Dealing With Demons

Posted on August 5, 2009

Demons… an evocative word, to be sure, and one we’re all familiar with. In our modern age, it almost seems paradoxical that the spiritually minded hears about more and more ordinary people having run-ins with these legendary entities, and yet this seems to be the case. Perhaps it’s due to our increased ability to communicate and hear news from increasingly far-flung areas of society… perhaps there are no more �demonic� encounters than there ever have been, we’re just hearing about ones we wouldn’t have in the past. Or maybe the troubled times in which we live has given rise to an increase in demonic activity.

No matter what the cause, dealing with demons is something we very well may have to do at some point in our lives. Just like so many things in life, there are good and bad ways of dealing with these experiences, and the choices we make can make the difference between a temporary inconvenience and a terrifyingly life-shattering encounter with the unknown.


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.� – Indigo Montoya

Before we get into how to deal with such an experience, it helps to understand just what a �demon� is. They actually fall in two distinct categories: Sentient spiritual beings who have been mistakenly lumped into a mish-mash of demonic lore, and fairly nasty experiences of a distinctly destructive variety.

As for the first category, such “demons” are ones that most average people will never meet. Interaction with them is not accidental, and usually as a result of some sort of ceremony performed by a Western ceremonial magician. Again, these are just spirits, and not really malevolent. They’re not as philanthropic as angelic forces, and thus those approaching them must show some care, but they’re not out to “get” you. I wouldn’t have even included them if it were not for various occult literature that mis-labels them as “demonic” (Crowley’s translation of the Goetia comes to mind).

The second sort of demon, the nasty kind, are what most refer to when speaking of “demons” in general. They are malevolent, nasty, and quite evil. I have encountered them personally. Far from being �Satan’s minions�, they are actually human creations.

Have you ever walked into a room where there has been a bad argument, intense grief, or even physical violence, and felt something “not right”? There were no outward signs of disturbance, and personal knowledge of the event may be long in coming, and yet you feel extremely uneasy and out of sorts just entering. This, my friends, is what is known as “Negative Energy”. It is the psychic residue left behind by intensely negative emotions, and can cling to an area for days unless dispersed. Some particularly strong occurrences, like mass murders or battles in war, can leave traces for decades, even centuries, afterwards. Most often, however, the negative energy gradually dissipates, and the area becomes neutral again. It can be actively cleared by someone trained to do so.

Sometimes, however, that pocket of negative energy doesn’t dissipate. Perhaps it’s because it’s constantly reinforced by other negativity being heaped upon it (like in habitually abusive households), but it only sits and festers. It’s free-floating negativity inspires even more negative feelings by people around it, and thus, instead of fading away, the negative energy only grows. It can even break free of a particular location and drift about, finding people far away from it’s point of origin.

One of the basic laws of hermetics, and of the world of the paranormal generally, is “like attracts like”, and in keeping with this these free-floating pockets of negativity are attracted to people facing a lot of negativity in their lives. The person’s anxiety and/or depression then feeds the negativity, or “demon”, which then grows stronger and thus engenders even more negativity. Most of us send these things packing of our own volition…we come to some sort of realization, feel better about things, and the “demon” goes off to find someone more in tune with it’s dismal state.

Dealing With A Demon

“Luke: There’s something not right here… I feel cold. Death.
Yoda: That place… is strong with the dark side of the Force. A domain of evil it is. In you must go.
Luke: What’s in there?
Yoda: Only what you take with you. ”

Now that we’ve defined just what a �demon� is, there are a few points to keep in mind:

* Being pockets of free-floating negativity, demons do not have an agenda. All they have is a natural tendency to gravitate towards negativity.

* They do not have a will. They are not out to �get� you.

* Humans are affected by them due to our tendency to respond to our psychic environment (negativity breeds negativity, etc.).

* Due to their nature of being pure (if negative) energy, demons are a blank slate, and will reflect back the expectations that others place on them.

This last point is the most important to remember when dealing with demonic negativity. �Demons�, as they are, are a blank slate. They’re not thousands of years old, nor are they former angels �fallen� into an unsavoury state. They are a ball of negativity with infinite possibilities. They can, however, become imprinted with strong emotions and begin to feed those emotions back to their source.

In short, they are what we make them.

