Demons and Orbs Were Following Us

Posted on October 31, 2010

Rockford Illinois is an manufacturing town filled with poverty, homeless people, ex cons and disparity. I had lived in Harvard Illinois for the past ten years. The Motorola plant in Harvard had just shut down where I had been employed for seven years. Upon finding myself unemployed me and my husband were not getting along.

The year was 2001. That fall, my parents became ill and died of heart attacks only month apart. My husband decided to hook up with a coworker. He left the children with me and took off to Kansas. He filed for divorce after almost ten years of marriage and my home was going into foreclosure, so I left the home and took my two little toddlers to a Rockford.

My friend Jessica from Motorola had told me about Rockford. She told me the good things about Rockford like help for single mothers, and a fair education. But, she failed to mention the gang problem and numerous murders in the troubled city.

I went to the mobile home park right by Rockford Airport and across from the Faith Center church. This mobile home park called Gem looked fairly decent with paved streets and 1970s mobile homes. I bought the green mobile home close to the main park entrance. Upon signing the final papers and giving the managers the money to purchase the mobile home.

The mobile home park told me that their mother had died and owned the mobile home. The family of the previous owner, the people that owned the mobile home that I was purchasing, were arguing over who would get the $8,000 dollars. But what the mobile home part failed to tell me was that an old woman had died in my mobile home.

It took a couple of weeks for the transaction to go through. But me and my new boyfriend loaded up a moving truck with my three children and loaded all of our belonging from our house in Harvard Illinois. Previous owners arguing about the money. The manager finally told me their mother had died and left the mobile home to all her adult children. I did not think nothing of that comment and went on moving into the mobile home. For a few years in the trailer everything was fine. The winters were cold. but we had electric blankets. Suddenly, Lorin my boyfriend continued to drink and became increasingly violent toward me and my children. Me and Lorin often argued over his unemployment and his drinking and violent actions.

Things remained unpredictable but the mobile home brought a sense of stability to me and the children. I told myself that� we at least had a cheap place to live. Lorin finally after several years of arguing left and moved down the road. But� then mobile home� started to fall apart. Plumbing problems seemed to be a major concern in my mobile home. The mobile home started to settle and there was a large crack in the front of the living room.

Residents of the mobile home park became increasingly hostile toward my children. Kelsy a 14 year old neighbor started to pick on my daughter Autumn. She continued to call Autumn a crazy girl. When Autumn fought back verbally the girls mother who worked at a local gas station became angry and started to stalk Autumn. Once incident she tried to run Autumn over with her van. The police were notified and only blamed my daughter Autumn for provoking Kelsy.

Pretty soon several bullies in the mobile home started to torment my daughter Autumn.

Another family from the mobile home park Sonja’s family. Sonja was a thirty something heavy build with bleach blonde hair. This woman was amused she and her other busty friend could get so many boyfriends at the mobile home park.

This woman who had adolescent children let her kids run wild through the mobile home park. The mother often was seeing several boyfriends in the mobile home park, and not watching her five children. Sonja’s daughter was the ring leader and was pretty a thirteen year old, but I could see a dark evil presence that was attached to her.

She had long black hair with black eyes, in an instance you could just look at her tell she was a demon.

One day while Autumn took my six year old Christina to the park, Sonja’s daughter ran after Autumn and got her gang of kids to call Autumn and Christina sexual perverse names. Sonja’s daughter yelled” Your mom is old.” “you are crazy,” Sonja’s daughter continued to torment Autumn with her verbal abuse.

Sonja’s daughter continued to call Autumn names so she would hit one of Sonja’s children. Autumn my daughter stood up and� to hit the ring leaded and instead by accident hit her brother a twelve year old kid.

The gang of kids had a cell phone and had their mom on speed dial, and called their mother Sonja. All of the sudden within a few minutes Sonja was at the park, only blocks from her children’s home. Sonja slammed on her brakes and started to yell “come on hit me.” I told her I would not. I yelled at my children to run home.

Me and Christina and Autumn ran home about one forth of a mile and stood inside the mobile home waiting for something to happen. I told Autumn and Christina I thought Sonja and her children had a set up going on. Sonja wanted her kids to get someone to hit her children, so she could put them in jail. The kids had her phone and the police phone number on speed dial.

All of the sudden the police came. They were banging on the mobile home door. We opened the door they� arrested Autumn. Autumn was handcuffed with plastic ties and taken away in a Rockford Police squad car to the Rockford Detention Center.

