Ghost Picture – Figure That Appeared From “Nowhere”

Posted on July 12, 2008

Note: The ghost picture to the right is only a thumbnail image. To see the full size pictures that go along Ghost picturewith this story click the picture or the link at the end of this story. Don’t forget to return to this page so you can post your comments.

Now for the story:

I wanted to share our story with you, which spans over a decade, and began to write it but find that it is still too hard to dwell on how bad things became. It was a living nightmare, which devastated our family and we are still nursing our eldest son. He is recovering but is still far from well.

FYI: The farmhouse was steeped in history, but whether we did something to cause what it became or whether it was some kind of focus, I do not know. We were a normal, particularly close professional family and I think that it was because of our love for one another that we managed to cope for as long as we did.

There was, or seemed to be, more than one ghost, we saw different manifestations, some reacted to us and some didn’t, but the one we feared most never looked human. I saw it first, a hooded figure with hellish eyes but although these things were never discussed with our two sons (ages six and eight when we moved there) it turned out that my eldest son had been seeing different apparitions, too. But it was the hooded figure that plagued him. Independently, he described exactly the same thing as I had seen. He was positive that it was not a ghost of a person.

As I said in my first email, we thought that when we moved things would get better, but it followed my son to university and by the time we realized what was happening, he was so terrified, he could no longer function. He was seen by psychiatrists, psychologists and medical doctors and it was deemed that apart from a reactive depression, he did not have a mental health problem. He was not psychotic, schizophrenic, epileptic or anything else which may have caused him to see and hear things that weren’t real, nor were drugs involved. Their only answer was to give him anti-depressants, which made him ill to the point they had to be stopped.

He wasn’t the only one in the family to suffer depression as a result of everything we have gone through. In fact, it is only my younger son, who has not had to be given treatment.

Anomalies started to show up in photographs here once my elder son was home, as well as other phenomenon which we thought had ended. Given time, I will go through our photographs and try to write a more detailed account of all this.

The photographs were taken in January of 2008. My husband went out in the garden to try to photograph a full moon, without much success. The first photograph shows how clear the night was. The�second one�speaks for itself. My husband says there was absolutely nothing there and then suddenly something white and big came out of nowhere and lunged at him. He snapped off a picture and fled in doors.

To see the full size pictures and to read a much longer and more detailed story about the strange events go to Ghost Picture ~ Ghostly Figure in the Mist

Sent in by “Anonymous” Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales

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63 Responses to “Ghost Picture – Figure That Appeared From “Nowhere””
  1. James says:

    Wow! That is one of the most amazing pictures and stories that I have ever seen.

    Very strange that the sky was so clear and this thing just appeared so suddenly. To me it looks like not only a head and a face but its like it has some sort of body as well

  2. Jett says:

    Well, to me the picture looks like cigarette smoke that somebody took a picture of……

  3. anon says:

    jet: It was taken late at night, within a walled garden, with no near neighbours and no one else around. None of the family smoke. How did cigarette smoke get there?

  4. The Caretaker says:

    After reading the entire story and looking over the pictures I really think that there is something paranormal here. I have been in contact back and forth with the writer of this story and they seem very sincere and honest.

    Jet – Did you take a look at the photos or did you just look at the thumbnail image on this post? I could understand how you might think it is just smoke if you only looked at the small cutout picture above, but if you looked at the actual photos at // I am sure you would think otherwise.

  5. Joi says:

    I have to agree, I think it looks like a bunch of ciggarette smoke to me. But then again I could be wrong. I’m not an expert.

  6. Jett says:

    Yes I saw all of the picture, not just the thumbnail. I honestly think the picture is a hoax. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be mean, but I don’t think it is real. This of course if just my opinion.

  7. The Caretaker says:

    Jett, I dont think you are being mean. Everyone has their own opinions and ideas and that is what these comments are all about. You are perfectly OK in expressing your own viewpoints here. No apologies are needed.

  8. Simone Mefford says:

    Can anyone get me in contact with these people via email or even a phone number? I know what this thing is…I’ve seen something very like this myself. It plagues anyone who lives in the particular area that my mum lives. She won’t believe me when I tell her it this thing that is causing her to feel drained, tired, listless, and in general feel like crap on a regular basis. I know we always leave after a visit feeling poorly. These people are not crazy, and for some reason this thing is particularly attracted to the oldest boy. I am glad that he quit taking those drugs because they just make things worse by making it easier for this thing to continue it’s attacks.

    If the site administrator could give me an email or some way to get in touch with these folks, I believe me and me mate could be of some help.

  9. Gene says:

    Wow what a cool picture this one is. Im not sure I believe that a ghost can be captured by a camera. Most of the ghost pics I have seen look fake, but I dunno bout this one, it looks really strange and if the story is true then I think there may be something to this pic.

    I have never seen cig smoke form shapes like that and since this was taken outside I dont believe the smoke would have been that thick, let alone have a full head and face in it.

  10. Jett says:

    cigar smoke looks like that.

