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A Ouija Board Story – ZOSO The Demon

Posted on March 27, 2009

One evening my ex-wife and I decided to take an old board to a good friend of mine’s house. He lived close to downtown Tulsa,and he believed in spirits. He had seen some of our “sessions” and he even participated. His wife however did not believe, and so we thought we would show her a few things. Little did we know that before the evening was over my friend Mike and I would find ourselves inside a mental health ward.

This particular night there was a crisp full moon, everyone was in a pleasant mood,and we brought candles, a box of soil, and poured purified water into a cool little chalice that my ex-wife carried with her sometimes. We situated ourselves on the coffee table in the living room, dimmed the lights, and lit the candles.

Almost immediately the centerpiece started moving in a wide circle alarmingly fast and with unusual intensity. Before we could ask a question the centerpiece moved to HELLO and slowly swooshed past. It was if the spirit was already there, and like it wanted to show us how powerful it was. I remember finding this unusual because usually we had to wait for 5 or 10 minutes for a spirit to start communicating. This time however it began to move the very instant we laid our fingers on the planchette.

Mike’s wife was Patricia, a large unfriendly biker type chic who didn’t scare easily. This time we didn’t ask the spirits name, we usually assumed it was ZOZO, because that was usually the only name it would claim, even when we would ask to speak with more docile spirits. The board said it did not like Patricia, and began to call her names. Patricia kept giving us dirty looks and thought we were trying to piss her off, but we were just letting the board make it’s comments. The board said Patricia was cheating on Michael with an old ex-boyfriend. Me and my ex had no idea who this ex was, and Michael abruptly told us to ask the board what her ex-boyfriends name was. It spelled Matt, and Michael’s face turned red with jealousy. The board went on to say that she had sex with him earlier that day while Michael was at work. Michael asked in which room, and it said “His BED.” Michael walked in the room and looked around for a few minutes coming back with a men’s watch he said didn’t belong to him. Patricia was obviously very uncomfortable with all of this, and denied the accusations now coming from Michael. The board said it was going to “SCARE” Patricia.

Things calmed down after we took a break from the Ouija board, and Michael and myself enjoyed a few beers as the evening progressed. We were all sitting in the living room and it was about midnight or so when my wife and I got back on the board. The board began to cuss Patricia again,and we thought about going home as it was getting carried away with the insults. Suddenly all the board would spell was WINDOW. It spelled it over and over as if trying to tell us something. We all looked out the living room windows but saw nothing but darkness. Patricia asked us if we needed a beer and we said yes. The board spelling window, window faster and faster, when we heard a terrifying scream from the kitchen. Patricia was screaming ” Someone was looking in at me through the window!”

Me and Michael bolted out the front door and we saw a tall man running down the street. We chased him for a few blocks,down an alley way and into a building. Police officers were at this building with cruisers pulled up to the front of this MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY! A faculty lady asked us what the hell was going on,and we told her about the peeping tom. She informed us that this person had simply vanished off the property an hour earlier,and got the police involved in searching for the disturbed individual. I told the officers that this person was staring into a window on the side of the house and one officer went thru an “employees only” door to ask the guy some questions. Me and Michael were catching our breaths outside and after about ten minutes the officers came outside laughing amongst themselves. I asked the burly officer what happened and I will NEVER forget what he said.

The officer told me the guy was obviously disturbed,and said he wouldn’t answer any of his questions however he told the faculty member that he had told her “The devil told me I would find him there!” A rush of chills flowed up and down my spine as I looked at Michael with jaw dropped and we stood there in disbelief. The officer also commented that no charges could be filed as this man was legally insane,and living at this home for the mentally challenged. We walked back home and told the girls what we had found out. Patricia had threw the Ouija board out the front door, and told me that I wasn’t welcome there anymore. She was trembling and my ex-wife was scared as well. Me and Michael decided to burn the board.

Michael got an old gas can from the shed, and poured gasoline over the board,and tossed the gas can about 15 feet across the yard. As we watched, he threw a match down and an amazing thing happened. A tall flash of flame ignited, but instead of burning the board, a trail of fire flashed across the yard all the way to the can of gasoline where it exploded in a huge fireball. Michael received second and third degree burns on his face and hands and we called an ambulance because was screaming and was almost blinded by the gasoline. Again the police showed up as the Ambulance took Michael and Patricia to the hospital. I remember picking up the Ouija board and noticing a blackened frame of burnt grass surrounding the board but incredibly the Ouija board was unharmed. I threw the board in the trash on the side of the house.

