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Deceived and Tormented by Demons

Posted on October 26, 2009

‘A Beautiful Mind’ plus ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ type experience

I stumbled across this site, and so decided to tell my story. I think I might be pretty close to being an expert on this subject because I can’t help but analyze a lot. It started when I was 5 years old, and I don’t remember certain parts, but my mother told me that I came to her a few times, hysterical, saying that Satan had visited me, warning and threatening me to do something bad to my family if I didn’t stop them from doing this particular good thing. It had to do with my family going to a temple – in my religion we get sealed as a family for eternity, anyway; what I do remember at that time is -

I went outside on a cold, windy night and looked up at the stars and said, punching the sky: ‘You can’t get me now, Satan!’ and immediately a man’s voice, that I thought was God’s voice, said to me: ‘Don’t tempt Satan.’  (I was actually on my way to the shed where my dad was, that night.) One night around that time, I awoke also to my bed sheet being slowly taking off of me, and I knew that no-one was in the room except me and my brother or sister who was in the bed on the other side of the room.

What followed through the years as I was growing up was nightmares on Sunday nights, especially, with also seeing things when I woke up in the middle of the night. One time I woke up and saw grey spirits floating around near my ceiling, another time I woke up to see a woman spirit, reading a book, sitting by my bed at the piano that just happened to be in my room. She turned to look at me and of course I ducked under my covers whilst my heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest. Another time I heard evil piano music playing, seemingly endlessly, from another room in the house in the middle of the night, and an eerie light came through underneath my door.  Another time in the daytime just after having a nap, I saw half the body of a boy walk through me.

I’m 46 now, but just over 18 years ago, it started up again, but this time, I had no idea that it was evil spirits. To cut a long story short, from around the time when I was about 28 years old, I had what you might understand as ‘A Beautiful Mind’ mixed in with a bit of ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’ type experience – for the next 18 years. In short, I thought that I was receiving a great deal of personal revelation from God, the Holy Ghost, Angels and good spirits. Also, I was being tormented by evil spirits at the same time.

Now in February 2009, I ‘came out of it’. To explain, I fully believe, after a lot of analysis, that for those 18 years, I was put through an experience by the evil spirits where they were playing both the part of ‘good cop’/'bad cop’. In other words, a band of evil spirits – who knows how many, pretended to me, that they were God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, angels, good spirits and many others. These evil spirits were also being themselves, so, I thought that I was being led by God, and also having evil spirit experiences, but, thought I didn’t know it for those 18 years, it was entirely the evil spirits, and nothing at all to do with God or any good spirits. For those 18 years, the evil spirits put me through what I would call ‘programs’.

For 5 years, I felt as if my mind was in hell, day and night, without rest or peace. It was crazy. They made me believe I was paying for my sins. Then they made me believe that they were God and told me that my people would be destroyed and that horrendous things would happen to me and my child – and they showed me exactly what those things would be in many dreams; if I didn’t fast every day. So in order to protect my child, myself and ‘my people’, I fasted every day for eleven and a half years. It was like being in a cult without leaving home, and I didn’t realize I was ‘in it’ until I stepped out of it, in February this year. Remember, I thought I was being led by God and that ‘God’ told me that I was ‘having a ‘Job’ experience’, which of course, I believed, with all their constant brainwashing.

These evil spirits, over the years, sent me literally thousands of dreams, that is without exaggeration, and at least hundreds of visions – with and without my eyes shut. They rarely left me alone. They deprived me of sleep (I thought it was God disciplining me), causing me to for years, wake up at 5 am and even for a whole year in the end, made me get up at 4 am which was difficult to say the least. When I dreamed, they would barely leave me alone – of course, remember, I thought I was under God’s guidance etc. They would constantly throughout the night, interrupt my sleep to ‘let me know what was happening in other dimensions’. They convinced me that there were absolutely billions upon billions of other worlds with billions of each person on the planet inhabiting those worlds. There was never much let up, especially as time wore on.

In the latter years of this, they also put me through a ‘The Truman Show’ type experience where I felt as if I had no privacy at all because ‘people/spirits from different dimensions’, were coming in and out of my places of accommodation on an extremely regular basis. In short, they drove me crazy.

