Deceived and Tormented by Demons

Posted on October 26, 2009

‘A Beautiful Mind’ plus ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ type experience

I stumbled across this site, and so decided to tell my story. I think I might be pretty close to being an expert on this subject because I can’t help but analyze a lot. It started when I was 5 years old, and I don’t remember certain parts, but my mother told me that I came to her a few times, hysterical, saying that Satan had visited me, warning and threatening me to do something bad to my family if I didn’t stop them from doing this particular good thing. It had to do with my family going to a temple – in my religion we get sealed as a family for eternity, anyway; what I do remember at that time is -

I went outside on a cold, windy night and looked up at the stars and said, punching the sky: ‘You can’t get me now, Satan!’ and immediately a man’s voice, that I thought was God’s voice, said to me: ‘Don’t tempt Satan.’� (I was actually on my way to the shed where my dad was, that night.) One night around that time, I awoke also to my bed sheet being slowly taking off of me, and I knew that no-one was in the room except me and my brother or sister who was in the bed on the other side of the room.

What followed through the years as I was growing up was nightmares on Sunday nights, especially, with also seeing things when I woke up in the middle of the night. One time I woke up and saw grey spirits floating around near my ceiling, another time I woke up to see a woman spirit, reading a book, sitting by my bed at the piano that just happened to be in my room. She turned to look at me and of course I ducked under my covers whilst my heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest. Another time I heard evil piano music playing, seemingly endlessly, from another room in the house in the middle of the night, and an eerie light came through underneath my door.� Another time in the daytime just after having a nap, I saw half the body of a boy walk through me.

I’m 46 now, but just over 18 years ago, it started up again, but this time, I had no idea that it was evil spirits. To cut a long story short, from around the time when I was about 28 years old, I had what you might understand as ‘A Beautiful Mind’ mixed in with a bit of ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ type experience – for the next 18 years. In short, I thought that I was receiving a great deal of personal revelation from God, the Holy Ghost, Angels and good spirits. Also, I was being tormented by evil spirits at the same time.

Now in February 2009, I ‘came out of it’. To explain, I fully believe, after a lot of analysis, that for those 18 years, I was put through an experience by the evil spirits where they were playing both the part of ‘good cop’/'bad cop’. In other words, a band of evil spirits – who knows how many, pretended to me, that they were God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, angels, good spirits and many others. These evil spirits were also being themselves, so, I thought that I was being led by God, and also having evil spirit experiences, but, thought I didn’t know it for those 18 years, it was entirely the evil spirits, and nothing at all to do with God or any good spirits. For those 18 years, the evil spirits put me through what I would call ‘programs’.

For 5 years, I felt as if my mind was in hell, day and night, without rest or peace. It was crazy. They made me believe I was paying for my sins. Then they made me believe that they were God and told me that my people would be destroyed and that horrendous things would happen to me and my child – and they showed me exactly what those things would be in many dreams; if I didn’t fast every day. So in order to protect my child, myself and ‘my people’, I fasted every day for eleven and a half years. It was like being in a cult without leaving home, and I didn’t realize I was ‘in it’ until I stepped out of it, in February this year. Remember, I thought I was being led by God and that ‘God’ told me that I was ‘having a ‘Job’ experience’, which of course, I believed, with all their constant brainwashing.

These evil spirits, over the years, sent me literally thousands of dreams, that is without exaggeration, and at least hundreds of visions – with and without my eyes shut. They rarely left me alone. They deprived me of sleep (I thought it was God disciplining me), causing me to for years, wake up at 5 am and even for a whole year in the end, made me get up at 4 am which was difficult to say the least. When I dreamed, they would barely leave me alone – of course, remember, I thought I was under God’s guidance etc. They would constantly throughout the night, interrupt my sleep to ‘let me know what was happening in other dimensions’. They convinced me that there were absolutely billions upon billions of other worlds with billions of each person on the planet inhabiting those worlds. There was never much let up, especially as time wore on.

In the latter years of this, they also put me through a ‘The Truman Show’ type experience where I felt as if I had no privacy at all because ‘people/spirits from different dimensions’, were coming in and out of my places of accommodation on an extremely regular basis. In short, they drove me crazy.

I was writing in ‘code’, for weeks on end and performing supernatural feats in ‘other dimensions’ for various reasons. It was full on. Basically, the whole thing was evil spirit engineered and God had nothing to do with it – this, I found out wholly, in about Feb 2009. The garment started unraveling, so to speak, around the end of 2008, where, after much waiting, I decided to do some research in regards to something I had been told by the evil spirits years ago. To my great disappointment, I found out that something that I had been told, was a lie. I asked myself:� ‘Why did God lie to me?’ Of course, it wasn’t God at all, but the evil spirits who did lie to me, year after year. The covers started coming off of my eyes in February this year, like a garment unraveling very quickly, but not without their little ‘piece de resistance’ where even they went a bit crazy, going off the deep end, revealing many inconsistencies where I had to ask myself, who, in actual fact, was really controlling me from another dimension?

Also, for the last two and a half years of that experience, they were talking gibberish through me and throwing around the top half of my body – but they told me that this was an evil experience that I had to ‘tolerate’ and that I wasn’t to try to stop it from happening. Since February this year, I have known the full truth that it was evil spirits that were controlling and restricting me throughout those 18 years. A dozen psychiatrist and psychologist have seen me since and it was agreed that I was not schizophrenic or any of other about 5 things they mentioned, though of course, none of them believed in evil spirits.

The evil spirits still hang around me, and a lot, at least one goes inside me. It’s annoying, but I tolerate it. They rarely speak through me now, and they only move around the top half of my body when I’m usually alone and in my room, when I’m on the computer, as I am now, or when I’m saying my prayers. They can’t control me or my decisions anymore, but as usual, and for many years, they still control 100% of all of my dreams from shut eyes to sun up. It’s like going to a mental institution every night. In my dreams, they can make themselves look, sound and act like absolutely anyone. They did even shown me some bits of the future which did already happen, to a ‘t’ and at times they were able to touch me in certain ways with for some months there, giving me, I believe, painful pains in parts of my hands and arms – the pains in my arms could be debatable though, but they have proven that they could give me acute pains in my feet, back and leg, so, it’s not as if they couldn’t do that to me, also.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard, in this dimension, at night, a woman saying something and when I woke up and opened my eyes, I saw an evil spirit lady walking toward me for a few seconds, but I was glad to note that I took a speedy pro-active stance by jumping out of bed and attacking it, yelling words to the effect of ‘get out – get out’ type thing. Of course tonight, I can feel they’re creepy vibes – usually I am used to it, and I don’t feel creepy vibes from them because, I guess I was just used to it, but at times I do get scared, so I’ll probably leave the light on for a few hours until I feel ‘safe’, then I’ll turn the light off.

I just needed to say all those things, to give a rundown of my experiences there, before I say that, the evil spirits are actors. They can make you believe anything that they choose to want you to believe. Evil spirits can make themselves out to be so righteous and kind, funny – you name it – there’s nothing they can’t make you believe. I read talk of spirit ‘categories’ but there’s only one category to the evil spirits. They know of the fascination in regard to them and they milk it. They know details about dead people which they can relay through a channeler, let’s say, and you think that it’s your dead relative or someone you know that has died, relaying some information to you, but it’s all an evil spirit hoax.

Lastly, I’d like to say that the man, who in real life, was the man that was portrayed in the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’, I do not believe that he was schizophrenic. I saw this movie, and to me, it has all the hallmarks of evil spirits. I believe that man was going through an evil spirit experience. I do not think that there is, or was ever, anything wrong with his mind. This is what the evil spirits do – they waste your time. They have you writing in code. They lead you on a wild goose chase. They get your attention and try to hold it for as long as they can. They can be extremely convincing when you don’t realize who you’re dealing with. The experiences they give people, come in different shapes and sizes, but if you analyze it, you’ll see the patterns. They know exactly what they’re doing.� Playing with us is child’s play to them. It is quite easy to be amazed that one can see spirits in another dimension, but it would be better if those spirits were good. In reality, these evil spirits are actually annoying, irritating and having their fun doing a bit of smoke and mirrors on us.

Sent in by Shelley, Copyright 2009

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68 Responses to “Deceived and Tormented by Demons”
  1. Unknown says:

    Call on the name of Jehovah

  2. Nicolette says:

    Wow Shelley, I am very sorry you had to go through that. I couldn’t even imagine going through such a thing. I am glad you finally were able to see the demons lies. I believe that the lord has helped with that. He is truly amazing. You take care and keep the almighty one in your heart. Those demons are a trip.

  3. scarygirl67 says:

    I have often thought that what we call “mental illness” is actually something much deeper…and I feel so badly that you had to go through all of that. I believe that evil is deceitful…that it disguises itself as anything it wants to.

    I hope that things are much better for you now. It had to have taken a lot of courage to share your story.

    Peace be with you.

  4. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    lisa,,,, i can relate to your story!!! my experiences started up when i was 4.. i am now 51…. i have had some huge tragedies in my life, and they have caused everything to get stronger……. you told of so many things that have happened to me also…. wow,, i dont feel so alone…. things can get really bad, especially if i am under a lot of stress……

    i have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and MS in the past years, i also suffer with deppresion….. which, kind of makes sense when you are dealing with this stuff all of the time…. i just had my 4th brain mri, and will be seeing the doc. on Wednesday for results… my MS,, so far, is slow progressing… is affecting my memory and mind.. she said that i have a brain of an 80 year old, already…..

    i have talked to her about all of this, and she is also a very spiritual person, like me.. she thinks the MS could be part of it, but not all of it… i was born this way.. and like i have told others, i dont like it… no control over it……i have learned to live with it…… oh,,, and when i have visited with phys. docs,, oh boy,, do they want to pour on the meds……..meds. dont help, it just makes it worse.. but,, thats the scientific world for you….

    i really enjoyed your post, thank you for taking the time to share with us,,,,,, take care,,, ktm

  5. Marco Gonzalez says:

    Wow my friend…u should be blessed big time

    Maybe buy a lot of cross and many kind of good thing like holy bible

    Amen also….I met a demon from nowhere

    I dunno what to do help me pls

  6. Shelley says:

    Yes, after I posted my story on this site, I didn’t have good vibes, so I lay in bed for a few minutes repeating ‘I love God, I love Jesus,’ and I tried to have regular thoughts. After a while I fell asleep and my night was as usual. I have to say in regards to Nicolette’s comment – you could probably imagine it – I would never say to anyone that they couldn’t imagine it because, you probably could. Yes, God must have helped me see the truth, finally. They probably thought they could turn me against God, but after all those years, they failed. Never assume.

