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My Sons Destiny

Posted on May 19, 2010

I really don’t know how to start, this has been going on for 18 years now. I want to tell my story and to make people aware of other inexplicable phenomenon around us.

Eighteen years ago I had a son of which I had many complications during labor and finally ended with a caesarian. I got very sick and had to stay 2 weeks more in the hospital. He was fine and I finally took my baby boy home after 2 weeks. The day after was a Saturday and my whole family came to my house to see the baby named Jonathan. Normally in our tradition we make a small get together to celebrate the birth of a new baby in the family. Everyone was congratulating me with my new baby boy. Then my brother arrived with his wife and their 6 year old little boy named Joshua. Joshua was so excited to see the new baby and ran to the room where the baby was at. After like 5 minutes he came back running outside where everyone was sitting and talking, and he asked me, who is the Lady standing next to Jonathan’s Crib? I asked, what lady? Everybody was outside and the nanny was off on Saturday afternoon and Sundays. So I ran to the room, but saw nothing and felt only a smell of Jasmine all over the room. I went back to Joshua and asked him how the lady looked liked and he said that he couldn’t see her face. She had a vale on her head covering most of her face. So I thought that he was imagining things and forgot about this incident.

While Jonathan was growing up to one month, two months and three months, I noticed that he wasn’t responding like a normal 3 month old and took him to the doctor. The doctor examined him and told me that due to the complicated labor he probably had brain damage and was very slow in catching up with the normal growing up of a child. Like his pulling his head up, rolling over, grabbing things with his little fingers, etc…. After this diagnosis I took him to all kind of doctors all over the world and when he was 4 years old they (the doctor’s specialist in this field) diagnosed him with 85% autism and with cerebral palsy. So I took my child and start searching on the internet, about autism and how to take care of a child with this defect. I live on an island of which there are no special schools for autistic children. He was four years old and couldn’t talk and he couldn’t walk and didn’t communicate with anyone, other than staring me in my face and I felt his eyes were trying to tell me something. OK so far nothing creepy happened yet.

One day he was sitting in the middle of his bedroom and talking some strange language to people or entities around him that I or his nanny couldn’t see. I immediately took my camera and start videoing him, picture and his voice. I took this video to my doctor and he sent it to a Psychologist, who was a professor of a University in the Netherlands. After 6 weeks they contacted me and asked me a lot of questions about Jonathan. I repeatedly asked them if they know what’s wrong with my child and they said that they will come to my house in a week and will install cameras in my son’s bedroom, so they could monitor him, I got very angry and I told them that no one is going to put any camera’s in my house, before giving me any answers about my child. Then they informed me that the language that my son was speaking to the other entities was an ancient language called Aramaic, something like that. Are you kidding me! Are they joking or insulting my intelligence? This is what went thru my mind at that moment. They explained that this is a language used in the ancient times before Christ. OK this is where I put a stop to this situation and told them to stop with this mumbo jumbo and to leave me alone and that I am not interested to put my child thru these type of experiences. I got so afraid that I made this decision without thinking of it’s consequences.

My son kept on doing the same thing everyday until his nanny called me at work and was crying on the phone that something terrible happened. I rushed home and she told me that Jonathan is in the room with these “ghosts” and they shut the door, so she couldn’t get into the room. I went to the room and door was looked and we couldn’t get in. I was hearing more than one person talking in the room and called my husband to come home and try to get thru the window. He got home and he also tried to open the door, he went to the bedroom window and couldn’t open it either. So we called the police to help us get into my son’s room. When the police arrived, our dog, that’s a very quit and unharmful, got so crazy and wouldn’t let the police come into the House. I am not a religious person, but at that moment I knew that something very unnatural was going on. I never think of evil, I just work and live my life like every other woman with a family. I saw some movies about the exorcism and about demons, and I asked his nanny to run to get Holy water at a nearby church, I had a bible that I never read and a crucifix that my mom gave me as a present when I did my first communion. Then I started doing what the priests where doing in the movies, with prayers, holy water, crucifixes, etc.. And in the name of Jesus Christ I want you to leave my house, etc… Of course it didn’t work, but my son that couldn’t walk or talk opened the bedroom door standing on his two legs and told me, please do not disturb and closed back the door. Meanwhile the dog calmed down and the police were let in. I didn’t tell them what was going on, because they would take me to a crazy house. And to be honest with you I thought I was going crazy at that moment. The nanny opened my son’s bedroom door and found him sleeping on the floor. She put him in my bed and he slept with me that night.

