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My Ghost Encounters Friends or Foes?

Posted on October 20, 2008

Okay, this wasn’t the first ghost experience I’ve had, but the first ghost sighting, and it freaked the hell outta me. I was 15 at the time and am now 16, and believing in Ghosts, TAPS the T.V show was and still is amazing to me. I live in a 2 story house that always seems to give me, my step-mom and my sisters the chills. And it got a lot worse when I told them what happened one night.

It all began when I was in my bed reading a book, and it was about 10:30 on a school night, well, I keep my door semi closed, and just enough so I can see the bathroom from my bed which is down the hall if I look through the opening in the door. Well, my cat, Pacey, jumped up on the bed and I started petting it and went back to reading, and it jumped down, then a few minutes later, it jumped back up, and it’s ears just like, snapped up into super sonic mode or whatever, and it ran to the end of my bed, and started peaking through the door and into the bathroom *and the light was on f.y.i*, so I’m like, whatever, and I went back to reading.

Well, the cat didn’t move for like 10 minutes, so I put the book down and I was getting curious now, and I was looking through the door and into the bathroom to see what he was staring at. Well, I was looking for about, 5 seconds when out of the right side of the bathroom, behind the door of the bathroom, a Tall lady*and I’m getting Goosebumps btw* a tall lady, about 5’10 and was wearing what looked like a black night gown that went to her feet, came out of nowhere and walked from the right side of the room, to the sink, which I couldn’t see what happened to her, b/c the bathroom wall blocked off my vision when she walked behind it.

Actually, I wasn’t scared, the cat Flipped when he saw her, but I didn’t b/c I figured it was my sister, since she’s 17, tall, black hair and usually goes to the bathroom around then to brush her teeth before bed. So I went back to reading, and about 20-25 minutes later, I started thinking, *uhmmm, why didn’t I see her walk into the bathroom, or hear her, cause I have like, super sonic ears myself and can hear everything* and I started thinking some more * Why didn’t I see anybody come outta the bathroom??? the door was opened enough so I can see if she does, and the books on my lap so its not blocking my vision from seeing in there. At that point, I started getting pretty freaked out, and I started realizing what I had just seen, and that I new I wasn’t crazy because my cat just lost one of his life’s seeing it too.

But, me being myself, I had to make sure, so I went into the bathroom and did a search of the place, checking for water signs in the sink or the tub, checking in the closet, behind the door, everywhere, I didn’t find any water, and I didn’t find any signs of anyone being in there. So, I knew it couldn’t have been my little sister, but for some reason I had to check just to be sure. So I went in her room which is right beside the bathroom*sucks for her* and she was asleep wearing a pink Monkey outfit, so I left and headed downstairs. I didn’t want to tell my parents what I had seen just yet, at least, not before I made sure it wasn’t my sister. I went upstairs above the garage where her room is and woke her up to ask if she went into the bathroom at all. Unfortunately she said she hasn’t, and she was also wearing a white shirt and sweats.

That’s when I really started getting scared, I have heard things and felt things, but never had I seen anything like that. I went downstairs and told my Parents what I had seen, and of course, my dad being him, made fun of me and denied it calling me paranoid. My step-mom though, actually kinda believed me, for she’s had really strange and spooky feelings in our house. And she said sometimes she would close the door before bed, and in the morning it would be open, knowing she is always the first one up, and the door is always securely closed. So that gave her some chills, and I had basically told my dad that I’m not going back upstairs to sleep, so he said it was okay to sleep downstairs on the couch and watch some T.V. So I did, and about 30 minutes later, Shelleen, my step mom went into the Kitchen and me and my dad were in the living room, and we heard this loud crashing sound, well, my dad didn’t worry about it, but it made me jump, and shelleen was the first person to go into the office, were the source of the sound came from. She came back into the living room with a really…shocked look on her face, almost scared. And she looked at my dad and said “Brian, the picture frame just flew off the wall”.

My dad looked at her and was like “whaaatt”. So we both got up and looked into the office, and sure enough, the picture frame that had Panther football winnings, and *was* hanging on the wall, was on the other side of the office leaning against the wall, about a 6 foot diff from were it was hanging up, and I was just like, Screwww thiss. So I went into the living room and started freaking out, thinking the ghost was following me and trying to haunt me, or at least get my attention. And I started thinking, well, maybe it just fell off the tack it was hanging on, but then I noticed the tack was still on the wall, and below the picture frame, was another picture frame, and below that was the printer, and I realized, if the picture frame had fallen normally than it would’ve either hit the picture frame below it, knocking that off, or hitting the printer, which it couldn’t have missed, and making an even bigger sound than what we heard. And I started freaking out because I was just thinking there was a ghost in my house, and not that it *could* possibly be friendly.