  7. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Shelley,, i dont know why i called you Lisa,,,,, is that someone close to you?? posting is very draining!!! its like going to a therapist and letting it all go… thats why i havent posted the story that i really want to tell,, it will just put me on the floor……

    i fine, just coming here and reading all of these stories, really takes a lot out of me!!!! but its good to know that others feel as i do and have expereinced the same types of things, and that i can talk and not be looked at like a have horns coming out of my head,,lol.. just a saying!!!!!!

    you cant just talk to anyone about this stuff…. i found that out, long ago!!!! im sure that some think im nuts…. anyway,,,, keep on positng, when you feel up to it,, i really enjoyed your story!!! you have so much to tell, and we can learn from it….. you really helped me!!! thank you!!!

    bless you hun, and take care of yourself,,,,,, ktm

  8. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Shelly,, i have printed out your post, as i want to take my time to read it again… you said so many things that i have wanted to say, but didnt have the guts!!! I have posted many times on this site, and told bits and pieces of my life….. i totally understand!!! than you again for posting your story!! you have really helped me…..

    i send my love to you,,, and lots of hugs,,,, ktm

  9. Marge says:

    One thing I have seen a lot on this site is people telling demons to get out. Yes, the Bible does say that we are higher than the angels (demons being fallen angels), but I don’t believe that gives us power over them. The only one who has power over them is God/Jesus.
    This is a strategy someone told me once, and it has always worked for me (my husband is pretty badly tormented by demons because of some horrible things that happened in his past).
    Every time the demons start in on him, I pray, “Jesus…your enemy is trying to torment my husband…please send them away”.
    Satan wants to pull you away from God, but if every time he starts to mess with you, you turn to God and pray, his actions are having the exact opposite effect…he is pushing you closer to God. After a while, he stops.
    Just something that has worked for me…hope it helps you as well.
    God Bless!

  10. Tony L. says:

    Have you actually gone to a reputable psychologist? You might have a chemical imbalance. I would hazard a guess that they are other neurological conditions going on here too. I’m not making fun of you in any way, but a family member or other loved one should really look into this, especially since it’s gone on for such a long period of time. I hope one of them read this and realize the depth of the situation.

  11. Jeff says:

    Shelley, it sounds like you’ve been through a kind of your own private hell here on earth. I hope others will read your account, and not forget it when they start thinking about communicating with the dead, and other kinds of spirits.

    You will doubtless run into others who want to give you advice about issues regarding mental health. Just because one may suffer with a real illness, does not negate the reality of other beings living just beside us, and up to no good.

    All people have some capacity/need for spirituality. It is the way we are created. I hope others read your account and avoid being deceived by what appears to be a friendly, harmless spirit. These things creep into our houses, homes, our minds and bodies. It is our responsibility to make every effort to avoid and reject such kinds of influence.

    I think that the Christian Bible gives us some insight to how demons work, and what they want.

    I pray that God gives back the years that have been stolen from you.


  12. nan says:

    Dear Shelley, How sorry i am to hear of the years and years of torment you have been through. Let me say One Name Above All Names: JESUS CHRIST!!!!!! He is your only hope. He is the Way, Truth, and the Life, and no one can come to The Father but by Him. He died for you, Shelley, was buried, and rose again by our Father God to save you from all your sins! There is hope for you, darlin’! Just like there was/is for me! He will always tell you the truth, and lead you unto Righteousness for His Namesake. He already knows your heart, and you only have to confess Him as your Lord and Savior. Read The Bible. Find a good Bible-believing church for support/nurturing/growth in Him. Gods Holy, Pure, and Perfect Word will give you perfect truth, peace, joy, and if you accept Christ, everlasting life in Heaven with Him! Halelujah! The devil was a liar from the beginning and there is NO TRUTH found in him, as The Bible says. Follow Jesus, the one and only True Light. My prayers are with you. Come to Him just as you are, right now. You don’t have to clean up first; That’s His job! He already defeated satan 2000 years ago on the cross. satan knows his time is short before our Lord returns. he’s angry b/c salvation is not offered to him. But Jesus shed His precious blood WILLINGLY just for you, me, and everyone who calls upon His Name and believes/trusts in Him. He loves us so much! May God remove these lying demonic influences, and replace them with our Redeemer and Deliverer, Jesus Christ! Love in Him, Nan

  13. heathen says:

    this is blasphemy, I, being a being inhabited and fully controlled by a demon after having turned my soul over to the dark lord find this insulting. You are not worthy or being possessed or tormented by demons, to have this happen you would have to have killed or given over yourself to beezlebub. He does not care for those who want nothing to do with him.

    Hail Satan

  14. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    wow heathen,,,,, you can say what you want to, but,, there are some of us out there that have pure souls and hearts,,, the devil really plays hard with us,, he wants us to be miserable…. we didnt make this choise…….

    and you gave your soul to the devil,,,,,???? and how did you do this??????? maybe you can give me some ideas on keeping the devil away from me… i want nothing to do with him…..

    as far as mental illness!!! yea,,, ive heard it all before… chemical imbalance and so forth.. we all have chemical imbalances of some sort, and,,, having MS,,,,, i have lesions and plaque in my brain, and so does everyone else to some extent….. my neuro. will tell anyone this.. its a fact… just go for an MRI of the brain,, and see what they say!!!!!

    also,,, if you take the 300 question test by a psyciatrist, and if you are honest,, oh yea,,, you will have a name put on your ” disease” , you wont walk out of a psychiatrist office with a clean bill of health….. thats for sure,, its all about money!!! the more tests they can give you, and the more pills they shove down your throat,, the more maney they make!!!..

    even in the most simple of situations,,,,, just go to your family doc. and say you have a tummy ache,, you think he will send you home without a prescription??? no way…. and if you complain hard enough, he will send you for tests,, bloodwork,,,, scans,,,, all sorts fo things, and they will come up with a name for your tummy ache…..

    i didnt mean to offend anyone,,,, i just get very excited about the hype!!!! gota watch out for these docs!!!! if your not careful, they will have you in a padded cell……….

    take care all,, hugs to everyone,,,, ktm

  15. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Shelley,, how are you doing Hun????? i hope you are well… i am so pleased of the posts made here.. you have a lot of support and love coming your way… i found something that i would like to share with all of you,, and it is so true!!!!

    Holy Spirit, live in my life. May i look for you everywhere, and may i open myself to you completely. Amen

    take care all,,, ktm

  16. Shelley says:

    Hi everyone! I returned to this site to see if any more people had posted any more comments here and I was so surprised to see all of the comments! I was quite amazed. Thank you to all of you who left very positive, supportive comments. Yes, I am a Christian and I do believe in the Bible. It will be a bit controversial to say it, but I am a ‘Mormon’ Christian. Mormon is just the nickname that they give us because we have the other book called the Book of Mormon – but this is just simply a history of a family who went from Jerusalem back in the day to America. A bit of a long story but no blessing caused any evil spirit to leave me yet but basically, I know if I have to deal with it ’til death, I can do it. It’s not impossible, and so can others deal with it too. One person said it right here when they said that Satan has only got so much time left (and they just shook my head then and they’re constricting my neck at this time – this is at least one evil spirit’s ‘skill set’). I guess I see it as a bit like ‘putting up with rheumatism, except it’s different.

    ‘Heathen’s’ comment doesn’t phase me. The reasons that evil spirits mess with some people and not with others – you could discuss that quite at length and I think the reasons could be quite different. You could come up with a myriad of reasons – each case would probably be different. I have to say, that I spoke to one individual and they were letting me know how ‘the Spirit’ (they were referring to the Holy Ghost) had directed them so many times in their life that at one point, because this individual was listening and heeding what ‘the Spirit’ was directing them to do, ‘the Spirit’ started more often directing and advising them what to do with this situation and that situation, but this individual was letting me know that it got a bit much for them, and they basically came to the conclusion that they weren’t ready (or some words to that effect) to be guided that much – or that they weren’t ready – it was kind of like they were saying, ‘hey, I’m not that obedient; I think I’ll give it a rest for a while’ type reaction. I couldn’t help but think, man, that sounds like evil spirits trying to get in there, because they make it all sound legitimate and they have ‘inside’ information. I thought, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was evil spirits beginning on this person because this is the pattern when they start out (I’ve come to the realisation that God’s not going to give you instruction after instruction after instruction until you’re not making your own decisions anymore, anyway;) Perhaps this individual’s stubborness or whatever else you’d like to call it, to ‘heed’ the ‘Spirit’, actually saved this person from being caught up in a lengthy evil spirit deception.

    Nowadays, when I hear someone tell me about some stupid (lierally) dream, I usually say to myself: ‘Yeah, it means nothing – evil spirits.’ but that’s my own strong opinion, having seen how easily they can set up and manipulate entire dreams – colour, sound and all. Letting you know what else they did to me, during the last year apx. when they were endeavouring to drive me so crazy, I think they were hoping that I’d commit suicide – they were always showing me things and events that were ‘happening in other dimensions’ that would have me crying alot or beside myself. Through their constant dialogue with me, they convinced me that there were pretty much an endless amount of other dimensions where they would always be showing me horrendous things that were happening to me and others and they let me know that because I had been ‘fasting’ so much, in God’s eyes, I was becoming ‘more pure’ so to speak, so much so that I began possessing supernatural powers that were only limited to my imagination. They’d have me praying throughout the nights and days for many in these ‘other dimensions’. This is why I didn’t get alot of sleep – I was so busy praying and pleading with God to please do this or that for others in other dimensions.

    So I was continually woken up to ‘solve problems’ in other dimensions that apparently only ‘I’ could do or was able to do. It got so much, that I couldn’t keep up, no matter how quick I was, and it was like I was expected to solve all these problems, so I came up with a solution – it’s almost as if ‘they’ were heading in this direction (they were always heading in some direction – they probably made alot of it up on the spot) my solution was to ask God if I could say a number, and that would be code to Him, for me asking Him to please do certain things in certain dimensions with certain people – they always had me dealing with rapists, murderers, mutilators, kidnappers – I think they were only limited by their imagination. Remember, I thought these were good spirits just letting me know what was going on in other dimensions – they were basically treating me like I was some kind of SuperWoman whom God was relying on even, to set things straight etc.

    Remember, they barely let up on me, so I never realised I was being brainwashed. Thence came the moment when they told me (I’d come to a total of 11 or something particular prayer ‘requests’ by then) that if I didn’t continue these ‘code prayers’, so many terrible things would happen to me and my daughter in many dimensions. Because I fell for all of their lies, and they kept me in line with frightening, overwhelming visions and dreams every day and night, I started up the ‘prayers’ ‘via number’, from 4am in the morning until midday that day, so, no matter what was going on, I’d be counting from 1 to 11 continually, every day for about 4 or 5 months. Sometimes I asked God if I could do something else at times because I needed to have conversations with people at times, or even work, at a job, and at those moments or for a matter of hours (only while I was working – and not all of the time while I was working) I could do other things, like make sure my heel was on the ground in front of me (but not my toes) – okay, it sounds a little silly, but, I was letting God know that, I can’t keep counting from 1 to 11 continually AND work at the same time – I can’t concentrate on typing or data entry, and I’d be letting ‘God’ know that ‘please accept my ‘heel on the ground’ as me continuing on with the 1-11 prayer requests’ – do you kind of get the gist of it? So then, one day, just when I was hoping that soon I wouldn’t have to continue counting from 1-11, because it was driving me crazy – you try it, and see how you do; but then, I just couldn’t believe it, I was then notified by ‘God’ or a messenger of ‘God’ that I would be expected to then count not up until midday that day, but up until 9pm that night, and for every night thereon in. I just couldn’t believe it, but ‘our safety’ was at risk in other dimensions. The prayer request ‘code numbers’ were extended to 13, and so here I was for the remainder of the next 8 to 9 months, counting from 1-13 from 4am apx in the morning until 9pm at night. So if I thought I was going crazy before -

    These evil spirits, whom yes, I still thought were angels or ‘copies of God’ – they would make themselves like little people and they would hover in the air around me – they would always be watching me to see if I blinked longer than a second or so, because if I did, I and my daughter would immediately be raped or murdered or mutilated or all three – plus other bad things would happen in other dimensions. There was no place to hide, and it was very difficult to keep my eyes open many times because they were forcing me to get up early, and many times I’d go to bed late – ok, that was my choice – but there was a while there in the beginning where I would go to bed very early, only so I could actually get up early the next day. To top it off, they would actually make me sleepy and that was very difficult to combat. So if you can imagine it, I thought that God was letting me know that evil spirits are going to try to make you fall asleep, but you can’t fall asleep – but you can’t fight it either. You have to stay awake and tolerate this ‘Job’ experience – this was the gist of it. Many times I’d be on the bus and they’d start their thing, trying to make me fall asleep and it would be so difficult. I’d always usually get off the bus crying and furious – I’d call it the death bus. For years I was warned that I was not allowed any kind of nap, whatsoever – even if I was sick.

