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Demon Follower

Posted on December 25, 2010

Well it started out living in a foster home in Hesperia, California. Two new girls had moved in and things were fine for the first month until me and one of the girls who shared a room started hearing noises. It sounded like pipes at first then it started scratching and sounding like whining noises. At the time I thought it was my imagination so I began calling it out like it wasn’t even there. Things became worse soon after.

The lights started going on and off you could see a shadow figure standing outside our window. All 6 of us kids had seen it. We became more frightened. Then one day I followed close behind one of my sisters into the computer room to hide and scare her when she came out. Now there is only one way in and one way out. I waited 10 minutes realizing she might have just been using the computer so I popped my head into the room and no one was there. I began to panic thinking I must of been crazy cause I had just followed inches behind her. I could of put my hand out and touched her, but no one was in that room.

I made my way to the other side of the house to her room to see she was barley waking up and doing her hair; she never went into the computer room. Now us kids were beginning to freak telling the foster parents, in which didn’t believe us.

One night my sister woke me up by whispering my name. When I awoke and asked what she needed I heard her crying telling me to look out the door. I turned and looked. There was our sister again, this time half human looking half misty looking. She looked wet and wore all black even her hair though she had brown. I began to tear up and look back into my pillow we were both so scared when I looked back up it was gone. My sister jumped into bed with me. As we laid there for only a few minutes it got colder in the room. As we became comfortable I was tugged by my ankle at the foot of the bed. After the second time I told my sister she looked at the end of the bed to watch my feet soon enough she watched the sheet move like there was a hand under it and watched me again slide a little further down the bed. We got up and ran to my sister Natalie who is the one the ghost has been looking like and all of us girls held hands scared. Our brother came not even a minute later saying he saw something at the foot of his bed. We yelled at him explaining what had happened when we asked him if he just left our little brother in there by himself it was too late our 10 year old brother Mathew came screaming saying he was pulled out of bed.

We all moved out of that house after that. When I moved to a new house it followed only me. It ran up and down the stairs scratching and walking the roof out side my window late at night and eventually growling coming from my vent. I tried to ignore it until I came home one night and there were hoof looking prints going from my floor to the ceiling into the vent. I woke up the next morning with a burn mark on my stomach I began getting sick and loosing sleep.

My fianc started having things go on in his home chairs moving voices when only we are home, we had a party one night and my friend came out of the house asking who is the man in the suite. We looked at each other and asked him what man in a suite. He told us he saw him on the stairs and was trying to ask him if he was ok but the man didn’t say anything by fianc went and grabbed a knife and checked the house. No one was inside. When I came inside later that night to get trash bags. I saw the man from the chest up walking into his sisters room. I ran outside and again my fianc checked the house and no one was there.

We since moved into our own apartment. I started burning incense and having dream catchers and bibles. The activity has seized to a minimum. I have not lived here long enough yet for the activity to worsen. I believe there is a demon following me and my fianc yet no one believes me. If you can help with the problems I’m facing and have faced.

Sent in by Brittany, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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24 Responses to “Demon Follower”
  1. sharayah says:

    wow i can’t seem to say this enough but you and your man pray too God everyday and night get your new place bless. to two of you stay strong together and believe that God will rid for this demon. keep in your head you may need out side help. may God be with you.

  2. coty says:

    Comment back and I may be of some help

  3. cathrine says:

    You are right, I know what you are talking about!!!
    I want you to call the neerest catholic church that you have, and tell the story too an catholic priest. Believ me, they will help you and your husband. It is the only way for you, they will make one exorsism on you, hopefully they can take the demon back to hell, in Jesus christs name.
    Do it before its to late.
    I hope you will find peace after this exorsism, because now you have a demon who refuse to leave you. The demon is living on your fear and sucking your energi from your body and sole.

    • Apostleled says:

      every believer in God has the authority to cast out demons if thats what God calls them to do it is not the priest that does it its God and if you know him he lives in you and you have his authority. Also the dream catcher I would recomend to throw that out as I believe it is just another door for spirits to come in. If you do believe in God ask forgiveness for your sins and ask him to deliver you.