Sometimes, the “demon” encounters someone of some untapped psychic ability, and actually manifests itself as unsettling psychic phenomena…disembodied banging, frightening apparitions, cold spots, even levitation of objects. These events, frightening to the uneducated, trigger abject terror in the unrealized psychic, and the �demon� gets a supercharge of negative energy. This leads to even more phenomena, and chaos reigns. Some things that have been labeled as poltergeist phenomena have been, I believe, mis-labeled pockets of negativity that got super-charged by their environment.

If this untapped psychic comes from a particular religious tradition that holds these things to be torments from the devil, then that expectation as well is fed to the demon along with the negativity. Being a �blank slate�, as I’ve said, these demons begin to feed this expectation back to the focus of their attachment, and take on the guise of a classic “demon”.

Here’s something I noticed a long time ago: Have you ever noticed that, in accounts of so-called �demon hunters�, that the demons that they run across fit perfectly into their cultural paradigm? In other words, Catholic demon-hunters encounter Catholic demons, protestant demon-hunters find protestant demons, etc.

When you consider the true nature of such entities, this outcome is entirely predictable. A ball of negativity attaches itself to someone, that person has some untapped psychic potential, and paranormal phenomena start to occur. This frightens the unrealized psychic, and somewhere they start to fear the possibility of �evil spirits�…perhaps they read a book written by some pseudo-scientific hack with an agenda to push (there are many), or maybe some well-meaning friend brings up the possibility. Or maybe they’re generally afraid of the supernatural, and jump to the �evil spirit� conclusion all on their own. Once they start to fear such a possibility, they then begin to feed the negativity, or �demon�, with their expectations as to just what an evil spirit would act like. The demon sends this expectation back in spades, and a downward spiral begins.

What I find most disturbing are those cases where people are somewhat frightened by �spirit activity� in their house, and bring in the wrong �investigator� to see �what’s going on�. This �investigator� (I put quotes around the word because the hacks really don’t deserve the title) then frightens the living hell out of the house’s residents by telling them that the spirit in their house is �evil�, and most likely �demonic�. They’re not talking about �demonic� in the actual sense, but usually through the filter of some religious agenda. Reading these peoples’ cases, you’d be amazed at just how interested high level �demons� are in wrecking suburban housewives’ laundry rooms.

What is most disturbing about some of these cases is that they started out as a garden variety haunting, not an actual demon… perhaps unsettling to the uneducated, but hardly malevolent. By the time these unconscionable hacks are finished, they’ve whipped the atmosphere into a whirl-wind of fear and terror, and turned a psychic firecracker into a neutron bomb. If the people involved are even marginally psychic, their untapped talents are turned against them, and they’re lucky to escape without serious psychological scarring.

The most important thing to remember, if you think you’ve attracted a negative entity into your life, is that they can only give back what you put into them! That’s why I put the quote from The Empire Strikes Back at the beginning of this section…it’s not only a great scene from a great movie, but it’s also amazingly indicative of how negativity works in the psychic world. (Note: I’ll now geek-out for a moment for those who, unbelievably, haven’t seen this movie yet). In the film, Yoda has brought Luke to a place on Yoda’s home world of Dagobah where the �dark side of the force�, I.e. evil, is particularly strong. After the above exchange, Luke goes to take his weapons with him into the tree. Yoda tells him he won’t need them in there, but Luke takes them anyway. Ultimately Luke has a traumatic experience in the tree, but it’s one he brought upon himself by not trusting the powers of good, and relying on man-made weapons.

Luke charges an already negative atmosphere with his own fear and distrust, and reaps the results. Those who are dealing with real-life negativity should know that, if they charge the situation with their own fear and negativity, then it will be thrown back at them many times over.

If, however, they refuse to �feed the beast�, as it were, and deny the negative entity their own power, then they can shake, perhaps even destroy, the negative entity currently attached to them.

Now, some who favour more �traditional� methods of dealing with demons might say �If demons aren’t minions of Hell, then why does exorcism work on them?� To this I say: sure, exorcism can work…sometimes. However, the reason that it can work is that the people who have been feeding the negative energy in a given situation, instead of feeling powerless and put-upon, finally feel empowered, and can cut off the flow of fear long enough to sever ties with the entity. The rite itself is incidental. That’s why, however, Catholic people respond best to Catholic rites, protestants to protestant rites, etc. The few times I saw mis-matched exorcisms (Catholics witnessing protestant deliverance ceremonies, protestants being exorcised, etc.), they have rarely worked. The rite wasn’t faulty, it’s just that the subjects, the people involved, felt culturally alienated from what was going on, so it had little benefit for them.