    They would show me dinosaurs from another dimension, running after me to eat me up. They showed me a large shark swimming into my room to kill me. When I was at work typing, they’d show me rape scenes to say the least and they caused me to see a giant rat roaming the outer hallway of where I worked, as if it was going to consume me in another dimension if I blinked longer than usual whilst I was typing. I was always crying at work through frustration of trying to stay awake – hiding it from my co-workers and supervisors whom if they talked to me, I sometimes answered not looking at them because it was obvious I had been crying. I was always ready with the ‘I’ve got hayfever’ reason for going through so many tissues. They made it look like the huge windows of this particular library were going to implode if I blinked longer than usual, once.

    They taught me about ‘de-leveling’ and how that because I’d been fasting for so many years, I was being ‘purified’ in many other dimensions. ‘De-leveling’ they taught and showed me, was when I, in another dimension, started to ‘die’ and that I could have several ‘deaths’ occur until I was at my most ‘purist’ form – whether that be a 2 year old or a 10 year old. They would teach me that that was my true self, and that I had, through the years, been ‘creating’ ‘level’s for myself which weren’t pure and really, had to be ‘killed’. This de-levelling was a big part of their lies. They knew how to effect me physically in order to convince me of these lies. I actually woke up one morning, early, and I didn’t know who I was – I was very afraid and didn’t want to get out of bed – I didn’t have a memory of much, and I went back to sleep. That, thankfully, was temporary. I think they probably did that to me to assist them with the lies. So many stories they conjured up with me being ‘de-levelled’ – and of course, when I was ‘de-levelled’ I lost my memory of all of my past, so I would only ‘have a memory’ of years up to the time that I was ‘de-levelled’ – this was in the so called ‘dimensions.’

    Throughout all of this, they would be causing me to see visions and dreams of various types of ‘aliens’ – all extremely believable. Here I was, thinking that I and my daughter had actually spent 20 years on another planet with this alien race. Very elaborate lies, but they’re not going anywhere so they had lots of time to kill. They even had me believing that in other dimensions I was an American Indian, an African, hear it goes – an Egyptian Queen (oh, yeah – I quite liked that one, but remember, I thought God was informing me about all this.) I was teaching people how to fly in other dimensions – I was only limited by my ‘imagination.’ Billions (I even had to look up the word centillion) of worlds in other dimensions needed my help, that only I could apparently give them – it was my job to actually, get this, ‘create God’s’ to help God with all of the other worlds that were going a bit ‘haywire’. This was a burden, because I believed it of course.

    They taught and showed me that there was a ‘unit’ in heaven that could duplicate and create people – and they could be robots, but you’d never know it unless you discovered it – long story, so of course, I was praying to God to have all of these robots found out and killed because the ‘robots’ always usually in the end, turned out evil or bad. Ok, and here’s something I haven’t said yet. It’s really ‘out there’ and remember, I was really under their thumb, brainwashed and believing everything they said. One day, I saw a vision of God and Jesus, and this was not uncommon to me by then because I was always conversing with them for one thing or another on a regular basis, and they said to me something like: ‘You’re higher than us.’ And I thought, ‘what?’ Did I just hear right? And then they showed me a vision, this is while I was standing up and awake, they showed me a short vision of a ‘me’ in another dimension, walking toward me in a long dress – well, they basically told me, can’t remember in exactly what words – they told me I was God. Yeah. Are you with me still or have you tuned out? Trust me, I’m not nutty. Because I had believed and trusted in this ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ for years, I had no reason to doubt them. Yes, it took me all of about 3 minutes to believe it. Point to note: I DO NOT believe that I am God now. You might want to read that sentence again.

    Well, I won’t go on about the finer detail, but they pretty much adjusted my view on reality. (by the way, they also kept me and my daughter away from church for 12 years – long story, but their end goal is basically to confine and restrict.) For about 8 months, I think it was, they had me believing I was God. The day I finally discovered I wasn’t God, this was towards the end of it all (I couldn’t keep a diary because I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone what was happening to me,) and I can tell you, I was quite relieved. I realised then that I could go to the Millenium, which, they tried to tell me that I ‘didn’t have time’ to go to the Millenium, and that I had to ‘find a way’ to get to the spirit world, to get ‘my powers’ reinstated (I’d actually, according to them, come from another human world, to help out this world) so that I could go off to all those other billions of worlds (with copies of my other selves) to help ‘correct’ what was going wrong in all those other worlds. They even told me towards the end that I was going to die the next day, at work, and that I wasn’t allowed to let on to my daughter that that was going to happen, and that I had to act normally, which I did – I did all my washing and prepared as if I wasn’t coming back and went to work, waiting for myself to have a heart attack, which I didn’t, and I wasn’t impressed about being lied to, either. Anyway, I’m okay now. So it seems, one doesn’t have to be a complete idiot to believe that they’re God. I guess it just depends on how much brainwashing you have. I would never believe it in a million years now, though, rest assured. I know I’m just human, a mortal, unfortunately a sinner, and not perfect.

    Just before I go, I just wanted to say that, when I have been awake and trying to be attentive in a meeting, that just happens to be a church meeting, they have sometimes made me so tired I kind of go into a semi-sleep state with my eyes half open – at these times, I have found that they can do certain things to make me believe, for about a few seconds or more, in whatever they want me believe is actually happening in those moments – almost like a dream state, and then I come out of it and realise that it was just another lie they temporarily made me believe, even if it was just for a few seconds. Just to note, also, when I’m checking if an appliance is off or not, atleast one of them can be inside me causing my eyes to kind of have a ‘shifting’ view of what I’m looking at. Also, to cut a long story short, the evil spirits made me believe that the world was ending very soon and I ended up preparing to escape to a forest. They advised me in the end, that I should travel ‘light’ because taking my belongings into the forest would only slow us down – and we’d be caught by authorities, of course – long story, so I neatly wrapped up all of my personal records, genealogical records and many other of my belongings that I had gone to alot of trouble creating and working on, including my upward of 100 childrens songs and more than a dozen adult contemporary songs – and I threw them all out, in the bin, under the belief that Jesus would give me back a copy of it all by the beginning of the Millenium which was apparently ‘coming up soon.’ All of my hard work – now at the bottom of some dump.

    A couple of times, a couple of members of my family have asked me if I could be deceived and controlled again by evil spirits, but I don’t think so. I very much doubt it. Now of course, that I’m in my right mind, I’m still kind of hoping that somehow, when I die, God or Jesus or an Angel will give me a copy of all of those my records back, especially my childrens songs – because I can’t remember all of the chords, music and lyrics.

    Thank you once again for all of your very sincere comments.


  17. Shelley says:

    Oh yeah – I forgot to say, the evil spirits also told me (I thought it was God or a heavenly source that let me know) that Satan had named me, and that my name meant ‘Invisible’ – if you note, you will note that Shelley has the word ‘hell’ in it. Not hard for me to believe, was it? So just this last January, my new name came through via depol, – there’s a story behind that too, but yeah, now I’ve got this name I’m not really fond of, but apparently I couldn’t change my name back for 12 months. Soon though, I hope to change my name back to Shelley Anne. It took a little convincing from my brother, months ago, that Shelley was okay to have and that it had nothing to do with hell.

  18. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Shelly,, its so good to see you back here…dont ever apoligize for your religion or spirituality… that is your business!!!! i was very leary, at first to talk about my feelings on religion,, as i dont feel that it should be an argument…

    doesnt it feel good to just let it go???? you are trully, trully, and very strong person….. i think you could survive anything!!!! and, like i said before,, i can relate to many parts of your story….. i could just feel it pouring out of you,, trully remarkable….

    also,,, you will get everything back!!! all of your music….
    take very good care of yourself,, and get plenty of rest when you can, as, life itself can take a toll on your health..your posts have just amazed me!!! wow,,

    hugs to you and your daughter,, dont be a stranger,, come back and post some more…. take care hun,,,ktm

  19. Shaun says:


    I am so sorry you have to go through this. Kick them out of your life, though — go to church, and find some saintly people to pray with you that this will stop, and don’t rest until you have them all the way kicked out so they don’t torment you any longer.

    What can help is if you take a verse from the Bible and keep reciting over and over again focusing on its meaning so that there is no room for the spirits and their deceptions. If they see you totally ignoring them they will have to go away, because they are just wasting their time them.

    The Lord gives you peace and joy — let him fill your heart with peace, light and love, and that light and love will push whatever is not of the Lord out your being and will not let them in. How can darkness exist where there is light?

    So go to your church and find people to pray for you, and keep asking to find someone who is really close to the Lord and can help pray with you to get these things out of your life once and for all. If they were people in your house would you let them in and stay? Well don’t let them in the temple of your body and mind — get them out for good. That way you can be sure that they won’t bother you any more.

    It looks like the spirits were playing on your vanity and desire to be more and have powers and knowledge — if you give all that up, and just focus on peace and love instead, then there will be nothing for them to grab your attention with. You can know when God is really with you because you will feel real peace and love, so don’t stop praying until feel a REAL divine presence around you — then you will feel uplifted and untroubled.

    I am praying for you, and I am sure many others are as well. Don’t stop until you have your house cleared and feel at peace and at rest!

  20. Shelley says:

    Yes, Scarygirl67, while I was going through it all, I never thought that I would end up telling anyone because pretty much, �they� expect you to keep everything that they tell you a secret. Of course, you think you�re doing the right thing at the time by keeping it all a secret. Things are 95% better for me now. I see it as, they were �intruders� in my symbolic house and after I kicked them out, they don�t go without a fight and so symbolically, they kind of stand outside and throw stones at my windows � this is kind of like the 5% I have to put up with from them now.