  4. Sean says:

    Hi Briittany,

    The thing that has been most common in these stories of hauntings is that the people who are afflicted by them are usually anti-religious and don’t believe in God.

    See, if these negative beings exist and torment you, that just proves that angels and divine beings, and the ultimate source of good, God, exist too. But sometimes people have hard lives and become ‘allergic’ to God, or the idea of God, thinking that God doesn’t exist because they have had suffering in their lives, or just have never really been taught about good spiritual things.

    It’s just like people who live in cold and dark climates where it’s always been cloudy and rainy might not believe in the existence of a sun because they have never seen it — all they have seen is the dark clouds and fog and rain, so that’s what they end up believing in.

    However, whether or not you believe in the sun, it exists, and when it comes out, all the fog and mist and shadows are driven away.

    So the thing for you to do to get rid of these scary mists and shadows is to connect to God and bring the divine light and goodness into your life. When that divine light is in your life, the scary shadow beings can’t exist in your life — by definition!

    However if you deny the sun and choose to live in dark places, then of course it can be rather scary in those places — so the thing is to learn about the sun, and connect to other people who understand about the sun, and use them to help get your own personal sun shining and banishing all the dark and scary things.

    So if you want to get rid of this thing, seek and find some kind of church that you like, and pray that the divine Source of love and goodness and light show itself in your life. Find people who manifest this light of goodness and forgiveness and love, and find out how they connect ot the Source of all that.

    You will probably have to work at this — nothing worth while comes easy or cheap. However it is a fact that prayer will drive these dark beings out of your life — prayer connects you to the source of light, and light immediately banishes shadows and scary darkness.

    So get busy and connect to the Source of light and love, and start practicing forgiveness and love, and this light will be guaranteed to cleanse your life, and make it beautiful. Let go of past hurts and angers — if you have lived in foster houses, there has probably been a lot of pain and anguish, and maybe anger — that’s like bait to these dark beings that like to keep creating hurt and anger and pain. But if you start practicing love and forgiveness, and connect to the divine light, then nothing dark will be able to be around you. People who have these visitations and start praying say that the dark beings can’t get away from presence of God fast enough.

    Don’t let past bad experiences or the ignorance of others keep you away from the healing light of the spiritual sun – get the healing light that you need!

    • aimz says:

      hi sean i read ur comment , i have a question if u dont mind taking a few minutes to read/answer 4 me please…
      do you think that demon’s and other bad spirits know who doe’s not believe in god therefor they will get pleasure in haunting them or find it easier to hang on to them ?
      also how would someone know if a spirit thats in your home is good or evil?

      • MARY says:

        Hello aimz, yes I believe that demonics can tell if you are a Believer In God . They don’t go after people who have no faith alot from my experience as that is not as fun as scaring the hell out of a devout person. I believe their JOB is to try to turn and confuse diabolically the faithfull as to make less strong Gods warriors. How do you tell if you have a good spirit or bad? Well , all I can say is YOU WILL KNOW , if you are being choked in your bed or thrown down the steps or things are flying around your home hitting your family and guests in the head well then that ‘s bad. If you have a spirit that takes your keys for a bit and then puts them back or moves your favorite knick knack sometimes then I would say they just want to be known and acknowledged. Personally , I think if you are in a spirit situation you should try to send them on as they are not cute little pets , they are people who have not or cannot move on and the kindest thing to do is to try and help them to the next level of their journey. Blessings and Light to you and yours this NEW YEAR and I hope this helps. Greenmother Mary

        • aimz says:

          hi mary thanx for ur reply …i duno wot this is but in my house i see shadows i dont feel like there bad but at night everytime i go past my stairs i get this really bad feeling like sumthing is watchin me and it feels horrible i run past my stairs and also just lately at night i hear scratchin/rumblin under my bed and in the corner of my room i feel like sumfin is watchin me ….what do u think about it ??