Well, a few days later, it was going on 8:00 and I was walking down my stairs, and as I got to the middle steps, I distinctly heard something call my name, it stopped me in my tracks because I had never heard that voice before, it almost sounded like it was using all its energy to say my name, and I remember stopping and looking directly were the sound was coming from, and I pinned it down to either my sisters room…or the bathroom, and both lights were turned off so I couldn’t see anything, and I remember knowing that it sounded like a grown male, and it was a rough voice, and the very sound of the voice spooked me. That was one encounter, and me knowing that there is more than 1 ghost in this house is kinda spooky.

Another incident is when I was in my sisters room above the garage, and I was walking down her stairs, I got a very cold chill running all over my body, like, something was grabbing me, and I felt like I was getting weighed down on by some kind of force, I tried to be as cool I could be. I didn’t freak out and bolt down the stairs, instead, I just sat down and wanted to see what would happen, so I sat down on the stairs, gaining trust in myself, and I remember that the feeling got heavier and heavier, and for a second, I felt as though I couldn’t move, and I had got the strange feeling that this ghost wasn’t trying to get my attention, it knew that I knew it was there, it didn’t need to do anything else, so why was it still bothering me?

Than I realized that this heavy feeling, not being able to move, having trouble breathing, getting a very cold chill run through my body, whatever this thing was, it wasn’t hear for a good purpose, it may have even wanted to hurt me. And with thinking that, I stood up and started making my way down the stairs, and as I got to about the 5th stair from the bottom, I felt another blast of cold, and I felt the smack of 2 hands on my back push me down the stairs. I tripped but didn’t fall, I caught my balance and I bolted from the stairs and into the house, slamming the garage door behind me.

With shock, fear, and a little surge of pain I recounted what had just happened, I could still feel were the hands were placed on my back, were the fingers were, were the palm was, and knowing that it wasn’t a kid hand, but more like an adult how it pushed me down the stairs, were my sister sleeps. I would hate to be her. You can say that, for a time, I didn’t really want to be *brave* anymore and try to figure out what the ghost wanted. I knew that there was more than 1 ghost, and one of them wasn’t nice, at least, that’s what it seemed like. And me being myself, about, 3 weeks later after telling my best friend Josh, he slept over during the weekend and we informed my parents that we would be playing detectives when they went to sleep, they agreed and I started getting excited.

I stopped feeling scared or nervous, once you get used to something you can’t see push you down the stairs, you get used to weird things. So on that Saturday, around 1:00 in the morning, we did the whole T.A.P.S thing getting all the equipment we would use, then going lights out and shutting out every possible light source, and things got very dark and chilling. But, I had brought down a video camera with night vision and a full tape. So me and josh started in the downstairs living room, were nothing really strange happened, (and I wont go over all the details from our 4 hour hunt) so about 1 hour later, after searching and staying in most of the downstairs rooms, we made our way upstairs, and as me and Josh got to the top stair, I had my video Camera facing down the stairs, and josh was following up form behind me. He did a double take and I wasn’t paying attention to the camera at the time, but, he quickly did a double take and bolted down the stairs, and started leaning over the railing looking into the hallway on the side of the stairs, I was still at the top filming and he walked up with a freaked out but excited look on his face and said “Ahhh, dude, I swear to God I heard something and I turned around and saw something run across the floor and into the hall” So I didn’t want to ruin the tape we had and rewind it at the time, so I told him we would review it when we were done, so I took the time and wrote it down, and as we were going into my room, all the lights were still off, and I had sat the Camera down on the ground at the end of the hall, facing the bathroom.

Me and josh went into my room to get some pillows to bring down stairs. Well, we were fumbling around not wanting to turn on the lights to mess up the camera in the hall, and we stopped and listened from hearing something, I said “Stop, do you hear that?” He Said “Yeah, what is that”. So we stopped, and listened for a second and it was strange but, “Is.Is that, gurgling?” And me and him started freaking out, thinking that our Mountain Dew had got knocked over and was spilling so we turned on the lights and looked around, and as soon as we turned on the lights, the sound stopped, but we continued looking, and we found the bottle, it was on top of my desk *Not* knocked over, but yet it was still empty. Me and him gave each other a freaked out look and went into the hall to get the camera incase the sound had started up again.

Well, we called it a night a little while afterwards and we never really knew what made the gurgling sound, we can’t call it proof because me being dumb, I left the camera in the hall and it didn’t catch the sound when we reviewed it the next day. But, we both know what we heard, and we know that the Mountain Dew Bottle was a 2 litre one, and it wasn’t even half way empty when we left that room that night, nor was any of it spilled on the ground.