    Hi KnowToMuch � sorry to hear of the things you have been diagnosed with. It sounds full on. Glad to hear you don�t feel so alone. I like to dispel some myths about this subject because it should be looked at more realistically. When people treat it as a taboo subject, well, what kind of conclusions do people come to after that, if you can�t try to break it down into basics. I heard someone say that the electric shock therapy that has been used on some psych ward patients has been shown to be effective (I don�t think �every� psych �patient� is in there because of their �mind� � it�s possible some might have been diagnosed wrongly because there is no category for �evil spirit� influences (or however you would put it), and I remarked that, could they really see Jesus standing there in a situation like that saying: �paddles ready?�

    Marco Gonzalez � I don�t think evil spirits take crosses seriously. In my experience, they would laugh at that. I think it might work if someone had the faith that it could work. The other thing is, I think evil spirits could make you believe that it was working, because they are academy award actors. So you met a demon, okay, the only advice I have is, do you know someone you can trust? Perhaps just sharing that information with them might help as they might give you some helpful advice.

    KnowToMuch � I have a cousin named Lisa, but I haven�t seen her for years. Maybe you should try posting your story in a summarized kind of way � it might be less draining for you. Thanks for your kind words.

    Thanks Marge for your advice, but unfortunately, every time I pray practically, they shake my head and move the top half of my body around. (Lunatics who have nothing better to do, evidently.)

    Hi Tony L. � Yes, somewhere near the beginning of 2009, I mentioned to an employment officer in the government that I thought that �evil spirits� might have �given me RSI� (repetitive strain injury). That was the first time I�d brought the subject of evil spirits up with an �authority�. He was a very kind man. He referred me to a psychologist who after one session with me, officially diagnosed me in his books as skitzophrenic. I went then, interstate, and was passed on to the next psychologist, who, whilst I was seeing her, the evil spirits, for the first time in front of someone other than my daughter, starting moving around the top half of my body and speaking through me, if I remember correctly. After apx. an hour, she drove me to a hospital to see a psychiatrist, and when we got there, I saw about a half a dozen doctors and psychiatrists and experts who, after I answered their questions, the main doctor said that she wanted to admit me to hospital for observation. When I asked her when she wanted to have me admitted to hospital, she said: �We don�t want you to leave.� Or words to that effect.

    I was surprised and it was a little surreal, but I thought I�d go with the program and not rock the boat. I was taken soon after to another hospital and admitted, to my actual surprise, to their psychiatric unit where I was interviewed by another half a dozen psychiatrists and atleast one psychologist. I stayed there two weeks and again the evil spirits were moving me around and speaking nonsense through me again, in front of them. Atleast one expert told me that they were surprised I�d had trouble in this area for about 40 years yet had never been admitted to hospital for it. (Well of course you don�t go to hospital for evil spirit things. Anyway;) They finally came to the conclusion and possibly surprise, that I wasn�t skitzophrenic, or epileptic, or any of about four other major things to do with the brain or mind (even though I had some wired up thing on my head while I was there.) They put it down to �uncategorized psychotic episodes�. Which basically meant that they didn�t understand what it was and certainly didn�t believe in the existence of evil spirits. The head psychiatrist let me know that he thought it was � he explained it in a technical term � that he thought that it was something to do with getting attention. Go figure, because most of what was happening to me was when no-one was looking. Pray tell. He advised me that I should stop this �wishful thinking.� All I could think was, I kind of wished that God would allow him to experience a bit of what I had experienced so he would be a bit more enlightened on the subject. I could see that that probably wasn�t going to happen.

    While I was at that psyche unit, thankfully I mentioned to one of the nurses that I thought that the evil spirits were trying to �control my bladder� � long story, but she told me that that was probably an infection and she asked me to do a urine sample. Turns out, she was near right. I had what some doctors refer to as an �overactive bladder�, which it turns out some simple pills can keep under control. Just so happens that this overactive bladder began something like a day after � or very, very soon after I had stopped obeying �the voices� (evil spirits). (I thought it was the evil spirits teaching me some sort of lesson for not listening to them or obeying them anymore.) Before that, I never ever had any kind of problem with my bladder.

    Also, Tony L. � it�s okay if you believe that it�s something to do with my mind. There are some in my family who also have believed such. I allow people to believe what they choose to believe in when it comes to these �evil spirit� experiences, but it would be impossible for anyone to sway me to believe that all of these experiences are �mind� related. To me, all of these evil spirit experiences are 100% evil spirit related and 0% my mind related, if you know what I mean.

    Jeff � you�re hitting the nail right on the head. Good comments. Well put. I think that these type of experiences might be more wide spread than what is believed. Maybe.

    Nan � I definitely accept Jesus the Christ. It will be great to see him in the Millenium. How amazing will that be.

    KnowToMuch � in regards to pills, when at the psyche unit, they did give me some simple pills, and I have to say, it is as dreary as one might imagine, the psyche unit that I was in. Anyway, by the time I went back home, my sister, whom I was staying with, she was glad I was put on some pills because though she believed in �my story�, she also didn�t discount that it could be �part of my mind� also, anyhow, to cut a long story short, after so many weeks, I decided to stop taking the pills because I knew they weren�t working, even though some were under the impression that they were. My sister wasn�t impressed and strongly advised me that I should remain on the pills because she didn�t want me having an �outburst� as she called it, in front of her family. Understanding her stance, I let her know that �it� was still happening anyway, and that I couldn�t pretend anymore that I thought that these pills were actually working and I let her know I was quite decided on stopping taking the pills. (I said that I didn�t believe that a temporal pill could �cure� a spiritual ailment.) She said that if I stop taking the pills (and she said she would monitor me) if I stop taking the pills and then had regular outbursts in front of her or her family, that I would have to find alternative accommodation. I agreed. I stopped taking the pills (ok, I stopped taking the pills days before that) and I began trying harder when she was around, to stop having outbursts. Can you believe it, I was successful. I stopped having these �outbursts� around her and her family and even others, all because I was determined not to go back on that seemingly innocent little pill. I thought, at the time, that she was being quite unempathetic towards me, but her ultimatum to me actually ended up helping me. Of course, when behind doors, it doesn�t seem to make a difference. At those times, I have tried to stop them �moving me� but am usually unsuccessful at this when no-one�s around. They just moved me then, and every now and then tonight, they have been restricting my neck and shaking my head. They do around the clock surveillance on me, taking shifts, more than likely, but I�m sure I�m not the only one. Once, I �moved� in front of her briefly, but she never made a big deal about it, probably because she�d noted over the weeks a very marked improvement in my behaviour, which to her, would have looked more �normal.� This, of course, doesn�t mean to say that on occasion, in public, the evil spirits still won�t try and put me to sleep and shake my head a bit.

    KnowToMuch � thanks for your kind comments.

    Shaun � Yes, for many years, they worked a lot on my vanities. This angle of theirs always crept in there. They worked on my fears and vanities. They�d set me up in different ways then they�d bring me down. It was a bit of a rollercoaster. Even when I was very young, I�d have dreams of flying. I thought it was me, but I have figured it out that they know how to manipulate my dreams to cause me to think that it�s me that�s flying, but it isn�t. Well, how could I have known? They would terrify me with dreams letting me know that if I stopped fasting for even one day, within that hour even, wicked people would come to do horrific things to me, my daughter and my people, as they said. I�d wake up with terrible feelings of foreboding and at least a couple of times my heart was beating so hard. They set it up to make me believe I�d seen a vision of Jesus coming to me � it was all extremely convincing. Near the beginning, they would have me night after night, for weeks, laying in bed for hours, not moving a muscle, even to the extent where saliva would be dripping out from the sides of my mouth, because they would surround me � let�s see if I can explain it; remember, they�d be playing good cop/bad cop. They�d be around me, pretending to be God and good spirits � even �heavenly judges�, and then they�d show me what would be happening in other dimensions. They�d show me at those moments, evil mortals coming into my house, (people I knew and people I didn�t) raping us, torturing us, and mutilating and murdering me. It was all very detailed and it always seemed to be that it took ages for me to die. Somehow they got me to believe that these types of events were just happening again, and again and again in other dimensions. They would even tell me that if I moved even a bit, or even if I swallowed, then we�d have to start all over again. They made it all feasible. They were letting me know, that these things were happening to me in other dimensions and that they�d happen to me, my daughter and �my people� in my own dimension if I stopped fasting on any day. They made me believe that they were allowing these terrible things to happen in other dimensions so that �the wicked would receive their just punishment�, hence, the older, seemingly wise spirit men judges wearing black that they showed me one time.

    They also had me �waiting� for a particular man to come and marry me. I waited 18 years for him to come. This was actually the big lie they told me that I figured out was a lie toward the end of 2008. That was the beginning of the end of their control over me. I was going pretty crazy around that time under their influence � giving loud lectures to �the spirits in other dimensions� twice weekly it seemed in my lounge room. By that stage I really thought that God was being unreasonable with all His demands on me. I was just getting deeper into their brainwashing by this time. When I discovered that the man that I was told was going to come and marry me, was actually in fact, married and with a third child on the way, I just thought, why did God lie to me? This is when I began questioning everything that I had been experiencing in regards to voices, visions, dreams and spirits. If you ever saw the scene of Alias realizing the network of enemies � she walks into the CIA and lets them know what she knows, and then they let her know that the network is actually a lot bigger than what she thinks; it was a bit like that. I thought I knew the extent of what had been happening to me, but as I continued to question this and that, the reality of how long it had been going on started to dawn on me so I really began to question everything, even things I would never perhaps have questioned before � I had to be game to lay it all out on the table. My questions were like: Was that of God or was that of Satan? And I�d go through it and analyze it again and again also asking myself, �what was the purpose of that?� I took it right back to when I was 5 years old and punching the sky, saying: �You can�t get me now, Satan!� to which then I heard, �Don�t tempt Satan.� I cannot believe now, that that voice that I heard then, was God�s. I thought it was for all those years. The hoax certainly began young with me, and with their �good cop/bad cop� method, what did I have to compare it with, to know the difference between good and bad spirits?

    I know the truth now.

  21. Shelley says:

    Point to note. At the time when they made me believe that I was God, they still controlled me by the multiple ‘spirits’ whom they got me to believe were ‘individuals playing the part of God’ because, they taught me, that most people wouldn’t have ‘respect’ for a female God. (They explained to me that this had been proven in dimensions that had passed.) It was just lie after lie after lie.

  22. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi Shelley,,,,again, i really enjoyed your story.. i have to laugh!! the way i write, is the way i think…… i am a writer of sorts, but have a hard time getting it down on paper!!