  11. harjeet says:

    i have a question that ghost cannot be seened on the camera. ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. The Caretaker says:

    The author of this post has emailed me with an additional comment:

    “I want to assure you that the photograph I sent you was not a hoax, and as far as my husband, who has never smoked, was aware there was no one around who may have been smoking. There are no houses around with chimneys either. But our house and garden has a high wall around it, so I suppose that there might have been someone out there who was smoking. I’d love to believe it was smoke but this thing was really big and it seems very odd to me that that much smoke could have somehow come over the wall and across the garden looking and acting like that. From what my husband describes, it just wasn’t like that, and he was really pale and shaken when he came in.”

    The author has also sent in a much longer and more detailed story about the strange events behind these pictures at //

  13. et says:

    Very creepy picture….I think it looks like the head of some kind of animal like a big cat or a wolfs head. i cant be sure. But yeah i think its a ghost.

  14. Simone says:

    I am very concerned that you folks find someone you can trust to help you get rid of this thing because if you do not it will kill your son just like it did your pets.

    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! If you do not wish to be open about your identities for fear of ridicule then at least contact me via an email that does not give away your identity. Frankly, I understand how you feel.

    I would like to discuss this in more private manner because I am not sure you will even believe what I have to tell you and you might even think I’m loony. One of these entities dwells in the area where my mum lives and I can’t convince her to pack up and move, she won’t believe me. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes and my nephew and my oldest son have seen it too.

    The fact that this thing can manifest as well as it does is very disturbing. These creatures don’t usually have the strength to manifest as anything more than something that looks like fog or mist…. nor do they usually have the ability to leave the area they have inhabited. But it has apparently gained a lot of power and your son must have a very strong will and constitution for it to have latched on to him as it has. It is feeding off his life force and will continue to drain him until it has drained him to the point of death I fear. These creatures feed off the life force of any living thing they can.

    I have left my email addy with the administrator of this site. Please… don’t let your fear prevent you from at least talking to someone who does believe you and could help you in some way. I live in America… is there no one in your home country that you can trust to help you at all?

  15. (can't say) says:

    i think your son might have been haunted. the pics are freaky.

  16. Marisa says:

    The pics are one thing..its the story that freaks me out.

  17. The Caretaker says:

    Marisa, I agree with you. While the ghost looking figure in the picture is interesting the full story makes it even more so. You will rarely, if ever, find a ghost picture online that has such a detailed story behind it.

  18. Amy says:

    I think the eldest son needs an exorcism. I have heard of these stories many times. It cannot be explained thru mere science and I am suprised they didn’t take the damn kid to a priest!

  19. Guy says:

    1.that figure in the photo,for me,is cigarrete smoke or a ghostman.but there is only torso,arms,head,and somekind of thing in his hand. 2.the hooded man,he might be the one who caused this.if u see that nothing works,try exorcizm.

  20. v-nizz says:

    yea the photo wasnt all that scarey but the story was…ive had my own expierences but when it comes to this mine are nothing…..

  21. Jackie says:

    I’ve only just read your story and i totally believe you, you can tell you are an intelligent person too.
    This is just going on and on isn’t it? There is one thing that does stick out to me and that is, there is absolutely no mention of praying in your story, all there is is spells and tarot cards mentioned. When i encountered an attack by something as i was climbing into bed one night, I prayed in my mind and the thing left. I know how you feel experiencing evil like you have but you will only escalate their power by using spells or tarot cards. These things are what caused me to be attacked by something incredibly evil. I am not a Bible freak or anything, i promise you that, but whether you believe it now or not, prayer is the ONLY thing that can fight this evil. Good eventually over powers evil. Please leave all occult type things alone, like tarot cards, spells etc. Your friend means well, but she does not know what she is doing, trust me on this, I am only trying to help you and especially your son. You have gone through hell losing all your animals like that, i feel incredibly sorry for you, especially your dog just disapearing like that, that must be tormenting you so much. PLEASE, PLEASE turn away from all the stuff i’ve warned you about and use prayer. There is such a thing as God you know, i have had the honour of feeling the presence after my attack, which i am certain was a demon or something like that hooded figure you all see. I never saw my evil thing, but i did feel it as it attacked me. Please pray, i’m so concerned for your son as it seems to be targeting him. You must act quickly on this and trust me that you all praying together will be the best thing you have done in this matter. You have nothing to lose by doing it.
    Please let us know how you get on xx

  22. Jackie says:

    I forgot to say, i don’t think you are the type of people that would conjure up any kind of hoax and if you say those pics are genuine, then i for one take your word for that. Because i believe you when i look at those pics, they are just as disturbing as your story.

  23. Warrior Priestess says:

    I know for a fact that, that is NOT Cigarette-Smoke, Fog, Clouds, mist etc… I would know, because my Grandmother who i still live w/ to this day smoked for almost 40 years straight and was a chain-smoker, she was up to 3 packs a day when she finally had to quit or suffer from lung and/or heart-failure, i’ve seen large clouds of Cig smoke with my own eyes in different light, indoors and outdoors and on Video-Camera and Photos. That thing whatever it is is right up at the lense it seems or very close. I feel bad energy from it, and looking at the thumbnail, it actually looks a little like a swirling portal to Hell.
    I’m getting ready to look at the full picture now.