The next morning I didn’t go to work, because I wasn’t feeling well and still confused about what happened the day before. I left the crucifix on my living room table and my son was playing on the floor with Lego’s in the living room. I told his nanny not to let him alone in his room or anywhere in the house. Then he saw the crucifix on my dining table and took it, I was coming out of my bedroom and he WALKED to me and showed me the cross, like showing me something that he found. I was all excited because he could finally walk,I was so happy jumping up and down and hugging him forgetting about the cross in his hand. When I got out of my happiness and looked at him, I saw the cross and asked him, if he knew who that was. He told me in perfectly English “That’s the Son of God” I still get goosebumbs when I am writing this. I took him by his hand and walked with him to my bedroom where my husband was watching TV in bed. My husband is Jewish and don’t believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. So I asked my son to tell daddy what you just told me, I asked him again, do you know who this is and he gave the crucifix to my husband and told him again in perfectly English, take it in your hands and heart, he is not going to hurt you, he is the Son of God and loves you very much. My husband was in shock and didn’t realize at that moment what was going on, actually none of us knew what was happening. After that day he didn’t say word or walked again. Things start getting worse in the house, things start moving, furniture, plates, shoes, doors open and close, TV’s and lights going on and off, etc… No one got hurt, but this was unbelievable and mentally it was destroying us. So we decided to sell the house and go live in another house.

For awhile we felt save and my son started going to a normal school where they started with a new project of mingling autistic children with normal children, to do some kind of tests and/or experiments. One day I went with Jonathan to a store in town where they sell spiritual things, prayers, candle’s, to buy Holy water, because since the incident I always kept Holy water in my house. He saw a necklace with a crucifix and took it and wouldn’t let it go, so I had to buy it and he himself put it around his neck. He never took it off since then, not even when he took a shower. I didn’t had a problem with that.

On his 6th birthday, he just got up and start walking like someone that has been walking all his life, not only that, he also start talking and making conversations with everyone at his birthday party. Most of the parents got scared and left with their children and never visited us again. They would say hi in a supermarket or at school,but that was about it. So we felt shut off from the community and didn’t know what to do. My family told me many times to take Jonathan to a priest so they can chase the evil out of him, like an exorcism. Even after all these things that happened I didn’t seek God and tried to solve these un natural incident/situations by my self.

I was baptized Catholic, but after I left my parent’s home when I was 17 years old, I never entered any church again. I married a Jewish man and sometimes I would go with him to his Synagogue, I don’t even know how to spell it, but I felt comfortable there. The Catholic church was more like a ‘must go’ and we were always thought that God will punish us for the stupidest things, like not going to church or braking a cup or plate. Since then I started to hate going to the Catholic church. We were forced to confess every week, sometimes I had to invent sins, so the priest would give me his blessings and let me go home. I had to say like 20 prayers and then I could go. It was like torture, I feared God and was so scared to make any mistakes, because everything was considered a sin for the Catholic church and I was afraid of God’s punishment. I was just a little girl and didn’t even know right from wrong jet.

But going back to my son’s story, things start happening again in my house and I did the same thing again what I saw in the movies how the priests were chasing away the demons. I put Holy water and garlic everywhere in my house and it stopped for a while. When Jonathan was seven years old he was watching TV and he saw a close up of Mother Theresa on TV, he called me all exited telling me that that’s the woman that’s with him every night. That day was 1 year that Mother Theresa passed away. I asked Jonathan are you sure, because Jonathan was seven and Mother Theresa just died a year ago, He insisted that that’s the woman that was on the side of his bed every night. He mentioned to me in many occasions that there is a nice lady taking care of him the whole night. I used to show him pictures of the Virgin Mary, but he always said no that was not her. So I freaked out and I got so mad at him and told him to stop with all this craziness and to give me some peace from now on. He started crying and went to his room. Of course as a mom I felt guilty of how I treated him and went to his room. Before I could enter the room, the door shut right in front of my face and I couldn’t get in. I sat in front of the door crying my heart out and was at the edge of loosing my sanity. I really didn’t know what to do or say, I felt so guilty that I even thought of suicide, I thought I was the worst mother in the world and I didn’t know how to correct it, other than sit and cry for hours.

Finally after 4 hours my son opened the door and I hugged him and asked him for forgiveness, he then told me that I am God’s child and God loves his children and forgives me. That I should live by God’s rules and don’t let the demons control me. I was shocked of his statement, but I was getting used to my son’s behavior. I start talking to him and told him that most of the time I don’t understand what he is talking about and to forgive me. We started a conversation of his past and I finally asked him about his behavior of not talking or walking or not communicating with the outside world, also about the entities that he had conversations with in a strange language. He then told me, Mommy, you know, I was an Angel and God our creator send me to this world. I refused to accept my new body resulting in my no communication with the human world until the day of my 6th birthday.

After our talk Jonathan became a normal child and was doing good in school and was riding his bike and his skateboard every day, playing with the other kids outside, like every other child. I thought I finally would have peace in my life and continued with my life until 3 years ago when Jonathan made his 14th birthday. On one night Jonathan ran to my room in the middle of the night, shaking with so much fear like he saw Satan himself. I asked him what’s wrong and he answered that he is afraid to sleep in his room. I then told him that he is a big boy now and to stop acting like a baby and I would send him back to his room. The next morning he woke up very tired to go to school and I overlooked these signs. This continued for 2 weeks. He would run to my room and I would send him back to his room where I checked his room and there was nothing there.