          • MARY says:

            Sorry for the wait aimz, OK scratching not good. Do you or have you heard growling? Also , when the stair area you feel watched on do you get a chill or do you get wierdly hot , like a heaviness in the air. When the scratching is going on same thing hot or cold? This may not seem important but it very much is. Your fear is also palpable even in your writing they eat this up like ice cream this is strength for them. This could be just a creep of a spirit and not letting yourself get upset ( I KINOW THIS IS HARDTO DO) , BUT

            • MARY says:

              oops hit the wrong button ……. you have to try to just let it be , take a deep breath and say the Lords prayer or our father. If you are of another religion then pray whatever prayer of protection that you would say to the Higher Power you pray to. You need to be strong this is your space not theirs they had their time. However, the heat may be demonic. YOU cannot handle that alone. That is why I have asked the questions , I will kieep watch so please answer these questions asap so I can help you move forward, I HARDLY know everything but do have enough experience to lead you in the right direction. Have you been touched , spoken to, felt cold breezes that seem to come from no where? Just try to answer these questions OK? We will go from there no time thus far has the evil gone over on the Good so we can combat this I just need some more information from you. You are being prayed for and I am sending you light to cover yourself with. This is your life and no matter what you are facing there you must always protect and CLAIM YOUR SPACE. So please get back to me asap kay? I’m here I promise. Blessings and LIght Greenmother Mary

              • Anonymous says:

                hi mary thank you for taking the time to talk to me …ok the thing about the stairs umm i get cold but i dont know if its just cos im really freaked out of wot might or might not be down there,ive been touched like a tapping on my head wen im in bed not had any cold breezes ive heard a voise and taling about the growling yes i heard a growl the other night and it sounded so close to me i froze in fear…and wiv the scratching i dont really feel a change as in coldness or hotness i just tence up .. the growl sounded like the only way i can discribe is a wolf defending its pups/territorty…….and it was quite loud almost like there was sumthing right next to my face but i couldnt see it… i hope this is enough info for you…

                • MARY says:

                  OK cold good very good. It’s like an icy chill and it seems you experience it at the stairs often so that would tell me it’s a spirit. The touching is not good , the growling also not good, This thing wants YOU SCARED and you have to resist it with everything you have . There is a prayer to St Michael the Archangel it does not matter what Religion you are it is or rather He is the protector , the one to put the dark entities back where they belong. yOU need to google this very popular prayer keep it always at the bedside and with you during the day. He is a warrior Angel and will protect you . Here is my advice for you , take what you need and go with it. First , get a paranormal team in your home asap , they are free and they are abundant on the web. look at their sites carefully and call the one you feel has the most credential. They will help you discern whether we have to worry about a diabolical or just a pissed off spirit getting a kick out of scaring you. However, it may be both. Either way the touching , etc is dangerous , a spirit that is trying to portray itself as q demon is dangerous. A touch here and maybe next time a shelm falling on your headl. We don’t want to get to that pointl. So ,, you need help now , you need to get online now , please I cannot stress this enougP it was three years before I realized that we were in a full and dangerous haunt and there was a good deal of loss for me. When I tell my story on here that part will makie more sense to yu. So to be clear you need a research team to the house asap to figure out what your haunting is. I ask that you trust me enough to keep me posted and ask 100 questions if you need to , I kinow this is scary but it is more common than expected and there are alot of good teams out there. Wearing a cross or St Michael medal or even the Miraculous Medal at all times for the time being is excellent advice belief or no , they are protection and love you and will guard you. They believe in you that is what you need right now . I was blessed with hOLY OIL

                  • MARY says:

                    sorry hit the wrong button , holy oil as well and it stopped this thing from attacking me in bed. So, that is also a good idea. Please let me help in any way I can am HERE for whatever you need and happy to help. Blessings and Light to you , Greenmother Mary

