Help Someone is Using Black Magic on Me

Posted on September 12, 2010

My name is Omer. I turned 37 this year. My sex is male. Here is my problem. Can you please help me get rid of this evil thing?

Someone is doing black magic on me using demons for 4 years. I lost work, got debts, had fights with wife, went through divorce, lost health, remained on bed for 9 months. Doctors were unable to treat me. When it got worst the evil thing asked me to go away from home.

I went away wandering in different places I can�t even remember. Crows and vultures started attacking me, my heart felt like stopping with pressure, needles pinching all over body. I was about to DIE. I was found by a shop owner when he saw my picture in newspaper under missing persons ad. He phoned my father who traveled to bring me back.

After 6 months in bed I was able to talk normal but I never went out of home for some fear.

In 2008 it happened again and I started reciting holy verses. After 12 days of continued recitation a smoke kind of thing lifted off my chest and started roaming the room. Then it went away and I got 1000 times lighter and normal.

6 months after this incident I heard my best girl friend�s father died (the girl whom I loved). I wanted to marry her and waited for 11 years but every time her father refused. My sister who lived in same city as that girl found another girl for me in 2005 and I married her (my ex-wife).

Now I also see my sister�s son being married to exactly same family like my ex-wife. I feel as if my sister and that girl (first love) put a curse on me along with my mother and that curse got reversed. My brothers wife is my mother�s elder sister�s daughter. So, she never accepts outside person. We are 2 brothers only. Apparently they want to get rid of me to take inheritance. Her kids are grown up. I am bound to eat from brother house (neighbor) because I am unable to work at the moment. Whenever I try to work, this evil happens. Maybe they mix something in food.

This time is much much tougher. I am fighting it for 3 months without any success.

1. Extreme heaviness on body
2. Tingling on all parts of body. groin area. something travels under the skin.
3. Something touches on corners of eyes.
3. Extreme burning at the back
4. My eyesight is not clear (black shadow on it). all things I see have a demonic look.
5. Everything I hear is fearful and negative. even from my own family.
6. Complete blockage of earning.

I would be grateful if you can heal me. All the local healers I have met are not spiritual people.

Sent in by Omer

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51 Responses to “Help Someone is Using Black Magic on Me”
  1. Soph says:

    Wow… that’s hard. I’m not a doctor or anything but maybe you could ask a priest to bless you and sprinkle you with holy water..? I’m not sure but i really wish you all of my luck!

  2. Coral says:

    Omer, just out of curiosity, what country are you in ?

  3. Rosie says:

    Asking help from a priest is the best choice. I agree with Soph. I don’t think you are physically sick. I am not sure your family members would put a curse on you unless your brother and you have different mothers. I think there is an evil spirit or a demon that haunts you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think you need serious help. For the time being ,just stay calm and some spiritual help from Indian monks and temples near the Himalayas. I am sure they will have a solution

  5. LMC says:

    Have you ever been checked for Schizophrenia? Not saying you have it… also check for if your allergic to something you are eating??? also depression can be a facture. Go get a complete check up and go from there… start making your own food if your able to??? It could be as simple as something you are eating. Change your diet and see what happens. Good luck ok… if it is something like a curse go to a spiritual priest or whom ever is religious were you are… I don’t know where you are at or what your beliefs are. But embrace your God! are you in India? Or Arabia? don’t get insulted please just trying to figure things out. I am in America.

  6. Suzi says:

    OH my that must really suck!!! All I can say is to pray and pray hard. Find a priest to bless your house. Find a priest to bless you! Ask meny other people that have demon experience and go to them most of them have found ways to get rid of demons and negative spirts. Once again go to them!!!! And be super careful and if you see something horrible then pray and pray hard!!!

  7. AnNa bites back says:

    no offence but how do you k now forsure that they are doing black magic on you?im sorry for the way things are in life for you but for some reason i dont belive that they are doing that to you.if you have evedince then thats a different story.if you have that then tak to someone maybe the police.i dont know.thanks for the story.

    • anon says:

      Anna in many countries,especially asian countries,people are that way.they put black magi on people mostly for thier weatlth

      • Daryl says:

        I would suggest getting baptized, ask a Christian about it. Baptized = cleanse your soul. I would try it. It will work trust me.

