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Bigfoot Of Lake Owassa New Jersey

Posted on June 18, 2009

Bigfoot has been a mystery since I was a child at our summer cabin on Lake Owassa in New Jersey.  Big John Lonewolf, a Ute Indian, one of the few residents who stayed on the lake year round and a seasoned hunter and fisherman told tales of this huge bear like creature he was unable to catch.  One thing I knew about “Uncle” John at an early age, was that he was a man of few words, and of those few words, there were no lies or exaggerations. So I knew there was a Bigfoot creature from an early age.  Little did I know I would become a huntress for one, not to kill it, but to observe and help prove its existence.  No one on my paranormal crew kills or hunts, we are simply hunters for finding, on the trail, making it known, headed for truth wherever it takes us.

And the further curiosity of such things started when I was about 8 years old. It was customary for me to spend the summers at the lakefront summer cabin of my grandparents.

Lake Owassa 2009

Lake Owassa 2009

Sometimes for a kid my age it was hard uprooting herself from her friends and classmates in Baldwin Long Island New York to separate from the fun things they were doing to the woods of New Jersey.  And it was just one of those days of boredom at the lake that I had taken a walk way back into the woods to think whatever kids think about.  I sat on a fallen log deep in thought. 

I did not hear him coming.  Slowly something was creeping up behind me, me no more the wiser.  Closer and closer it came, silently and calculatingly.  And then the large strong hand extended, slowly, slowly, fingers spreading slightly until rightly in place, grasping on my shoulder tightly.

I jumped up and tried to run but the hand held me fast.  I remember being beyond frightened and scared. There was no way to escape no matter how hard I fought.  I turned around to face my captor.  It was Big John Lonewolf.   He let go and pointed his finger at me in anger. “ALWAYS LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER!” he said.   And with that he was gone!

John Lonewolf

John Lonewolf

Now I want to remind you that this was deep in the woods, and there were crunchy leaves all over the ground, fallen twigs and an assortment of other things that Mother Nature had discarded that should have made the sounds that would have warned me of an oncoming stranger.  I learned that day that John could walk through the woods without being heard or seen and maybe (in my childish thinking) even walk on water!   And if he could be beside me without me knowing it, maybe other things could also.  It was a big lesson that I carry to this day.  It was that day that I learned to ‘look over my shoulder’ for anything, or anyone that could come across my path.

An early evening soon after that incident I chose to walk the two mile small winding dirt road from our cabin to the ‘Boathouse’ for an ice cream treat.  My grandmother had given me the money, which I held onto carefully.  As I walked the evening grew darker and darker, and the bats that are so prevalent at that time of night, buzzed my hair.  I had always loved that, it was so etheric and lovely.  Deep in thought again and one last time forgetting John’s message, I was not paying attention which it seems is customary for kids my age.  The trees were dense, on both sides of the narrow path, oaks, maple, willow and elm, with just a few houses dotting the landscape, few and far between.  Still, in those days it was safe to be most anywhere, there were no phones here in the woods, few cabins except the Boathouse even had electricity, and there were no thoughts ever of being molested, or harmed in any way.   Life was different then.

Grandmas cabin in the woods

Grandmas cabin in the woods

As I turned the final bend on the path, lights from the Boathouse were clearly in sight. Lagging along I glanced into the woods beside me.  There were two eyes fixated at me through the darkness.

At first I thought it a black bear.  That was calming as we have a lot of them in the woods.  I have never had a fear of these bears, I was told to not disturb them, and they have always returned the favor.  But this was a much larger creature, standing upright, thinking back about 9 feet tall, and hiding behind a large oak.  My view of the creature was obstructed because of all the brush, branches and leaves. I began walking faster as I strained to see further in its direction.   Nothing moved except its eyes, which watched me pass, its focus was clearly fixed on me.   Thinking I was doing it without being obvious, I slowly turned up the pace to running, praying it would not follow me.  I hurled myself through the threshold of the Boathouse, and slammed the open door closed behind me. Excited, out of breath and almost incoherent, I told the man at the counter what I had seen.  He sat me down and handed me a glass of water.  He calmly dismissed what I had told him with some seeming logic, eliminating my fear.  Still, and to this day I remember he had that strange look in his eyes, and he later had his son accompany me half-way back to our cabin, rifle in hand.  I later learned the next day he visited our cabin and told my grandmother he had encountered such a creature himself. 

Years went by and I managed to live through adolescence and grow up and move to California.  We would come east and visit the cabin on occasion, coming back to old digs.  Married now, when approaching the aging Indian, we continued to ask his further impressions about Bigfoot.  His stories never changed, maybe there was a new sighting he was willing to share, but the creature was still out there he told us, he had seen it many times, and he had walked among it.  “Just be careful” he told us. 

