Did a Ouija Board Cause These Bad Things?

Posted on March 18, 2010

I was 12 when one of my friends brought a Ouija board over. I had never heard of it and knew absolutely nothing about it – if I had known anything about its history, etc., I would have said “Get that thing out of here!” She (I’ll call her Jennie) said it was just a board game that you could ask questions about the future, so I thought there could be no harm in it.

We asked it questions, but the answers made no sense – just strange names and gibberish, so Jennie put it away, and we thought no more about it. A few days later, strange footprints appeared in the garden in the backyard. Nobody seemed to be able to identify these footprints, which were unlike anything we had ever seen – sort of like a combination of a bear and deer footprint, if you can even imagine such a weird thing, and really big.

Then my sister-in-law was in a car accident and my parents went to the hospital with my brother. My nieces (who are my age) were alone in the house. It was a very hot night in July and there was not even a hint of a breeze.� Suddenly, the door, which was closed, opened and slammed hard into the wall – we screamed and sat frozen for a minute until I said something like “What the heck was that?” and my niece, Gina said “That was not possible – nobody is here except us!”� But, we all witnessed it, just the same.

Soon after that, my (up til then anyway) happy life began to fall apart. My best friend since first grade suddenly, and with no provocation, turned against me and tried to turn others against me. Some of my other friends remained loyal, but others joined forces with my ex-best friend to torment me, and to this day, I do not know why.

A couple of years later, my nieces were visiting again, and strange things happened. Two of them heard someone coming up the stairs and knocking on the bedroom door. They thought it must be my mother, so one of them said “Grandma, is that you?” but there was no answer. They were so scared, they ran into my room and slept on the floor that night. After we went to sleep, my niece Carla woke us up with a terrifying scream – she said that something grabbed her leg, and we looked and indeed there were red marks on her leg.

The next year, I began to have nightmares and wake up unable to move, which really scared me. My uncle was killed in a car accident a few weeks later.

I had a lot of unusually rotten luck – when my middle son was only two months old, a drunk hit my car head on and caused my son to suffer permanent brain damage. Then my husband died young of a rare genetic disease, and many other things happened, too numerous to mention here.

A short time after my husband’s death, I had just got in bed and said my nightly prayers and closed my eyes. I had a strange feeling, so I opened my eyes, and was horrified to see an evil-looking head floating about two feet away – I screamed, and looked again, and it was gone. I did not get back to sleep that night. Every body I told about this said I was just overworked and stressed out. I had numerous health problems, and was soon diagnosed with systemic Lupus.

I got married again, and after I moved into my new husband’s house,I saw that face again, and also saw black shadows in the living room. I prayed to God to make them go away, and they did, but they would come back. I found this site, and wondered if the Ouija board had anything to do with these things that had happened. I followed advice that people gave me, but that night I awoke to feel something holding my legs down and I could not speak at first, but them I managed to say “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to get out!” and my legs were released!

The next day, I Googled prayers of protection, and I found one that releases you from Ouija board evil and curses and everything, so I said that prayer for protection of my husband, my kids and myself, and also I said the prayer to St. Michael. The next night was peaceful. I hope this will help somebody who has similar problems! I’m still not sure if the leg-grabbing incident was a dream or what, but I have infinite faith in the Lord!

Sent in by Lisa, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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47 Responses to “Did a Ouija Board Cause These Bad Things?”
  1. Nana says:

    Wow. That’s really sad that all those things happened to you! You’re okay now, though?

    It was most likely demons that caused the trouble, and demons are let in by the Ouija Board. But the prayers you said, they’ll make it go away. If it happens again have a priest bless the house.

    Stay safe!

    • Lisa says:

      I have a lot of organ damage (Lung, kidney, etc.) from th Lupus, but I’m still kickin’! Hopefully, we’ve seen the last of the dreaded “activity”, but if it comes back, you can bet I’ll get a Priest in here fast! Thanks,

  2. tinkybex says:

    This is just my opinion but these events seem too horrific to happen to just one person. Which makes me feel like it’s fake, but if it isn’t you have my deepest sympathies for those events. I’m glad you found a way to protect yourself and your family.