    • Coral says:

      Hey Anna. = )…stories a bit,ummm,..much wouldn’t ya say ? *wink wink *….altho, to me it sounds like ; The Birds that meet…. The Excorsist….that meets LOST that meets House-Don’t wanna sound mean but ,c’mon now Omer…lol

  8. trolldoll says:

    your anger and negativity will bring the same. you have regrets? sure everyone does. move on and get over it!

    • vinod says:

      just get an hanuman kavathch from a temple & see every problems dissappearing & enemies distruction aswell

  9. silver_one says:

    Have you done anything to make a person to do thid on purpose to you? What went on in your life 6 months before this all happened?

  10. Emilyrose says:

    ah! i seen this movies some where it was called….
    dude why are you coming on the internet for help
    once again a fake story wow people here have great story’s for a fiction movie ill watch it

  11. Melissaaa says:

    Have you been to a docter for phscological issues?
    Cause from the sounds of it, depression may be a reason you are feeling gloom
    Skitaphrenia may also be an issue.

    Black magic is very powerful and very dangerous for the user and the victim.
    Pray to your god, go see a preist, and if it aint working then do black magic on their asses!

    I know i would.
    Good luck.!

  12. priya says:

    black magic is der fr real i m sure he is a indian in india this kind of things happn alot i no coz i have been throught it and also saw ppl who wer in this same knd of thing..often ppl do this to take revenge nd fr wealth all u need to do is stay calm i no its hard belive in god and ask fr a preist fr help it vl wrk 100% nd do nt leave ur hair to ur comb afte u finish combing coz that is hw they do balck magic.. this is fr da belivers

  13. reikimeditation says:

    Go to church every sunday, pray the lords prayer, hail mary, guardian angel prayer every night over a lit candle with a cross etched into the candle. Tattoo on a cross, wear a cross necklace. Wear rosary beads with a cross. Pray the holy rosary with the rosary beads and cross, if you feel a weight lifted when praying to the Lord, then your destiny is to be saved by the Lord to become a faithful follower of the Lord.

  14. trolldoll says:

    the simple symbol of a cross won’t help. they are man made objects. use your mind to pray. if you believe strongly enough, things should get better.

  15. Kelly says:

    Dear Omer,

    I read your story and believe that “yes” someone may have put a curse on you by the form of witchcraft which is satan’s domain. The thing is, if you are not a born-again believer and covered by the BLOOD OF CHRIST JESUS, you can then be attacked and not protected. Demon’s try to gain access into a person by an open door, like someone not being born again and protected. And also, you can open a door into your life by playing with the occult, like the ouija board and tarot cards and fortune telling, etc… The “NAME OF JESUS” AND THE “POWER” OF “SAYING OUT LOUD” THE “BLOOD OF JESUS” makes the enemy flee, satan and his demons cannot stand to hear the name of Jesus and the Blood Of Jesus!!! Satan and his agents try to “possess” people and gain entrance by your inviting them into your body and mind and soul or … Unless you get God’s help and protection you can end up being overtaken by them. I WOULD PRAY AND EXCEPT JESUS INTO YOUR LIFE AND HEART FIRST AND THEN ASK FOR FORGIVNESS OF ALL OF YOUR SINS….and then GET A BIBLE AND SPEAK THE WORD OF GOD OVER YOUR SITUATION, say: “NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER, AND “THE BLOOD OF JESUS BREAKS YOUR POWER OVER MY LIFE” continue to recite these when needed….. and keep reading God’s Word (the Bible) daily…. MAY GOD BLESS YOU! I WILL PRAY FOR YOU!!! : )

  16. nicky says:

    there is a demon here and i think u need to call a priest and tell him everything thats happened from where this started to now. if that gets worse, try moving. just dont use a ouija board no matter what. DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH IT. dont talk to it. dont even think about messing with it in any way. pray as much as possible. try to get an other girlfriend and see what happens. do some family research. see if this happened to anybody else.

    i wish u good luck.

  17. Carri says:

    It sounds like you are possessed. I know some of what you are going through. this thing that is attacking you is in a battle for your soul. you really need to put on a cross. talk to a catholic priest. get a priest who will believe you. you need the help of an exorcist priest., put on a cross right away. this cross will guard the enemy from coming at you. the cross is like a shield. pray for god’s protection.
    This black magic stuff is real.
    7 years ago I got a woman real mad. she did Wicca she put a spell on me. it was horrible. I lost my job. My husband ran off with another woman and left me with 2 small children. my ex husband went crazy and tried to kill me. there was other stuff . but I know this woman put a black magic curse on me. her name was melody. she came over and did wicca a lot at my home. when she got mad at me and never came back, all hell broke loose.