Over the years many stories of such a creature had been reported to authorities and talked about in circle among the residents of the lake.  Generations changed and families grew, and yet they all knew to be aware of an elusive creature out there that many had seen, heard, and experienced.  One story was told to me by the persons involved. They were just two kids at the time that had made the decision to sleep outside in sleeping bags, between their cabin and the lake front.  Thinking it safe, (they were just outside their parents bedroom window) it was agreed they could do so this one night the summer of 1999.  In the middle of the night they had a visitor.  A large bear-like creature, 8 to 10 feet tall came out of the woods, walking on two hind legs.  Its feet were enormous.  It had a musty smell, not pleasant, and it observed everything around the area, especially interested in a lantern they had, but turned off, between them.   Several times the creature circled their sleeping bags.  Fearful of making a sound or getting up, they held their breaths and pretended to be asleep.  Soon as the creature went back into the woods and they thought it safe because enough time had passed, they raced for the cabin and the warm security of their own beds. 

Another story involves a mother and two children driving down the one lane winding pathway.  It was late at night and they were just getting back from a high school football game.  Out of the woods came another large creature, looked at them fleetingly, and escaped back into the depth of brush, not to be seen again.  Of course the police was called once again, and her husband went back to check, but no creature was found.  Samples of what looked like a possible large footprints were taken on the muddy road.  Unfortunately because it had just rained the evidence proved inconclusive.  Sad.

And so the stories went on and on.  And I know they are true, as does everyone around, because Big John would not lie.

This summer we arrived at the lake again.  My husband Robert and I, relatives from Pennsylvania, and friends on the lake got together for fun and games.  Old times again.  Not much had changed at the lake, same houses, fewer in fact, as some had been taken down because of age and no longer being safe dwellings, usable.  I was told that there would be no further building there.  This is good.  It is too lovely a place to build to capacity.

We took some pictures, went over to the inlet bridge, and took a boat ride across the lake.  The Boathouse business is gone now, the building a private residence.  Photos were taken, many in fact.  Sometimes you can go back again!

Possible Bigfoot Sighting

Possible Bigfoot Sighting

The following photo is one that was taken of our visit.  Clearly there is a creature in it.  If only there was time to explore again, be a kid, get through the woods unseen and unheard as John had done all those years ago.  But the picture pretty much tells the tale.

There is a Bigfoot on Lake Owassa.  I know it because I have a picture and I guess that is important.  But mostly I have known this all along.  There is a Bigfoot on Lake Owassa because Big John Lonewolf told me so, and Big John Lonewolf would not lie.

Copyright  2009 Nancy Bradley “The Celebrities Psychic” All rights reserved.

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11 Responses to “Bigfoot Of Lake Owassa New Jersey”
  1. Pat says:

    Hi TI$A,

    One can actually feel your pain and can ask those questions on behalf of millions of people who have crosses to bear. Isn’t it all about taking everything in your stride and doing what must be done to emerge whether bruised/intact on the other side. We’ve been given life and steer it in the best way possible. It’s like an obsticle race, you are being observed when performing your task, you battle on through all the obstacles placed in your path – yet no one looking on who could help, gives you any assistance – you are on your own and the goal is reaching the finishing line. OR you can roll over, give up and perhaps die.

    Another parallel is observing the animals in the wild, you and your guide armed to the teeth observe prey and preditor, you have the power to prevent the preditor from killing it’s prey yet you do not interfere allowing nature to take its course, the end result – one dead animal and one satisfied. Survival of the fittest whilst you make your way. The prey chose the area where the preditor was, the guide could see its folly but does nothing – should the guide have taken sides in their natural environment?

    What do you think?

  2. Ama says:

    Hello Ti$a,

    I am sorry you are having such a tough time. Adn I agree with you about Adam and Eve. I know its hard to believe in an deity that doesn’t interact with us, but sometimes I’m grateful it doesn’t, going by the Old Testament behaviour it got up to. Who are you asking the questions of? I wish God would answer some more of mine too. But one of the loudest answers has always been .. we create our own reality.

    Adam and Eve .. is a biblical ‘story’. We have no facts to prove they existed, and in ‘fact’ we can genetically prove they probably didn’t. You can’t breed a population from one man and woman who only had three sons. We’ve debated that topic on other answer sites, usually right off topic.

    I see you believe that everything we do is predestined by God. I don’t know ‘why’ people believe that. It denies free will completely. If God chose everything, he chose what you ate for breakfast this morning, and the colour of your undies. But who actually chose those things? God gets blamed for too much. Free will means we choose our lives, and everything in them.