    I got the results of the MRI,,, the MS is still very slowly progressing, which is good news.. i had a lot of bloodwork done, and will find out in 2 weeks if i need to see a cancer doc.. i have posted so much, dont remember if i mentioned the protien in my blood thats to high…so,, from the MS, basically being stable,,, i do think , the things going on are paranormal events, just like always!!!

    there are some things that i think just happen to me from dealing with post tr. strss dis. and other aliments,, but, there are things that are definatly paranormal going on.. i just loved how you decribed everything in detail…. i am so scattered….

    someone mentioned,, ( chemical imbalance) yes,, i have been told that, but you know what,, we all have chemical imbalances in our brains!!!!! and,, how do the docs. know this?? i have never had a test for it!!! there isnt a test!!! A brain MRI is about the clost you can get,, and,, Shelley,, i have also had those wires connected to my head before, and had those tests done… lots of fun huh,,lol??? i have to laugh…..

    i enjoy researching the medical field, just to find out the truth.. its amazing what you will find if you look… What i noticed over the years, many of the docs. are so text book…..all of my docs. are about my age or older… we even have a doc. in our family,, i wont go to him, he is young, and just out of school, and thinks he knows everything….other family members have gone to him, and oh boy,, is he pouring on the meds, and so forth….

    i understand the movements of your body.. that happens to me at times…..although, i dont really talk about it, as, well, you know!!!!! i just stick with the MS and Fibro. ailments, people seem to understand that better… they dont understand demons and ghosts… and,, depresion, always is a good excuse for me…. i just have to cover myself, so others dont think im insane…. wow, cant believe i just posted that!!!!

    you see, i dont want to go through what you have with your sis,, my sis would act the same way,, she doesnt want to hear about the paranormal.. at least i can talk to my mom and hubby about it….. they also experience things, but are tight lipped about it…..because of the stigma……

    you, like me, see the big picture!!! but,, i have, over the years, put myself in a small box of protection….. my safe place, i guess you could say… its nice to be able to come here and talk about all of this…..

    Shelley,, i am so glad that you are doing better… hope to see you very soon,,, ktm

  23. Shelley says:

    First of all, I think it’s hilarious how the manager of this site calls himself/herself (?) the caretaker. That’s funny. Yeah, KnowToMuch, they wanted to do that MRI, I think it was, on me but they took so long getting around to it. I knew I didn’t need it. When I was in the psyche unit, one of the nurses in there at times couldn’t comprehend some of the simple things I was telling her. I was thinking at one point that she might have to do a stint in there herself – some of the questions she was asking me? I’d be thinking; I just told you that – a couple of times.

    It has been suggested to me at least once, something about a possible chemical imbalance. Yeah. I don’t take that seriously. I don’t think Jesus had a chemical imbalance when the evil spirits spoke to him, just before they went into the swine just before they hurled themselves off the cliff. I think the evil spirits that bugged me throughout my life might have a chemical imbalance though. Sometimes I just wanted to send someone in to their dimension just to give them the serious hidings they deserved.

    Yes, the old stigma. This subject can be a bit tricky, meaning, to make efforts to try to focus on the positive things in your life, you don’t talk about these things all the time, but when there are those that like to put a clamp (mostly) on this subject, it doesn’t help in the acknowledgement department. I have to say, there is a show that’s been on tv for a while now, and I always used to watch it as entertainment – it’s a tv series, but just the other week, my sister mentioned that it was her favourite show and it got me thinking, yes – what kind of experiences is this particular ‘character’ having in that show. It’s a tv series where the main character has an ability to talk with spirits etc. I won’t say which one it is because people probably believe it, but I started to analyze some of it and heard a couple of real live interviews with the real life character and I started to wonder, what if this individual, in real life, (because it’s based on a true story), was trained from early youth, like I was (and others too), to actually believe everything she saw and heard in regards to spirits and visions and dreams etc. You know – a bit of bad cop/good cop. Evil spirits could pull that type of thing off, especially to give ‘individuals like her’ – in her field, credibility, and this person might be right about this or that, everytime, but does that mean that the source is Heavenly? I was shown a couple of visions that came true, right down to the finer detail, hours, and even months later. I even chose myself a book to read one day (I don’t read much) and they instructed my brainwashed self to just scan over the pages, page after page until they slowed me down, or I slowed myself down – can’t remember which one it was, until I was literally properly reading this one paragraph which to my surprise, I was reading basically things that I had been taught in the last so many months by these evil spirits (and of course, I didn’t know at that time I was even being taught by evil spirits – I thought they were heavenly messengers/good spirits/God etc.) So, how did they know that I was going to choose that book? I didn’t even know which book I was going to choose. And why did I slow down at that particular paragraph to read only that paragraph? Yes, I was very surprised when I read that paragraph. I looked then to see how recently the book was put out and I think it might have only been a matter of months beforehand. I told my daughter about the book incident but didn’t tell her which book it was because I didn’t want to admit to her that I believed it when they told me I was God (which as you know now, I know that I’m not.) Yes, the paragraph I read would have ‘given that away.’ Something like a matter of days or weeks later, the book made it to the window display of the bookshop. Great, I thought. I’m not saying a word.

  24. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Shelley,, it does seem that the more we talk about things, the more we open ourselves up.. i feel that in myself.. i know we share a lot,, but,, i also know that we havent told everything,, as a safety to ourselves…… it is amazing how we know things that will happen, and are led to things that make sence later…..

    hang in there Hun,,, you are a very strong person, and i trully feel that you can get through anything…hugs to you,,,,,ktm

  25. jenni says:

    To Heathen-

    You are one SICK soul to mock Shelley, I for one do not believe you have a clue what you are talking about when you say she (Shelley) is not “worthy” to be tormented by satan or evil spirits, when ANYONE can be tormented by one or the other, especially if you are right with god, or are getting right with god. I know for a fact what she claims is real when my family continues DAILY to see my husband under attack, and we are good Christian people. And you sound really childish, in my opinion, typing Hail Satan, Do you mean Hitler? You should not mock people about this kind of stuff if you know NOTHING about it, so maybe you should go to a Satanic sight.

  26. jenni says:

    Oh, and Shelley, God Bless! My family and church are praying for you, and I believe everything will work out for the for just being the good person you are. My close friend is also Mormon, and I let her read your story, and she also has the church here in Puyallup, Wa. praying for you!

  27. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Jenni,, what a wonderful post to Shelley!!! that was so sweet of you…..

    about heathen,,, you took the words right out of my mouth…..

    God bless all,,, ktm

  28. Shelley says:

    Thanks Jenni and KTM for your kind words and it actually surprises me when anyone says that they are praying for me, though that is a very thoughtful thing to do, but yes, the worst is over now, though they irritatingly shake/jolt and vibrate my head even as I type this – but that’s nothing compared to the control they had on me before. I was dealing with Heathen’s ‘bosses’ day and night, so I wasn’t going to be phased with anything he said.

  29. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Father, we are so glad that your faithfulness is complete and eternal. Help us to always rely on You, rather than on human beings or the material world..We know You will never fail us…. Amen…

  30. dcoty34 says:

    Hi everyone I specialize in Demonology and Parapsychology, if anyone has any questions at all pls let me know.

  31. cutie101 says:

    wow you guys have worse experiences than me ! i thought mine was bad but i guess not.
    well when i was younger i used to feel and see evil spirits they would bug me but i wasnt too scared as they would only bothered me at night, i would see a spirit in a black cloak standing there but i coudlnt see his face but i knew it was a he* and i knew he was evil and hated my guts. I would just read from my bible and it normally helped.

    i’ve always been sad deep inside and never really talked to anybody not even my friends and family because the thought of them feeling sorry for me or assuming i wanted attention* made me sick, im the type that can switch personalitys very quickly, when im at home alone especially at night the true feelings of sadness come out, but when im around people i listen to their problems as it distracts me from mine.

    I would have dreams about demon possessed things crawlings all over the church wall whilst being in a church praying.

    evil spirits in my opinion are very clever they used to make me think i was exajuarting everything and i really thought i was (even a part of me now thinks im over reacting so when i do tell people my story i tend to leave out bits just so that they dont think its over the top)

    im 20 years old now, and its all coming back, all the sadness and guilt, and i dont really see evil spirits as such any more but now and then i feel something blowing in my ear, lights flashing outside when its very dark, black clouds rushing past my room, i was convinced aliens trying to get me – because i would feel something going inside me, cold spots all over my body, sometimes feel my body twisting, and also feel like im being experimented on i would feel instruments being put into me, and then as i fall asleep i would wake up in a shock and see white light moving through me a bit like a electric shock but not hurting as much, (note i belive in aliens but i belive they are demons pretending to be aliens to decieve people) once i had a vision about the end of the world* it didnt scare me though i just thought it was ridiculous – a large group of people walking torwards something in the dark holding sticks lit with fire – other times i had dreams about jesus and demon possessed things, sometimes i would think its god – and other times i would think it was evil – the evil spirits know how to make a christian look real stuped or deny their faith without even knowing it.

    i remember going to church as things got bad as i just wanted to die – so i went to a penticostal church and told the pastor about my situation and he took me into a room and prayed with me with another man there too – as they were praying all of a sudden i felt a rush of *strange ness* go through me, and i started laughing in a evil way i was laughing at the pastors and they looked at me and i told them for some strange reason that *jesus was real… and also asked them *what they were doing – and the pastor was saying strange things to me like something about going somewhere – it was like they wasnt talking to me and i felt paranoid almost as though i had to act* normal for the pastor to leave me alone, then when i left i went home and i kept thinking what was taht all about?

    then i realised the pastors wasnt speaking to me at all, the strangeness that i felt was the evil spirit that was inside me came out, the evil spirit was laughing and talkinn to the pastors and my facial expressions changed from normal* to evil* – even when i got home i was trying to hide my laughter and my evil facial expression and thoughts such as my uncles kid was at my house and he wanted to play with me but i just pushed past him and i was just wasnt being myself at all… evil spirits are good actors but when they are brought out they cant hide…

    when i went into my room i couldnt stop laughing cursing the pastor and saying out loud whilst laughing that *it was all pointless* and that they couldnt even get me to leave*

    im back to normal now, but im more aware of my actions now, sometimes i think is it me talking and thinking and acting or is it not me

    i totally didnt belive that all that happened it seems so unreal but reading your stories – well mine aint as strange as yours lol – but like yh im going bak to the church sunday and the pastor is going to pray for me again to get rid of this evil thing

    i would totally recomend deliverence and healing to people – it actually works !!! go to a pentecostal church a place where men of god practice gifts of the holy spirit and are 100% belivers in christ – tehy can actually get rid of this thing plus actually show you the true personality of this evil spirit – but dont be alarmed if the evil spirit stops u from going to get rid of it – it stopped me so many times but if u dont give in u can get rid of it

    once they get rid of it – god will make the evil spirit your footstool

  32. Shelley says:

    Hi Cutie101 – I read what you wrote – your experiences are bad enough. I think we just need a bit of acknowledgement every now and then. Hang in there. Looks like you’re being targeted, too. I’m not expecting the weirdos to leave me until death. The thing I hate about it in particular, is that, when I’m just about to go to sleep, like I’m on the verge of it, they start creating a scene in my mind which I always end up falling for. It’s always a scene that involves some kind of chaos and something unfinished that I have to ‘make right’. This is just to frustrate me. Then I come out of it and realise it was just another ‘thought scene set up’ type thing. I thought you explained everything very well. The pastor story sounded pretty serious. Yes, the evil spirits are clever and they have also appeared to me as various alien species. At one point, they had me believing that my daughter and I were taken up into a spaceship and taken to an alien planet where we ‘lived’ – in another dimension albeit, for 20 years. They showed me the ‘alien city’ with flying ufo’s and tall buildings. They also had me believing that there were such things as mermaids – I fell for most everything, hook, line and sinker. It’s one thing to be gullible, but when they present you with visions, dreams, physical contact, audio dialogue, and predictions coming true at a bombarding rate, it’s difficult or maybe impossible, to think ‘rationally’. I say it’s like joining a cult without realising it. It’s the ‘cult you join unwittingly, without leaving home.’ How convenient for them. Trust me, your experiences are bad enough.