    • MARY says:

      WOW Carrie,

      What spell , do you know? I know , well I’m not wiccan but do practice the craft ,however I am Catholic which of course means all the people on the site I go to are sent to me to let them know they will not go to hell if they use , nature and their own energy thru God to help their life and familys . lol. I am just really freaked , I looked up some cursing spells and found some binding spells but they only work if you are a Witch as well. That binds your power. This woman is NOT WICCAN and should be ashamed as the REDE IS DO WHAT YE WILL BUT HARM NONE! They are not to cast to get their own things (winning the lottery etc) nor are they to cast for pain and loss for another , unless they are protecting themselves , therefore she is practicing a dark art of craft that is NOT WICCAN. So , if you know the curse would you let me know ?? Also , if it is still going on I can go to my book of shadows and help you to get out from under this spell or get to someone who can help you. Peace and Gods Blessings Always , Mary

  18. Witchking Andy says:

    I totally agree with kelly demons and satan himself tremble with fear when the LORD GOD is around. I hope your not making this up its not funny.

  19. MARY says:

    I just tried to answer your need and my whole advice here was just gone??? OK again , you are possessed or attached. Either way you need to be freed by a person whom is trained to do this . To exorcise the demon you need an exorcism by a CATHOLIC PRIEST. They can save you , your faith must be strong whatever your faith is but now is the time to stop being the VICTIM , your time is short in this state , You now need to make choices fast and get the help you need. Many people have been where you are , lean on your father and do not leave any personal belongings around for anyone to COLLECT, get a Priest do what you are told and get rid of your tormentor , then you can take your mom and the others in hand and deal with them. Expose them , protect your money and your health. GO TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND FOLLOW WHATEVER THEY TELL YOU. PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO YOU AnD YOURS, MARY GOD forgive anyone in your family who would be so blackhearted as to cause such pain on their own child that is horrific. GRAB THE BULL BY THOSE HORNS AND STOP THEIR POWER OVER YOU NOW!

  20. lindalindsay3134 says:

    i say u try to get an excorsism….and try to find who is performing this black magic on u. some ppl believe that cats rid off evil spirits. ive had cats my whole life, and nothing has happened to me, and ive done some pretty bad things that could get a demon to come….but idk….

  21. scared says:

    dont listen to the non believers when it happens to them they will regret it but what i was saying my grampa was telling me a story about his great great great grampa he went through the same thing as you. when my grampa told me how they found him dead he was laying in bed holding a cross and on his chest he said it looked liked someone had burnt the cross to his chest well he didnt see it heard it from his dad oh and how i heard this is when i had my g-pas video camara out and he asked what i was doing with it and i told him i was trying to catch the ghost that lives in are atic thats how i heard the story

  22. Greg says:


    I read your story and found that the English was very poor, like someone else less educated wrote it. When you were speaking in your video, your English was significantly better. You were well dressed, and well groomed, and I’d say you seem to be the picture of “good health.”

    You make a very broad accusation when you say that “All the local healers I have met are not spiritual people.” I’d like to hear what they say about you. How many have you visited? Whatever, that statement is a judgement you’ve made, and a serious one as well.

    Maybe you are looking in the wrong places, or you are looking only in places that conform to your beliefs. I can only guess what you believe. I’m not inclined to watch your entire video, as I discovered you have multiple videos posted on YouTube.

    I’d say you looked pretty good in your video for being a sick man. Your video doesn’t sound like you are asking for help. It sounds more like you are promoting some kind of religion. Is it your religion?

    Your appearance suggests you are doing much better than me. You mentioned you have debt…, don’t look now, but there are millions of people in America that are in debt, welcome to the club. And in closing, if you have no faith of your own to believe in God, it is no mystery why you are still sick.

  23. Pam says:

    You just need to surround yourself with white light and pray for protection. Just visualize a bright white light surrounding yours self and filling your home while praying for protection. Nobody can hurt you if you don’t let them.