    • Lisa says:

      Actually, I didn’t even include everything that happened. My oldest brother was murdered when I was 25, and the killer was never found, and a few other things besides that also happened, which I will not get into here, but everything happened just as I wrote it; I would never make up such awful stuff!!

  3. DarStarr says:

    Something could have very well attached itself to you through that board. You didn’t mention if you guys closed the board. I would suggest that you make those prayers of protection a nightly ritual. Stay strong and have faith. You can’t let whatever it is break you. Say out loud “You have no power here, God is in this house.” And keep saying those prayers!
    If things continue, you might want to have the house and yourself, blessed.
    Good luck to you and my thoughts and prayers are coming your way!

    • Lisa says:

      I do say those prayers every night, and will continue to do so as long as I live! We did not close the board (dumb kids!) because we didn’t know then that we were supposed to do that. Th best thing to come of this is that though I never lost my faith, I had not been going to mass and confession, but now I’m back with the Church and my faith is stronger than ever! Thanks for the prayers, and God Bless!


      • DarStarr says:

        It sounds like you have a very level head and are doing everything right! Keep up the good work and I will continue to pray for you!

        • Lisa says:

          Thanks, DarStarr; I think praying the Rosary every day really helps a lot also–at least it works for me!

  4. anna says:

    i am so sorry for what has happened with everything.i dont want to sound mean but i think about the accedent with ur son and ur husband i could of happened with the board im not saing it isnt but i dont think it has anything to do with it.or what you have.like i said thats just what i think.but everything else that does sould like it could be a ghost or worse.thanks for the story ,and im am sorry for what you have been through.

    • Lisa says:

      Dear Anna, You are not being mean, I don’t think you have a mean bone in your body! Yes, I agree, there are a lot of drunk drivers out there, and the accident may not have been related to the use of the board; same with my first husband’s genetic disease. Thanks for reading the story and commenting!


      • anna says:

        i know how you feel my favorite uncle died yrs ago and i still miss him.im sorry to hear about everything what your going through.and about your brother.i have 1 brother and i would be mad if someone killed him.and i ,we would like to hear your other stories as well.so whenever you want were here.and ur welcome.

  5. Katie says:

    I really want to know what you meant by “really big, bear + deer” footprints, can you possibly remember what they look like in more detail?
    And hang in there, if you pray every night, they’ll soon give up!

    • Lisa says:

      They’re hard to describe, but they looked like a huge hoofprint, but with toe/claw prints, similar to that of a bear. A lot of people looked at these things, but nobody knew what made them. I even thought my brothers did it somehow as a prank, but they all swore they didn’t. We never saw the prints again after that summer.

  6. chocolate cake says:

    A ouija board Is a piece of cardboard with letters printed on it sold in toy stores. Ok I think I don’t need to explain anything else.

    • Lisa says:

      It’s not the board itself that causes trouble; it’s the potential it has for bringing evil spirits and the problems they can create. Of course, there are many other ways to summon evil spirits besides the board.

  7. Hahaha :D says:

    Bahahahaha Demon’s they do some beautiful things =) .. You should be happy…. You have it easy Missy… I’ve tried countless priests to get these ones out of my house but they don’t leave.. The priest is the one who leaves… He sometimes says It’s Zozo other times Pazuzu Even Captain Howdy… when hes around you can be sure to see a spider or 10…
    Nybbas the one who tauments my dreams
    Some other guy named Ornias… who walks around holding a big chain.. at night can here it being dragged around, he also has a chain with a goat skull on it around his neck… he likes to push things and he likes to bang things.

    Zozo is the worst.. he is really really really really really aggresive the visions he shows me

    • Lisa says:

      Hey, I have no doubt that some demons are way more aggressive and harder to get rid of than others–just as some humans are. Sorry you’re having such bad experiences!