  33. cute101 says:

    hay shelly, yeah i guess your right there !!! every experences got to do with evil is bad.
    Its funny how clever they are, i mean if evil spirits are reallly real which we both agree on – they exist – then they must have been around from the time when humans first started in the world, so no wonder they are clever, they been around for longer than we have so they know how to decieve – why do they make us think they are aliens ? thats one thing i dont understand – aliens of all things!!! its all crazy i guess, dont u ever wonder when it will all stop? im glad the evil things dont show me as much visions or dreams or the future like they do to you i mean that would freak me out especially if it involves your daughter too, that must have been hard for you!!! but i understand what you mean, i get so scared sometimes that i sleep next to my sister, and sometimes i see the spirit around her and shake her* i always get angry and im not affraid when they go by my sister because i feel i have to protect her so i be the brave one! but when they are around me im full of fear – i think they kind of realise now that i know they arent aliens and i know what they truely are so they dont pretend to be aliens as much anymore! but as long as i dont watch a horror movie like the other week i watched that movie called the fourth kind* and after that the evil spirits started making me belive it was going to happen to me like the bit in the movie where theres an owl – id see an owl and id wake up being affraid but then i realised its the evil spirits – (btw i can relate to the movie the fourth kind cuz some of my experiences are so similar) but only difference is they cant make me look like a big idiot anymore cuz i know they arent aliens – i hope you are okay call on the lord when things get tough even if u dont belive in him im sure he’ll help !! x

  34. Shelley says:

    Apparently the evil spirits know alot more than us, because they haven’t had a veil put over their minds/memories like we had at the moment when we came to this earth, if you believe in the pre-existence, which I do. As soon as Jesus comes back to Earth, which I believe He will, then the evil spirits will be bound and thrown into hell. They make us believe they’re aliens because they don’t have anything better to do. These people love lying, it’s their past time. They only showed me a couple of things in the future that happened to a ‘t’ – just enough to get me believing. The majority of their weapon of choice were thousands of dreams and concocted day visions and alot of talking to me. Since I stopped listening to them and obeying them in February 2009, 95% of their influence on me has stopped, though my dreams are continually filled with irritating nonsense, but atleast I know it’s all them now. I wouldn’t be surprised if most peoples dreams are caused by evil spirits, but that’s just my opinion. Yes, who needs scary movies.

  35. AnotherOne says:

    Very interesting Shelly! I’m glad that you have some resolution to your predicament. I’ve had several dealings with spirits also; as I suppose most people have. I’m actually relieved to know that others have seen similar things and experienced unusual happenings as well. I was raised a Christian and taught in depth about the “demon” world, but I’ve learned that there’s so much we can’t possibly know in this life. We can only hold fast to the teachings of God in the Bible.

  36. Shelley says:

    Yes. With all of the crazy stuff in this world, it’s nice to know that there are quite alot of righteous people on this planet, namely, Ron Paul. It’s good to have God’s 10 commandments, too.

  37. Satansgirl66 says:

    As I have said many times before, Demons are slandered Pagan Gods and this is very insulting!

  38. CM says:

    Hi Shelley, After reading yor post I had to comment. It really is strange how much I know your story and I have had many of the EXACT same experiences as you. I had thought it was the government, guradian angel, other dimensional beings and demons. Many times I have been woke up at 3 am because they were yelling profanities at me and every time I close my eyes I am shown images of whetever they want me to see.
    However I have been an atheist for 35 years (turned agnostic from this) so everything that they say or do I have questioned and caught so many inconsisties I had to laugh. I felt like I was teaching them how to mess with my head better because of all the things that had to point out that were wrong with there storyline.
    There is something I found out you should consider. You mentioned they can make you believe anything but that part is or should be wrong. >>THEY are EXACTLY what YOU THINK they ARE<<
    No matter what that is the one truth. I have come to a point where I know this and I never let them be anything or anyone. So thats our main conversation is that they ask me to believe and to believe they are something. But they provide no proof that they exists except for tricks played in my mind
    I always wonder if being an athiest is an advantage or not. I know that not letting them control me with fear is an improvement from my past because if I don't belive in them they are nothing. (they hate that) I try to convince them they are just another personality in my mind that has developed just like I have but I was here first so I am in control of this body. Hence they only exist in my mind.

  39. Shelley says:

    Dear CM,

    Thanks for your comments. Sounds like you’ve got it under control. When I said that they can make you believe anything – that’s when you don’t realise what’s going on. Of course, they can’t make me believe anything now because I know exactly who they are and what they are capable of doing. I just tolerate them now. Even now, tonight, they’ve been ‘shaking my head’ and tightening my neck. That’s really annoying but there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. My dreams are filled with c_ _ _ . It would be nice not to have any dreams at all. It possibly happens alot to many people, but they might be too embarrassed to comment on it. Someone else of my relations is actually going through it right now, and I wanted to tell that person, but when I got to their house, I could see that they weren’t going to believe me. They’re still under the evil spirit’s influence, but this person thinks that they’re being ‘guided by God.’ It’s like telling a person that’s joined a cult, that they’re in a cult. They just look at you like you’re stupid. This person said that I couldn’t tell the difference between God and evil spirits and that’s how they tricked me, but I tried telling this person that they’re very clever and can pass themselves off as angels and God (after a long period of brainwashing, that is). This person has no idea that there are evil spirits playing ‘good cop/bad cop’ with them. This person was trained from youth so how can they know the difference? I never knew. When this person comes out of it, they’re going to feel very duped.

  40. newyorkshedoc says:

    HI. I am sorry to hear of your story. It certainly sounds like you’ve been through hell and back. No pun intended. I do have one question for you. I do not mean any disrespect at all but have you seen a psychiatrist or therapist of some sort??

    In most of these cases, it is mental health related..BUT…its very possible that this paranormal related. Was just curious if a psychiatrist had done a full workup on you? I mean no disrespect as I stated before but it would be a good idea to do that if you haven’t.

  41. newyorkshedoc says:

    My bad, I sorta of skimmed through your story and didn’t see the psychiatrist part.

  42. Shelley says:

    That’s okay – people can think I’ve got some kind of mental illness if they wish, but I know the truth. I saw on 60 minutes – Australian version, there was a young lady who looked like she was continually stabbing herself and they were telling 60 minutes how it was a ‘chemical imbalance’ – but that seems to me to simply be an evil spirit doing that. It can easily happen. Also, they’ll tell truths to mediums to give them credibility, and the mediums believe they are ‘psychic’. They feel special and think they have some incredible ability. Been there, done that. I think there’s a good chance all mediums are told truths by evil spirits to give them credibility. About 3 weeks before the twin towers fell, I woke up one morning and knew that soon, there would be a huge event that people in the world would be in awe of. I couldn’t figure out if it was going to be good or bad, but I knew that it would be something that no-one had ever quite seen before. I knew that it would come on television. Around this time, also, I had thoughts of a big city that had all of it’s sky-scrapers flattened – looked like the city had been bombed and I just imagined that it would have been terrorists doing that to a western city to ‘take away the pride’ of their skilled handiwork type thing. I didn’t put the two things together. Then when I found out about the twin towers going down, and it was on tv, I knew that my thought a few weeks prior to that, was it – I’d watched the news a few times and saw things saying to myself: that’s not it – that’s not it, but I still didn’t know what I was waiting to see – the thought of the flattened scyscrapers had just been a thought. I didn’t put the two thoughts together. Interestingly enough, years later, watching some videos on the internet and doing some research, I was convinced that terrorists did not crash into the twin towers, and I believed experts when they came to the researched conclusion that the twin towers came down in a controlled demolition. I still agree also, with many on the internet that have said that certain people in the US government, were behind it all. Basically, a New World Order set up. I believe, as others do, that planes weren’t even near the buildings that day and that it was a bit of CGI to make it look like they were. They hoaxed the entire world. So, where did I get my information from, before the twin towers went down? Possibly evil spirits imbuing that information into my thoughts. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    actually think they’re psychic. Unless someone’s got some incredible abilities, I have to think that it is more likely, that the information is being given to them. I’ve had the same kind of ‘psychic ‘abilities’ myself. No big deal.

    woops � that last paragraph was out of sync. I was basically saying that mediums may not be �psychic�, but mediums are probably given information to them, from evil spirits. That�s my opinion.

  43. Carri Williams says:

    I can relate to you. my mother was diagnosed with skitzophenia. she would see flashing lights, she never told me what she would see. but she screamed a lot. I know she was tormented by demons. I saw her a motel in Minnesota scream the devil is here and saw the wind pick up with great intensity. my stepfather used to beat my mother and us kids I know he was evil and tormented by demons. put on a cross. get some mental help also. my daughter has seen spirits she gets help from the church and go to see a psychologist. maybe get a priest to give you holy water. get a blessing from a catholic priest. read the bible. good luck and my prayers will be with you.

  44. Alyissa says:

    I sympathize with you, I have had similar experiences. When i was 17 i used to sleep alone because everyone who used to sleep in my room would be afraid because they would hear or see things and eventually i had to sleep on my own. I never slept with the lights off due to my first encounter with a black hooded figure when i was a child(in that very room). I remember waking up in around 2am, i could feel the bed cover sliding down to my left, i quickly pulled it back up and held onto it.

    I’ve been having nightmares,visions,encounters,etc. ever since i as 8, so i got used to this ”stuff”, but that doesnt mean that it never frightened me, it was horrifying each time. I can remember one nightmare of the devil being crucified on the cross outside my room window, but lets not get into details.

    Recently,i feel as if something is trying to take over me, to stray me from God. I’m angry all the time, its hard for people to talk to me without me lashing out, I have headaches- sometimes when i wake up in the early hours of the morning, I have ”thoughts” that God doesnt care about us or why would he send us to hell if he loved us OR I dont ever think I will go to heaven,etc. I know this isnt true of course. I never used to swear or anything, but they are slowly changing me. They are trying to turn me against my family, i had a dream that my mother was calling me a ”bitch” and that my family just ignored m and isolated me. Last night I prayed to God to send St.Gabriel to watch over me. Im going back to God

    Pray to God, go to church, its the only way, and if need be, get a priest to bless your house

    God be with you

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Alyissa,

      Thanks for writing to me and letting me know those things that happened to you. It sounds like you’re a brave young woman. I’m sure that the evil spirits are tormenting or bugging you because you’re a good person and probably generally a kind person, too. Remember, the evil spirits can TOTALLY concoct and create all of youe dreams. They know how to look and sound like us, right down to the minutest of details. They still control all of my dreams. Yes – try to fight what they’re doing to you now before it gets too hard to stop it – say, the swearing etc. I know – it’s not easy. They still shake my head etc. and it seems impossible for me to stop that. The evil spirits were kicked out of heaven and you have more power than them – generally speaking. We’re of a higher status than them, and of course, they don’t like it. They knew you and the good things you were capable of in the pre-existence. You ARE good enough to go to Heaven. God DOES love you. They can make you wake up at night actually thinking some things that they’ve helped you to think. They are simply people, who have nothing better to do. I’m sure they probably go and have lunch in their break, right after their morning sessions with you. They’ve lost alot of good things and now they want to take you with them, so to speak – just to collect another ‘feather in their cap’. It’s good now that you know that they are capable of sending you visions. I’d say, don’t listen to any of your dreams or visions. This is a big tool of theirs that they use and if you understand that now – you’re doing really well!!!!! See you for now. x x x x

      • Alyissa says:

        Dear Anonymous

        I would honestly like to thank you for your reply, it was like a message from above. I am fighting a spiritual battle with myself. I am going back to God.I wont let them take over, and you’re right, we all deserve to go to heaven. I wont go to hell and I wont let them make me hate my family coz in the end, family is all we have. I hope that God gives you the strength to overcome them, go to church and pray, He will see you through this.

