying say and yes she have long hair and can see half of her shoulder chest. She would have been pretty if she skin has show… I know it’s strange but that what I see it.. That the truth..

  56. Tracey says:

    I do Believe you aimee I like I say on the first comment i see face and yes it’s a Woman I am sure she is young but like no skin left just i like say on the first comment.. I believe you I don’t know why nobody can’t hardly see it..

  57. Bella says:

    Okay people. At first i was like, what face? But in the red circle zoom in, you can see a a figure that starts from the bottom of the circle, to about halfway up. Just trying the help you see.It looks like a lady. Please dont say I’m lying cause im not. Just trying to help you out. This is a real paranormal picture i’ve been through alot of paranormal things, im even phisic.

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