  24. Warrior Priestess says:

    It seems to me that you’ve got a Banshee. And its a very bad one too. The white “mist” thats swirling seems to be its hair. And that thing i said looked like a portal are it’s eye-sockets. i havent read the whole story behind it, but i definitely will now. I know that scottish and Irish families have Family Banshees. Have you ever heard it screaming or wring its hands like it was angry? If so, then it usually means of a death in the family.

    I can plainly see its wide cheekbones (the slightly yellowish-parts)

  25. Warrior Priestess says:

    I examined the picture where the boy is playing guitar, i felt a very malicious energy. The thing behind him is the dark hooded thing with glowing blank eyes, and you got the impression that it may have a snout… I get the impression that it has a mouth similar to a pig, but the lips are stretched and kinda wrinkled, also, it has a maw fil with jagged uneven/crooked teeth, some are rotten. Also the Banshee w/ the hair i said about, i also forgot to mention that it also looks a lot like a Babboon or babboon-skull but with a much shorter muzzle. Check out a few pics of babboons and their skulls and youll see what i mean. It has a slightly Feminine energy, and has more of the calm and protective energies of a female, the other however, the Dark-Hooded figure is it’s more evil counerpart. It too reminds me a bit of a babboon, but it seems like a hybrid, of a Male Babboon, Wart-Hog (Or Male Boar) and a nose a little like a Gorilla’s. With the teeth of a monster and tusks like a Boar. It may be some sort of Elemental-Spirit, but has become very deranged a deformed through the years. Aparently from all the history of that House’s Grounds before the house was built, and it was angry due to the structure being made and only grew worse over the years… The Banshee one, seems to have two or three personalities, and suffers from somesort of energy disorder. It can be pleasant at one moment, then become enraged at another.

  26. Jackie says:

    I don’t know what certain people are talking about in their comments, sounds abit weird, but just ignore and JUST PRAY.

    Get in touch with caretaker please:

    I just want to add here how the evil is trying to take over yet again. Pray to God now as i am doing for you

  27. scotslass says:

    I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to comment and offer advice. Jackie, thank you so much for your prayers. I didn’t mention praying, you’re right, but I did pray, particularly to the archangel Michael, and although none of us take part in any organised religion, I did in fact try to get help from the church but it went badly wrong. In writing our story, I was trying to include everything which might have had bearing on the way it escalated but we have tried everything we could think of to help ourselves.

    Once again, thank you all for taking the time to comment

  28. Jackie says:

    What went badly wrong when you contacted the church? Didn’t they help you?

  29. Char says:

    I think your pictures are real and your story is very scary. I wish I had the answers to help you. I can only think of prayer also but I would try a different church too. Aren’t there people out there that fight these kind of demonds that could maybe help you? I’ve read stories about people helping families get ride of demonds and evil spirits. I would try to look into that before he hurts your son and family even more. God bless you all and still keep praying.

    Please God I ask in Jesus name that you protect this family from any more harm.


  30. tina wilmott says:

    hello there, i read with much interest your story, i would like to offer some sound advice. i used to be a paronormal investigator, i now work on my own.whilst with the group our investigations took us to all kinds of places, we delt with ouijaboard cases (and believe me when i say they were no mean feat!) we mostly came out a bit battered and bruised but not beaten, anyway the reason i am writing is to say we heared many a story of exsorcisms being carried out of despiration, things calmed for a short while then would kick off big time,this is nothing the priest has done wrong,however the spectres would know the priests dont believe ghosts exist, this mad them mad and more determined.if you get a spook that attatches itself to a person they feed of your energy,getting stronger, thus your sons depleation,depession and so forth, i have experienced this myself many times until i learned how to control see some spooks are very greedy, and know when they are onto a good thing. i believe it is a paronormal investigator you need to call in, they deal with spirit attatchments, can communicate with the ghost and hopefully send it packing, your poor son is doing eveything right, but he is flogging a dead horse as the spook will just keep on draining him everytime he tops up his energy or gets well.i was a hugh sceptic myself, until a major turning point in 1999,(to long to mention) but the stuff i have witnessed and experienced left no doubt in my mind the many things that are out there good and bad.pheonix paronormal investigations do not charge for their service their web, and david ashworth author and good friend of mine,also does heavy duty clearences and attatchments, though i think he does charge (you would have to check) you can find him at i felt as though i have been guided to respond and i hope my little contribution helps, all the very best. love and blessings x

  31. scotslass says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write and offer advice, Tina. It means a lot. And thank you for believing I’m telling the truth. I’m not sure what I would have thought if I’d read something like this before it happened to us. I agree that once you have experienced things yourself that there’s no going back. We certainly won’t be leaving things as they are now that we have heard what people are saying.

    best wishes

  32. Jackie says:

    Tina, please tell us what happened to you in 1999!!

  33. scotslass says:

    I agree with Jackie, Tina. I would very much like to hear your story.

    And Jackie, I have only just noticed that you asked what happened with the priest we contacted to help us. He turned out to be a paedophile who was only interested in getting to my boys. We have since contacted our local minister twice by letter and he hasn’t even bothered to answer.

    Once again, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to comment. And a big thank you to the caretaker for all his help.