        Always be here for you


        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks for replying. The evil spirits tried to turn me against my family, too. The things they told and showed me – really bad. The stuff that nightmares are made of. They succeeded for a number of years but now I know that it was all lies made up by the evil spirits. They told me, and I totally believed them, that I ‘didn’t have time’ to go to the millenium when Jesus will reign, and that I had to basically, try to get to the spirit world as soon as possible so I could ‘fix’ things, with ‘my powers’ in numerous other ‘worlds’. I was so brainwashed over a period of 18 years, that by the time they told me I was ‘God’ – it only took me a few minutes to believe it. [Daily and nightly brainwashing.] They changed my reality. I’m not a member of their ‘cult’ anymore. Being deceived by the evil spirits in a major way, is like joining a cult without knowing it and without leaving home. I don’t believe, obviously, that I’m God, anymore. Phew. What a relief!

          • Alyissa says:

            I am just glad that you have realised it was wrong. Never lose faith in the Lord and Savior.

            God bless


  45. Lex says:

    Something similar happened to me once a couple of years ago. I started withdrawing from God and partying, and eventually I started having these crazy ideas about God and Jesus and quantum physics. I thought that Christianity had got close to the truth, and God was sending me answers to correct the worlds mistakes and ignorance when it came to God and his Son. Everyday I’d have a new idea that seemed to not even come from me. It would just come out of my fingers into my blog. People started saying they were worried about me, but I ignored them. I was also experiencing taunting and and heavy breaths on my neck and hearing something whisper my name when I was alone. I thought it was just because Satan was angry that I was revealing Godsent truths. I switched churches to an Universal Utilitarian church, and they supported me. I now realize that that church is a very confused and dark place. Every day I started getting more and more depressed from the taunting, and everytime I opened my Bible it would open to verses about being punished for sins. One night I had a terrifying experience that I just posted here and will hopefully show up soon. Anyway, after praying to make it go away that night, I felt God’s presence for the first time in over a year, and I immediately knew what huge mistakes I’d been making with my blasphemous blog posts. I broke down and prayed all night for forgiveness and to this day I’ve felt like a real Christian with a relationship with our almighty Father.

    • Shelley says:

      You’ve done well. They love to play ‘both sides’ of the coin. Good cop, bad cop. All of my dreams are still totally concocted and they shake my head and neck around frequently when no-one’s around. Thankfully it mostly doesn’t happen in public. I had a website too, about aliens. I took it down of course eventually, but there I was, trying to convince the world about the truth of aliens. I don’t believe in aliens now. The evil spirits can make themselves look and sound like literally anybody and anything. Family have told me to ‘ignore’ it and it will go away but that hasn’t worked. I think ‘they’ want to ignore it so ‘it’ will go away. It would be like someone slapping them on the face every now and then and me then telling them to ignore that. I wonder if they could. You sound like your doing really well now.

  46. Carri says:

    to all I really believe after reading these stories that demons have been following me and my family for generations. My stepfather talked about aliens. The aliens gave my step father secret information to make fuel cells. My step father made fuel cells for Nasa and General Motors, they were hydrogen fuel cells. He would go on about other dimensions. Aliens visiting him. My mother would see the devil at times and see flashing lights. she would cause the winds to change it’s speed and intensity. I always thought they were mentally ill or eccentric until I experienced a haunting after my brother died in 1984 that is the first time I had experience a real paranormal experience. I was at a low time in my life and that is possibly when the enemy tried to torment me with noises and moans from the other side. . then our home was haunted. then in 2001 my mobile home became haunted because a old woman had died in the mobile home before I bought it. I heard noises and saw demons then, I saw a ghost girl in my home after she died of the flu at the school where my little daughter attended. but reading your stories I know all these are just demons attacking me and my family.

  47. Shelley says:

    Well done, Carri.

    You have figured it out. There are two main reasons why they bug us. One, they have access to our dimension and two, they’ve got nothing better to do.

    So they gave him that information, eh? I know that the evil spirits totally can appear like aliens. They are experts at disguise. They can even make you believe you feel the ‘vibes’ of some dead relative nearby. They’re very convincing. They even were able to show me a few excerpts of my future, near and months away. I don’t know how far into the future they can see, though. Perhaps they are only able to see so far.

    They’ll use the ‘somebody died there’ scenario case to ‘haunt’ a place. They know you’ll find out sooner or later that a person died there. Those people who died won’t be the ones who are ‘coming back’ to haunt you or any other place. The evil spirits use it and can appear like the deceased. They are experts at speaking and looking like anyone. I think alot of people experience things like this but perhaps they don’t talk about it. I personally believe that the man who was portrayed in “A Beautiful Mind”, the movie, was having evil spirits converse with him. I seriously doubt whether he was skitsophrenic or whatever other label they would like to put on him. What happened to him is ‘classic evil spirit.’ He might be relieved to know that, actually. Poor thing. The movie that was based on a true story, ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ – now that was a really extreme case where they obviously were allowed to take her to her death. Mary, the mother of Jesus had nothing to do with it. She was deceived right up ’til her death.

    Slowly but surely, we all wake up from the unseen ‘cult’. I know someone who is still under their strong influence but what can I say to her? She won’t believe me if I tell her the real source of all her revelations. She thinks that God and angels relay information and messages to her. Didn’t I? It’s like trying to de-brainwash someone. Short of taking them out onto a field in the middle of nowhere and shaking them and trying to tell them what’s been happening to them – who can say if it will make a difference.

    Well done Carri! I was quite amazed you figured all that out!

  48. Annao says:


    First of all, your opinions are solely based on Hollywood movies…

    Secondly, if you do research on Nash the genius schizophrenic by the way, he did not have these so-called demons. The man had a mental illness, he had schizophrenia, which tormented him.

    Your Emily rose example is horrid! Come on do you know who that movie is very loosely based on??? No I’m sure you don’t. The so-called afflicted was annelisse Michel, a young German girl who was supposedly demon possessed in the 70s right around the time “the exorcist” came out in theatres! Another movie very loosely based on another case of supposed demonic possession in 1949 of a young boy. Do your research before you start quoting movies when 9/10s of the movie is not even true.

    Do I believe in demonic possession? I think it’s very possible

    • Caretaker says:

      Here is the True Story of the Excorcism of Emily Rose //

    • Shelley says:

      Surprising as this may seem to you, my ‘opinions’ are not based on Hollywood movies. I didn’t do ‘my research’ on Nash, I just observed what happened in the movie. It bares all of the hallmarks of evil spirit torment and deceipt. I can’t help it if this is not so obvious to you. He may have been a genius – I’m not disagreeing with that, but I seriously doubt whether he was schizophrenic and I would tell him what I thought if I ever had the chance to meet him, only to basically let him know that I’m sure he’s quite normal and was just being deceived and run around the bush by evil spirits. The man does not have a mental illness. I do not believe he had schizophrenia.

      Now, my dear, the Emily Rose example. I know that that movie is based on a true story. Yes, I know of the girl. I looked into it and saw some footage of her. You said ‘supposedly demon possessed?’ In the actual footage, it looked and sounded like she was really possessed. What is your actual claim also in regards to ‘The Exorcist?’ Again you say, ‘supposed demonic possession.’ We can cut to the chase. You don’t even believe in ‘demonic possession.’ That’s the real issue here. Why have you even bothered reading what we’ve written? It’s called acknowledgement. Something we don’t get alot of and you’re not exactly helping. Are you?

      You wrote: “Do I believe in demonic possession? I think it�s very possible.”

      Need I say no more?

  49. Annao says:

    I think demonic possession is very possible. Many years ago, people were supposedly afflicted with possession. In nearly all these cases, these people were afflicted with mental illness. Today, I do believe that still holds true. A great majority of cases are some sort of mental illness. Possession is possible but very unlikely.

  50. Annao says:

    Shelley–When you do research on the Michel case, you will know there is no mention of Mary. Don’t base your opinions on movies. Some of these people here are afflicted with God knows what and your sensationalist, movie claims don’t make things better for them. To everyone else, sorry for posting so much but it aggravates me when I read these type of comments from people who don’t do their research not realizing the consequences of what it can do people who are tormented.

    • Kind Skeptic says:

      It is refreshing to read a voice of reason! We monitor numerous sites like these as I lead a research team out of a University that studies paranormal events vs. explainable emotional/mental-illness driven situations. I comment from time-to-time because it seems that more often than not, the contributors *want* it to be some type of demonic possession and would rather embrace “the devil is in me” or “the devil made me do it” than seek out other rationals that would prove to be more positive. Unfortunately, this approach pomulgates all kinds of misinformation and often allows imaginations to run amok, causing more harm than help.

      I am always encouraged to see a posting such as yours. While possessions may very well be real, I am challenged when I read through these comments and see the “tsunami” building of misinformation and/or conjecture.

      • Annao says:

        I agree completely. A lot of people seem to want to be possessed by a demonic force. They may say otherwise but it’s the words and phrases they use that make me think otherwise.
        I consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person, educated, and yes there are things out there we can’t explain. But most of it we can. Secondly I just can’t stand people making an opinion or argument. Based Ina movie. It’s ridiculous.

    • Shelley says:

      You actually weren’t there to witness everything that happened to Anneliese Michel. Neither was I. Even if the ‘Mary’ part of that movie isn’t true, didn’t you write above ‘who was supposedly demon possessed?’ Do you personally think she was possessed or not? Basing my opinions on movies, again? I give the movies as examples only. Chill out. You say: ‘some of these people here are afflected with God knows what…’ Yeah. That’s right. He does know. And he allows it to happen. Bad things happen to good people. Worse things could happen than this. We know that.

      You’re calling me a ‘sensationalist?’ I think you’re actually making a mountain out of a mould. We’re already used to this crap happening. You probably haven’t understood it yet, that’s probably why you’re so angry. I think you’d be better off reading some kind of scientific medical postings. You might feel right at home there. Everything is so cut and dried and psychosis or mental illness is eagerly used to label things that they either don’t believe or can’t explain. I’m sure some people do have mental illnesses, but that’s where the discernment comes in, doesn’t it.