                    • aimz says:

                      omg , im scared lol thank you for helping me i really appreciate it..i heard the growl again the other night but it was faint not as loud and close as the 1st one the touching has stopped only a faint stroke on my arm if its hangin out the bed and the scratching is still goin on….wot is the scratching ? is there sumthing under my bed ? im not brave enuf to look and i can still feel eyes on me from the corner of my room ….also i was comin out of my bathroom the other night and got this dtrong feelin something was behind me and at the same time i felt that i heard like a footstep and what sounded like something dragging agross the floor needless to say i ran down the hall and felt very uneasy…
                      again thank you for your help

                    • MARY says:

                      You are definitely sensitive, in my book anyway. Yeah the watched feeling is creepy but , not as creepy as the touching. You are describing stroking touches ,, I’m absolutely not comfortable with that. Also, I truly believe that since it is more cold than hot it is a spirit that was connected and is now attached. This is more common than most know . The scratching sounds like a scare tactic so no need to look under the bed. We used to get bangs everywhere in the room , these were the poltergeists mind you not the old entity who hurt my son and hurt my daughter and well my household. I’m going to tell you about the Montgomery County Paranormal research team.; in Pa. That is who we used and they were outstanding so if you are in Pa they are the team to call. ! You must try to bring some humour into this DO NOT LAUGH at the entity just lighten up , show joy with your fiance/ any joy you can create. Have friend over and smile. Do not give them the time of day until you get the team in. Really these vile entities REALLY EAT YOUR PAIN /FEAR like Ice cream it gives them power to do more than they should be able to do. They were people just like you a time ago and that is what you must remember. Ear plugs for the scratching, You are in a battle for your space and your body, so you need to “MANUP ” excuse the stereo type but you really need to let this thing kinow without any conversation with it that you have no time for it. When you are in your car then have a good cry. Don’t be scared , you must be brave. You MUST find out whether your situation is Demon or Entitiy please do thisl These people are nice professional and care. They will point you were to go if they cannot aid you completelyl. Blessings and Light always , Greenmother mary

  5. carri says:

    You need a Catholic priest who will listen to you. you need an exorcism. put on a cross. this demon can make your life real difficult. you and your family will get no sleep. they will become sick. the demon may make people turn against you. he will appear at night. and sometime you will hear voices during the day. these things sometimes are hard to fight. you must face this thing and say I rebute you Satan in the name of Jesus Christ. put bibles around your home, religious pictures of Mary, Jesus, and God. Crosses help. sprinke holy water from the Catholic church. ask god to send archangel Michael to fight the demon.

  6. Th3_uN1Qu3 says:

    Is this a place of propaganda for the Catholics or what? And it’s not like i don’t believe in God, i’m a Christian too. But if you try and get an exorcism you’re more likely to end up as a topic on a lame talk show rather than actually receive something useful. At least that’s how it’s in this country – maybe it’s better over there, and maybe those people that told you to see a priest actually had experienced this situation before.

    But still. There is no demon in the true sense of the word. It is a part of you, it feeds on your fear. And there is no need for arcane rituals to remove the demon because no one can remove a part of yourself forcefully. It is you who have to do it along with your fiance because he is the one closest to you not some random people from the internet.

    You said that activity has gone down since you’ve had the dreamcatchers and incense. That is good, but as you say you haven’t lived there enough so the entity might get used to them. This is why in the long run you have to get rid of them, because they are only temporary items that protect you until you gain enough strength to protect yourself. These objects lose their strength over time so don’t become over dependent of them because if you do, fear can turn to paranoia.

    And probably the best advice you are ever going to get – If you have sleeping problems go see a therapist and learn some relaxation techniques – DON’T TAKE SLEEPING PILLS. Not only do they cause addiction, they have horrible side effects too, which will worsen your condition.

    I wish you a happy new year and may all your fears clear.
    - Andrew

  7. Blake Lively says:

    You need to get paranormal help! Call a paranormal investigator as soon as possible…it should work.