I was writing in ‘code’, for weeks on end and performing supernatural feats in ‘other dimensions’ for various reasons. It was full on. Basically, the whole thing was evil spirit engineered and God had nothing to do with it – this, I found out wholly, in about Feb 2009. The garment started unraveling, so to speak, around the end of 2008, where, after much waiting, I decided to do some research in regards to something I had been told by the evil spirits years ago. To my great disappointment, I found out that something that I had been told, was a lie. I asked myself:  ‘Why did God lie to me?’ Of course, it wasn’t God at all, but the evil spirits who did lie to me, year after year. The covers started coming off of my eyes in February this year, like a garment unraveling very quickly, but not without their little ‘piece de resistance’ where even they went a bit crazy, going off the deep end, revealing many inconsistencies where I had to ask myself, who, in actual fact, was really controlling me from another dimension?

Also, for the last two and a half years of that experience, they were talking gibberish through me and throwing around the top half of my body – but they told me that this was an evil experience that I had to ‘tolerate’ and that I wasn’t to try to stop it from happening. Since February this year, I have known the full truth that it was evil spirits that were controlling and restricting me throughout those 18 years. A dozen psychiatrist and psychologist have seen me since and it was agreed that I was not schizophrenic or any of other about 5 things they mentioned, though of course, none of them believed in evil spirits.

The evil spirits still hang around me, and a lot, at least one goes inside me. It’s annoying, but I tolerate it. They rarely speak through me now, and they only move around the top half of my body when I’m usually alone and in my room, when I’m on the computer, as I am now, or when I’m saying my prayers. They can’t control me or my decisions anymore, but as usual, and for many years, they still control 100% of all of my dreams from shut eyes to sun up. It’s like going to a mental institution every night. In my dreams, they can make themselves look, sound and act like absolutely anyone. They did even shown me some bits of the future which did already happen, to a ‘t’ and at times they were able to touch me in certain ways with for some months there, giving me, I believe, painful pains in parts of my hands and arms – the pains in my arms could be debatable though, but they have proven that they could give me acute pains in my feet, back and leg, so, it’s not as if they couldn’t do that to me, also.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard, in this dimension, at night, a woman saying something and when I woke up and opened my eyes, I saw an evil spirit lady walking toward me for a few seconds, but I was glad to note that I took a speedy pro-active stance by jumping out of bed and attacking it, yelling words to the effect of ‘get out – get out’ type thing. Of course tonight, I can feel they’re creepy vibes – usually I am used to it, and I don’t feel creepy vibes from them because, I guess I was just used to it, but at times I do get scared, so I’ll probably leave the light on for a few hours until I feel ‘safe’, then I’ll turn the light off.

I just needed to say all those things, to give a rundown of my experiences there, before I say that, the evil spirits are actors. They can make you believe anything that they choose to want you to believe. Evil spirits can make themselves out to be so righteous and kind, funny – you name it – there’s nothing they can’t make you believe. I read talk of spirit ‘categories’ but there’s only one category to the evil spirits. They know of the fascination in regard to them and they milk it. They know details about dead people which they can relay through a channeler, let’s say, and you think that it’s your dead relative or someone you know that has died, relaying some information to you, but it’s all an evil spirit hoax.

Lastly, I’d like to say that the man, who in real life, was the man that was portrayed in the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’, I do not believe that he was schizophrenic. I saw this movie, and to me, it has all the hallmarks of evil spirits. I believe that man was going through an evil spirit experience. I do not think that there is, or was ever, anything wrong with his mind. This is what the evil spirits do – they waste your time. They have you writing in code. They lead you on a wild goose chase. They get your attention and try to hold it for as long as they can. They can be extremely convincing when you don’t realize who you’re dealing with. The experiences they give people, come in different shapes and sizes, but if you analyze it, you’ll see the patterns. They know exactly what they’re doing.  Playing with us is child’s play to them. It is quite easy to be amazed that one can see spirits in another dimension, but it would be better if those spirits were good. In reality, these evil spirits are actually annoying, irritating and having their fun doing a bit of smoke and mirrors on us.

Sent in by Shelley, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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