Avoiding Psychic Hiroshimas

The most important thing to do if you believe that you’ve attracted a negative entity, or �demon� to yourself is not to panic. Don’t get wrapped up in fear and trepidation about what’s happening. This is important: the last thing you want to do is feed it your energy.

What you want to do is to surround yourself with positive energy…joy, happiness, peace, etc. Doing so will not only starve the entity, it will also drive it away. If you feel capable, a good old-fashioned banishing might be in order. Always do so in your religio-cultural paradigm (though watch out for techniques that re-enforce it’s power…don’t call it things like �demon�, diabolical, infernal, etc… instead, call it what it is: negativity). However, sometimes driving it away from yourself is the best you can do. If it fails to find a suitable �feeder�, it may eventually dissipate anyway. Always remember, you may not be dealing with a real �demon� anyway, so make sure you do nothing to turn a garden-variety psychic event into a psychic explosion.

Remember, it’s all in your control.

Written by Taliesin Govannon, Copyright 2009 all rights reserved and used here with permission. Taliesin also writes for check it out.

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34 Responses to “Dealing With Demons”
  1. Ghost girl says:

    But, I wish to ask you: Are real demons real? I mean, those who are really from hell…

  2. Taliesin Govannon says:

    Ghost Girl:

    All I can tell you is, after nearly 30 years of paranormal/occult research and exploration, I have never once encountered an entity that could truly be called “diabolical”. No eternal evil spirits, no “bastions of hell”…what I HAVE found is spirits that are misunderstood, or psychic events that have been polluted by human emotion, etc.

    I think we have more to fear from our own untapped emotions than any infernal beastie…

    • Anonymous says:

      well to be honest with you is that their is a big difference in ghost and spirits and demons than your own emotion creating something and to speaking frankly is that i do know how it feels like when you are angry and or emotional etc.
      so people do create their own atmosphere where ever they are and their is unexplained atmospheres and noises and things moving and also dark essences that cannot be explained

    • alice says:

      demons are real or not

      • sharath says:

        well then let me ask u this question ………. are gods and angels real, do they really exist??.. and why do people believe them ..?? …………………………….

        demons are real if u believe in them or not but they can see you ….including me…:P…:)

        all demons are not bad but most of them are…..

        you may not believe in them because u havent experienced any thing like that may be but once u experience a paranormal activity your mind will be clouded and filled with questions ……..hehe lol dont go serious after reading this………:)

  3. Trey lark says:

    good story man

  4. Trey lark says:

    i have dealed with one demon before. it still haunts me today. thanks for the info.

  5. CuteSagittarius says:

    Thanx for the informative esSay… I hope what u say is right!

  6. anonymous says:

    So a Demon is actually some sort of Boggart?

    • Caretaker says:

      A demon is a different character than a Boggart.

      A Boggart is a type of hobgoblin that somehow causes poltergeist activity to happen. They say that with a boggart “haunting” there will usually be heard either laughter or a screeching noise. Many people believe a Boggart can inhabit the body of an animal, but Im not sure if that would include human animals or not. The main thing about it is that it is known to either imitate poltergeist activity or to cause a poltergeist spirit to “go off”

  7. DarStarr says:

    Very well written story and you make so many good points. I agree with you about the charlatans out there. I hate to say it, but I TOTALLY doubt the world famous Warrens. I know that Ed Warren has passed now, but it seemed to me that they fed on these peoples fears. Such as Amityville. I believe the Lutz’s experienced some paranormal phenomena, but NO WAY to the extent that was described. I think the Warrens are a perfect example of people taking advantage of a situation. Just my opinion, but it bothers me when there are true investigators out there that really want to help people.

    • Anonymous says:

      why does something like that bothers you?
      it just is a opinion does it not maybe give you an idea that people like them is needed and that some people needs help.

      • sharath says:

        well no one really knows why they really bothers you or torments you ……
        but some demons and other spirits or polterguiest etc are known to attach to a certain person or a thing ………………
        according to some experts they bother us because of our souls… demons torments their victims till they die and to take control of their souls because they are eternal …..
        demons features are naturally malevolent,voilent,evil entity’s …….

        its just what they want… how u want your daily food ….

  8. Jenn says:

    Taliesin Govannon,
    Great insight! I really enjoyed the reading and agree with your philosophy of getting back what you put in/out. I think that people react with fear to the paranormal far too often. It is wise to solicit help from those who are not prone to overreact, if you think that the situation is beyond your control. However, I believe that most things can be dealt with by using, as you stated, positive energy such as joy, etc.

