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La Diablesse And My Strange Dream

Posted on July 12, 2008

This is not an actual ghost story but its hard for me to call it anything else. I grew up in St.Lucia where there are beliefs in a supernatural being called la diablesse. This is known to be a woman with one human leg and the other is that of a cow’s.

I had moved to Miami a few years ago to live. I was renting a small place in an apartment building in which only Haitians occupied. My cousin who lived in Miami Beach had warned me to be careful of any unusual happenings. I had not thought any thing of it until something strange happened to me one night when I unknowingly fell asleep.

I was lying on a push back chair in my sitting room which was situated near the front blinds. These were the only windows in the front of the apartment and laying on the chair I could see everyone passing just as they could have seen me.

Lying there, I began to dream of being back home (St Lucia) in my bedroom, lying on my bed. In my “dream” I was just falling asleep until I heard someone coming into my room. I got up to look and I saw a pretty woman walk into my room. I had never seen her before so I couldn’t tell who she was. It wasn’t until she started talking, that I realized I was talking to a la diablesse.

She had told me what she was and she showed me her leg (cow). I could remember clearly she was asking me to do something for her which I refused. I could remember myself crying and trying to leave the room. As I stood up off the bed I could see there was a circle drawn around me on the floor, which she told me I couldn’t leave until she was done. Although I tried many times to leave, for some reason my feet could never get past the borders of the circle.

She continued to talk to me, asking me to do certain things for her (I don’t clearly recollect), and I kept on crying, struggling to leave. Even lying on the chair where I assumed I fell asleep, I was unable to move a muscle. It wasn’t ’til I finally told her I would try to do what she wanted, she told me I could leave after she counted to three. The strangest thing about it is that after the woman (la diablesse) counted to three I was able to go. I jumped out of the chair and spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what had happened.

Sent in by “Love”, Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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7 Responses to “La Diablesse And My Strange Dream”
  1. hAZEL says:

    Wow I heard about that but in my country we called it different I’m from Belize, and we call her the Excaballe, she is woman with long hair very beautiful and have one leg of a goat or horse and the other is like the feet of an ostrich, when I was around 9, My uncle used to get up every day and get in his motorcycle down in belize and go to work early maurning, every mourning he will come and knock the door and give a kiss to my grannie, and we hear him leave well this one morning as he did the same he lft, after 5 minute’s we heard someone walking around the house, in the yard we had to housed set one which we lived the other my uncle and wife, well anyway’s, my granne thought it was my cuzin but he didn’t answer we heard this thing walking around and scratching her self on the house, and sounded like going up the stairs, well this went for sometime the sun started coming up since My uncle used to leave at 3:30-4 in the maurning, when it was around 7 we like in the caribbean love to do open up the window’s and doors just lft the screen door, this nasty ugly odor was all in the air we got out of the house and to make things short my auntie and neighbors were outside when we went to the yard there we nasty big pile’s of shit on the ground and it smell disgusting and had worms’ there were more than 12 and it could be from a cow it was just weird we got some garabage bags pick them up the bad was so small we did a hole and burned it, then it was more crazy when we walked to the water tank to get some water there were prints of feet of a cow and chicked we couldn’t find it as a you know pair of two chickens or two cow’s it was just a pair of different feet. well what can I say that was the end of it

  2. nate says:

    wow thats spooky what did she ask u to do?

  3. angel says:

    yeah i was wondering what she asked you to do too. i’ve never heard of that type of lady but will be aware of her from now on.

  4. will says:

    i found some info on the women they also have stories of her in the Dominican republic .La Diablesse ( Lajables ), the Devil Woman, roames at night. She has eyes like burning coals and a face resembling that of a corpse, but hides it under a beautiful wide-brimmed hat and a veil over her face. She is dressed exquisitely in a blouse with puffy sleeves and long, petticoated, skirts.She has one cloven foot, which she tries to hide under her long skirts. She turns up at village dances, where she is immediately disliked by the women present, but she utterly charms the men and then asks one of them to take her home. He follows her, totally under her spell.
    She leads him deep into the woods and then suddenly she disappears. Unable to find his way home, the poor fellow stumbles around in the dark wood until he either falls into a ravine or a river to his death or gets attacked by wild hogs.

  5. abigail. says:

    i dont mean to be noisey or anything, but what did she actually ask you to do? im curious ..

  6. shellyann says:

    well guys im from trinidad and it have lots of that here
    hear this it was around 1.30 am my cousin and i were driving goin home from a party two of us were in the front and this lady appeared from no where and she was pretty and HAD A nice smell i cant believe how pretty she was.we got frightened and she keep on askin me to give her my 1st born baby and i was like no and she kept askin all kinds of hilarious questions and after i remeber that i red about of of that la diabless already when yuo see 1 of it light a cigarette and it will go away well she eventually went away she she went she stated laughin loudly and we rushed 4 home it was a very frightful night 4 me i dont think ill ever want to go trough a night l8ike that

  7. Fadil Shamir Khan says:

    Since I was small, I used to hear the story, but to me, it was just a story… Now, I see it is a whole different story… Wow.

    PS: I am from Trinidad as well…

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