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Clambering Chains

Posted on November 26, 2010

Years ago I heard chains banging after my brother Sean died in 1984. I also encountered a full scale haunting after my parents did a sance in the house we were living in.

But I forgot about the haunting until 2004 when my Gem Mobile home became haunted. A old woman had died in the mobile home and I bought it out of desperation.

I was a single mother looking for a place to live. A man across the street killed himself because he became ill. At first my daughter Christina would see the devil on a frequent basis. He would walk over from the yellow mobile home where the man killed himself. The devil would come in through a crack in the mobile home. The crack was in the front living room.

Christina would run to me terrifying on a daily basis. Christina would see demons flying around with red eyes, no eyes or yellow eyes.

I would daily pray prayers and pray I rebuke you Satan. Then Christina would saw the devil would become real angry when I would pray that prayer.

On a daily basis Lucifer would communicate with my daughter. He would follow her, torment her, watch her. I doubted her on most occasions. I just wanted to sleep in on a Sunday morning after working a night shift.

Every Sunday morning she would run to me and tell me the devil was in the living room. I yelled her to stop it.
This went on for several weeks. I spanked her on one occasions to get her to stop telling me about it. Me and her councilor thought she just wanted attention.

But on this particular Sunday, it was a cold winter day. I was fighting a court case with my son and I was very depressed.

This seemed to be a weekly thing especially on Sunday when Christina saw the devil again. I doubted her story.

Then all the sudden the wind outside picked up and I heard huge stomping footsteps in the mobile home hall way. I rose up and looked and nothing was there. I was frightened because the enormous footsteps sounded like they came from something huge. Me and Christina looked at the hall way with the marching foot steps and we prayed and rebutted the devil in our prayers.

Later on that night we saw a white pale hand come from the bedroom in the mobile home. I was white pale and inhuman. It was just a hand with nothing attached to it. Later we heard banging chains. chains banging and a hand rising up from the ghost world.

I asked Christina if she could see anything else. She said she heard and saw chains. I asked he what it all meant. Christina could see in the spirit world. Christina saw The chains were attached to Hell. They were trying to drag us into Hell. The white hand was a spirit along with the chains trying to get us to go to Hell.

I was afraid because I remember when my brother Sean died in 1984 he was 17 at the time I had heard chains banging around our house. I also heard a terrible moaning going on from the spirit world. I was 19 at the time. These chains and moans noises tormented me many months while I was grieving his death. I wonder if when he died if the devil was trying to drag him to hell.

So I am warning all of you if you have seen these hands or heard chains let it be a warning of Lucifer trying to drag you to Hell.

Sent in by Carri Williams, Copyright 2010

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26 Responses to “Clambering Chains”
  1. CoralinKC says:

    Hey Carri…is that place in Missouri by any chance ?

  2. Bailee says:

    This is interesting, very creepy. Did anything else happen?

  3. Carri says:

    This story is in Rockford Illinois at the Gem Suburban Trailor park. My older daughter Autumn was attacked 2 days before Christmas. 2 female entities with no eyes attacked my daughter and left scratch marks on her back. We moved out of that mobile home in October the next years. We had to give the mobile home away. The first family that moved in did a lot of fighting in the mobile home. The next family is trying to get out and sell it after having it only 6 months.

  4. Edward Black says:

    Usually these things happen when someone “messes” with those things. Do you know anything about that?

  5. Tracey says:

    I’m sorry about Your brother he so Young to died at the young age and Yeah hear about luifer the devil all my years and stuff yes and story creepy about that When someone kill themselves they won’t go to heaven,

    • Caretaker says:

      I am curious to know ~ where did you hear or learn that “When someone kill themselves they wont go to heaven”?

      • Ashley says:

        I was always taught this too. I think it might be in the bible somewhere. My family is christian and was always taught (even at church) that if someone killed themself then they would go to hell.

        • Caretaker says:

          That is what a lot of “churches” teach but you will not find anything about it in the Bible.