After two weeks of this demon torturing him for unknown reasons, he again ran to my room and jumped on my bed and was shaking in a fetus position. He was pale and couldn’t say a word. I got out of my bed ready to open my bedroom door to go his room, and then it started again, things were flying all over my living room, this thing opened my kitchen cabinets and start throwing knives and forks at me, so I closed my bedroom door and he start hitting and banging on the door, I thought this thing was going to brake door and get in, meanwhile Jonathan was still shaking and in shock. I called my husband at his job to come home right away. Before he could reach home, this thing start coming into my room in a black shadow form. My bed and the rest of the furniture were moving and flying all over my room. I took Jonathan and my car keys and I ran out of the house, thank God my room was close to the front door. I left the front door open and just ran as hard as I could. I was also shaking and couldn’t get the car keys into the ignition, meanwhile my husband came home and I told him that I am going to a Hotel for the night. He went inside the house and it was a total mess. Apparently this thing was gone, but all the furniture was upside down, the kitchen utensils were all over the place, with the exception of Jonathan’s room. Jonathan’s room was neat and wasn’t touched. We stayed for 2 days at a local hotel and came back to the house with a cleaning company to clean the house. We lied to them that it was broken into by thieves.

After they cleaned up the house, we slept again in the house, and Jonathan would sleep in our bedroom. I start noticing that when Jonathan wasn’t home, everything was quit and nothing happens. All these incidents happens only when Jonathan was home. So I consulted a Medium, Fortune Teller, Witch whatever they are being called, and they told me that there was no demon in my house that it was Jonathan himself creating and doing this. This person explained to me that this happens a lot with teenage boys and girls, they have a lot of anger and rage and are creating a lot of bad energy which will manifest itself into shadows, demons or ghosts. She said that my son is creating a poltergeist in my house. I didn’t believe her, because these things were happening since he was born. I went on the internet looking for poltergeist, I didn’t understand much of it, but it indeed explained about teenagers having a connection with this phenomena. These incidents continued and we had to move again to another house. Again I put the Holy water crucifixes all over the house, but it didn’t work.

Two days ago I had to experience the same thing again and again and again. Doors open and close, lights and TV on and off, cold like a freezer in my son,s room. And I live on a tropical island, feeling heavy and something touching my whole body giving me goosebumps, I felt that my body was getting inflated with cold air. I start chasing it away again with prayers and Holy water. It didn’t appear for two days now and hopefully would stay away. It’s a fact that this thing is chasing my son, because it happens only when Jonathan is home. I cannot keep on moving and this time I will fight this thing back, I still don’t know how, but I am not afraid of it anymore, neither is Jonathan. I live in a very small community and up to today people will rather think that I am crazy, because of no knowledge or no understanding of these sub-natural or paranormal incidents.

This is my story and its not over yet. I don’t know what to do, I want to go to a priest but the Catholic church is so skeptic about these things, that it will take years before they do something about it. I can’t live another day with this demon in my house. Thanks for reading my story. A desperate mother.

Sent in by L., Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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28 Responses to “My Sons Destiny”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Go seek advise from a medium, one with talent (gift). Let him or her enter your house and tell you about the spirit and how to get rid of it.

    • papi sal says:

      I can honestly say that the same things are always happening to my sister but its like she’s a walking poltergeist because when she is mad she throws things mentally and for a long time since I am older I thought she was retarded, I say listen to your child because EXACTLY what you are writing is what my family experienced with my sister the POPE himself believes she’s a type of GOD, now tell me how crazy does it sound?

      • Lady says:

        Hi papi sal. Thanks for your email and support. I am so sorry what you had to go thru with your sister and understand your feelings. Yes, it sounds crazy. I don’t believe that my son is some kind of a God. My son has done strange and inexplicable things that any other person that never had any paranormal experience would not understand. Everything that is happening is “crazy” if thats the fit word for these incidents. I am just hopeless and wants to live a normal life like everyone else. A life with marital problems, financial problems, teenage behavior problems, thats what I want. These are problems that I could handle. Not this, its driving me nuts and I wouldn’t know were to begin to solve this problem. I have to rely on my believe and eventually God will send me some wisdom to understand this and give me strenght to fight this thing and get my life back to normal. Thanks again for sharing your experiences with me, you make me feel that I am not alone. L.

  2. trolldoll says:

    i don’t envy you. i’m sorry you have to go thru all of this paranormal kaos. be very careful who you let into your house. check them out very carefully. i hope that this somehow goes away on it’s own. thanks for writing in!

  3. Billy B. says:

    Mam, with all due respect, you are being an idiot! Seeking mediums and depending on pendants and rituals.. Mam, you family is in a fight, a war! A spiritual war! God has put his hand on your son for some reason, since his birth. And whenever God moves so powerfully it shakes the realm of hell. like I said this is a war. The devil has to send his troops out, it’s his job! His only job is to take us away from God. The devil Is an out dated solider! He has been using the same tactics since the beginning. But in your case, because God has HIS hand on your son like HE does, the devil is working over time to make sure your boy NEVER sees or even realizes his real destiny..