  9. C says:

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you for taking the time to read my e-mail.

    This was my problem – read below

    Some of you are married , some have children or plan to have children.

    From the moment they are born our lives change forever , as we can never be fully prepared for what lies in stall for us as perants.

    Livania my eldest daughter has just entered univarsity , very intelligent , a beautiful striking teenager, admirers are never in short supply – truly a lovely child.

    A boy has befriended her , now …………I am not judgemental of others but a perants natural instincts are to protect and do what is right.

    Ive never been against her socialising (within limits of course)with boys – with my permission of course.Ive always made it clear that education comes first , a child especially a girl must be able to stand on her feet one day and depend on no one.Im saying this because we all know what some boys really want.

    This boy has a nasty record with drugs , attempted suicides , gangs , there is not one single good comment about this boys family tree , it is totally riddled with bad facts.

    She is losing her beauty I can see it in her face, she is losing her focus on her future , she is losing her respect for all her friends and her family.She is becoming a zombie , it appears as she is walking through life with a veil over her eyes.

    I have spoken to her calmly and sternly – emphasising how she is destroying her life .Its only having a small impact , I talk to her on a daily basis, I cannot give up caring for her because I believe I will eventually get through – a fathers love should triumph over this type of evil.

    I was going to give her an ultimatum tonight – choose me or him , but remember I am willing to die for this cause .I always believed -never go around a problem but tackle it head on .Go straight through it , destroy it and make sure it never rears its ugly head.

    What do I do ? I can make this problem dissapear just like that and sit in jail for the rest of my life – its a good option.

    Please guide my daughter, for I am weak because of sleepless nights, maintaing a job , trying to live a normal life .Please pray for my daughter , whatever becomes of me may be cast in stone already.I need love and sanity to prevail , I want my daughter back the way she was.

    Thank you once again for reading.

    You are quite right about the olive oil and the blessing of rooms windows and doorways.
    The most powerful words – the blood of Jesus sends demons running from your sight and probarly the most powerful verse in the Bible that makes them tremble with fear :

    Psalm 91:7

    I saw my daughter taken over by demons – demon of depression , demon of suicide etc – there are many each one more powerful than the first. But beware – if someone chases you out of your home would`t you be angry – demons are the same , when they come back they bring reinforcements and 7 times more stronger.Believe me I have seen demons running down my garden path at midnight responding to the screams of desperation of a demon that was being weakened and ousted from my house.

    The most frightening occurance was that they could change shape as witnessed in my house – a demon changed from a sparrow to a werewolf -yes a werewolf. I have been there and experienced many situations and with the help of Jesus and his angels I was able to defeat these demons.

    Every night I pray and bless the front door and 2 back doors with olive oil and say “the blood of Jesus“

    Our Lord is magnificent


  10. Satansgirl66 says:

    I am more inclined to agree that Demons are not “out to get you”. Demons are slandered Pagan Gods and very powerful. Many people (like myself) continue to worship them and have no fear, only love and respect.

  11. luzel says:

    ….I enjoy reading your story…
    …as for now I don’t have any experience dealing with demons….

  12. Anonymous says:

    How do I know if there is a demon in my house?What are the signs?

    • sharath says:

      here are some of the signs which indicate demonic presence ….hope this helps guys…

      - Affecting the emotions of the victim, usually in the home or location where the problem started, but not always. This can take the form of depression, withdrawal from friends and family, anger issues, or any other negative emotional problem. This is done to wear the victim down emotionally and isolate them away from people that care about them. This could simply be depression.

      - Affecting the thoughts of the victim. This can take the form of paranoia, distrust of others, irrational beliefs, intrusive thoughts that seem to come from somewhere else. This is done to wear the victim�s sense of reality down and eventually make them more vulnerable. This could be normal psychosis.

      - Affecting the sleep of the victim. The victim is often bothered by nightmares of a demonic nature, disturbed in their sleep so they get little rest, or waking to see things in their room. This is done to wear the victim down and make them fatigued.

      - Causing the victim to �hear voices�, either in their head or in the room with them. The voices often encourage the victim to do negative things and avoid positive people. It is important to be sure these voices are not part of a mental illness or side effect of a medication or physical disease.

      - Taking over the victim�s body completely, but not permanently. The demons speak and interact with the victim�s body as if it were their own. The victim often has no recall of what happens during these episodes.

      - Causing the victim to see things, including images of demons.