  24. MARY says:

    Unfortunately yes they can hurt you, they can suck the life right out of you. They can hide important things that you need and then place them back later when not needed. They can scare you so bad yu can literallly have a panic attack.

    What one needs to do is know who you are call on your Greater Power for protection and Guidance. Do not give the entity whether Demonic or Human any power by fear or anger or distaste they feed off of that. Protect your sleeping area , have a priest pray over you while forming a cross of oil on your head and spray every corner of your home and room with Holy Water, letting the Entity know that this place is yours and you are going no where. That yu wish to be left alone by the them or HIM/HER and end it with your HIgher Powers Name For instance In Jesus name I tell you to depart and go back from whence you came ,you are not welcome here so please go. This is my home and MORE IMPORTANTLY MY BODY .



  25. andrew vigil says:

    i am very sorry about your losses i may have a solution that will work!!! it may sound strange but if it continues go to a mexican white witch he or she may be able to help you. my aunt who was deathly ill had a cleansing done on her and maybe a week better she wasnt sick any more she was able to get out of bed and eat and everything, in t.he cleansing the witch will be able to tell you who put the curse on you and he or she will relieve you of the curse. as strange as this may sound i am a witch so i know it will work. much luck and dont give up hope i will try and keep up with your updates talk soon.

  26. andrew vigil says:

    myy aunt got a sweeping done on her and she was healed do not believe the people that say they cant bind the demon if your not a witch if iknhew you i would be able to bind the demon from harming you get a sweeping done do not get excersized there is absolutly nothing wrong with you i can promise this!

  27. Arooj says:

    Hey Salaam,

    Your problem is VERY serious. Me and my family are also going through black magic but not at this extent. I would advise you to keep away from your relatives – many people usually from an asian background use black magic against other people for evil purposes because they ,might be jealous etc. They do many things like mix stuff in your food and try to control your mind. As a muslim, I would advise you to read the Qur’an and get help from Allah. That is the only solution. DO NOT listen to anyone who u dont trust and dont eat or drink anything from your relatives who you may think are doing black magic. The only way out of black magic is follow the right path towards Islam. Insha Allah i hope things improve for you, but the only way is to read the Qur’an and recite Ayat-ul- Kursi and blow on your self. I hope you are from a Muslim Family because it seems like from your name. PLEASE follow my advice. Your symptoms are VERY serious and could lead to death. And those demons that are harming you are called Evil Jinns. The black magicians control them – this is the work of Shaitan (Devil). I’ve been attacked by evil jinns many times during the sleep. When i recited something religious it went away very quickly. Please follow my advice and try to pay attention to Islam.

    Don’t listen to anyone who you live with like your brother or any relative. And try your best NOT to eat or drink anything from them. They’ll make your condition worse. Recite the first kalma too. It is “Laa ilaaha illal Lahoo Mohammadur Rasool Ullah”.
    When you mentioned about feeling pins going into your body. It means that they are using vodoo dolls.

    And don’t worry. Just keep away from your relatives and don’t trust them. Hope I helped. Please contact me if you need to ask anything. Take Care.

  28. Samara says:

    Have you found the solution to your problems or not? Black magic is practiced widely in India. My own father is a victim for years and it’s his own relatives who are behind it. There are many things or rituals are carried out by people to free the person from witchcraft spells but sometimes the person keeps falling in the same spell again and again coz of his associations with the evil people who want to control his life. These things are disastrous and can break homes , make people sick , financial failures etc.

    If you look harder you may find the answers. I have learnt so many things in connection to witchcraft over couple of years that I can’t possibly write in this space.

  29. Omer says:

    I have read all your replies and suggestions. thank you. I am still in same situation. I am going to a spiritual healer who gives me holy water to drink and at the same time puts his hand on my head and does prayers. Then he asks me to lay down and moves his hands on my chest towards feet as if he is expelling something. When he does, I feel lighter but after an hour it becomes as before. I see that the magician who is controlling that demon in very powerful. I am drained. Should I travel to USA for assistance? I can do it.