The next day I got a call from Patricia who proceeded to cuss me out. She asked me “How could I do such a thing?” She then accused me of placing the Ouija board in the kitchen where the peeping tom was. I told her that I threw the board in the trash outside, but she didn’t believe me. Michael spent the night in the hospital, and had to go to intensive outpatient treatment for the burns he had received.

I remained friends with Michael and about a year after that night he told me that Patricia admitted to cheating on him. The watch he had found had belonged to her ex, and they had sex earlier that day just as the board claimed.

Thanks for reading, this story is true and I will never forget that night for the rest of my life.

Written by Darren Wayne, Copyright 2009

This story was originally submitted as a comment to ZOSO The Ouija Demon If you would like to post a comment to this story please go to the original entry at that link.

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No Responses to “A Ouija Board Story – ZOSO The Demon”
  1. bella says:

    Yes, you do choose to reincarnate.. While your in heaven or the in between dimentions, you are learning new things.. The purpose of life is to learn.. You learn on earth and in between dimensions.. You choose when and where you want to go depending on what you have yet to learn. Some of us are sent to teach others; you might have completed your life but your help might still be needed.

  2. Keith J says:

    Hi bt89,

    Oh wow… that a whopper of a question! I’m one who believes we have no choice. Reincarnation/heaven/hell… the energy of our souls goes somewhere. Where? Only our own afterlife beliefs influence our decisions as to just ‘where’ maybe? Energy of the soul continues after death.

    For example, pure light is a form of energy (like a laser for example!). In the vacuum of space – with no space dust to get in the way – it will shine on forever. It’s energy in the form of a mass-less photon and keeps going on and on, even though it spreads outs over time, all the photons are still there (remember, this is whithout them running into anything). I thik the soul is much like the mass-less photon. It has its own energy in the form of light, I believe. When our body dies, I think the energy of the soul goes on, without interruption. As a Christian, I believe it goes to one of 3 places; heaven, hell or gets stuck here for whatever reason.

    In your belief in the afterlife, reincarnation is obviously your answer. Maybe God will choose to re-use, and refine it here on earth? Not sure, but one thing is for certain (well, to me!): Our energy/soul goes somewhere un-interrupted. Of that, we have no choice.

    Let your light shine on forever, 89! :)

    p.s. sorry for the convoluted example, but thats my own belief and is not easily explained for me. LOL!

  3. Ama says:

    Hello Blacktiti89

    Good question. The people who choose not to cross over when they die become ghosts. It’s an unnatural state of being, but it is one we can choose to experience, until we learn better. In that state ghosts do continue the negative behaviours that had as living people, or try to. I did have one ghost, in a rescue circle, keep trying to take my head off with an (etheric) axe. He failed. In the end we were all laughing about it. (My head kept dropping forward uncontrollably while he was trying) :-) We had him ‘escorted’ into healing.

    That bit of nonsense has nothing to do with reincarnation, which is always our choice. This is why ..

    God gave each of us free will. That’s the right to choose everything that we think, do, say and become. If we choose to become ghosts, God is not going to stop us. If we choose to stay in heaven forever, and never come back here, God is not going to stop us. If we choose to become saints or sinners .. same rule applies. God wasn’t kidding when ‘he’ gave us the right to make our own decisions, and having given that to us, ‘he’ cannot interfere with even one person without breaking the covenant (agreement) that ‘he’ made with us. Oh, we break agreements with ‘him’ all the time, but ‘he’ leads by example.

    So .. you want to take a long holiday between lifetimes, go for it. You’ll soon get bored. Heaven is wonderful and soothing and healing, but we were not created to be lotus eaters, sitting around all day lapping up the luxury. We were created to learn, to grow, to change, to create for ourselves. In heaven you can do it in a blink, but where’s the challenge in that .. and humanity shows its best ‘self’ in challenging situations.

    You’ll soon be back in a new body learning new lessons, all based in Love, with or with blinkers on your eyes. :-)

    Love & Peace

  4. bella says:

    Ama, i agree with you 100%.. A good book to read is Same soul many bodies.. Very intresting book.

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