    Now you have tried everything else and quite frankly most of what you did try only opened up more doors for the devils troops to enter your families life! forget about the mediums and the ritual. You must clean house! Get in your Bible, get rooted in the word! Your boy was trying to give you directions years ago but you guys just didn’t understand!

    You must plead the blood of Jesus over every inch of that house daily! Yes, say I plead the blood of Jesus! And you rebuke the devil in the name of JESUS! How many times did your son have to say that name to you as a child for you to understand how powerful it truly is! demons run at the name. hell shakes each time! The blood is your protection! Only that! Your son has been trying to tell you since the beginning!

    Your problem has been that you send them away for a while and your house becomes empty; NO devils but also NO God! So what the devil does is send back more that are even stronger than the last bunch and they walk right back into your empty house! This is why the attacks get stronger each time!

    YOU have to educate yourself in the word mam! The directions are there! Ask God for leadership as you seek..

    I speak to you today from experience mam, very similar to your own!

    You have tried it all, give something new a shot! What do you have to lose?

    I wish you the best and we will be praying for your family.

    Billy B.
    Murfreesboro TN

    • Lady says:

      Dear Billy, Thank you so much for your comments on my story, Most of what you stated are familiar to me and I know that I should have been doing things different. I guess when you find yourself in these types of unknown and inexplicable situations your mind don’t think clear and do stupid things. I never believed in Mediums, witches or furtune tellers. I always believed in good and bad people. I believe in God! I always avoided believing in Evil although due to experiences I know it exists. But God is putting me on tests that I can bearly pass and most probably failed for the past 18 years. The medium talked about anger and rage of teenagers and poltergeist , that is incorrect in my sons case, because he is a loving son and care much for others. Everyone loves him because of his way of preaching to others about becoming a good person and to love Jesus, etc… He never went to any church before or read the bible in his live. I never thought him anything about religeon, because I don’t know about it myself. . What I don’t understand is why these demons are following and tortuting him during his lifetime if he is only adoring our Creator, and all he does is good for the humanity. . Everyone tells me that I did a great job in bringing up such a wonderful boy. I say thank you, but what goes thru my mind is that he didn’t get this personality or spiritual education from me. It’s a mystery where he got it from. I going to open up to you and tell you what I really believe, I believe that he decieved God in some way in his past life and now the demons are claiming him. He is preaching all over town, all girls and boys of his age make fun of him, but most of the parents of these kids loves him, because he gives good advice to their children. Well Billy thanks again for your reply and I pronise that I will take your advice very seriously, God bless you. L.

      • jk says:

        As Billy said, God has laid His hand on your son for a very impotant reason. You do not have to go back to the Catholic church to be a Christian. Being a Christian is believing that God sent Jesus as a once and for all sacrifice for our sins. All you have to do is accept His gift of salvation, confess Christ as your Saviour and live the life that He has set before you in His word. You can prayer directly to Jesus and He will forgive your sins daily if you ask Him and do your best not to repeat them. It is that easy. Read your Bible especially the new testament and learn what God di for you through Chist Jesus. Your son is being chased because evil knows that God has chosen him for a special purpose, there is no way he could have known the things that he knew, it all makes sense to a Christian. If you give your heart to Christ He will send you the Holy Spirit to live inside of you and guide you and He will make these things as clear to you as we see it. There is no other way. It may just be that he was chosen just to make sure that you and your husband give your lives to Christ. That is how important it is to Him that you do not suffer eternity in Hell. The devil just does not want you to go to Heaven, his objective is to keep you confused, angry and depressed that you cannot make a decision to love Jesus until it is too late. If you die without making this decision you are his. There is only one chose when it comes to eternity and that is Jesus. If you sit on the fence and theink that you do not have to decide then you are rejecting Him. If you are not choosing Him you are choosing Hell. If you do not purposefully choose Christ you are intentionally rejecting Him. You cannot do this alone, google a deliverence ministry in your area or find a priest that will help you and your son now. You cannot do this yourself, you cannot do it mimicing what the movies do. You must believe in Christ as your saviour before your prayers are powerful. The mere mention of Jesus name will drive them out for a while. Giving your heart to Christ will keep them out. Your son could not have handled crucifixes and Holy water if he was possessed. You must act now, not another day. Check out http://www.swordsofsaintmichael.ning.com and you will find many lay people that have been through the same thing and they will come and help you for no charge unless there are travel needs that they cannot cover. Do it now, stay in contact with us and let us know what is going on. Do it now, Do it now, do it now!