  30. arooj says:

    I think it might be best to contact a Saint or Peer because they are very powerful and they can help remove evil.
    What religion do you belong to?
    I think the spiritual healer may not be able to remove the black magic and evil permanently.
    If your a Muslim, praying and reading the Qur’an etc will help remove the black magic and its effects. It also removes the symptoms that you mentioned. Try going to a Mosque or Islamic Centre. If you go to these places they might give you water to drink and offer advice, which will remove the negative effects.
    But if your not a Muslim I don’t know if there is a good way out because if you see an exorcist or anyone else then that isn’t a good way of removing the black magic, but its up to you. Some people go to magicians who make money by removing black magic.

    I live in England, UK. If you want to go to the USA you can, as you will be able to get away from your relatives. If you live in an Islamic country then you should go to a Mosque maybe. If you live somewhere like England or somewhere else in the world then you should try to find a place that is Islamic.

  31. arooj says:

    The black magicians that are trying to harm my family are powerful too, but if I pray everyday then nothing can harm me. I get protection and all the effects are removed.

  32. leesa atiqah says:

    well omer….
    my uncle and aunty also having the same problem.
    but now they are okay after seeing this traditional healer.
    he never ask for any payment…
    it is just for free..but it is in malaysia…
    so thats make me trust him well.

  33. Anonymous says:

    You know, why don’t you visit a temple in singapore. I remember there was a famous monk in singapore who could help you.

  34. E says:

    Hi,i have same exact signs.I think its my family trying to do black magic.They want all i work for and leave my child nothing.I’am battling back with God.They will account to him.They should have read the Bible

  35. liz says:

    go back to the faith you had in your childhood. Be thankful for what you have. A curse only works if you let it. In darkness find light. If you believe to be cursed you need to right your wrongs, you know very well what you have done to make you vulnerable, your guilty conscience makes you weak. forgive who you need to forgive and ask forgiveness from those whom you have hurt. All religious beliefs teach the same truths and no holy person on earth can relieve your burdens only you can with God.

    Have faith, love and courage, you will have to fight and work hard. You belong to God always.

  36. Sharan says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that. :(
    Someone has done Black Magic to me too.
    I am going through Hell.
    I don’t know what to do. :’(

    • moki aka LMC says:

      Hello Sharan,

      I am sorry to hear that you are going through so much, I hope everything is ok. Have you read all the other responses? There are some great advice :-D

      I had posted to Omer I go with my feelings & type them down… Right now all I can say is honestly I don’t know how to undo black magic… I’m going to type down what’s going on in my head, cause if I don’t I am gonna have a migraine >:-(

      What comes to mind is pray for guidance & protection ask God for the holy light from heaven to shine down upon you picture it glowing from your heart (Do not stop praying) picture the light spreading throughout the inside of your body. Pray for the light to get brighter & surround your body inside & out… Picture that light spreading everywhere… Pray for strength, guidance & protection and picture the light as bright as can be then ask Michael the Archangel to give you the strength to break the spell… Ask God to protect you from evil & keep you safe from now on… Keep that light shinning bright & don’t stop praying until you feel the evil dissipate… Don’t forget to give thanks to God & Michael the Archangel when it’s done :-D

      God Bless you,

  37. Corbie says:

    The best way to deal with your situation would be first to try and find out who, how, & why a curse was put on you. — The best person to seek to do this is what is known as a
    ‘spiritual advisor’, or spiritualist.. who very often are also mediums as well.

    I am NOT referring to some shlocky palm reader… or one that passes out flyers on the street or has big signs in a storefront window. Stay away from those kind.

    I am referring to a spiritual advisor who usually is of Latino descent (though not always).. and is a practitioner of what is known as ‘Espiritismo”… or even Santeria. These kind of sprititual advisors are extremely helpful & detail oriented in telling you if you are cursed,.. and the hows & whys,– but also how to remove it, which involves some type of spiritual cleansing, that may be done in a number of ways. — They are thought of as ‘spiritual doctors’… & since your root problem is a spiritual one…(curse) — these are the type to seek, as they are extremely efffective.

    Not sure what country you live in, but you can seek them out by inquiring around any latin areas near you…. or look and search for spiritual shops called “botanicas”– usually the ones who own those shops are spiritual practioners and/or santeros.– & if not, they can refer you to someone. 0r search online in your area.

    I am most positive that you will need a ‘spiritual mass’, called a ‘misa’, done with a spiritualist medium done to get that bad spirit off you.

    These spirits & curses are best dealt with ASAP.. as waiting a long time can just make matters all worse… & harder to remove.