I had to leave Autumn there for Twelve hours. I drove around three am to pick up Autumn at the correctional facility.� It took an hour to get Autumn’s release. When Autumn was finally allowed to leave.

We got into my car and she looked shook up. Christina asked Autumn was she ok. Autumn said she was ok but what startled me was the Rockford police officer was taunting her in the squad car. The cop kept saying. ” Kid are you gonna hit me.” The cop kept on trying to get Autumn to hit him. This scared me because Autumn was only fourteen years old.

A few days later Autumn was down at Ashley her best friends house. I walked down to Ashley’s house to get Autumn to come home. I started walking staying on the left side of the street and looked over at the people across the street from Ashley’s a family we had befriended. All of the sudden I saw Sonja’s daughter standing and staring at me going to get Autumn. I looked her right in her eyes. I wondered why Sonja’s daughter was across the mobile home park watching my daughter across the street. This girl home was about 1/2 mile from where she belonged. It was about 6 blocks from our house. I walked across the street and got Autumn and as we crossed back over the street. I saw Sonja’s daughter was gone. I looked at the friends of ours and asked him if he saw Sonja’s daughter in their yard. The father shook his head no.� He said he was sitting on his porch and saw no one. I went home wondering why I saw Sonja’s daughter and he never saw her.

Several days later I chased Christina down the block and saw a Mexican gang following us.� One of the gang members was about six feet four.� There were about five men following us.� We walked home calmly and remained at the mobile home.

I wondered how Sonja could have police connections along with being a Mexican gang member?

After several weeks Sonja’s evil children threw screws in our driveway so I ran over one and flattened my brand new tire.

We tried to remain calm. We just stayed around our mobile home. I just tried to ignore them.

After a while the plumbing in the kitchen sink wasn’t draining well. The floor started to have cracks. The floor by the living room had a large crack in the north corner.

A few weeks later a man across the street shot himself with a gun. He was a elderly man that had cancer and ended his life when the pain got too bad.

Right after the elderly man shot himself. I heard whispering voices in our mobile home. Christina started to see the devil visit her in the mobile home. The devil followed her around a lot trying to talk to Christina. Christina was taking a bath one night and saw the devil watching her bathe.� Christina was only seven and scared. I started to see floating black fabric flying in the living room. I continued to hear a woman’s voice sometime clear.� She would ask me as I was cooking. “Can I eat too.” Me and my daughter started to see spiritual activity. At first it was whispers in the night. Sometimes I would just think that I was imagining things.� I saw a black sheet flying through the living room out of the corner of my eye.

One day Christina saw a portal open. It was a round hole coming through the crack in the mobile home. There was a glowing light coming out of the portal. Out of the glowing light crawled out the devil with four black clothed demons. These demons along with the devil were about nine feet tall. There eyes were black. There were snakes that came out of the portal also. Many of them slithering and sliding along the mobile home. These snakes and demons along with the devil followed us around in the mobile home on several occasions.

One night after that a� crazy black cat crawled into the crack of the children bedroom’s the cat hissed and scratched Autumn. I called the Animal Control and they came out but could find no black cat. Me and the children were afraid I prayed that night and the cat disappeared, and never came back.

We would see the devil appear along with his demons then a few hours later something would happen.� Several time the police paid us a visit to our mobile home. Sometimes false calls. Department of Children Family Services tried to charge me with numerous charges. All charges were dropped along with police charges.

I did a lot of praying during the time I lived at the mobile home. I tried to get the Faith Center Church to help. They only prayed. I finally got a Catholic Priest to help, he did a small exorcism.� We finally moved out of the mobile home. When we moved all of the police, Department of family services along with the haunting stopped. But right now as I type this story I heard a loud knocking at my door sounds like someone is knocking hard on my front door. I go out and look but nothing is there. It is only the wind.

Sent in by Carri Williams, Copyright 2010

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16 Responses to “Demons and Orbs Were Following Us”
  1. Witchkink says:

    Thanks for your story.sounds like you strugled during that time.i had very simillar experiences to your story.except in my version i started the hauntings by opening portals to some sinister started when iwhas introduced to wicca i whas using that power for bad deeds but after the scary part i became a demented person.ever since that happening i become moody violent for no important nigth i am able to see vividly the kitchen when infact im locked in my room.i kill this moth im sure is dead and later i find it flying in the same place under my bed.the story i will submit is pretty strange is about a pitch black red eyed beast .perhaps a hellhound since it looked to have hair.everything seems meaningless i have no taste for fun i live in despair i wish i never tried that thing people tell me that i look pale that i became cruel.i want to apoligize but when i get closer to them i get this strong feeling where i must hate there guts they become anoying and at ramdom moments i break down.

