Black Magic and Witchcraft was the Result

Posted on March 13, 2010

It was not easy to detect what was going on in my house. The big spiritual man was here yesterday with his three pupils. It was not easy for him either they had bought what I had asked for to bless the house and holy water, but what I had in mind was that if my husbands second wife usually leaves home everyday in the morning with my husband while going to office he drops her to her mothers place with her daughter and brings her back in the evening on the way home. But yesterday it was like she had a feeling that she didn’t go she didn’t leave the house but as promised the man was here. I couldn’t stop him because he came from a very far place.

He asked me to provide him a spare room where he could perform his deeds, as the spare room where I had found the nails I suggested him that room he and his pupils stayed there for about an hour or so. When he returned back down after an hour he was exhausted. He took a round from top to bottom of the house and in each and every room he blessed it with holy water and some kind of ash he had, some kind of black powder which smelled good, though anyways he asked me to keep the upper portion closed for about two days. He even asked me that if the doors bang open windows close you shouldn’t enter the upper portion keep it closed don’t go up. He even asked her, she was there as well, the man asked me who is she and what’s her relation with me. I gave him all the information he needed but gave me a warning again and again saying not to open the upper portion and he left home in two hours.

After an hour of his departure I heard a woman cry, it was coming from the upper portion, it sounded like she is in a lot of distress. I heard her cries and I was scared, I was panicky in fact I hadn’t heard anything so awful. I was scared that if that thing came down or hurt anyone then what I would do. I was so scared that I just left the house. Before leaving I asked her not to go upstairs and that the house is haunted and that the man was a holy man who had come and blessed the house, to that she didn’t respond, I didn’t respond as well. I informed her what I had to and I left.

I decided to visit my friend who stays nearby and return at home when my husband and my son returns from school after three hours. I was back home and the howling had stopped, this woman didn’t get scared. I was worried about that. I thought that either she herself is a witch or a bad woman that’s why nothing affected her. She stayed in the house alone with all those howlings. I was amazed but whatever, I didn’t need to ask and as it is there wasn’t any need of mine to do so. Actually she was waiting for my husband to return.

In the evening when he came she told him the whole story in her own manner, in her own way with a lot of extra things which were supposed to be lies. But anyways I was not at all concerned. I was just scared that whatever was there it should leave the house early as possible whether evil or not. Anyways my husband didn’t bother to question me and neither did I inform him anything. I was scared of the argument that’s why I ignored the whole topic but warned him not to go upstairs and that whatever was there will leave the house.

Yesterday night at about 2, 2:30 I heard a lot of noise things getting crashed, breaking of glass, howling noises. The street cats and dogs were also outside my gate as if they sensed something evil. Some of them I heard them crying. They were also kind of howling. I was constantly praying. I clogged my sons ears with ear plugs and put him to bed early. My husband and his wife also were in the TV lounge and didn’t sleep the whole night. We were all waiting for it to get over soon. It was soon dawn and we went to our rooms, the noises had stopped a little while a ago. My husband was concerned this very first time about me and my son, he asked me to get ready and said that you also will accompany us today, close down the house and I’ll drop you to my mothers place on the way to the office. I did what he said.

I got ready and it was Saturday so my son didn’t have school. Accompanying him I went to his mothers place. I have just returned, its been an hour or so. What I saw from outside is unbelievable, the house is like shaded in dark colors, its like a mist a dark cloudy thin black mist has surrounded the house. I think the evil things are leaving or whatever. The concerned spiritual man will be here again tomorrow to open the upper portion and see what is the matter, until now the result is that the house has been cursed and I’m still in doubt because she isn’t scared of anything, she is smiling all the time and happy as always eating sleeping nothings effecting her and her daughter. My husband is aware of what’s happening and that I’m scared now and that I need a little bit of his help maybe for my son to be secure safe until this gets over soon. When the man comes tomorrow I shall come to know what’s the actual cause until now that’s the update lets see what happens tomorrow and please do pray for the night to pass in peace.

