Mysterious Unknown Crackling Noise

Posted on November 21, 2009

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you another one of my experiences.

When my husband and I first arrived in Japan (in one of my previous stories, I had mentioned that my husband was serving in the Navy and we were stationed overseas in Japan), we had to stay in the Navy Lodge while waiting to find a place to live. During the day, while my husband was at work and before I found a job, I would hang out with the other military wives who, too, had just arrived in Japan as well and who were also staying at the Navy Lodge with their families waiting for housing and such. Several of the wives had been there for a month or so and shared with me about the strange goings on at the Navy Lodge, in a paranormal sort of way. They would tell me how some of the ladies who worked in housekeeping would be in a room cleaning it (they would always keep the door open) and the door would slam shut on it’s own.� Or, that sometimes the radio in the room would turn itself on. Stuff like that. We were just a bunch of wives talking and getting ourselves all worked up in a far away country. It was mainly in a joking sort of way, so I really didn’t think much about it.

Anyway, about three weeks after we had arrived, there was a notice in the Base newspaper that there would be a “black out” around 2:00 a.m. that Sunday morning. A “black out” was when the electricity would be turned off Base wide so that the electricians could work on various lines safely. And since it was 2:00 in the morning, it would not effect too many people since most of everyone would be sleeping.

Well, my husband and I are pretty much “night owls”, and still are to this day. So, we were up at 2:00 a.m. when the electricity went out. So, of course, we decided to go on to sleep. Well, about five minutes after the electricity went out, this loud crackling noise started up in our room. It sound like someone was crumpling up cellophane paper. I had gone shopping earlier on Saturday to buy some odds and ends for our home that we would eventually be moving into. So, the first thing that came to mind was maybe something was falling out of one of the shopping bags that I may have accidentally brushed when stumbling into bed. But, this crackling noise just kept going on and on. My husband asked me what it was, and I said that I didn’t know. Also, we thought that the heating system was just turning off, since it was winter outside. Then, it came to me, I remember what some of the wives had told me about the strange goings on and such. So, I thought, maybe it’s a bothersome entity. Of course, I didn’t mention this to my husband, since at the time he really didn’t believe in that sort of thing… but, he does now. My husband said that he would make his way to the foot of the stairs and call down to the guy at the front desk to come up here with a flashlight. Now, no way was I going to be left in this room by myself with some possible spirit. So, I told my husband that I would go instead and for him to stay in the room. Luckily, there were flood lights in the hallway and we were only on the second floor, so it wasn’t too difficult to call down to the guy (even the phones were out).

Anyway, I got to the foot of the stairs, and I called down to the guy (of course, I’m sure that I woke most everyone up with my BIG mouth. Plus, I didn’t want to say that there was a possible ghost in the room bothering us, so I just said that there was something in the room making a loud noise, and if he could please come up to our room with a flashlight. The man came up to the room with a flashlight, and as soon as he walked in the room with the flashlight on, the crackling noise all of a sudden just stopped. So, both he and my husband looked around the room and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. So, the man went back downstairs, leaving us in the dark. About five minutes later, the noise started up again. So, again, I was at the foot of the stairs calling down to the man to come back up. He did, and this time he brought us an extra flashlight. When he walked in the room with the flashlight on, the noise stopped again. This time, he turned the light off and the sound started up again. So, he shrugged his shoulders, said it’s a baffling mystery, gave us the extra flashlight, and went on back downstairs. My husband and I would turn off the flashlight, and the sound started up again. Then, turned the light back on and the sound would stop. We did this for a minute or so, and finally we just got tired of it and turned off the flashlight. The crackling noise continued on for at least twenty minutes or so until it just finally stopped (as you can imagine, we did not get a whole lot of sleep that night, and I’m sure everyone else on our floor probably didn’t either).

Anyway, I’m open for suggestions to see what you all might think that noise was.� This was the first of several paranormal experiences that I had encountered while in Japan.� And of course, I couldn’t wait to let the other wives know about what had happened, the next day!

It is kinda odd that I had only experienced this type of activity in Japan. When we were stationed in Italy back in the mid 80s (this was when I was in the Navy as well), the only really scary experience that I had encountered, besides the fact that everyone was driving faster than the speed of light, and during certain parts of the day, experiencing five lanes of traffic trying to merge into one lane (fondly referred to as “Squeeze Alley”) was when I mistakenly had taken the tritico (registration) out of the glove compartment of the car for some reason, I’m not sure, and I forgot to put it back. My husband was driving home from work one evening, and he was stopped by one of the Italian military police who wanted to check to see if he had the tritico in the car. Of course, my husband was shocked when it was not in the car. The Italian military police officer was very nice, spoke very good English and said that he has a wife as well, that he understood and let my husband go on. Of course, when I got home, my husband was waiting for me on the front porch of our little villa, very angry…which he should have been. Of course, he didn’t stay mad at me too long.