      - Distorting the victim�s perceptions. This includes sometimes not perceiving words associated with God, such as Jesus, prayer, Church, Holy, etc. The victim may see angels as demons

      - Touching the victim.

      - Scratching or biting the victim.

      - Causing writing or occult symbols to appear on the victims body.

      - Sexually assaulting the victim.Depending on how far the oppression has gone it can be hard to communicate with the victim in a normal way. They may appear distant or �spaced out�. It is good to ask if they are hearing voices when they seem to not pay attention to what is going on around them. Always have a full medical work up done to be sure the symptoms are not medical or simply psychiatric.

      - speaking in defferent languages����..

      - levitation
      - some times the victims or the members of the family spot or see a black dog or a wolf .
      - scolding bad words
      - cant bear the cross if it is in the same room�or cant hear the word jesus christ, krista,virgin mother mary etc..

      -eating spiders and other insects

      - abnormal and impossible lexibility of body ..

      these are the things are i know ���

  13. jeffb1 says:

    I believe people who post messages on this web site asking for help may get more than they expect. I wouldn’t go to a hardware store to shop for apples and oranges. If you profess to be a Christian, you should consider seeing a minister or priest that you know personally. You will be more at ease discussing sensitive family matters.

    In my life I’ve had a “walk” with God that was a great blessing. Always, first I prayed about things that God’s grace has been a blessing to me. I do this until I feel lifted up, leaving me free to thank God for his attention to my present needs. He knows what we really need. Often we think we know what we’re asking for when in fact it is God that knows. And I thank God for providing me and my family even before I receive it…, that is how faith works.

    Please recall, Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. TIME. We must take on faith what we have not yet received, giving thanks for the substance not yet in our hands, and seeing through time what has not yet arrived, and giving thanks knowing it is coming.

    Build yourself up in Christ, asking Him to light the path you are on. Should you discover you’ve wandered away from His direction, ask Him to put you on the right path…, and ALWAYS giving thanks for His provisions for your needs.

    God said “seek and you shall find,” “knock and it shall be opened to you.” If you discover you are lacking in knowledge, ask for it, if you need wisdom, ask for it. When you have these things, you have to hold on to them. You may recall the parable of the Sower and the Seed. Read it again. It makes things very clear why some people grow, and why others lose faith and “die” (not necessarily a physical death). When God’s word is sown, Satan will come and try to take those seeds of life before they have a chance to grow. Doing these things are essential to consecrating your life to God.

    Remember that even Jesus was able to do little in one town he visited, because the people there had allowed their hearts to be hardened, and they had no faith. God has not overlooked, or ignored your family. Draw close to the Lord, and He will draw close to you.

    You can’t do too much thanks giving. Remember, “put on a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness.” It’s not easy to sing praises when you feel buried in a world of fear and grief.
    When Christ was asked why do bad things happen to good people, he said, “it is impossible that these things should not happen.” Don’t take them the wrong way. God has not forgotten you, and He has not attacked you, or lied to you. As a witness to us, and all those that see us in tribulation, they will be drawn toward God when they see you have held onto God in all His ways and out of the tribulation…, this is when God is glorified in your actions and prayers. Just as God was glorified by the virgin birth, life, crucifixion and ressurection of Jesus Christ.

    God spared not even His own Son who He loved greatly. How can we escape? We don’t. We glorify God by doing His will, and taking His will in place of our own.

    I pray God blesses you and your family, and makes you a witness to His Glory. And, don’t put your candle under a bushel basket, concealing the light that is His Word.

    If you continue to do God’s will, you may sometime suffer even as the disciples and apostles suffered…, consider it an honor as it is all in God’s hand.


  14. Taliesin says:


    Wow…so how often do you copy and paste a missionary spiel with no regard to the subject being covered?

  15. Palindroem says:

    Nice article, Taliesin.
    As an educated and rational adult, who also is a long practicing western ceremonial magician (tho now mostly ritual chaote), I would say this is one of the few lucid and clear discussion of this kind of phenomenon.
    “Real” demons intersecting average people IS rare, to the extreme. Its even pretty uncommon for the practicing magician.
    The type of “spirit” the above discussion focus’ on are often called thoughforms (a term to investigate). Thoughtforms are extremely common, we create them all the time, particularly while imagining or fantasizing. Thoughtforms give structure to emotional and psychic (mental) energy. This can give rise to “ghosts”, but can also offer opportunities for dealing with those spirits.
    Like in “The Secret” (gag), change your thoughts and you change your experience of your world.

    Thanks again Taliesin!