  4. Sarah says:

    Hi L, I was very interested to read your story, though I don’t really know what to make of it; there are so many possible explanations. I do think the medium was very insensitive saying your son made the poltergeist. This does happen, but from what you’re saying there is much more to it than that. I believe your son is what he says, and God sent him. In my faith, we believe that when the body dies the soul is sent to inhabit another body ( which kind of body is according to the Law of Karma and where the person’s consciousness was at in their last life); this happens time after time after time, as the soul is truly immortal, until such time as it realises its true relationship with God and then it is released to live with God in the spiritual world and no longer has to take a mortal body and suffer the conditions of birth, disease and death. There are also those who have realised God but through their supreme compassion will incarnate on Earth to help others find God and relieve suffering. (Buddhists believe in this too, I think.) There are also those beings who are eternally perfected, and they have never had to take birth in the world but may do from time to time in order to further God’s will. God himself can incarnate on Earth and this called is an Avatar ( He may come for many reasons; here the philosophy is complex to explain) and interact with us like a human, but this is relatively rare. I am not a Christian, but I do believe that Jesus may have been a soul who was perfected but who volunteered to come again in a human body to carry out God’s will and help people, teaching how to get closer to God in a way that was appropriate to the time and place. In that respect, he is the Son of God, but not God’s only son. as God has promised us that He will never leave this planet without at least one perfected soul there to help us get back to Him. That’s what I believe anyway you can check it out in the Bhagavad Gita; no offence meant- I respect the rights of others to have different beliefs. Back to your story; it seems clear to me that your son is something special. It seems like he has some kind of connection with early Christianity (hence the Aramaic) and it could have been that his soul acheived perfection/ close to perfection around then and his current life as your son is the first time since then he has taken a mortal body. He was sent back here reluctantly, as he says, hence his difficult appearance into this world and your stay in hospital. So often a physiological medical explanation like “starved of oxygen at birth” is just the manifestation of what is happening spiritually. There must be some reason why your son had to get labelled autistic, and was unable to talk or walk for a time. Did you know that there are people who turn out to be great spiritual teachers who cause their parents concern because they appeared not to be able to talk for their first few years? This was the case with my guru’s guru’s guru, who turned out not only to be perfected, and a great spiritual teacher, but was also a highly intelligent and learned scholar of all kinds of worldly science once he began to communicate. Just look at how your son went to school as normal after the first few years. When he suddenly began walking and talking to tell you about Jesus it must have seemed like a miracle. I guess the scary poltergeist-like stuff is a reaction from the demonic side of life which is opposed to anything Good. Not easy for you, but I get the feeling your son has a lot of Shakti (spiritual power) himself, and protection from God. What a shame you had bad experiences with religion when you were young; I do think that the first thing we should let our children know is that God is Love, and that we must take responsibility for our own actions whilst knowing that God will protect us whenever we turn to Him. I know you are suffering from the horrible things going on in your home but I do think this will subside as your son’s strength grows. You must be spiritually highly qualified to have the job of beng a mother to a son like this, and your husband too. sorry this has rambled on, but I really was being impelled to write this and it all came flowing out as I sat here. There is a story in the Srimad Bhagavatam about a small boy called Prahlad who lived amongst demons, but God protected him from their attempts to kill him and he would tell the demonic children at his school about God and they began to pray to God. I really felt inspired to tell you these things. Hope it helps you. Hare Krishna!

    • Lady says:

      Hi Sarah. Thank you so much for your email and support. The words in your mail are new to my knowledge, but very interesting. I never saw this side of believe before, but it surely makes sense. I will search more about this on the internet. Thanks again for taking your time to read my story and send me very valuable information. L.

  5. AnNa says:

    L—-i am very proud of you in how your handling all of this.i think your stronger then you think.you are a great mother for what your doing.dont ever forget that.im sorry your going through this.im glad your son is able to do stuff that he couldnt.before.i think you should call up those people that called years ago about putting cameras in your sons room.maybe there is an anwser for that.you may not want to do that but never hurt to try.thanks for the story.

  6. Yolyris-Adrianna says:

    Ok. Well this sort of stuff happens to me as well. In my family the woman have weird encounters.They all start out hearing things, some start from seeing the thing itself. Well now its my turn… I hear things.
    I have read alot of paranormal stories to find some answers. So far your’s has left the biggest impression on me. It is my favorite one. I also have a fatuastion with this stuff. I am also Catholic. I suggest ((as much as you hate going to the Catholic church)) you go to a priest. Ask him to bless the outside of your house with holy water. The bless te front door. Bless every entrace (( window, door, etc.)) from the outside. Then go inside and bless every room on the inside. Then bless every entrace to that room. Bless any entrace. I’m 15 and my mother has said we ar eto be doing this very thing… But she has yet to do it. I’m praying for your family. Tell your son that I will be keeping him in my prayers. I hope everything will be ok. Trust me. Doing the blessing yourself might not work…

    ((One more thing))::
    Put a rosary on his door from the inside and on all the windows… We have that at my house. I hope everything works out.