By the way, getting back to “Squeeze Alley”, the Naval hospital that I had worked at in Italy as a Religious Program Specialist to the hospital Chaplain, was on top of a hill. At the bottom of the hill was a lane of road that turned into a “squeeze alley” at rush hour.� During our three years in Italy, there have been several babies that were born in their parents car during the rush hour, while on their way to the hospital to be born. A lot of the babies, at least the girls, were named “Allie”.

Thank you for listening to yet another one of my long winded stories. Everyone is great!

Sent in by Bonnie, Copyright 2009

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22 Responses to “Mysterious Unknown Crackling Noise”
  1. DARKANGEL says:


  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    very interesting as well writen!! beats me what was making the noise, but it does sound paranormal. the japanese are very superstious and have plenty of paranormal proof to go with it. there ghost stories go back centuries. thanks bon for glueing me to my chair for awhile!!!! hugs

  3. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Bonnie, another great story,, i wonder what it was??? i cant wait to hear more… ktm

  4. Camila says:

    Hi Bonnie, Great story! wow you have traveled a lot. Your story is pretty creepy, maybe it was just an entity trying to make itself known? trying to reach out to you and your husband, since the security guard didnt really get to hear anything, or heard very little. Was this the only time you heard this? or were there other occassions? Oh and great little story about Italy, might I add!!

  5. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    OK,, Bonnie,, im ready to hear more,,lol… you have the best stories!!!!! God bless,,,, ktm

  6. Bonnie says:

    Hi KTM, Trolldoll, and Camila,

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments! You guys are the greatest! I love reading your stories as well. I’m not sure what it was. I’m thinking that it was possibly some spirit that was upset with us being in the room or that just wanted to talk…LOL! That was the only time either I or my husband had heard that noise for the rest of our stay in Japan. And MAN, did the other wives ever get a kick out of it, when I met up with them in the laundry mat the next day and told them! In fact, one of the wives who was staying in the room a couple of doors down from us, was wondering what all the commotion was.

    Hi Camila, yes, my husband and I have sure done alot of traveling with the Navy over the past 21 plus years. But, it’s always nice to get back home to our roots. Gosh, we have boxes that we haven’t even opened in years, due to all the traveling. One day, we’ll get the strength up and open some of them and probably have one large yard sale…LOL! Thank you for your nice comment on my small Italy story at the end. I tend to get a little carried away…LOL!

    Hi Trolldoll, I agree with you, Japan sure has their share of the paranormal. There’s even a festval that they celebrate around July, Bonadori (I believe that’s what it’s referred to) is “Dancing with Dead Relatives.” It’s alot of fun. Everyone gets together with food and drinks and then eventually starts to dance in a large circle (dancing with their loved ones who have passed on). Hey, how is your boyfriend’s brother doing? I hope that everything is going well for him, and for you and your family as well.

    Hi KTM, how are you feeling, Sweetie? How’s your mom and sister doing?

    Everyone have a great and wonderful weekend!

    BIG Hugs!


  7. Hossam hamdy says:

    Hi Bonnie :
    It is really a scary story , if I was you, I should not sleep there that night, thanks for your fantastic story , I am waiting to read more of your stories.

  8. Bonnie says:

    Hi Hossam,

    I’m with you…when that noise started up, my husband and I should have gone down to the lobby and camped out on one of their couches…LOL! I gotta tell ya, the Japanese sure do have their share of the paranormal.

    Good talking to you, Hossam. Have a great week! Bye the way, one of my co-workers and his family took a cruise to different countries and just got back this past Thursday. He said that Egypt was one of the countries they went to and that it was breathe taking beautiful!

    Bonnie :)

  9. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi everyone,, Bonnie, I told my hubby your story last night and he was even creeped out by it,,lol…we also figured it was some type of spirit, maybe playing a trick on you guys,, you know how they can be… cant wait to hear more!!!! i will be spending the night with mom tonight, and , sis will pick me up in the morning for more blood work… i am feeling ok,, hanging in there,, thank you hun, for asking, you are a sweetheart…not driiving at this point….

    God Bless us all, and have a great week,,,, ktm

  10. blondie says:

    Hi bonnie

    Wow ! Your story reminds me of something that happened to me when i was a teen, its really strange i never found out what it was.
    Its a little lengthy so ill write a post on it.

  11. Bonnie says:

    Hi Blondie,

    Hey, I’m looking forward to reading your experience on this topic. To this day, I sure don’t not know what that noise was. I’m thinking that it was some type of entity, though, since Japan has many paranormal occurance. Thank you for your comment, Blondie, and have a great Sunday.