    • Taliesin Govannon says:

      The thing I love about ceremonial magick is the way it empowers the individual. not only the ceremonial variety, but all magick! Though I’m Wiccan, my magick is more ornamental than your standard Neo-Paganism…partially because of my ceremonial roots.

      That’s why I hate people like the Warrens…they claim to be empowering people, but they’re really just making people addicted to their own toxic methodologies and theologies.

  16. susurration says:

    The kind of “demon” you describe is accurate, however, clearly you have never dealt with sentient evil. There absolutely are entities who are capable of taking over someone’s consciousness and wreaking intense havoc and pain to feed on the negativity they create. They are not “banished” by any cultural paradigm, and I defy anyone on this plane to be free of them through will alone. It is irresponsible to lead people down the path of “it cant really harm you” unless you accurately know what you are dealing with.

    Carlo, get that girl away from him. Do not break the law, it will only go badly for you, and benefit him. But get that girl away from him.

    • sharath says:

      ya i agree with u in some point but the main thing in an exorcism or a banish is to believe in some religion ……..but u have to have intense will power to make them go away .. ordinary persons cant have that kind of thing so believing in religion is important ….

  17. Kind Skeptic says:

    Carlo — as a clinical psychologist, your post concerns me. I strongly suggest you and your daughter go to family counseling immediately. Ultimatums are a very poor way to communicate and never result in the effect for which one had hoped. You and your daughter need to get back on the same “chapter”, not necessarily the same “page”. She needs to be able to see positivity in your communications and she needs to deal w/ whatever insecurities this relationship may be covering. Your post seems to go in a direction that will serve no positive purpose for anyone, particularly your daughter. Get some help. Your issues are not demonic. Just a negative influence and an inability to trust and communicate between you and your daughter. You are headed in the wrong the direction if you think any of the approaches you noted and/or intimated would be effectrive. You appear to be in a highly emotionally charged state and this is not a time to be attempting to make any rational decisions. seek counseling immediately!

  18. C says:

    Hi Susurration
    Thank you for your insight. My daughter is now very well and recovered and the boy is gone , what a battle it was but our family as a unit prevailed but I do suspect that these entities never give up, they will hang around or follow from a distance waiting for a chance or a portal or some type of weakness to open up again . I try and never let my guard down and so do my family .

  19. C says:

    Kind Skeptic – I always try to see the goodness in any advise and I do appreciatte your concern. Yes my relationship with my daughter went through a battering but I never gave up . I have my daughter back . We now live a stronger family much more united and much closer to God.

  20. SimpleBoy365 says:

    Ummm im not sure whether i do have a spirit
    I dont have much proof or anything, but it has been concerning me for a little while

    I want to know, what are the signs and what should i do


    I like how you explained the difference between spirits and demons

  21. truebinx says:

    some people are so ignorant, I have personally encountered demons a number of different times and I can tell you that the spirit comes before the fight every time, many demonologists would tell you the same thing, intense negative fights especially a frequency of them are a very good indication of demonic influence the reason is becuase demons bring destruction while God and his holy angels bring love and peace, where two people care for each other whether they are family, friends, or lovers, demons want to tear it apart because there is not an ounce of love in their being it is only hate. To tell people that demons are a human invention is a serious error that could cost some one their life one day.

  22. sharath says:

    hey can u guys tell me how can u become a demonologist??? i really want to study occultism and demonology but those subjects are not available for me ….ive searched them every where in my city but i cant find them or any one who has the knowledge of them ………..

  23. cyp says:

    Ghost and spirits are demons. And although they do not seem malevolent, they are. The first part in the arsenal of a demon is luring his pray (human soul) by appearing as attrcative as possible. He promises a lot of things and usually even if he does delivers he twists the result so that it does not work for the receiver. If a demon can convince you that sin is ok, he does not need to do anything else to you, because he already has what he wants, i.e. your soul.

  24. JohnE says:

    Dude – there’s no such things as demons.

  25. Aubrey says:

    Im not sure if i have a demon as its a complicated situation, but theres this guy iv known for years, (not really know as hes barely a mere acquaintance) and his energy has been controlling and sticking around me for years, i feel him cuddle up to me at night and he tries to even touch me inappropriately sometimes, its like a love hate connection but im not sure whats going on as hes not deceased or dead yet i feel his pressence all over me, iv had to some weird experiences with him in person too, maybe someone can offer me some insight?? Is there maybe a demon controlling him making him do these things to me?

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