    • Liara says:

      Demons do some beautiful things? Are you crazy? They do whatever they can to destroy a persons life, and the person them-self in any way possible. You are being tormented by demons, so how can you be so optimistic and blase about Lisa’s story? I have a gut feeling you’re making some of this stuff up because if you were ever tormented by a demon you wouldn’t post a comment like this one,

      • Hahaha :D says:

        hehehehhehehe go get an ouija board.. learn to summon a specific demon with it.. then get Zozo and Nybbas :) enjoy life..

        • Liara says:

          I already fooled around with an ouija board about a year ago. Trust me, it’s not a game and summoning demons isn’t exactly the best idea. You’re crazy if it is – sorry.

      • Ryuk82 says:

        It’s kinda obvious that they’re making it up isn’t it? Pazuzu? Captain Howdy? Those are the fictional demons that Reagan talked to on the Ouija board in “The Exorcist”. Also, Captain Howdy is the name of the character Dee Snyder played in “Strangeland” if anyone remembers correctly.

        • Speed says:

          Pazuzu?? As in “futurama”? The professor’s gargoyle?? Hhmm. And captain howdy? From the exorcist wow! It kinda sounds made up doesn’t it? Especially the attitude of the person leaving the comment and wishing others would find these “demons” and have a nice life after.

    • Liara says:

      Wow, sorry about my comment last night. I completely read your message the wrong way =/ I am so sorry about your trouble.

    • Midnight says:

      Captain Howdy? You mean from the movie “The Exorsist?” Yes, Pazuzu is a real entity, Zozo is a real entity, Ornias, and Nbbas aswell. But, the fact that they paid no mind to the Priests, should clue you into something; they are not evil! They are from Persia (Modern day Iraq and Iran). Now why would entities that by Persian tradition, helped cast the Azoni (The Absolute Face of Fear and Suffering to the Persian people) into the Abbis, be tourmenting you? Draw your own concluesions, and Stop tourmenting this lady!

  8. Jk says:

    You are way ahead of the game in calling out to God and Jesus and what you have experienced is way too common. There is nothing wrong with a protection prayer but if you want lasting protection then you need a daily close relationship with Jesus. If you have not already, your next prayer should be to ask Jesus to come and live in your heart through the Holy Spirit, commit your live to Him fully anmd let Him take it from there. Pray every day to build you personal relationship with Him and you will be protected and the awesome bunus is eternity in Heaven verses the other alternative. You already know that His power works, so invite that power to live inside you. He promised us that He would never leave us or foresake us and He has never broken a promise.

    • Lisa says:

      Jk, yes, I have already done what you mentioned, and I pray to the Lord every day. I know that I am nothing without God, and only His power can save us from evil!

  9. Liara says:

    Lisa, I am SO sorry about your experiences. Demons can do some horrible things, and I think it’s quite possible that one of them got attached to you. Thus, causing horrible horrible things to happen. Some things can happen at random (I agree) but a year after of fooling around with one, some bad things have been happening to me as well-luck wise, anyway. In the beginning of all of this crap I began to hear scratching and smell foul things – not to mention see oddly shaped shadows. After praying, the more serious things faded but the bad luck remained. Take care and always always expected the unexpected.

    • Lisa says:

      Keep praying, Liara, and I’ll pray for you, too. It’s a shame some people just don’t know what they are openining themselves up to when they mess with those boards–I had no idea of the danger, and plenty of kids today don’t either.