  34. tina wilmott says:

    hello jackie chux, where do you want me to start? i will try and be brief though if it wasnt for the expeience in 1999 i wouldnt be the person ive become today and blessed with these wonderful gifts( though scary and challenging at times) Right back in 1999….myself,dad, cousins,aunt and best mate had an over night stay a Chingle Hall, i went with an open mind, certainly not expecting anything to happen, no such thing as ghosts right? after that night i took it back and became a firm believer in “something”and i decided from that day on i didnt care whether people believed me or not with my story it definately happend to me, there were witnesses (bla bla) all was quite until 3am, we all sat in this particular room,i sat in a chair in the corner, the next it felt like i was dissapearing into this pit, and i felt myself changing shape, becoming huge in size, i pooed myself fo want of a better word! anyway i tried to get out of the chair and i couldnt,i remember saying over and over get me out of this chair i cant move,it took 3 people to prise me out and they really struggled,i had to be carried i felt so weak.back downstairs and a cup of tea later everyone was white, they told me that this hugh shrouded figure came and sat on me and i began to take on the form and dissapear. i told them if i had sat there any longer i felt that i was going to shout at them for i felt this almighty rage.A week later i was still totally drained and a little bit desperate, i sneeked into my local park at night and tree hugged i didnt know whatelse to do.Anyway, my dad and i were in stockport and there was a public notice advertising a meeting for people interested in anything paranormal,needless to say we attended,the group invited people to share experiences, the horor when my dad nominated me to chat with one of the team, i thaught thats it theyre going to lock me up for sure, especially when i tell them about the changing bit. the guy listened attentively and didnt laugh when i recounted the grand finally, when i finished he said “transfiguation” i said beg ya parden? he said thats what happened to you, where spirit use you to form or communicate, i left feeling a little lighter but still thinking i was mental! haha. The rest is history, my dad and i went to the next monthly meeting and the team took me to one side and invited me to join their paronormal team (que Pheonix i mentioned) that i had a rare talent and many more untaped that i was then unaware of.they helped me learn how to control transfiguring, how to protect myself from attack, the list is endless, the stuff i learned witnessed and since dealt with and what a journey, spirit didnt spare me i got all the senses,see, hear, sense, smell, communicate, they threw me right in at the deep end, i eally did think i was going mad at one point.i am no longer with the group, though i still do a lot of clearences, the ouijas are the worst what a battle of wills, but i have full faith in my heavyweight unseen workers! anyway thats just a little insight into the world of me and though a curse i could not be without my girts they are part of me, with many rewards, seeing a trapped loveone reunited with their beloveds makes it so worth whie. of course sinse the big turning point i can look back over my life and all the signs were there and i kept passing things of e.g. oh its a trick of the light, oh its this oh its that, i think spirit got tired of waiting for me thus my rude awakening at chingle hall, i bet they thaught, finally she gets it, so ive been gifted from birth but it took all that time to finally get with the programme! xx

  35. scotslass says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, Tina. I know the feelings you are describing, and I have to say that you are one brave lady. To accept that things happen to you that science can’t explain is one thing but to go out and challenge these entities, to put yourself in danger to help others, is quite another.

    Do you think that three am has any special significance? Since the caretaker posted my photographs and experiences, things here have begun to escalate and my husband has been woken between three and twenty past three every night for the last couple of weeks, sometimes he hears a baby crying in extreme distress but there is no baby. We have all been suffering from terrible nightmares, too.

    We are now getting help and I believe that the people helping us know what they are doing and can make a difference. They have helped people before and been successful, as you have been.

    my best wishes to you and yours, and thanks again for writing.

  36. Jackie says:

    Ahhh!!! Tina,

    just checked this thread out after a few days not doing so and i was amazed by your story…so glad you posted. If the people Scotslassy has now don’t help, do you think you could get her proper support???

    Scotslassy – that makes me so sick that they were sicko peodophiles and then the others didn’t help you either – hell!!! this is really concerning now, please keep us posted as to your progress.

    Even though i believe in God, (that’s as far as it goes – just believe) that’s only ONE of the many reasons i’m not into religion (the pedo part you hear about). Can’t imagine what people who claim to be of God like priests and then turn out to be just after the boys of the church will get on their judgement day!!!

    I wish you all the best Scotslassy XXX

  37. tina wilmott says:

    havent got time now, leave it with me and ill tune in and see what my guides say about your query, regading challenging these entities twas what i was born to do and my guides would never put me in a situation they felt i was not competent nor cabable of handling even though i wobble from time to time. i think a healthy amount of fear in my work is useful fo it stops the ego getting in the way and keeps you safe and more allert, il write soon if i get anything love n blessings tina xx