  7. felicia says:

    Hi L, okay, so, I want to get straight to the point here……While reading your story a feeling came over me that your son was really an Angel before God re-birth him in your life and now is still an Angel, in human form. That’s why the devil and his sidekicks are messing with your son’s life. The devil knows your son is an Angel and is trying to make him convert. Your son knows where he came from and knows where he’s going and along the way is spreading the word about our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, because he KNOWS Christ. And as for him seeing Mother Theresa since before she pasted away, Holy ppl are able to be in 2 places (sometimes more) at one time, even while alive. So I believe she was with him before her passing and is still with him after her death. She is w/ him for support and power against the devil. This is not just any ordinary ghost/poltergeist thing, this IS a war between good & evil. And I totally agree with Billy B. and everything that he wrote. You and your husband need to start believing in your son, his faith and his words of Christ. Your husband does not believe in Christ – that’s why your son was given to you by God, to change his belief/faith. You – on the other hand did the church thing and didn’t like it, so why not change religions? God has blessed you both with a true human “ANGEL” for a purpose. You guys need to start believing in Christ and live by Christ, help your son fight the devil. Make your son’s army bigger & stronger than Satan’s. That is the purpose of your son. You know many years I had this dream that good & evil were at war and it scared the shit out of me! Jesus and his troops and Satan and his troops were fighting in a big field, finally after fighting for a long time everyone was frozen in place. Then Jesus approched each of his troops one by one, touched their forehead and a bright light shinned, the troops then vanished to Heaven. And all of Satan’s troops went to Hell for eternity. I believe the end is near and your son is the Angel Jesus sent us on earth to lead the good troops for battle. Don’t think I’m crazy, I’m not. And nor am I religious. But I will tell you one thing: I do believe in God and Jesus Christ. I hope you embrace your son and what he is. Start believing and stop questioning……….

    • Lady says:

      Hi Felicia. Thanks you for your mail and valuable information. I agree with you in everything that you state in your mail. Although its not easy, because of these unbearable tests that I have to go thru, I know that I have to start accepting Christ in my heart and the real purpose of his death, rather than believing the story that God once send his Son to save us. Reading a story is not the same as believing a story.
      My husband will never change his religion and I respect that, he never talks about it either. I know he believes in God in his way. It’s so difficult to live this way and although this has been going on for 18 years, I still feel as it started yesterday and everything is still so clear in my mind. I tried to block this from my mind, for years but everytime something crazy happens again, I am loosing my son, I can feel that he is not my son anymore, I can’t explain this exactly, but he is more into his things than wanting to be with his parents. He never preached to me or my husband, but never refers to us as his parents neither, again, I don’t know how to explain this on paper or in words. He acts like an Alien from another planet. But he is my son and I love him more than anything. I get very mad when people make fun of him, I start defending him by getting my anger out on these people. What’s wrong if he wants to preach Gods words. Although I am not practicing any religion, I respect everybody’s believe. And If that’s what he wants to do, I don’t have a problem with that, other people does. He then tells me that no matter what, I shouldn’t have anger towards others, Anger is one of the devils tools to drive us away from God. He said that its so easy to obay by Gods rules, they are all meant to make us love and understand each other like He loves us, God wants to be proud of us and we have to live up to become the real purpose of his creation. He tells me that God gave us the most precious thing that he ever created. Life! We have to learn how to appreciate this gift of life and purify our souls for enternal life. I can write a whole book of all the things he is telling me, also just normal things, like why didn’t you say hi to our neightbour this morning, why don’t you call grandma and say hi to her, you haven’t called her in while, or why didn’t you stop to give the other driver a chance, or why do you have such an agry and worried expression on your face, why can’t you just smile once in a while. Well after having to live this life, and at the border to loose my sanity what kind of face expression do you expect. He then tells me that I will understand and be compensated when the time comes. Do you understand this, because I don’t! I feel so dum sometimes, I should be educating him, but he is educating me. I know I shouldn’t keep on questioning, but I am the one in this situation and I need to understand better whats going on in my life and my house. You explained a lot to me and its worth a try, it doesn’t cost me money and I have nothing to loose. So far nothing has happened in my house, I guess, the demons are retrieving for better position, but I see a lot of changes in Jonathan and that scares me, like I mentioned before, I feel he is being driven away from me. I was always an over proctected mother, because of his problems he had during his childhood. He is eightteen and I still see him as my baby. Almost all 18 year olds go to college or sometimes get married young or leave to another country seaking adventure, so I guess I have to let him go, towards his destiny. I have no choice. Felicia thanks you again for sharing your thoughts with me and give me your wise advices, it’s so important to me that other people hear me and help me going thru this experience . God bless you. L.

      • felicia says:

        Wow! The first thing that popped in my head when you wrote “He then tells me that I will understand and be compensated when the time comes.” is Jesus, Mary & Joseph! I don’t read the bible but I do watch movies about the bible and I remember seeing that said to Mary & Joseph when Jesus was a kid. You should start writing everything he tells you, document everything. I’m sure later it will all make sense to you. As for you feeling like he’s not your son anymore, I understand that. I know you love your son dearly, I can feel it. I’m sorry for you having to go through this but don’t feel alone. I believe everything you are saying and the heartache, anger and frustration you are feeling. Have you tried contacting someone who specializes in religion or something to that nature? I will help you find help with someone who can try and give you the answers you are seeking. I have listed my email (I hope you can see it) and we can correspond from there. Please email me when you get a chance. God Bless you too!

        Felicia G.