But, what we did find was that when the incident happened when josh saw something, I did manage to capture something on tape. It wasn’t a huge object, but it was noticeable, and know way could it have been out cat because when we filmed the cat, it was distinctly noticeable, and this.thing, was blotted out in black even with the night vision, and it wasn’t an any kind of shape I’ve seen, it looked almost like something, crawling, on the floor, a person even, we could make out the legs, and the arms, but the body and head was distorted.

Anyways, we reviewed it, and at the same time josh heard something I had my camera facing down the stairs, and I caught an object move to the middle of the stairs, and when josh ran down the object with amazing speed bolted out of sight from the camera. I don’t know what it could’ve been, and we showed it to everyone, they could tell either. But, a few days later, I left the camera up stairs in my room, and something deleted that exact moment in the camera, the rest of it was left untouched, but the thing I caught was erased, so, along with me and joshes proof.

I believe there is something unnatural out there, maybe were the unnatural things? Maybe were really the ghosts? Who knows? But, what I do know, is that what happened in those incidents were not made up, nor hindered or changed in any way to seem more spooky. That’s the story of what happened, a long one, but the true story of what happened in my house, believe what you want, but my eyes and my 5 senses don’t lie to me, and neither do Josh’s. Thanks for reading.

Written by Christian W. Lewis, Copyright 2008

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13 Responses to “My Ghost Encounters Friends or Foes?”
  1. BIANCA says:

    really interesting.

  2. wendy says:

    wow , wow , wow. while i was reading that i got this really weird feeling… like something was watching me. but one thing i could tell you to do is try to talk to them. like im not trying to be freaky or anything … but try to talk to that spirit thing. it was a good thing you were being brave and everything . you have to work fast bc it might want to hurt you. i havent really had expirience in this kind of stuff… well i have but it was diff. but just be brave, pray, and hopefully everything will get better.

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    the show ghost hunter is a great teaching tool and your a smart kid to investigate in a profesional manner. please keep us posted and don’t worry about it being to long, i’ll read what you send in thanks!

  4. ghost_girl says:

    First off, I love TAPS! Second this is a really believable story. I say you try getting an EVP to see what is in your house. Best of luck.

  5. ligi says:

    wow creepy i would be so scared!

  6. ivory says:

    real good

  7. kristen says:

    wow, that was really scary. but very interesting!

    good luch with all that.

  8. Jen says:

    really scary

  9. Mary says:

    Ghost Hunters is my favorite tv show. I never miss an episode!

    Interesting story.

  10. Jen says:

    out of all the stories i have read.this is pretty interesting/Good ;uck

  11. Mary says:

    wow, that would be scary.(:^o ( scared face)

  12. Warrior Priestess says:

    Well this story did not grip me as interesting or exciting for the most of it (no offence, because it takes quite a bit to scare me or to even excite me supernaturally) , however the part where you looked at the footage and saw a crawling black-mass is what made my heart race. It sounds to me like your house is haunted or atleast touched by spirits, and the black crawling mass, with human arms and legs, but a distorted head and body is the thing that bothers me psychologically. Anything Insect-like, Snake-like or Spider-like does not bother me, but something that is humanoid with sprawled-out limbs crawling like an unnatural insect is the thing that disturbs me. If you’ve ever watched the movie John Carpenter’s “The THING” and watch the part where the guys head comes off and grows legs, you’ll see what I mean by Unnatural. I personally have never experienced something like that exactly, but I have seen distorted humanoid shadows SLIDE and creep down a staircase, like someone pulling a black human-shaped bed-sheet down the steps. Is suggest you do some deep research on the history of that house and the grounds of such before the house was erected. The gurgling sound like liquid being slowly chugged out of a bottle was probably produced from the crawling spirit. To me it sounds like it’s a type of Elemental, the kind that inhabit deep wells. Which would explain the form it was taking, Crawling like an insect, coming up a bathroom sink (just an example) I sense something dank and foul about the crawling spirit. Like a deep abandoned water-well, filled with muck and disease, slime and something sinister. This same crawling spirit was probably the same one that pushed you. These types of elemental-spirits are hostile and aggressive, easily angered and need the proper attention. I think that perhaps your house was built on or near a deep hollow depression in the ground, like a well or a cave.

  13. Ryan says:

    Met the ghost hunters last spring in the New Orleans airport, Hi love your show thank you ,thank you and bye, they seened nice enough.
    Interesting story.

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