  38. tina wilmott says:

    right ive got a lot here and it will be hard trying to explain in very simple terms, ill try my best.hard to believe,most of the stuff you lived with was actually ok, you had some lovely (harmless) energies living in a parallel universe minding their own business, any ghostly encounter is unnearving but it helps peeps when they know not all are then “the one in particular” has been having a field day not only with your family but these other nice entities, it was small to begin with and over a long period of time it has grown in energy and strength, it takes a lot of energy for a ghost to appear in full form and indeed to be able to throw its weight around, this takes even think of this thing as a charger to a mobile after its reeked havok it has to plug itself in to top up again, it loves to do this at night time when you are most open and vulnerable and less defended,this was a regular occurence with myself until i joined the group and found out what was happening, it doesnt help that your son is a belesha beacon to the spiirt world, his light is bright attracting all sorts, i bet hes the person even strangers sit next to and tell all there business! i bet animals love him to,though at mo they wont be liking the lodger so give him wide birth! you have a very stong energy with you that this thing is afraid of so you can use this to your advantage, thus it quietening down/behaving in your presence-it doesnt like my guides very much iether at this mo as ive got my feelers out, coz it knows peeps are onto it and about to be closed in on. you mum on the other side and your helper guides have been dying to get their hands on this bag of hot air thats just throwing a full on wobbly, and getting away with it until you reached out and shared your story now believe me when i say YOU have it running scared ,fate has a funny way of getting things need to ask this group to take you all through protecting yourselves from any form of attack at night, though visualisation or prayer remember THOUGHT IS FORM so no matter how silly trust the process it works, ive herd peeps protect themselves encased in a giant banana skin with effective results! regrading the run of bad luck, this thing thrives on negative stuff,depression,convalecence,sadness,loss of somthing,its been having a ball and thats why its so big, the tricky part is to try and act like you not bothered, i find this hard when i go into something similar to this and i have to fake that im not scared for thats when they have you, so i empathise, this is a skill you must all learn, it will take the wind out of its sails, coz it wont have nothing to play with or feed on are you following? incorporate more happy things if you can, stay positive THATS the hard bit when you feel so desperate, trust you guides helpers and loved ones, they are helping to pull you through this just needs a little tweek from you guys but hey your all new to this as i once was, these peeps that youve called in should be able to bring down the light and call helpers to frog march this lil tantrum throwing thing out, he may go quiet on the day, he may go for gold but you will “just know” when its your sons aura needs reparing, you all do come to think,your son needs to accept his gifts to so that he can prevent or at least deal with if should happen again, look on david ashworth web sight fo fab book, defo in my collection, its called dancing with the devil, lots of psychic protection stuff in there and case studies like your own, he is also my mentor if i ever get out of depth myself with something, always good to have back up so it explains what he does to help peeps to.i believe this situation is coming to a climax, my only sadness is that they rebuilt 10 houses on this site, them poor families, this is what my guides have shared and ive passed on.believe me when i say about four years or so ago just as my daughter was born i tried to take my life, i was so low, there was no light at the end of tunnel, i felt isolated and alone and i believe my guides had deserted me, lots of bad stuff happening etc,etc, the bad spooks were having a field day with me and they nealy had me, i couldnt even tell you what the turning point was where i thought enough of this,twas a long painful,dark road but do you know what,? that moment was the best thing that happened to me, it made me re evaluate,learn study not only my craft, but goals in life, ask for help that was new for me, out of the dark came forth sweetness, my guides hadnt deseted me i was blocking them do you see where im going? anything is possible, and i dont envy spirit or other that tries to get me like that again without a good scrap! good luck, if i get anymoe stuff ill pass it on xx

  39. tina wilmott says:

    right sinse your exp at last place your psychic gifts have been opened which means you are all going to be more suseptable and aware of things happening around you thus the baby crying and nightmares, we both agreed once you step on this path their is no getting of and in a word this is what has happened, you need to try and get it under control and some kind of order or it really will send you mad! research the subject, read, seek people in the know this all helps emensly,in the beguinning when i first recieved what i then thaought a curse i believed i wasnt allowed to tell spirit no, that ive been given these gifts to help, so i was never switched off, it took over my life, i couldnt enjoy being sociable as wherever i went some fom of spirit was attracted and would mither the pants of me, and they would all be talking at once, i was on system overload.the group helped me steghten myself and i was allowed to say no as after all i am only a human with basic needs of my own and a life, so i had a set time where i would open up and work, this like eveything takes time and sory to say you have no say in the situation, just like i didnt but there is a lot you can do to start taking control back,assertin yourself and saying tough you going to have to wait your turn! like dealing with little children, your guide is awsome and there to help let them, they ae like police dogs you guides and helpers they cannot do diddly squat until you let them of your leash and give them permission to help, so start asking ok?, the 3am thing i think is just that,something trying to communicate with you, nothing bad,just desperate! you really need these peeps youve called in to help support you, clear the place, communicate and clear, if they cant i know peeps who can, like myself, though bit difficult when i respect you dont want to disclose details! i know this is a lot to take in, believe me it will get easier and you all will be in control, its like anything new,stay in control and good luck! xx

  40. Jackie says:

    Hi Scotslassy,

    gosh!! the empathy people are showing you here is amazing!! Tina must have spent so much time helping you here!!! I know these are just messages but people’s energies are there for you, willing you on in your fight against this, if that makes any sense??

    How is everything going now?

    God bless you xx

  41. scotslass says:

    Thank you so much for spending time on this for us, Tina. As you say, it is a lot to take in, but a great deal of what you say makes sense to me.

    There are things that happened which I have not mentioned. They are just too private and too painful to recall, but one of those things is that I was being physically attacked (with bruises and welts to show for it). That was the worst time for me. I felt as if I was losing myself, sinking down into a black pit and disappearing. My husband�s mum and dad had died (both in their sixties) within a year of each other and the pall of grief and apathy in the household at that time was terrible. It was as if we didn�t have the strength enough to care, let alone be able to help ourselves. Then something happened that changed things. It was really quite odd.