Written by Afreen, Copyright 2010

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71 Responses to “Black Magic and Witchcraft was the Result”
  1. Riah says:

    so ur husband has another wife, and she lives with you?? This story was hard to understand

  2. anna says:

    AFREE N I am so glad that your husband FINALLY believes you.that makes me happy I cannot believe is wife see I knew she was up to something.She makes me want to go there and yell at her,for what shes doing to you and your son.Do let us know what happens I am so curious.and it makes the wife look even more did she know that someone was going to come by.And she didnt leave that day weird.You know what Afree you are so ,soooooooo,very brave for what you have doneand putting up hats off to you.I am glad you left the house when you heard the screaming upstairs.that you didnt open the door.thanks for the story and like I said let us know.I will be thinking of you.

  3. anna says:

    you know what I just thought what if your husbands wife is doing all of this what is he going to do?what are you going to do?

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    i agree with anna. what does she do everyday at her mother’s house. i say she is very strange indeed. i don’t mean to get personal, but are the children’s father, your husbands’. the main thing is to keep the children safe! i will be waiting anxiously for you to tell us what happens. please be safe afreen!!!

  5. fros says:

    i am waiting to read more updates…….hats off to u lady
    i am proud of u :)

  6. anna says:

    what if her mother has something to do with this to.thats probably were the husbands wife get info on.I dont what to accuse anyone but until we do find out the truth thats all I can go on.maybe the husbands wife dont like afreen and she wants her out.I have a question that i just thought of and i hope its wrong really wrong but did your husband have any other wifes while married to this new on maybe something happened to them.its far feeched but i do jump to conclutions.

  7. Maheen says:

    hey afreen,
    i knew something like this wud happen. when i was under black magic, huge cats would come on my house roof and make strange noises. and i often heard the cries of babies and women at night. may Allah keep u and ur family safe.

  8. Lisa says:

    I just don’t trust that other wife; it’s just really odd that she does not seem concerned about all this strange stuff happening, and she probably has put some kind of curse on you. From what you said, I don’t think your husband has any knowledge of what his other wife is doing. I’ll be praying for your safety, and the safety of those innocent kids!
    Stay strong!

  9. fros says:

    Afreen dear, we all are waiting to hear from u….moreover we are more concerned about u n ur son’s wellbeing.

  10. anna says:

    you know what everybody this sounds like a novel that we are all waiting to hear the end.

  11. Olga says:

    Oh Wow! It’s sad how poeple can do stuff like that without caring about people’s well being especially Ur son. I’m so glad U wen’t 4 help & @ least now U know more or less what is going on & although U may not know 4 sure that the wife had something 2 do with it, I think based on her actions that she does have some involvement with whats been going on. I will keep U & Ur son in my prayers & thanx 4 keepn us updated. Take care & continue with the updates please.

  12. fros says:

    i agree anna, today its 5th day we did not heard from afreen
    boy, i wish everything is fine with her n her son

    • anna says:

      i agree. im on this site alot just so i can see if she wrote back.i am curious just like everyone else here.hope in the long run she and her son are good.

  13. afreen says:

    yes im sorry everyone its not easy to access with my laptop and mobile i have been busy with my son he isnt keeping well,first of all thanx for all ur concerns and best wishes everyone and each one of u i havent been alone and i do feel ur strong prayers with me ocoz the prayers have been heard by God day before yesterday the holy spiritual man was here he opened the upper portion and called me to step up be the first and i did as i was told i didnt feel any fear for the first time and i didnt feel any type of abnormal presence as well i was very happy that things did subside upstairs ,i asked him what was wrong as he is a very holy man he doesnt speak a lot very less his answers were given by his one pupil who came with him who was there that day as well he said the curse was bad ,somebody had cursed the nails put them here these nails attracted and opened the paranormal doors and things which were not supposed to enter entered your house which affected your house ur relationship with ur husband ur health as well as ur loved ones the nearest to you was your son thats why he was under the curse as well npw it seems half of the house is clear with the curse specially the upper portion but he didnt guarantee me the lower portion yet he said i have tried saving your marriage as well there was something on your husband a woman an unknown woman is trying to pressurize him to divorce you leave your child thats the reason he isnt leaving your home as well,i asked him requested him lift the curse from everything and make everyone happy and clean and specially asked him to do something so that they leave the house.

  14. afreen says:

    i am adamant now i wont live here with him i shall leave Pakistan its no use living here with him yes im not happy not at all i shall leave as soon as im over with all this and i shall go to my mothers to UK.Thanx once again for each and everyone of you for praying for me and my sons well being im glad and happy im not alone as for the update he will be here next friday for the final operation which includes everything and with gods will they will leave in upcoming month as soon as they leave i shall put up the house on sale and leave.