  8. Angelica says:

    I have no idea why I came here, but here I am. I was reading this and then I remembered a nightmare that I had. It was that a demon was in out house and I scared it away by using the name of Jessus Christ even though I am an Atheist. I feel very connected to your son.

  9. Believer says:

    Hey L! I really hope that things get better for you and your family. I really think that your son has Telekenisis abilities and is probably psychic

  10. sarah says:

    dear L,
    ok iam gonna say this your story soundsz pretty intresting but iam a muslim and there is no way ur son iz god or an angel (no offence) itz just that when you ra muslim thses things dont bug you u see witches ghosts demons shatan and angels,i think your son is gifted and may be able to help other’s,but word of advice try going to a muslim mosque and telling what the problem iz shurley aftre that your life will be fine,becuse the same thing would happen to my aunt she was possese d by a demon and they eventually got rid of her,i hope this works out
    sincerly salwa :)

    • Lily says:


      Ls son is not possessed by demons rather being chase by demons because of who he is spiritually, an Angel! You cannot compare what he is and is going through after reading Ls story to your Aunt! Surely after a visit to a Muslim Mosque everything will be fine? What makes you so sure? This is not a case of evil possession that can be solve through an exorcism, this is war (I know it sounds very dramatic) yet it has been going on for aeons, secretly…but thanks to the 21 century technology, being the internet, we get to hear and find out that it really exist. It is hard to comprehend and acknowledge because of our individual beliefs but when something like this happens (Ls story) you have to open your mind and most of all your heart.

      I Agree with Krishna and her theory, L your part in this was to bring him into this world, like Mary Jesus mother and Maya Buddhas mother. Youve done your part but like any good loving mother you will support him and love him, which is all you can really offer. Believe in yourself L, have patience and listen to your son because it is a rare experience to have such wisdom given. Spiritually speaking, he was never really yours, though he came from your womb he is just temporarily…you could say borrowing this form, which could explain the alienation you feel towards him.

      Why you? Because your circle of Karma has not yet come full circle and it has brought you on this path for a reason that could only be explain through your past lifes action. There is a connection, nothing happens without a reason, so have faith, keep your spirit self full and bright through believing, keep calm amidst the chaos for anger and hatred feed the evil and this will strengthen you as a whole.


  11. kim says:

    what a truly amazing story one i shall never forget. your son is a wonderful person and we all know how mean children can be to one another i think your son is very brave and also lucky to have a mum like you.i enjoyed your story and hope to here more from you soon all good i hope, as you are doing a wonderful job but just remember you can not fight want you can not see alone don’t be a shamed to go to the catholic church regardless what the think ask them for help god bless you and your family

  12. Stef says:

    Dear Lady.

    I want you to know that your story has touched me. Its not very easy to handle such a situation but did you know theres more to the powers of God than just a prayer? Ive researched it on the internet at http://www.angelsonline.com or http://www.angel-focus.com and they explain to you that you can ask God for the protection from his ArchAngels whenever you have an encounter with a evil spirit. i have tried it before and i noticed that you get a sudden calm feeling around you. Anyway what i want to say is although your sons acts different now, i think its best to let him go. If he loves to talk about God and to spread the word of God, let him do it and dont get angry when people makes fun of him, its the way that evil gets a hold on you because thats what they want is to see your weakness…your anger….your rage and they will use it against you to have you loose faith in our God. Dont listen to mediums and fortune tellers. All they want is your money and for you to believe what they say. The figure you saw that night in your room is not from your son’s imagination, it is something very real.

    I hope that you will find a way

  13. Chelsea Lee says:

    Hey, i will be praying for you and your family. i have told everyone i know to do the same. i honestly believe that you need christ in your life. it was said before but i will say it again get into the word and live it. i know it seems hard and daunting at first but it isnt once you are there. God doesnt want you to be luck warm one foot in one foot out, he wants you all the way. find him! please! you need him in your life. prists are only going to help you so much when you dont believe in God or what they are really doing. God has reached out to your little boy and has a calling on his life so that your son can reach people and bring them to christ. thats why demons are so heck bent on geting to you and your son, so that they dont find christ! but you can fight that! you find christ and you will be rid of your demons. im praying for yall. and God loves you, just remember that.

    • Yolyris-Adrianna says:

      You should really listen to my best friend. She’s right. You need Christ in your life, you must follow him…. Good advise Chelsea. (( <–Love you.))

  14. LittleKitKat says:

    I have to say i do agree with you about feeling peace in a synagogue, every time I had gone into chruches due to school etc i felt a heaviness in the air but in a Synagogue I feel very comfortable in.

    I would definalty seek some advise and help froma priest/rabbi or a very well experinces Medium. Teenagers can give off engery about them whcih can manifest I have heard and read about that plenty fo times, with your son’s autism – obviously his world view is going to be slightly different from everyone else’s maybe the engeries he gives off are stronger. What does your husband think?
    But definalty seek advise!

