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Ghosts Demons and God

Posted on October 24, 2010

My first experience happened when I was a senior in high school, 13 years ago. There was an abandoned house not far off the road in a very desolate area at the time. It was one of those dare type things to go to this house and see if you could see anything and not be scared, so 2 of my friends and myself went on a Friday night.

When we pulled up to the house, I immediately had this feeling of hatred and dread and neither one of them felt anything. We go inside and it’s all dusty and cobwebby, and then there was the staircase where supposedly things happen. I went up first and when I got to the landing at the end of the hall there was a black shadow figure and it began running towards me and I could feel such hatred from this entity. I turn around almost knocking my friend down and screamed we gotta we get outta here now! I started pushing her down the stairs and she figured I was serious so we all ran out the front door and it slammed behind us. I don’t know how the glass did not break. We got into the car and began driving away and in my mind I heard a voice say you will be mine.

I told my friends what I had seen and why we needed to leave so fast and what it said to me; they didn’t believe me because nothing happened to them. I would drive by that house occasionally and think should I try again, and the feeling of pure hatred vibrated from there so I never did. That spot is now an apartment complex and I wonder if the people living near or on that spot have every had anything happen to them like what happened to me. I can say the feelings never left that area for me.

After my divorce, my son and I moved in with my mom and dad. He was a baby at the time and knows nothing of what happened, which most everything did when he was away on the weekend at his dad’s house. I can honestly say that I believe his innocence and purity kept this demon/nightmare creature away. So he was away at his dad’s and it was around 1 am and I finally decided to go to bed. I had been asleep for maybe an hour when I woke up freezing and trying to pull the covers but I could not move my body. I opened my eyes and I was about 2 feet off my bed and I felt like I was paralyzed. I remember seeing a black thing at the end of my bed and he had ice blue eyes was almost laughing at the fact that I could not do anything about the hold he had over me. My breathing was shallow and my heart was beating slow and I thought if I don’t break this I am going to die. In my mind I started praying to God to please help me and not let me die I have a child to care for.

When I started praying in my mind and kept saying God please help me, this demon hissed at me and I wound up barely outside my room in the doorway. I was a little freaked out and it took awhile before my breathing was normal and my heartbeat too. It’s still early morning and needless to say I did NOT want to go back to sleep so I turned all the lights on and stayed awake. I would see movement under my desk and I thought God please don’t let this thing hurt me and it would stop. Like I said, nothing happened when my son was home, and though this thing showed itself entirely to me one more time I demanded in the name of God that it leave me alone and I put 2 crosses in my room and nothing has happened since then. I have also become a born again Christian and I do believe that accepting God as my savior has had a great hand in ridding me of this evil presence.

I miss this entity, she was like a mother. When I first saw her, she looked so incredibly sad and lost. She was old and had on a white dress/nightgown and grey hair. I had been super sick and after 2 weeks in the hospital and surgery is when she first appeared to me. She would smile at me and cover me up and cry then disappear. I would hear her crying every now and then but I didn’t see her for a long time. The last time I did see her I had pneumonia and she showed up and I felt like she was taking care of me. I wonder if she was not able to have children and I was a substitute of sort for her. This last time, was emotional for me. She covered me and stroked my face so lovingly and kissed me on the forehead and she slowly disappeared all the while smiling at me. I have been told I have a very bright aura and spirits are attracted to my light. I think she came when I needed someone just for me.

Sent in by Wynter Lilly, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Ghosts Demons and God”
  1. *CC* says:

    ok- it may be just me but this one was a bit confusing- so the entity wasn’t bad afterall ? Am I missing something here guys or what? =)

  2. Rosie says:

    I am a little bit confused when I read the last part of your story. All of a sudden there was a SHE came out. I guess it is another spirit?

    We all need to have faith in God and our faith can help us to fight against all the evil things.

  3. Teri says:

    I don’t understand what the last paragraph has to do with the rest of this story? I’m actually very confused. Can you explain what this lady in white has to do with the spirit that lifted you wearing all black with “ice blue eyes”?

  4. Gemma says:

    It’s interesting all the stories I’ve read on here about peoples experiences with demons (including my own) and how the demons respond to Christian things (crosses, prayers, mentioning Jesus) – it’s like they are terrified of it and that’s the only way to get rid of them.

    I was followed by a demon for a long time and it came after I stopped being a Christian and became a Wiccan for a while then a Spiritualist like my mom but after discovering countless stories such as these with people who have experienced the same entities as me (black figures that give you a feeling of hatred and dread) I have recently become a Christian again and my life feels a lot better already.

  5. AnNa bites back says:

    i thought the entity was bad.cunfused too here.

  6. sharayah says:

    so there was two of them. one demon and one old lady? am i right? im sorry that happend to you but God is good :)

  7. jk says:

    Erm, you put that last entity in the last of your story that makes no sense. These sweet sad little girls are usually a deceptive manifestation of an evil entity trying to find another way in. Just yesterday a girl came was on one of the sites and said that there was a little girl in her attic that woke her every night to play. She woke her one night and she was fed up with the little poor entity and tol her to move on, when she did the little girl basically exploded into a 7 foot hellish entity. You believe in Christ now, you are on the right road, forget all ghost except the Holy Ghost.

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