      Movie claims? You’re a nut. This stuff has been happening to me for 42 years. I’m just learning to deal with it and tolerate it. Don’t add to it, man. Mmmm – and you say: ‘not realizing the consequences of what it can do (to) people who are tormented?’ This site is a site where people can say what has happened to them. Once again, it’s nice to be acknowledged when so many around you don’t want to hear about it. So what is it now that YOU want me to do, Annao? Shut up?

  51. Carri says:

    to the unbelievers like the kind skeptic, you are a rational person. you have not been raised by a mentally ill mother who was tormented all her life by demons and cruelty from her abusing husband. But the Devil and Demons are real. You haven’t broken into the spirit realm yet. Try doing a seance in a haunted location. use rodding in a haunted graveyard. Rent a haunted property. sleep in a haunted location for weeks at a time. You will break through into the ghost realm. Try visiting a state mental institution l Thats where real evil resides. Rapists and pedifiles frequent. I have been to State Mental wards visiting my mother. That is where real evil exists. visit the local jail were most demonic individuals reside. That is where gang members are caught up in the system. You possibly had a rational life educated by normal parents. But explore non believer because real evil exists in this world and what these people are saying is true.

  52. Annao says:

    Carri– I’m a doctor who has worked in NYC’s largest hospital. Trust me I know about evil and atrocities committed by humanity. I’ve seen abused children by relatives. I sutured a woman’s face back together after her abusive bf cut up her face. I’ve rotated through psych wards. I’m sure demons exist somewhere. But the atrocities I’ve seen, the murder victims I’ve seen. Has been all committed by human beings not by spirits. I don’t doubt demons exist. But humans must take response for the actions they commit!

    • Shelley says:

      Well, Annao, I see this is where you’re coming from. You’re right. Humans must and should take responsibility for their actions and the evil they do. It might surprise you to know that whenever I hear about a murderer getting off because it’s been said that they’re insane or something – I never agree with it and believe always, yes, always, that the person shouldn’t actually even be allowed to claim insanity. I don’t think I’ve ever believed in any case where someone was ‘insane’ when they committed a crime or evil. I have never understood it why the insanity pleas are actually taken seriously. I don’t even believe in what they call ‘a crime of passion’. I don’t care how upset they were. Murder is murder.

  53. Carri says:

    I agree that humans are responsible for their own behavior. But their are a lot of mental ill people who are sick with a Spiritual Affliction. I lived with a mental ill person all my life. I also had evil people after me, I was in a foster home. I know that unless you haven’t seen the spiritual dimension and heard the devil’s footsteps, it would be hard to understand. I also have a real good jobs. I work for the UAW and have an education. I am not ignorant. I just have seen a lot for my time on this earth.

    • Annao says:

      Uh carri. I’m not disputing a spiritual realm. Over 97% of the world believe in a higher power so I don’t think those of us in that percentile will dispute that. My argument is how easily people blame the devil. Hey people make decisions whether due to mental illness or just having no heart. Remember since a lot of you people claim to be religious, god did give us free will, yes?? People r bad bottom-line so stop blaming the devil. Jeez get real. If someone else sane on her wants to make a comment then i respond

  54. Annao says:

    Shelley– you made your arguments based on movies. You just said it yourself.

    You make your arguments on opinions not facts. Sorry I’m wasting my time on talking to you. Your arguments are poor. I think most sane educated people would agree with me.

    • Shelley says:

      I saw the link that the Caretaker of this site left me, referring me to the real story of Annaliese Michel, and as I understood before, it said in there that she did claim that Mary came to her and gave her two options. This is what I was referring to before but you wrote and said that there was no mention of Mary in the real story, but there is, if what I read was true.

      Like I said before, I was using those two movies as ‘examples’. I wasn’t basing any facts on them. I speak of my own experiences and so to cause people to have a type of understanding about what I’m trying to explain, I have referred to those two movies. In real life (as opposed to postings on this site) when I have tried to explain my story to others, a real vague look comes onto their faces or confused or whatever and they almost look at me like I’m crazy, but as soon as I asked them questions like: ‘Did you see ‘A Beautiful Mind?’ the movie? and did you see ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose?’ All of a sudden, the expressions on their faces change and they’re like, ‘oh – right;’ and they instantly get what I’m trying to tell them. It’s like they’ve just entered a ‘portal of understanding’ and I don’t have to take so much time explaining everything. They’ve already got the example in their head about what I’m trying to tell them and it’s like then, ‘oh right – so something like that happened to you, too,’ kind of thing. They instantly seem to understand what I mean. I don’t have to explain myself so much.

      The evil spirits were coming to me throughout the years as Mary, Jesus, God, the Holy Ghost, Angels, famous people, good spirits, people I knew etc. I never doubted that what and who I was seeing was real but of course they all had me fooled. I was deceived. Mary, Jesus, God, Angels, the Holy Ghost – they were all hoaxes – easily portrayed by evil spirits. As these things went on throughout the years, I couldn’t help but analyze what was happening to me – even though I was busy analyzing their lies and concoctions. There are patterns that I can’t help but see. Evil spirits are alot like the New World Order. They cause strife in disguise, then come out posing as Saviours with supposed solutions.

      I draw similarities from the two movies because I saw the patterns in them. The same type of patterns I experienced. I bring them up to save time, actually, explaining myself more. If you read other comments here, you will see that others have experienced similar or the same things as I have, or vice-versa. This proves once again, that evil spirits have a pattern or patterns that they can’t help but follow. It’s working for them. I posted my general experience with them kind of to say, hey you know, this kind of thing happens and you’re not crazy – you were just deceived, and yes, it’s disappointing and frustrating and upsetting, but you can get through it. We’re stronger than they are.

      Annao, if reading these posts upset you, then stop reading them. Your last response to me was like you were responding to some post I’d never even written. Are you actually reading what I’ve written, or are you instantly translating what you’ve seen me write into what you’d actually prefer that I said?

      Just to recap, student; let me just go over the similarities – or would they be ‘patterns?’

      A Beautiful Mind:

      Unseen people conversed with him on a regular basis and he believed them to be real and in this dimension.
      [Unseen people conversed with me on a regular basis and I believed them to be real but mostly they were in the other dimension or my dreams but atleast twice they appeared to me as in this dimension - at other times I could see them whilst wide awake and alot of times, could see them with eyes shut. Yaddah, the list goes on.

      What unseen people conversed with him about, influenced him and he responded with this and that action.
      [Tick to that, too.] [Yawn.]

      Ok, I’m going to move on now, but yes, he was a very smart person.


      ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’

      (I didn’t actually want to see this movie but I made myself watch the video just to see how she dealt with it.)

      She was religious. So have I been. She would see people’s faces changing, I would see them change enough. According to the real story of her (and I just discovered this particular fact yesterday, when I read it) that she was lead to believe by the evil spirits that she had to do penance – something lke that. I didn’t understand about the ‘atonement’ as Christians believe in, so they got me there. I always thought that I had to pay for my own sins – somehow I didn’t understand that principle or whatever you call it, and they milked it for all it was worth. They had me pretty much turned into a cross between a monk and a nun. I fasted every day for eleven and a half years.

      Every dream they sent me, I believed in. They wouldn’t let me have any sleep or nap during the daytime, for years. They said that if I took a nap or rested just for a bit, or ate during the day, my daughter would be gang raped repeatedly, and I would be too, plus I would be murdered and my ‘people’ as they put it, would be destroyed. They showed me all that and how it would be done. I was too afraid to go against their instructions, but remember, I thought it was God telling me all that, but it wasn’t. It was the evil spirits.

      In her true story, she felt a heaviness on her chest if I’m to remember correctly and some type of paralysis if I can remember. In my youth, I used to at times experience not being able to move whilst in bed. I would try to call out, but couldn’t move my jaw. I found it so difficult to wake up and every time I thought I had woken up, I realised I was still asleep. I would eventually get up from my nightmare and go and see my parents. Eating something would help me to come out of it, but one time it was difficult getting up the stairs to my parents bedroom. I had to grab the rail and try to pull myself up. That time I went into my parents room and couldn’t control myself as I swung my head around and moved around the room. I just wanted my parents to help me. Eventually, of course, it subsided.

      The evil spirits did also move the upper half of my body alot in latter years and did speak jibberish, mostly, through my mouth when nobody was around. These days, they still do that, but less. While I write this, they shake my head every now and then, and as usual, every time I kneel to pray, many times they still shake and move as much as possible, the top half of my body. It gets annoying, but I just keep on praying.

      There’s alot I’ve left out, but I know that I never had it as bad as Annaliese Michel. She had an absolute extreme case. I never went to my death, although in the end they were leading up to me trying to commit suicide and I guess I was just waiting for their instructions. To cut a long story short, two main things happened to me in the end to cause me to begin realising that I had been duped for years by only the evil spirits. They started going a bit crazy themselves in the end and went overboard with their expectations of me – long story, but things were starting to get ‘unbelievable’ even for me. The second thing is, because of my anger at their expectations of me (never ceasing – 24 hours a day for years) I went against their advice on one thing and looked into something. I got a shock to find out the truth about that ‘something’ and asked myself: ‘Why did God lie to me?’ Remember, in the end, they told me that ‘I’ was God and that there were many Gods and multiple individuals of every person in many other dimensions. The story is complex and a bit confusing.

      From there on in, it was like a woolen jumper coming undone. Yes, I’m now using the analogy of a woolen jumper coming undone so that you can understand quite quickly what I am trying to explain. I was so thankful to realise that yes, there was that same righteous, sensible and strong God out there that I had come to learn about as I was growing up. What a relief.

  55. Corey says:

    You are all 100% correct in no matter what you think this experience is. For many years now I too have ran through the myriad of possibilities for what I was dealing with. I started out with government mind control testing then aliens then just another life form in a close dimension and of course demons. I tested and tested and tested them and everytime I could come up with enough inconsistency in thier stories that I could not believe in the “game” anymore. Here is the one and only thing I know is true about these things.
    “IT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK IT IS” and they are exactly who you think they are.
    No matter if it be demons, ghosts, god or the devil or anything or anyone. All that these things want is to be HEARD and to control your actions in this reality as much as possible because… When you physically act out or react to what the say, That in turn MAKES THEM REAL.” because they are interacting in this reality through you.
    My own magic cure to help control them is too label them as NOTHING and to believe NOTHING they say. I treat them as” just for entertainment purposes only” This helps because I am athiest although for a while I used to thank them for making me believe in God, But I fell back on my atheism because when tested I could not get them to do anything besides be a voice in my head and of course mess with my dreams. They have shown that it is most likely my subconcous that created other personalities as a seperate entitiy inside the same body. Of course they know everything you know and try to steal thoughts before you realize your having them to claim they were not your ideas but rather theirs and can give you pains. It’s part of your brain that we know NOTHING about. Try not to give them power over you, laugh at the things that usually would scare you. Don’t give them any authority over your decisions that affect this reality and they simply won’t be real. Stick to it, I know it’s a 24-7 job to deal with this but try not to let them control what you do unless it’s just for your entertainment purposes and not for theirs. NOTHING thats all they get.
    And thats Exactly what I know they are. NOTHING. ;)

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