    It happened during an attack. Normally, I was terrified, but this time, I felt really calm. I don�t know why. Despite the pain, I suddenly felt overwhelming pity for the thing. I can still recall what was going through my mind very vividly. I thought, you poor, wretched creature, always alone in the dark, hated, feared, condemned to this, never to know joy, never to know love�

    The attack stopped immediately and it has never happened again. I felt as if I had been given a small window of time to get my family out of there. And although we had tried before, everything seemed to fall into place and we did get out. Although we had always chosen old properties, we bought a new house. Our health improved dramatically and my eldest went off to do a year�s voluntary work.

    For the first time in many years, we all felt positive, things were going really well and nothing unexplainable happened to any of us. Even the big bright orbs disappeared for a time. They had been in almost every photograph we took, no matter which of four cameras was used, including film, and no flash, as well as those seen with the naked eye.

    I remember the first one that appeared in our new location, when my husband was trying to catch a photograph of a peacock butterfly in the garden. I felt good about it when I usually feel threatened. It was a sunny day and it was probably a light anomaly but it showed what looked like a sitting figure with what could have been wings. It made me smile and I said to my husband, look, we have a fairy at the bottom of the garden ? I had never joked about these things before.

    Everything was really good. But then things started to go downhill again while my son was at university. He said that it had found him.

    But I digress: My point is that when my fear stopped (and I haven�t felt fear like that since) and my emotional viewpoint changed, the attack stopped. And whilst we were all in a positive frame of mind nothing happened.

    Without your comments, I should never have put it together like this, Tina. Thank you so much. I believe you know what you are talking about and I shall be following your advice.

    You are so right about much of what you�ve said about us. But I�m not so sure if I could willingly open myself to any kind of communication with the supernatural.

    I feel I know when loved ones are around, or when a house or place has that certain kind of atmosphere, and I have always been happy to feel like that without really giving it much thought. I suppose I felt that everyone was the same � until I met my husband. But I have never wished to go any further.

    I am also more empathetic towards people than is usually the case, but I�ve always imagined that was because I was both a nurse and a published author. You come to know a great deal about people�s lives when you work in an acute emergency unit, as I did for 12 years. People who have come that close to death (and I have been with many patients when they had near death experiences and were able to tell us things we did while they were clinically dead) are at their most vulnerable and need as much support and friendship as you can give them. I think that a good imagination is a huge help with this. It allows you to put on other people�s shoes. People know when you don�t really care, and I have always felt really lucky that I did care. It allowed me to be the best nurse that I could be.

    You�re spot on when you say that my eldest son is of the sort that complete strangers sit next to and tell you their life stories. He is exactly the same as I am in that regard. He can sense �atmospheres� see and feel things and he is hugely empathetic, as well � but to a fault. It breaks my heart when I see yet another �friend� bleed him dry and move on. He cares too much for other people, to the point that he�d willingly wreck his health to help them (and has).

    I�m sure that we have all been in similar situations in our lifetimes, caring too much for a person and their problems, only to find out later that they were not the person we thought they were and that we had been used. But with my son, it seems to be every person he meets. I can only hope that as he matures, he becomes less intense.

    Things changed dramatically for my husband during our experiences in the farm house. He was always the most confirmed in his scepticism and refused to believe that supernatural events were anything more than natural occurrences with a good dash of over imagination. Not only have our experiences changed his mind, he now sees, hears and feels much more than I do. Indeed, it is my husband and son who have been the worst hit by the present escalation.

    So I do believe you are right in what you say, Tina. Once opened to the supernatural, you do change. But do we need to open ourselves up to the spirit world as part of our daily lives? Can we not do what we are doing in the hope that we can simply accept that this kind of thing does happen and move on with our lives?

    The two paranormal experts that we have been working with (extraordinary, caring people) have done and said the same things as you have advised – visualisation, prayer, communication, self belief and positive thinking. They have been really terrific. With their help, we performed a cleansing ritual on Sunday afternoon. My husband and I felt a marked difference, both in the house (which felt very peaceful and warm) and in our selves. Everything felt lighter somehow.

    Unfortunately, those feelings have not stayed for my eldest son. When he went up to bed on Sunday night, his room was full of moving shadows. The best that can be said is that they did not, and have not, followed him back downstairs. It is only happening in his room. We shall of course help, support, advise him and do much more research, but I am coming to realise that in the end, it is only he who can put an end to this. Listening to everything people are saying, I think that he must start to believe that he is strong enough, that he can say, NO MORE!

    It was the worry for my son that made me seek out help from the caretaker here. I wanted to leave no stone unturned. And as Jackie comments, the response has been amazing. I am overwhelmed by the support I have found here. After such a long time in the darkness, to see the light and goodness of people who understand and genuinely care�

    I have no words that could ever hope to express the gratitude I feel.