    • L. says:

      Hi LittleKitKat
      Thanks for reading my story and your comments. As I mentioned in my story, I am in a battle of the unknown. I am in the middle of something inexplicable for the human eye and mind. My husband is Jewish and will be until he dies, no matter what we are going tru with my son. We both are trying to block our minds and forget the living hell we are experiencing in our lives. I respect his religion and he respects others. We are trying to live our lives day by day and make the best out of it. I lived my life as a good person, I never did any harm to anyone. I believe in God, but never did prayers or went to church or anything like that. I thought that living as a good person was enough. I don’t deserve this, I am being punished, tortured and don’t understand why. I am angry and wants some peace in my life. Two weeks ago I visited a catholic priest and he listened to my story, but didn’t hear anything I told him. He told me that its all in my imagination and he just said I will get back to you. Never got back to me. No one can help us with this, The activities started again in my house and I just wait until it stops and clean up the mess. We got use to live with this thing in my house and I am trying to video everything to have proof that I am not crazy. Meanwhile my son wants to move to Israel, God knows why. He fluently speaks and write Hebrew, so he wont have a problem. I am letting go, I don’t fight back or give him my opinion anymore. I am tired and under a lot of stress. I am taking medicine to stay calm and to deal with my life day by day. There is no other way! I stop fighting my destiny and learned to live and accept it. Thanks again for your concern. L.

  15. Ella says:

    I’m sorry about ur son & his problems. I find disabilities very upsetting. I Hope u get ur house sorted out soon.

    Good luck! :)

  16. bLuzyr3 says:

    Hi L,

    This is my first time to comment on this site. Your story has greatly interested me. I’m exactly what you call a straight Catholic but my entire family is Catholic. I went to a Protestant school since Nursery until college, a school that never discriminates any religion or their practices. This made me open minded to other religious sects. No matter how different these religions are, there is a core value that we all agree to value, Life and each other, of peace and Love. Of trust , of faith that something is bigger than ourselves and are beyond our understanding.

    And yes, i do agree with Felicia, when your son said you will understand in time—it sounded like what happened to Jesus.

    In high school we used to study the life of Jesus in one of our classes. And your story made me remember all those lessons. You see, like Jesus, your son was born under strange circumstances, and as you teach him to grow, he teaches you more.. just as Jesus was with Mary. Also understand, that Jesus had to endure a lot of trials, be it with fighting demons, with himself, and his faith with the Holy Father, being Holy that he was. We also learned that Jesus was not as much welcomed in the area he was born, but he continued to preach nevertheless.

    Please take this into consideration, when Jesus was just 8days old, Simeon told a prophecy to Mary : “This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that is spoken against. – yes, a sword will pierce your own soul too – so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed” (Luke 2:35)

    Just like any other gifts from God as I call them (those that are blessed by God), they have to battle a great deal against evil. The closer you are to God, The more that your faith will be attacked by evil–not just to test you, but to take you away from God. And just like Mary, you, the mother will also go through a lot of trials, trials that like a sword– will pierce your own soul. Its not because you have done something wrong, or that you are a sinner. God is not cruel, L. But His enemy is– Remember this well.

    Like Jesus and the apostles and those that are chosen by God to this day, they follow a different road, L. They will go to places they are needed the most. L, you will always be his mother, but he has to answer to a higher calling. A calling that is greater than your own– being his mother. This hurt Mary then as much at it is hurting you now. But Mary never lost faith, and you shouldn’t too. Stand by your son to the very end if you have to, just as Mary has.

    You dont need to be in any religion to read the Bible, L. The Bible is not just something to scare the evil away, it is also a history– His Story. Try reading Jesus’s life story from birth, so you will also see what those who were closest to him had to go through…that may shed a light on what you are going through.

  17. Loe says:

    I don’t think your son has any negativity at all. If he was an angel reborn, the poltergeist happening is merely his strong psychic powers that he have no idea how to control. Seems to me that it only activates on his emotions similar to that of a poltergeist. When he saw a demon you called satan, he must have been afraid because it is trying to gain control of his body. With powers like that, what demon wouldn’t want to possess an angel reborned? It’s obvious your son have strong powers and they want him. He could be a valuable asset to their side, if they win. If your son can learn how to control his powers and use it at his will, I’m sure even he can get rid of the demons thats after him. Besides, in Isreal, I’m sure he would be able to learn more about his kind, his god, and the side of evil. It’s also where his type of people resides. He could find a valuable instructor there. The things to do with the supreme paranormal resides there. He has so much to learn there. I’m sure that knowledge will aid him in his battle against them and will show them that he is staying on the side of light and not going anywhere near the dark side.

  18. ANNE says:


    i don’t know how you do it, you are very strong.

    i am a christian and let me tel you it’s just the blood of Jesus that can set you and you’re son free, there is power in the blood of Jesus and every demon will go if you remind them of the blood of Jesus, i saw it a lot of times, rely that is all that wil work.

    i think the lord is talking to you when you talk about you’re son speaking of God that is a sign you must go to Jesus, no furtune teller or medium will help is only Jesus, trust me.

    if you can go to a pastor it will be great!!!!!

    i wish you and you’re family all the best!! please let as know what happend next.

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