    Best of luck to you +

  38. beliver says:

    try going to church more often and let people pray for you.
    ask god to send the evil away, stand tall spiritual and don’t give up.
    you’re not hopless and don’t be afraid of it.
    chalange it and win and it won’t come back.

    i had once the feeling the world was against me and i said ”is that all you got?”
    it did became worse but i felt strong and i stood tall spiritual.
    then the evil WILL give up if it sees you’re strong.

  39. Anonymous says:

    HI my NAME is gail I was Born With the abilily to see pass ojects that are made from the earth ,OK here go what is happening to you is the some one is using what we call a mirror to see in to your life an see every thing be for you , it ride above your head making you feel pressure on you feeling like inside your self. ,it feel like it consuming your soul an them your body its some one that you know but we .meaning i will help you , an yes he looked like a shadow, but he a which doctor, it a plASMA it looked like water ok this being is also causing your problems ,my the power of my family line i will help by sent it where it belong,an not on earth but in heaven where, where the gods are a sleep an angle fiIGHTfor your rigHT,,by my name in you house MARIA OF THE LIGHT

  40. Anonymous says:

    Guys i would like to share my own experience with u guys, something i’ll never forget, i was working for an investment bank in London, during my time there i use to go out barring and clubbing didn’t have a care in the world, at work i met a guy who just started after me, now as colleagues we would just have normal chit chat pass time etc, until he started talking about all this other stuff like paranormal stuff, slowly i started taking interest as it was scary but exciting at the same time , a few weeks later he told me how some people can read minds this stage i didn’t think too much of it but until he described the kind of people… one day after work i decided to go out with the work guys we had a few drinks…2 of my colleagues left and i was with this guy, so as the night progressed he said lets go to an underground club in angel i was like yeah why not, it was a clin full of goths and punks etc..suddenly i saw this figure , the one he described as being able to read minds, very tall long black coat, very chissled type features…so me thinking lets try this out, i said in my mind can u see me I’m behind u, he turned around faced me and stared me right in the eyes and then all of a sudden my
    body freaked out, what i did was let a ghost enter my body , i couldn’t. sleep , pins and needles, nightmares couldn’t work ,felt tired all the time, i even started to think i was stronger than cars and buses, so i was losing it….I have a spiritual blessed person to help me through this its very hard, but things like this take time to get rid of, i don’t think i can trust anyone now…..when i see people who are ticked as being mental or depressed i know that other things are affecting them.

  41. Peace says:

    @ Anonymous


    I understand your situation.

    Many people in this world don’t understand that there is another world, a paranormal world and evil does exist.

    When someone becomes a victim if they are affliced by this kind of act of malice, it it hard to control it and it spreads like wildfire, a contagious disease. The person feels inner turmoil, never at peace and they always have negative thoughts.

    Well, all of this is caused by Black Magic (Witchcraft) which is practiced across the globe and happy families begin to suffer. Usually people do these kind of things due to Hatred, Greed and Jealousy.

    Regarding your situation, some people are fradulent and claim that the can read peoples’ minds. These kind of people communicate with the paranormal world. Even fortune tellers fool others just to gain money. The person you were talking about “described as being able to read minds, very tall long black coat, very chissled type features” He is most likely to be a Black Magician/Sorcerer. These type of people have lots of devils n demons which help him do his evil dirty work. They do various rituals called Black Magic/WitchCraft/Sorcery.

    And this: “then all of a sudden my
    body freaked out, what i did was let a ghost enter my body , i couldn�t. sleep , pins and needles, nightmares couldn�t work ,felt tired all the time”
    clearly states that he commanded his devils to attack you which is why you felt tormented. Many people visit the Black Magician/Sorcerer they pay him so that he can cast magic spells on people.

    I think my advice would be to stay away from you colleague who brought you to that place.
    Also, this message I have wrote is still for the person who creeated the article. This is the truth. People do commit these bad deeds in order to make someones life miserable. This is the reason why you have to try and stay positive so that the evil negative energies repel away from you.

    But don’t worry, there is always a solution to every problem if you believe in yourself.

    You can reply back or anyone who is reading this just send a comment below mine if you want to find out more as to why something is happening.

    I am happy to help. Don’t suffer.

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Megamind (Single-Disc Edition)

Image of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [Blu-ray]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [Blu-ray]

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