    Thank you all very much

  42. tina wilmott says:

    scotslass, well done you! having a positive frame of mind is how i first started to defend myself, and i think that applies to everything not just the spirit world, it is a skill we have to re learn and it aint easy, but its the most effective way to take control back from others, including spirit. i to am extremely empathic,im 36 and still exactly the same after all the knocks ive had my mum is baffled but if its the way you are built its exremely difficult to break. one of my collegues during my counselling skills said how have you managed to maintain a childlike innocence after the knocks youve taken and still be able to take people at face value! i dont like to believe peeps have motives or purposly be malice, but they are definately out there,soe peeps will take every last drop if they know they are onto a good thing, and whatever you personality in life you take on the other side and this is how you end up with you good,bad indifferent spooks. its for this reason i never made a police woman for im a sucker for a sob story! i work offering wellbeing treatments to the less fortunate or teenage mums with deep issues (as well as the alter ego ghost busting thing!) and i get a lot from it, though challenging and difficult as i cannot rescue everyone! you question do we need to open ourselves up to spirit world part of lives? NO but you DO NEED to learn how to protect yourselves as you are all sensitives, ( you lucky peeps i didnt get a choice as ive mentioned this is what i now know i was born to do otherwise spirit wouldnt have tried so hard) oh to be worthy!! ha ha. which leads me on to your son in his room, your spot on, he has to dig deep (like i did) find that strength, draw a line and say knowmore- spirit and indeed the living will think twice, hes got a constant source of vampirism goin on know wonder he feels like crap! i empathise with you as his mum leaving no stone unturned-quite rightly, i have the same battle with my 4yr old who is also a sensitive ( much stronger than myself) and a very bright light,born to do a job and under my wings not only in a motherly sense but apprentice ( like i dont have enough to do he he) and what a job, she brings allsorts through the little sausage! final note, you were guided by spirit to share your story to get the help you needed, the right people were in place, like i was guided to write and i dont normally respond to things, ( not to mention im very new to the internet world and i have an “R” that sticks on the keyboard) my mento said internet is the way forward for me and my gifts, he also said im going to be a spiritual counsellor,humm! i think after our communications he maybe onto something, YOU were my link so weve helped each other so THANKYOU! its like a game of chess, spirit will place me or bring forward peeps to me to make the link, something to happen,an example, not long ago my dad was a link between a lady in a shop id never met but who despirately needed my help, and i knew the info before my dad had chance to eport to me as spirit gave me my briefin, maybe i ended up in the spiritual police eh? im just babblin now! love and blessings and again well done you tina xxx

  43. Jackie says:

    Scotslass and Tina,
    I once had a time where i felt the energy of i think was a spirit guide or angel, i don’t know, it was a small incident which i haven’t posted here as i thought i’d posted enough, but i think it is appropriate here as it may help you to know that we are protected by something if we can allow ourselves to accept.
    This is what happenend: My ex-husband’s step father committed suicide because we had eventually got the courage up to call the police on his abuse of my ex-husband when he was a child and a small child that he had recently been caught touching up in the lounge by my ex husband’s mother. Anyway, my ex wouldn’t give the statement to the police, so i had to. Once my ex’s father-in-law was arrested and then bailed, he committed suicide and I was blamed by the family, got death threats – the lot.
    About two days before he committed suicide, i was stood in my lounge picking bits off my bobbly jumper and looking out into the garden checking on my daughter at the same time and watching TV too. I was very anxious as to the outcome of my ex’s step father’s arrest and just felt so strongly that something bad was going to happen. Suddenly, i felt a kind of peace and loving feeling overwhelm me as i stood there, it wasn’t a touch, but a kind of energy as though someone had just ran their hands over my shoulders and then down part of my upper body. I wasn’t frightened as i turned around to see if someone was there and to find there wasn’t. I was just a bit confused. Anyway after a few days when he committed suicide, i felt so guilty that i sunk into the deepest depression i could ever feel and i too contemplated suicide like Tina, even though i had a young child, i just had to get out of this world. So i planned it one morning as i lay in bed, then got up and made my way down stairs with the intention of going out of the house (my eldest daughter was there so i was knowing that she would take care of my youngest) and to drive my car at high speed into something like a tree. As i entered my lounge i had the same loving feeling and then my youngest gave me the most loving tender hug, which was unusual as she was so naughty and horrible to me normally at that age. All of a sudden i just snapped out of this dark place and like a bolt of blue was thinking what was i about to do and like i’d just woken up from a nightmare.
    This incident happened after i’d become convinced there was a paranormal world and because of this i think i was open to the feeling of this wonderful energy and presence.
    I also know that i was once saved from a horrible fall by this presence and i think if you can know that there is something there to protect you and you acknowledge it, it will work alot better than people who do not believe these things are possible. I feel alot less scared at night when i think of these things and together with prayer i also remember this and cover myself and my flat with bright white light with imagination.

  44. Jackie says:

    Thought or imagination, like Tina said is very powerful, you can even reduce your heartbeat like this, that is incredible how your thought can have a physical effect on the body. I once healed tennis elbow in my elbow which was so painful, through thought alone, by imagining the bad energy swirling in my elbow, i then imagined pulling this energy down my arm and through my hand and it worked, never had a problem with it since.
    Imagine this thought working for you in the fight against this, that’s probably why the thing left you when it was attacking as your thoughts were positive and went out to this negative thing like a bolt of electricity.