    • anna says:

      oh my gosh afreen i am so very you dont know how much i am proud of you.your brave from the first story you were scared and now you are no longer afraid and if you are your doing a good job of hidding glad your going to leave. you dont need them your doing a darn good job of raising your son you do eveything you can to make him safe..not in a mean way but maybe its for the and your husbands wife dont get along and your husband didnt believe you all those times.but we do think of you and your son alot hoping if you 2 are let us know what happens and like i said i am proud of you.thanks for the update and keep up dating us.

    • Lisa says:

      Good for you!! I will keep you and your little boy in my prayers!!

  15. trolldoll1681 says:

    i wish you the best my dear afreen!! please contact us as soon as you are safe and sound!!! you have my prayers and hope for you and your son!! :)

  16. Olga says:

    I’m so glad that U were able 2 get 2 da bottom of Ur situation & @ dis point going W/ Ur Mom is probably da best dcision 4 U. I’m glad dat our prayers were answered & I wish U & Ur son da best in life. Can’t wait 4 Ur update & like da bible says “U reep wat U sow” da wife will pay 1 way or another 4 wat she has put U & Ur son thru. Hope U have peace from now on W/ wats been done. Have U or Ur son experienced anything else since the cleansing?

  17. fros says:

    we are so happy to see u back afreen….:)

    i am sorry to hear about ur plans n ur unhappiness but sweetie we can not get everything in life, let bygone be bygone n start a new life………..
    godbless u n ur son always

    • anna says:

      i couldnt of said it better.shes better off without him.

      • Lisa says:

        Definitely!! Afreen and her son will both be far better off staying with her mother in the UK. Good luck, Afreen!!

        • anna says:

          im glad shes doing what shes doing too keep her and her son safe.then put up with all the b.s.

      • fros says:

        I agree anna but dear we humans are not that mechanical.
        i said i am unhappiness because of afreen……..
        anyways, now lets pray for afreen’s new life :)

        • anna says:

          i know what u ment.if it didnt sound like it sorry.i cant wait for her to have a new life too.

  18. Thorn says:

    You know, it is very possible that you were causing these things to happen in the house. It sounds to me like you are full of negative energy, what with being jealous of your husbands seconds wife and all…

    It’s very likely that those negative feelings conjured up something in the house. Now, there is no need to get insulted by this. It is just an idea. It is a very common occurrence, especially in younger women, but it can happen to anyone, really.

    However, even if it was your own energy that conjured up the spirit, you will probably know. Most times, that entity will follow you. Though, if you remove yourself from the negative feelings, it might not. So, leaving your husband and his other wife might make things much better for you.

    I would definitely suggest going to talk to a professional about this, though. Talking is definitely a way to get the pent up emotions out, and possibly help you spiritually, if not mentally.

    –Good luck.

  19. Anonymous says:

    sounds like evil energy in the house. try to pray or bless the house. take a picture do you see anything put on a cross. go to church.

  20. vinnie says:

    Oh…you are really brave!!!! have you posted your last story?

    • anna says:

      no i think she has one more.(i think)she said in the last story this friday someone is comeing to do the rest of the lower half of the house.sorry im not afreen.

  21. lo says:

    hey afreen how do u kno english so fluently ?

  22. anna says:

    i hope your doing ok.i would like to hear from you.

  23. anna says:

    i hope afreen writes soon to us and lets us know what going thinking about her and her son alot.if it is her husbands wife doing all this i hope she gets in trouble and if its not her i just hope afreen gets out while she can.hope to hear from u soon.everyone hear is worried about you.

  24. Olga says:

    Man, it’s ben over a month since Afreen updated, hope she & her son R ok & hope 2 get an update soon.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hey Afreen,

    I am proud of you too. I think it was the second wife’s mother who was trying to presurrize your husband. What news lately? Afreen please do respond. We all are eagerly waiting to know what happened. To all you people ou there-Those who practice black magic and witchcraft die a very dirty death and know no peace in the afterlife either so please refrain from doing something so stupid as this.

  26. Olga says:

    Wow! Looks like we’re never gona get an update from Afreen. :(

  27. AnNa says:

    i hope she comes on just to say she and son are fine.