      • Liara says:

        I definitely will, and thank you. All of this evil is wrong and oh so tainted. I’ll never understand anyone that loves it when it is just a means to an end. A horrible end, at that. Take care of yourself, Lisa. I’m sending good thoughts and prayers your way :)

  10. Mariah says:

    To me, its sound like thoes things had nothing to do with the board. I mean ppl have such worse luck(not saying ur expiriences arent horrific) and have never touched a board!! But wut ever it is, it seems to be attached to you. Or has jennie had any expieriences to? Im sorry about how suckish ur life is. It really makes me sad. p.s. U remind me of the katie from paranormal activity. With ur expiriences and all. :D

    • Lisa says:

      I have not seen or heard from Jennie recently, but I do know that both her parents died quite young, within about 10 years or so after she got the board. Whether the board had anything to do with that, who knows? Yes, I have known people who have had even worse things happen to them and they never got near the board, but demons can come into this realm in many different ways, not just through the board, so, again, who knows?

  11. Nicole says:

    I am absolutely sorry for all your misfortunes. Always pray and be strong enough to shoo away those devious demons. Have a good life. :)

  12. Angel With Horns says:

    I am not sure whether or a Ouija board caused those TERRIBLE things to happen but it seems as though it might have. I feel so sorry for your loss. Did the prayer of protection work?

    With love,
    Angel With Horns

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, the prayers seem to be working, I have not seen those awful shadow blobs or heard anything strange lately……….I hope they’re gone for good!


      • Angel With Horns says:

        Me too it is horrible what you have been through. I hope it stops for good “)

  13. Anthony Bender says:

    Sorry about what bad things have happened to you. As a believer of the paranormal and Area 51 I was going to mess with an Ouija board but I’ve changed my mind. Sorry about all that’s happened. Bye and I wish you the best for the rest of you life.

  14. Mike says:

    Playing with an ouija board is like putting a revolver to your head… Trust in Jesus your lord and savior and you will be protected from the evil entities.

  15. Dom says:

    Hello I was watching many films like paranormal activity and most haunted and i wondered what it would be like to contact ghosts so on that day i wasnt able to get a quija board but i went on the intenet and did it and i was talkin 2 this thing but i closed it but that night i saw a spider in my room crawling from my wall to me i went to wack it with a book but it jumped at me then i killed it but that night the quija board played on my mind i thort i herd weird things so i went in wiv my mom and dad, the day after it was ok so any one no wat happend or if it was real or wat was with the spider…:)

  16. Carla Clark says:

    My mom used one when she was 22 with a friend, which would be 1972. . . like a week after that her friend drowned, the my mom got hurt pretty bad, her uncle went insane and tried to kill her while driving down the wrong side of the street, she got the meseals, the she married my dad . . . i think that was the worse part . . . my dad got bit by a brown recluse spider . . . his face gets all swollen and nasty all the time . . . my oldest brother got meningitis and went half blind, second to oldest brother had some immune deficiantce and he is currently insane (my oppion) . . . my sister at age 4 went partly deaf . . . my other brother he was born without the middle of his brain . . . my mom has broken an arm, leg, had back surgery 3 times i think since she used the board. . . all of her children had problems including my (emotional problems) her husband (now ex) has been sick threw out their whole marrige . . . . . but i’m glad they got divorced he is a terrible father . . . all that happen but i still wanna use a Ouija Board

    • Liara says:

      Wow, I am really sorry about all of those misfortunes. You live with a lot on your plate, most that few could ever live with. With that said, I wouldn’t play with one period. Look what it did to your family. At least you were fortunate enough not to receive the harsher bits of the “curse.” If you were to play with an Ouija board, I fear that you could receive something worse…something that could destroy you, and all you know.

  17. Anonymous says:

    My brother and brother in law both experienced the evil look when they woke up and that almost scared them to death!

  18. Metatron says:

    I am sorry for your troubles Lisa, but to put things into perspective I have had a life marred by bereavement, illness and disability in people close to me and more than my fair share of personal injuries. All without the involvement of a Ouija board or any other arcane paraphernalia, unfortunately life can be hard.Don’t live in fear of demons and monsters, either personal or spiritual. The oppressive nature of fear can end your life before anything else has the chance to. Go forth with courage.

    Much love

  19. Ouija says:

    It has nothing to do with the Ouija Board. Bad things happen, and you’re just looking for something to blame it on.

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