    Bonnie :)

  12. Bonnie says:

    Hi KTM,

    You know, after thinking about it, I have to agree with you and your husband. It probably was a spirit that was either, like you said, playing a trick on us, or maybe it was trying to talk to us and it finally got tired and gave up…LOL!

    Have a nice evening with your mom, Sweetie. also, please say hi to your mom, sis and your husband for me. I hope that all goes well with your blood tests. That’s a good thing that you’re not driving right now, KTM. It’s just one less stress that your body dosen’t have to deal with. Have a great week, Sweetie.

    Bonnie :)

  13. Aaron says:

    I came across this post while looking up crackling ghosts. A coworker died in a car accident, and I keep hearing a crackling noise outside her office. I figured it was just the building settling, but now I’m hearing it at home, usually in the dark, which just makes it spookier. Again just figured it was my house settling. (cat noticed it too)

    But now I’m hearing it a lot more, and it felt like something was playing with my hair the other night.

    I’ve read something about a “rice” ghost in Japan. Can’t remember where though, makes a noise like rice being shaken around.

    This isn’t like cellophane, it’s more like joints popping, or static electricity.

    I’ve felt uneasy in the house ever since moving in though, only in the bedroom area. I’m thinking it’s bad wiring somewhere in my room.

    I’ll have to invest in one of those EM field detectors to make sure I’m not getting sick. Interesting story though… I just went to Japan a few years ago maybe I brought one back with me. :)



  14. Manik says:

    Hi Bon Bon, Trolldoll and Ktm, to Bon sorry i didn’t catch up on yo another loop of your paranormal experiences and I seriously suggest you to write a book titled ” paranormal encounters of bonnie- the metal bone!” the title here i specified is a joke, lol! If i heard any crackling noise i will wake every one with my incredibly high pitched voice, lol with annoying love [email protected][email protected]!

  15. Merr234 says:

    Hi Bonnie, that is a freakish story! It could have been an entity alerting you of a death by elecrticution, or like the others said, just wanting to converse. But japan though… WOW! lol…

  16. HMM says:

    Hi Bonnie,
    Im not a sceptical person im only 16 and i have experienced some paranormal activity in the house i am living in with my mum, brother and boyfriend. The noise you were hearing might have been due to the electricity being turned off. My light in my bedroom buzzes sometimes but crackling? That just doesnt make any sense to me, maybe you should try talking to somebody experienced in paranormal activity they may be able to help you out :)
    btw, your stories are great, keep them coming! x

  17. DarStarr says:

    Hi sweetie! Great story! Thank you for sharing it. You HAVE had some wonderful, exciting experiences! At least it didn’t do anything other than crackle!!!

  18. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Aaron,, now when your cat hears it,, something is there for sure!! my dog also hears things that i do….and,,,, the rice ghost,, wow,, very interesting!!!! i would love to hear more about that…… ktm

  19. Bonnie says:

    Hi Aaron,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend dying in a car accident. I wonder if she might be trying to contact you.

    How did you like Japan? May I ask, what part did you go to? We just loved it there. We stayed for five years. I taught english to the children over there. It was a beautiful experience. Have a great evening and Happy Thanksgiving.


  20. Bonnie says:

    Hi HMM,

    That is a good explanation on what that noise could have possibly been. It was extremely cold during that time. You take care and thank you for your nice comment on my stories.


  21. Bonnie says:

    Hi everyone,

    Happy Thanksgiving! Just wanted to send a special blessing to everyone and their families, whether they celebrate this day of thanks or if they have other traditions from
    different parts of the world that they celebrate.

    I hope that you and your mom, sis, her hubby and your hubby have a blessed day.

    My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to your family and your boyfriend’s brother.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you, your brother and your families as well.

    Both you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    I just got the turkey out of the oven, and am now cooking the ham. No diet for me today…LOL! This is a day when my husband and I like to talk about our past Thanksgivings when we were first married. I can still remember living in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day, and we had the fire department come over. After that, I was afraid to cook another turkey for a long time…LOL! But, everything went well and the turkey day was saved :)

    Again, happy turkey day to everyone and bless you all!


  22. SqueezeAlleyMom says:

    Bonnie – I just found your post from 11/29/2009 and was amused! Our family was stationed in Naples, Italy 1985-1988 with the Marine Security Force and my daughter was born in our car in Squeeze Alley on March 4, 1986 at 7:01 pm. We named her Michele Alley. At that time, she was the first and only baby to be born in transit. It was, however, a real concern to most of the pregnant women that their baby would be born there because of the terrible traffic. For me, the mom, it was the greatest achievement of my life to give birth in a moving car on the way to the Naval Hospital!

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