    I would love God to step in, stop the bad things, and leave us all in Nirvana .. or something equally pleasant .. the New Eden? Personally I don’t believe in ascension, nor aliens coming to rescue us from ourselves, because the things that created all of humanities problems are buried within each of us, and the process of living on this planet is about getting to know ourselves, and release from ourselves those things that harm us and other people.

    One of the toughest lessons I ever learned was to stop blaming God for my life. I didn’t even know about the concept of karma until I was over 20. The household I grew up in was quasy Christian, and we were not allowed to discuss new age concepts, nor ones from other cultures, nor anything about what I could or couldn’t ‘do’.. like see ghosts, and my childhood was definitely a challenge on many other levels as well. What it taught me was my strength.

    Accepting that God allows all of us to live our lives any way we want, including harming others .. is a challenge. God doesn’t stop bad things because ‘it’ gave us free will, and ‘it’ is not doing the bad things. If it stopped something happening that you didn’t like, it would take free will away from you, and all the other people involved in the event. I know that’s a complicated concept, but .. we don’t know the outcomes of what happens to us until we deal with it, and how we deal with it is what teaches us about ourselves – and often what empowers us to change for the better. There is a saying ‘drop a pebble in a pool and ripples will continue forever’ .. or until something stops them. Well, you are the pebble, and this world is your pool – just as I am a pebble too. Your life touching mine, because of something that happened to you, may change both of us profoundly.

    Free will give us the right to choose everything that happens to us, but we don’t remember the choosing. Perhaps if we remembered what we have chosen to learn before each lifetime, we would manage better when bad things happen, but we would not learn the lessons as well. We do not ‘learn’ well in good times, we coast along and bask in the peace .. its only when we are hurt that we seek to change that which is hurting us .. outside or inside ourselves.

    It would be wonderful if everyone could just love one another, get along, never hurt each other, never challenge each other, never do unacceptable things to each other .. but .. we are not made like that. We live in fear, anger, hatred, lust, insanity, jealousy .. I am sure you can add to the list of negative emotions and beliefs. Sometimes we choose to act on those fears and beliefs and hurt ourselves or other people, sometimes we choose not to.

    Free will is a concept that people resent. We want the happy simple life, but .. if we have a challenging life now, its because we chose it. God had nothing to do with the choice.

    Choose not to believe in God if it makes you happier. God is not going to mind. It is only a Christian belief that if you don’t believe in ‘it’ and Jesus you are going straight to hell. If its true, some really nice people are already there, like Buddha. I think I would rather hang out with them, than the Christian hypocrits who made my life ‘hell’ :-) .. once in a while. I am a Christian metaphysican .. I am also a medim, a soothsayer, a clairvoyant and a demonologist. According to the church I am already condemned. According to my angels, and my personal experiences with God and Jesus, I am profoundly loved.

    I’ll stay profoundly loved thanks. :-)
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra
    (listed below under Friends)

  3. BigjJim13 says:

    God is a feeling you will find inside yourself. Some people choose to follow other peoples idea’s of what that feeling is. Some make their own theories.

    I don’t know. On the one hand, the world seems to be falling apart. Gradually edging ever closer to oblivion. But then again, in the last 200 years, we’ve made fantastic advances in medicine, we abolished slavery, we went to the moon, women and ethnic minorities have equal rights to the rest of us, we built an economy that connects each and every one of us to the farthest reaches of the planet. (it fell apart but we’re putting it back together.)

    You’ll drive yourself insane battling with the big “Why”

    Try not to focus on the negative. Genocide, disease, war, natural disaster, it all happens. There are people in every country in the world who would and do kill people because they don’t see God in the same way as them. It saddens me to see people killing each other over what they are too stupid to understand.
    God in the judeo-christian, Islamic, Hindu etc may or may not exist.

    I believe God is in people. A very small percentage of this world cause all it’s problems. The vast, vast majority of us just want to enjoy the short time we have. We mostly don’t care what someone on the other side of the world believes in. They are just happy with, or finding their own set of beliefs.

    Go with what feels right to you. Don’t stay a christian just because that’s what you’ve always been. Step outside the organised religions (or the embodiment of all evil as i call it) and find what works for you.