    • MARY says:

      Blake that is great advice, our group was great ! They knew their stuff. They were responsible and so kind as my kids have been attacked countlessly . As an investigator myself it was easier for them to kinow what they were up against but this entity had tried to kiil my youngest son and told them he wanted me to have no more kids? So , you never know what you will hear or find and they are such a help. Spiritually and Scientifically. Blessings and light to you and yours Mary

      • aimz says:

        hi mary it wouldnt let me reply under ur comment ive called a priest he’s comin round to bless the house and me i live in the uk so im tryin to find and local paranormal team im gonna see how things go wen hes blessed the house and if things dnt get any better ill call a paranormal team……do you think it could be a demon or just a bad spirit ??

        • MARY says:

          Hello there friend , yes I think it is a a really pissed off spirit trying to dress itself up , if you will to look darker. You will soon know , when the blessing occurs you will feel peace usually for a while but then sometimes it gets WORSE, but the oil on you and your fiance should protect you , stay close , keep communication to the love of your life they love ot split people up so they can attack one on one. If a demon you have that priest will know ,it may even try to hurt him , this would be bad but a bit good in a way as HE would KNOW immediately that you are dealing with a diabolical presence. In that case he would have to get right on getting ready for a home exorcism. But , again I think the entity is just my opinion now , trying to act bigger than it is. I could be so wrong so always protect yourself . The paranormal teams are also in your region probably not as prevalent as here but they are out there. Keep searching. They help quell the fear and that really helps keep these things from getting out of hand. Thanks so much for trusting me and again feel free , I am right here and will be. Blessings and Light to you and yours most of us have been there YOU ARE NOT ALONE ,NEITHER OF YOU! Greenmother aka Mary

          • aimz says:

            Thank You mary ill keep you posted once the priest has been and hopefully this spirit will leave me alone … i havent heard anything for a few days but im still getting the feeling of beening watched i keep talking about the priest and god so if the spirit is listening it will know wots coming lol hopefully it wont piss it off and decide to up its game again thank you so much for ur help and advise …… stay safe :)

  8. MARY says:

    An exorcism is not just done like cleaning your carpets , much preparation has to go into this it is a long and grueling process. However, you need to start a relationship with a local priest at a local church who may be able to shed you of this problem by doing an exorcism (minor) on your home and a blessing of Release on you and your fiance’, also do not automatically decide it is demonic , this must be proven an angry , mean , vicious sp? entity can appear and do many things that APPEAR demonic but are not as was my case , I was made ill ifor three years l, depression , illnesses , and my son now 5 was attacked by this Son of a B every day throughout his infancy and toddlerhood , we had a cleansing and the ugly one left , we have three entitys that did not leave , they are very well the child is mischievous , but they do not harm my family , my youngest has seen the lil girl many times she wants to play , he has also made friends with a young woman and I have seen the young man literally walk passed my bedroom TV black boots, black pants tucked in and a white fluttery sleeved mans shirt. It is definitely period dress. These are what we are left with but if you need to know how much damage the bad entity did psychologically to our smaller children they have been on our floor for one year and we tried , I mean hard to get them back into their rooms but the fear is palpable. My ten year old is clairvoyant to a degree she sees auras as I with very little problem and she was shaken to the core by this evil thing. How do we know the blessing did not rid us of a demonic well it was ALWAYS COLD when He was around. A demonic makes the room hot and stifling . This is one easy way to see what you have . Could you take a moment and let me know if it ‘s hot or cold when you feel this? Also , we called it out horribly had it been demonic someone would have been thrown around or scratched etc they have very little tolerance for people trying to draw them out with pushiness THEY PUSH BACK. One more thing to the poster who was Christian and upset that everyone was saying go Catholic , I don’t think that was a dis on Christians of other faiths or ANY OTHER FAITH, It is just well Catholics are kinda well known for Exorxcisms . I mean no disrespect , just thought that , it may help to understand why everyone jumping on the Catholic phonecalls. LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL GREENMOTHER AKA MARY

  9. MARY says:

    Hello Carrie , You mean Rebuke satan right?? I am not making fun of your spelling at all , I feel it is very important that the poster use the correct word and that is Rebuke , which has alot more power than the other wordl. Again please PLEASE understand I am not playing spelling teacher but Rebuking satan is a big part of helping to free body and mind . Blessings and light to you and yours , Greenmother aka Mary

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