          • AnNa bites back says:

            ya i heard that too,i think from church when i was younger that if you kill someone or you kill yourself your going to hell.i guess thats one reason why i dont really go to church because they put a whloe lot of b.s. in your head.

            • Caretaker says:

              I believe there are some good hearted and sincere people in most churches but at the same time I see that most of what is taught and preached is generally “man made” traditions (a great many which cant even be found even in the Bible)

      • Anonymous says:

        Some Christan friends tell met that Who is baptist and Other also say that .

  6. Carri says:

    my brother was beaten by a another man and died in a car crash about 2 months later.
    I never said “When someone kills themselves they won’t go to heaven.” I believe those souls may be stuck in a dimension, and possibly haunt locations. I do not think God judges all circumstances the same. Some possibly may go to heaven.

    My parents in 1984 did the seance and messed with that stuff. I was sleeping in my sister’s bedroom. I was 19. But the haunting came directly at me because the bedroom I slept in was next to my brother’s room. My parent’s never changed his room. At the mobile home park. A woman had died in my mobile home right before I bought it. A man across the street shot himself. Right after he shot himself the haunting came at me and my children full scale.

    • Caretaker says:

      Carri, my question was to Tracey. Tracey said When someone kill themselves they wont go to heaven

    • Anonymous says:

      aye, comments here took me a few min to get used to. But the darker box inside the comments are replys to those particular comment. =-) hope that helps clear up confusion when responding to comments.

      Your story is amazing and made my skin crawl. God bless you and your children.

  7. FAB says:

    When you see a darker box inside a comment that is a direct reply to that comment. Hope that helps when posting replys. I know it confused me at first =-)

    Your story is amazing and made my skin crawl. God bless you and your kids.

  8. trolldoll says:

    i think we will have our own version of heaven. i don’t believe that if someone kills themselves, they won’t find peace on the otherside!

  9. Rosie says:

    Will, I just want to know after you moved out from the mobil house, are you and your family still haunted? Since the people got the house experienced the same nightmare you have been through, I’d say the place is haunted. Hope you and your family are doing well now.

  10. Carri says:

    yes we get haunted on occasion. but it is not all the time like in the mobile home. last year I saw a little girl last year after she died of the flu. this ghost girl visited me at my new home. also I saw a dark entity by the window of my home. Christina saw black entities flying through the living room. One day while writing a ghost story on this website. I heard a loud knock on my front door. The loud knock, knocked several times. I did not open the door. I looked out and nothing was there. it was during broad daylight. someone said on this site it was a spirit knocking and not to open the door. they said it was like opening a portal. but lately we are ok. we have crosses around us and religious candles.

  11. Anonymous says:

    That the reason why I don’t go church anymore cause I get confuse and they tell me that if you kill yourselves and You won’t go heaven But that confuse people from church and friends tell me that even my parent *Mother* and also If Read Bible book is better but Go Church is a diffrent story when they tell you of lies or other words to find right one and Caretaker You are right Some just Not telling the truth or something as a Judgement and I know God Don’t Judge but I know he do know that the person that Kill him or herself is not right but he not judge just they try easy way out that all cause My mother’s friend’s husband just kill himself last october or november 2009 in a children park.

    • Caretaker says:

      There are many different reasons why someone might want to commit suicide (and in nearly all of them suicide is NOT the solution). However, I am not saying anything about it being right or wrong I am just saying that there is no where in the Bible that it says suicide “victims” will go to hell. While we can always infer whatever we like there just isnt any scripture that says that. I believe if a person says they are going to follow the Bible then they should avoid the man made traditions and teachings that arent there. Read Mark 7:8 for example.

      • Anonymous says:

        You Right Caretaker God don’t judge what people going through who is depression or just have some health reason I understand it’s not easy what people going through that want out by use easy way like tired, health reason and other reason that we don’t know why. Like I say God Understand what he create people but who going through. Example : Medince don’t help *Sigh* Let just kill self that what I hear from my friend’s mother did that that she kill herself she tired of taken medince then kill herself.

  12. Carlos says:

    The scariest stories to me are ones that involve the devil.

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