    In my opinion, if Christianity was ever right on the money about what God is, then he’s either dead or given up and left for something better. To me, the Judeo-Christian God is just a kid pulling the wings off a fly. Or to be specific, an all knowing superbeing with infinite power watching us mere mortals suffer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You have to get the fact that yes there is someone and something on the other side, there is a reason we are here and it’s called school of life.

    we go through life learning and growing for the next levels of our supernatural life, karma is a bitch and we all know that, but in the end every thing is a lesson and if not a lesson to you, a lesson to someone in your presence from you, nobody else knows your path but yourself in your inner self, it’s the feeling where you know in your deepest core that it is true and that is what you are supposed to be doing, stop asking why and how and start saying i am going to do this my way in witch ever way you find best.

    you are either a student or a teacher and if you don’t know witch you are then you can know if you are the one always asking for help or just a few times, or never, if you always need someone to answere your questions then you are a student witch is ok you just have to remember to take the notes… remember the lessons they are always there you are always learning, just try to live your life more and start to deside who you are going to be in this life instead of running after religion, your supposed to be running with life not after something else, god is always there and your angels too although they might not have the time to always be checking in with you, you can always ask them for help and they will help in the end, just put enough good energy out in the cosmo and they’ll hear your call ;) .

    your basically being watched and graded on how you take on circumstances and how you battle them. don’t give up on what you believe is right.


  5. TI$A says:

    What worries me is that I actually find comfort in “relieving” myself of this life. When I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes. Not tears of fear but tears of relief. Almost like all the hurt that’s bottled up will finally be gone. I’ve actually attempted to kill myself when I was younger. This was probably around 2001. I was still in high school. Even back then I just didn’t understand my reason for being. Took a handful of pills and hoped for the best. Funny thing is that a friend of mine ended up picking me up soon afterwards not knowing what I’d done. Twenty minutes later I told him to pull over and I vomitted. Now some people would say God spared you for a reason that day. Well I say I just didn’t take pills that were strong enough. For argument sake, what if he did spare me? What for? so I could I feel the same way a about life if not worst ten years later? I don’t know how many times I’ve cried myself to sleep asking for help. Just something to remind me that I’m not by myself. Well the result of that was nothing. No reassurance, no change, not a thing. I might as well being praying to a brick wall. I’ve heard many times that God helps those who help themselves. Well I’ve helped myself and now I’m here. Wishing those pills I took years ago would have done what I planned th

    • Ama says:

      Hi Ti$a,

      You said you have helped yourself, how? Have you been diagnosed with depression? Have you sought counselling for your emotional pain? God doesn’t give us pain, nor a troubled life. God is the source of Love, but we have to choose to allow that Love to be in our lives, even if we don’t go near a church of any kind, and somnetimes that brick wall is the one we created for ourselves.

      Running away from a life is not the solution. There is no instant relief. We have to live it all over again .. and again .. until we learn to make another choice. I know this for a fact, because I remember my past lives, and that includes choosing suiciding. No .. better to confront the issues now, with help from someone trained in counselling or psychology, so you can understand your choices in why you are feeling this way now.

      My mother says I was a very angry baby. I was also a very angry child, and teen .. it wasn’t until after I was 27 that I started to confront my anger and ask why. I learned a lot about myself. I thank the people who helped me, and did .. because I spent 10 years living far from civilization and the mental health worker I talked to once a month had to drive to the town to visit with us, although he only came three times before ‘the funding ran out?’ I was so sorry when that stopped, but he had provided me with the tools to do my ‘own’ mental work, and I kept going from there. It’s very easy to be angry and hurt, but I also believe its just as easy to choose to feel another, better, way. We just forget how to do it, because it seems easier to stay hurt .. its certainly safer, nothing is then demanded of us. It’s like frowning .. gravity pulls the muscles of our faces down, we have to ‘choose’ to smile all the time. We can stay angry, or we can seek another path. I admire the bubbly people who coast through life never feeling a thing but happy .. I would love to emulate them .. but truthfully, I am far too serious a nature to be able to. So I enjoy the flashing moments of silly joy .. and try and smile ‘for a while’ each day.

      We are what we create ourselves to be. Some of us have chosen the harder lifetimes because we enjoy a challenge. Only we forget as we come into the world, that this lifetime is what we chose ..

      Did God choose to save your life? Yes. God chooses to give us all life and he doesn’t want us to throw it away .. otherwise we wouldn’t have to keep repeating the lives until we choose to Live. Did he step in for you personally .. I think more it was you who wants to live. Your own body wants you to live. That’s why you threw up. Your mind is struggling with emotions right now, but the struggle is not killing you, it is making you stronger. It’s time now to go and find some help, put all that energy you put into the pain back into finding your own path to healing. We need the strong stubborn people in the world right now, working to help those who don’t have the sort of courage that keeps you alive. And it does take courage to stay alive. We need you to find your peace, so that you can share your journey with others and help them find peace too. And I am not kidding here. The people being born into the world now are gentle souls. They cannot fight the way you and I can. They will need leaders who know what the struggle is all about.

      If you won’t do it for yourself, Ti$a, do for the kids who should never have to go through what you went through. Sometimes finding a cause to direct your energy to can be a lifesaver.’

      Love & Peace

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