  45. Jackie says:

    This has done me the world of good thinking about this and relaying it to you as lately i have become a bit paranoid that something is going to happen to me at night even after prayer. I’m now feeling alot more positive and remembering the incredible power of thought, which i will again put to more powerful use.
    Think i’ve been feeling so paranoid about something happening, as i had the first supernatural dream the other night in absolute years and woke up with the room seeeming to spin and me trying to scream out in a horrid voice, it really shook me up. Now i will get the thought process going on more powerfully i think.
    Good luck with your son, i’m going to pray for him and try and focus to send him powerful bright light surrounding him, you could do this and ask your spirit guide/guardian to help too. xx

  46. tina wilmott says:

    my work here is done! if you ever need me my email is [email protected] my guides and i are your back up whenever needed, that goes to you 2 jackie love and blessins tina xxxx

  47. scotslass says:

    Wow,what a powerful story, Jackie. Thank you so much for sharing that. *hugs* I hear what your saying.

    Thank You!

  48. scotslass says:

    Thanks to you too, Tina!

  49. Kel says:

    I believe it sounds like you have a demonic entity following you. Everything you have described fits the bill of a demonic haunting. Is there anyone in your area that specializes in these types of things (Demonologist / Priest) ? You need to get some help. My prayers are with you.

  50. Enya says:

    WOW, that must have been hard,
    i sure hope things get better,
    all your animals that IS shocking,
    and all those things,
    wth no explanations,
    i hope it gets better,
    good luck,

  51. Tracey says:

    That Remind me before halloween I seen one two or two nigjht a row and Notice the sky it was dark but moon there and notice the shape around the moon it was a skull I thought that was creepy i don’t know what that means for me to see it.

    so it look like a skull to me.

  52. Tamika Norcross says:

    Is there ghost tales from ponsford minnesota.

  53. ico says:

    I’m completely willing to believe in ghosts but i’m not going to blindly believe those pics are of ghosts. Those first couple are his breath.

  54. Luna the Mystic One says:

    I have been attacked by ghosts, and what you describe to me sounds similar. Evil ghosts have the ability to take life force from the living. Your son is suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from extended lack of sleep. He needs to get his immune system back into shape. I recommend a combination of supplements including: essential minerals; essential vitamins; essential fatty acids and essential amino acids. Calcium, tumeric, seretonin, vitamin B, echinacea, and glutathione will all be very helpful. He needs to stop the insomnia, so that he can gain his strength. Then he needs to banish the demon that is feeding on him. Part of the trouble is malabsorption. He is not getting the nutrients from his food. He is then unable to neutralize the acid in his food. This will lead to cancer if it is not attended to very soon. He should probably go to a yoga expert to repair the damage to his life force and close off any areas that are vulnerable. Great pics. Great history. Thanks for sharing!

  55. TheLostSoul says:

    Hope u have figured everything out by now there’s a story of place where there’s a special spot in the haunted place that u can use to contact a ghost i thijnk its called the ghostspot or the ghostbox
    try to get a ghosthunter and work the things out

    on day these ghosthunters where investigating this house and they heard mumbling at a special spot in a room. they just barely made out ” getdogsout” and a few weeks later the dog in the ladies house died while fighting with another one. Later, it said ffffiiree and one day the lady’s furnace caught on fire and almost burned down the house. It stopped speaking for a few months till the hunters heard “bwurgwy”, they asked if someone was going to die and it said “es” a few weeks later a man broke in the house and murdered the owner.

  56. trolldoll1681 says:

    i too saw that story. the show was called The Haunted and it was on the animal planet channel.

  57. Anonymous says:

    I just read the story and I fell very sorry for what has been happening and has happened to you. When I look at the picture it looks like a man riding a horse. The man doesn’t look like he is very nice either. There is something wierd and scary about his face! I hope things start going well for you!

  58. anna says:

    i love ghost pics and i cant tell what it is.

  59. anna says:

    well i looked at the pic and it does look like something but i cant tell sorry.but it does look like a real pic.

  60. Shirley King says:

    Great picture I have pictures as well and I can say this is right on! I have some where it’s very unclear like something is forming but not there yet. I have seen a dark hooded figure before. Twice in my life and I honestly have no idea what it is. I wish I did! The first time was inside an old friends home. The second was driving home one night alone on a country road. The picture does look like a man that’s about all I can make out of it. Sorry you went through all that you have..

  61. Reykja says:

    I think the smoke looks like a big sheep’s skull, with the snout and two horns and you can also see the eye hole or however you call it.

  62. Nikki says:

    It looks more like a serpent to me. Like a snake with it’s mouth open, ready to strike. Well, whatever it is, I think we ALL get the sense that it’s NOT anything good! Strange stuff indeed!

  63. Anonymous says:

    This year on the 1st day of sept 2010, I took photos of my two boys before they went to school looking smart. It was Jacks first day and Andrew was going into P3. A wk later my sister printed off the photos for me their were 4 photos bur the last one had a white round circle that you can see through above Andrews head. I looked at it thought for a moment and put it down to her printer. Andrew had a tragic accident and died on the 22nd sept only aged 6 and a half. I mentioned two wks after his funeral to my sister about her printer, and she said well heres the same picture printed out and its still there.So she asked me to check my camera and its on the camera but i hadnt noticed it.Its very srange.

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