  2. Martha says:

    I think someone has cursed you or saten has targeted you, you need to get your kids baptized and yourself and all accept God an Jesus as your savior and have a priest bless your home and yourselfs to get rid of him

  3. Gemma says:

    This is very interesting. This is a great example of how demons can come into our lives and try and ruin everything for us.
    I think that they want us to turn away from god and be on their side of something, but don’t let that happen! I’m glad you are praying and I hope god gets rid of these evil things for you.

  4. ghost in the machine says:

    That area sounds like one messed up place. I am glad none of you were harmed and that the haunting has stopped.

  5. AnNa bites back says:

    i am so upset that your friend told you about that place but forgot to tell you the real reason.i am so mad in what happened.i have anger inside me that you had to put up with that crap for i dont know.i didnt even want to read the story but i GLAD you and your kids moved.i know stuff happened but im glad nothing to serious.thanks for the story and keep us up-dated in whats going on in your life.thanks again.

  6. Rosie says:

    I wonder if your mean neighbor has put some evil curse on your family. It seems to be a terrible evil place for people to live . Thank God you left that place. Don’t give up and have faith in God, he will help you. We are living in a world run by the demon, I am not surprised by your neighbors and the police at all.

  7. sharayah says:

    i think that place was pure evil and your kids got spotted by demons that are there. they try to brake you and your family with all there mite.God is good he did save your family from what the demons were trying to do.some one in sonja’s family maybe even did some witchcraft on your family. im glad you got out.just remember to pray to God.always

  8. Shina says:

    Thank you for your story. It was very … interesting in some ways. I am very glad that you’re all safe. Please allow yourself to trust and have Faith in God. Nothing is impossible with Him.

    Please keep us updated.

  9. sharayah says:

    i was thinking about what you said that sonja’s daughter with the black long hair.i agree that she had or still has a demons in her.

  10. Loe says:

    When you hear a loud knock on your front door and you check to see if there’s anyone there or not, do not open it. When you open it, you are inviting the demons inside your new home.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you got rofl-stomped by life.

  12. Suzi says:

    What is up with that neiborhood!? I hope everything is ok and you guys are all safe!! Please be careful what you do and watch out for people like that, and man is that neiborhood is messed up really bad. ONce again be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. StephiePooH says:

    Carrie It seems to me that you had alot of negative energy around you for so long with all that you explained had happened to you with your parents passing and husband leaving for a co-worker and losing your Home and Job. That all of your emotions and feelings had to be hurt, angry and sadness plus others im sure. All negative which will undoubtably draw Evil to you because they feed off your Energy, feelings, fear, and anger and makes them stronger in tormenting you and your kids. I pray for you and please keep negative away from you at all costs. Thanks for sharing and Have A very Blessed and Happy life Hun. Steph

  14. Carri says:

    i wanted to tell you all that Sonja now has been to court with her kids breaking into mobile homes. The teenagers now shout racial slurs at black people. She now works 2nd shift at the plant where I work. I pray I do not have to work around her. A resident of Gem the mobile home court where the family resides is filing a civil suit against Sonja and her evil children. I am happy she is finally getting what is coming to her.

    I think Stephie Pooh is correct we have some negative energy around us. Now we have a gang of 5 people trying to break into my new home. I got a big black dog. I am training him to attack. also I am registering for a foil card to buy a hand gun. but thank you for praying for me, we need it. This town is just evil. Rockford Illinois has the highest crime rate in Illinois . They also have a similar murder rate to Chicago. I will try to move out of this town when I save for another home.

    • Stephie says:

      Wow Carri I hope and Pray you do get outta there and as fast as you are able. Remember the Devil comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy and has obviously sent his Imps to wreck Havoc in your lives. Keep the Love and Faith of God thru this and keep a Positive outlook. And I cannot Stress enough, if you do purchase a Gun, Please, please be careful as A Gun can easily be taken away from you by somebody much bigger and you end up on the losing end. I understand why you want to have one and the very real need to protect your kids just dont give this Evil ammuntion to use against you. However the Attack Dog is a Great idea! Please let us know how he works out for you. Stay Safe and Prayers for you and yours!

  15. Carri says:

    I forgot to say that my boyfriend Lorin had an ex girlfriend who practiced Wicca. I think she put a curse on me and my kids because so many bad things happened during that time. I really think Melady put a spell or curse on me.

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