  28. Olga says:

    She left us hanging.

  29. AnNa says:

    yes she did.its almost like she wanted to get anwers and left.but maybe when we least expet it then she’ll be her.

  30. Olga says:

    I hope Ur right Anna. Hope her & her son R ok but of cors we’ll never know if she never gets back on da site 2 update us on wats goin on but we have no choice but 2 wait some more.

    • AnNa says:

      out of all the stories i’ve read im more worried about her then anything.i do care about the others that went through a hard time i really do but for some reason well you know.

  31. Anonymous says:

    all we can do is wait.ur right.

  32. Olga says:

    I’m W/ U Anna, 4 sum reason dis story is “SPECIAL” 2 me.

  33. AnNa says:

    its weird at first i was kind of me not really caring what happened i did but not really i cared more about why would she be married to a man that has a wife.then i read more and more and i feel sorry for her and her son for putting up with that man not caring.why did he get married to her then?anyways now its like she means something not just about the man she married.if that makes i said one day she will surprise us all and tell how good she and son are.(cross your fingers).

  34. Olga says:

    Hope we’ll ever get an update.

  35. AnNa says:

    oh were oh were has afreen gone,oh were oh were can she be?what if something happened to her?her husband wouldnt let her leave,or sell the house.yes my mind jumps to concluions all the time…afreen if you are listening i hope your safe and your son.take care and i and others will not stop writing until we here something.

  36. olga says:

    LOl @ Ana……It’s ben a while since I’ve ben on this site & still No Afreen! Hope we get an update 1 day. Oh where oh where can she beee?!! Lol

  37. AnNa says:

    thats funny.i had a dream about her the other night and she looked fine.she said everything was im taking my dream and thinking shes ok.

  38. AnNa says:

    i havent been on this site in awhile and yet no afreen.i wonder if she does read some of the comments we leave her.i havent thought about someone this much in awhile.i hope she is alright and one day when we least expect it then boom she’ll leave a worried.caretaker how come she hasnt been on here?im just concerned something happened.or if someone says shes o.k and maybe shes just too busy then maybe i’ll ez up a bit.

  39. AnNa says:

    i think i had a dream about her again.the first one she looked o.k.happy laughing didnt look like there was anything wrong with her.and the 2nd one i think i had one of her last night.she said dont worry.i have dreams and sometimes i cant really remember but just faintly weird i know but ya thats what i pretty sure i maybe were ar worried for nothing and shes fine as can afreen if you do read your comments just tell all of us your fine.then we might stop being worried.thanks.

  40. olga says:

    Wow! Still No Afreen!!

  41. trolldoll says:

    it makes you wonder if she is still with us. i hope she has a new life for her and her son! all we can do is think of her from time to time. life goes on!

  42. AnNa says:

    i agree.just to bad she cant just let us know thats shes o.k.

  43. AnNa says:

    its been a couple of weeks since in this story.i just wish she would just come on a say how things are.i know shes busy with her son and other stuff,i just hope shes not with her husband,because of what she has said.or hes been reading the comments and he wont let her go on.all these things pop up in my head and all we can do it HOPE she is o.k.i will be back and see.thats all i can do.if afreen is reading this please let us know how your doing.

  44. AnNa says:

    i had a dream about afreen again i dont know what that means or if it means anything.i saw her and she told me she would come on this site and let everyone know she’s o.k.thats she’s fine.i hope she does soon this is driving me nutz.i just want to know how she is.well it will be a while before i come back and check so until then afreen i hope your doing well.

  45. trolldoll says:

    dear anna, please don’t let this upset you! please realize she is in another country and culture. i’m sure if she could, she would. fretting over her will do you no good. we can not control what other people do. i’m sure, as i am, that we are puzzled by her disapearing and we do not wish her any harm. don’t subject yourself to the stress for someone you don’t even know is for real! i don’t mean to be harsh, but life goes on and i would think you should direct your concerns to other important things! relax dear anna, i care, trolldoll

    • AnNa says:

      i cant be mad at you,your always nice and i should just talk your advice and stop.i know when she is ready she will let us know.thanks for everything.

  46. Anonymous says:

    where is afreen? its been a year already!

    • Anna bItz bAck =) says:

      i know i just wish she would come on here and just tell us how things are.i hope good.

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