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My Demon Dream

Posted on March 26, 2008

I’m 12 years old and I went to sleep like any normal kid would at 10:00 PM one night. Then I had one of those dreams that everyone hates. You know the ones where you are paralyzed (sleep paralysis)in your bedroom and can’t speak. Well my dream goes like this:

I thought I was awake but I wasn’t. Then I heard scratching noises on the wall beside me. Then I tried to get off my bed but couldn’t so I slightly moved my left arm over the edge of the bed and that’s when I felt it.

I could feel sharp teeth digging into my hand. I tilted my head over the edge of the bed and saw a creature kneeled over on the floor staring at me with red eyes and its spine sticking out. It was ugly, so boney and skinny with pitch black skin and sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. It wasn’t tall, it was a little short creature.

When I saw it I just knew it was a demon. But in my dream I wasn’t afraid. I just stared at it with no expression on my face, but when I woke up I was terrified out of my mind.

I continued to have dreams three days straight. Its a horrible feeling to know when your about to go to sleep you’re going to face your worst fears.

I guess I got it from my dad. He always has dreams of ghosts, demons, angels and God. He doesn’t really believe in God and I think those dreams are a wake up call for him. So he can stop mocking God and start believing.

We went to church very rarely before my dreams. I told my mom my dreams and about a month later we started going to church every Sunday. I haven’t had a single nightmare since. I think I have more faith in God than I used to.

I’m very smart my dad tells me. Heck, I’m a straight A student and I tend to question the unexplainable. But I’ve been reading other people’s stories and comparing them to mine and they’re very much alike. My faith in God is 100% now.

I hope my dad changes his mind about God and gets saved like I did. I’m only 12. And whoever reads this might think, “Oh she’s only 12 she doesn’t know anything about the bad things that go around in the world.” But I do I’m smarter than you think.

Hopefully my experience with the paranormal help you in the future.

Sent in to us by Jessica, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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15 Responses to “My Demon Dream”
  1. Maya Faye says:

    Dear who ever,
    My friends an i see things like you do. We know whats happening to you, except i see diffrent things from my friends. I see purple, and green lights. Well my friends see them too but they see more demons than i do. but i see more witches.

  2. STEPHANIE says:

    Dont worry, I know how you feel. I see things like that too so I know how you feel. You could always count on me.

  3. Ryan says:

    I doubt that going to church is what directly what stopped those dreams. It could’ve just been that the dreams were so horrific that your were willing to believe anything. The image of god just appeared comforting

  4. Amy says:

    I’ve actually had similar experiences to yours but..I wasn’t dreaming. I’ve been scratched, poked, pushed, punched…everything that you could imagine. It’s scary and I know what you have been through.

  5. Jamie says:

    hi there

    i believe you, i’m 25 years old and this has happend to me twice. and you’re right to believein God, because he’s the only one that has all the power to protect you from thing like this.

  6. KinguNoKin says:

    if i told you i was an beliver aswell and i still met the demons in more terrifiing forms than before …
    God isnt today with us if we have faith it makes us calmer but remember this :God was made from fear and darkness from the ppl who feared.
    god is the most evil spirit out there aon who is his mother and father… or maybee he is an ET if youre smart youd probably realize what god trully is …faith the thing you should not give 2 the unknown it will strike you so hard one day the demon will reaper more horrible than he ever was your father is right never belive in the unknown

  7. KinguNoKin says:

    Ryan is right

  8. who cares -.- says:

    When I was 11 I had one of those dreams where your paralyzed and can’t do anything :(
    In fact mine was kinda wierd: I was sleeping in my parnets room after watching something al ittle spooky and I was fas tasleep. Later that night I awoke (well tohught i was awake) but couldn’t speak. The I noticed my parents door was open and saw some ort of toy car drive under the bed ( I was on the lfoor sleeping) and park somewhere. I wanted ot call my mom’s name but then I was being pulled under the bed i woke up ( real this time) and noticed I was halfway under the bed O.o I quicky fixed myself and went to sleep.

  9. Jerri Dawn says:

    Hey ya i believe u 100% i was doubting God too and i didnt go to church or anything! I recently lost someone i wsa Very close to and its almost like in my dreams Someone was telling me Believe in him! I wanted too to it was easier to think She was my angel than to doubt it!!

  10. josh says:

    im 15, and this has happened to me many times,your right to beileve in god, ive seen creatures but not in my dreams, ive seen 2 red dots look like eyes in pitch black. i wake up sometimes in the morning and cant talk, cant breath because i think i see things and im so scared i just dont have it in me.

  11. Steph says:

    God really does exist, thats why when you pray, many of your fears go away.

    even though some prayers arent answered, he is there watching over you,
    that’s why he had sent his only son to die for our sins on the cross.

    im sure that your going to church actions have helped you get rid of these nightmares as going to church is like being invited to god’s dinner and you are there to accept the invitation or not.

    Other people opinions may not be like mine, as there are different religions but they all try to lead us to the truth.
    Everyone shoul.d respect other opinions even if they don’t agree.

    i hope you wont have anymore horribile nightmares.

    good luck

  12. zoe says:

    i am 12 too.i m,ake ab honor roll an i know almost evreything there is 2 know about the paranormal. i belive you

  13. BRICK$ says:


  14. jbenjain says:

    When I was younger I used to have a same reoccurring dream. Couldn’t move, felt an ominous presence etc.. One time even I put a cross on my forehead in a dream and it turned into an upside down pentigram. Kinda woke up from that one quick and put some pinkfloyd on to go back to sleep. Well, what basically was happening is that I had the dream so much I was like… ok here we go again, one time 5 times in a row in a night.

    What took the fear away and also those types of dreams was a dream I had where I was walking through some seeming secret passages in some old house or building, I think I had a cross in my hand (it’s been a while) . Well when being confronted with whatever it was I was afraid, even seen the cross I was holding out tremble, but I had faith that God would not abandon me and that God was real (Jesus included). It was hard, almost like doing a the last rep of a workout, except inside and out. But I pulled it off and felt empowered.

    Mainly because to have my faith hold up in a dream situation, where as far as I knew at the time, was the reality. So it made me smile that to me in my most weakened form my faith didn’t waiver.

    No more frightening dreams after that point for a long time. When I would have any other dreams, I would always be casting them out in the name of Christ or Father, Son, Holy Ghost etc.. But not afraid as I was in the beginning, because I knew that in whom I believed in loved me and certainly was much more frightening to evil than evil could be to me.

  15. GirlRacer says:

    Hi Jessica.

    You’re a very intelligent and wise young lady and I’ve no doubt you have the strength to defeat this evil.

    Keep believing. But also believe in yourself. You have the power.

    Its refreshing to see one so young with your style of personality. You go girl. Proud of you.

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