Why Such Hatred for Me and My Religion – Possessed?

One year my family moved to the city, I of course had to change schools and went to a new bigger middle school. I met a girl there a few days after I started, I was so excited to have a friend in the new school. After a few days she got really cold and eventually the friendship fell apart. I don’t know exactly at what point I revealed I was Christian, but after the friendship split she hated me with a passion.

This was not your everyday hatred, she always had a hatred for my religion, even if I wasn’t paying attention to her she would come up to me insulting my belief in God. I pissed her off even more when I didn’t pay attention and continued believing and loving God. One of her friends even approached me and said that she may act like she hates me, but she does not hate me as much as her friend does.

I believe that she was wiccan or practiced some type of black magic. She still hates me up to this day about 7 years later. I found her on Facebook just to see how she would react, of course she reacted negatively and I haven’t contacted her since. After thinking on it I knew that this was no regular hatred and now I have the feeling that she may have been possessed and just the thought of me believing in God disgusted her. Coincidentally she has the same birthday as me (which makes it even more strange).

Asked by TrueHeart

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  1. Hello TrueHeart!!!
    This, quite frankly, I am not sure this is a paranormal problem or a case of possession. To me, she just sounds like a very mean spirited individual who has a real problem with God. Now, I don’t think this person doesn’t believe in God, just despises Him for whatever reason. For the record, not all Wiccans are like that, and Wiccans actually do believe in a higher power(or many!) and do not believe in the devil, So you really can’t say she s Wiccan(can’t say she isn’t either.) With Wicca, it is all about your intentions. My point is, really, you can’t label her because you don’t really know.

    I have one important question for you; why would you, after seven years, even bother to seek this individual out? That is really the strange thing and one thing I do not understand. You seem, from your comment, to be a very nice person who is strong in her beliefs; why would you even need or want to associate with such an individual?!! She appears to me, to only bring you grief, and obviously by searching her out on Facebook, you have found that she has not changed. Why even obsess about her?! You could make so many new and wonderful friends who will “accept” you for who YOU ARE and not descriminate against you for your beliefs. In my opinion, this individual is just not worth your time, and not even worth wasting a thought over!!! And whether or not she is possessed or not is not really your concern unless she is threatening your safety or your life! And if so, then I think you need to seek other help or even cal the police. Good luck and I sinserely do believe you are a much better person who deserves better friends than her! Best of Luck and May God’s Pure Light surround and protect you.

  2. Hello TrueHeart,

    I doubt the lady was possessed, she probably just didn’t like Christians. Plenty of people are very prejudiced about things they do not understand, and will bear grudges into forever, for no good reason. It’s very sad, but it is not possession that makes this happen, just unhappy human attitudes.

    Her behaviour was that of a bully, and at the beginning she might have thought you were someone she could impress – so that you would think she was wonderful – but when you didn’t do that, she changed her mind and decided to torment you instead.

    As strange as this might sound – thank her (in your mind) for helping you be a stronger person, for teaching you how NOT to treat other people, and forgive her for the pain she caused you, and the confusion you felt over the whole situation. In those ways she has done you a huge amount of good. And then let her go. There is no reason for you to think about the situation again, unless its because you are grateful for her help. We can punish ourselves in the strangest ways when we hang on to painful experiences from our past.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  3. Everyone choses a path in this life…there are only two. Either we walk in the darkness or we walk in the light. Those who walk in darkness do so of their own accord and will reap as they sew my friend. Continue to walk in the light,help others along the way as you’re able, but never compromise your soul by reaching into that darkness yourself. Continue to voice your love for Christ and he will one day voice his love for you to the father.Stay strong in Christ Jesus my friend! HE IS the way, the truth, AND the Light!

  4. We all have to make choices in this lifetime…the most important of those is whether to walk in the darkness or in the light. Im thankful to hear that you chose the latter..I am so sorry that your former friend did not. Hopefully she and her friends will find their way to Christ. As a Christian, you cannot conceive of the contempt those who walk in shadow have for you..you are fortunate not to understand it. You may recall some stories from the bible about the hatred Satan has for mankind? Read Psalm 1 and be at peace.

  5. She could have been wronged by a christian. Or she might just hate the god in the bible. I myself dont like the way the bible represents god.

  6. I had a man who was Irish good looking but hated my christian beliefs. he liked me but always argued about Jesus or God. He still is after me to date him but he screams and yells like a crazy man so forget it. he was Muslim. He now emailed me and said he goes to Church. I think he really is evil he hates all priests they are perverts he said. He said all doctor and nurses are witches. He hates Christians with a passion. Now he has converted to be a christian I doubt it he is pure evil

  7. TrueHeart,
    Simply put: People fear what they don’t understand. Try and explain it to them, and they may get hostile. Shine by showing them their opinion really doesn’t matter much to you and they will become outright ignorant at times.

    I had a “friend” once in middle school (actually, he did the same stuff in highschool, too). At the beginning of every year back at school, he would very loudly ask me “so, you still believe that ‘God stuff?’” in front of anyone he could in an attempt to embarrass me.

    I also had a friend that was into witchcraft. She was fine as long as people were asking her about her beliefs…….if you had a theological conversation with me, she would get “bored by all the God talk” and leave (and was sometimes quite spiteful in words as a result).

    Sounds like a simple case of “cool” governing the life of an impressionable mind. You seemed to care more about your relationship with God then being cool, and I commend you for that (it’s the way it should be)……but I don’t think the person is possessed. I think they simply likes the lime-light. But with you “shining”, you keep cutting in on her turf. :)

    She’ll figure out she’s not that cool, in the grand scheme of things…..as you’ll find that friends come and go. You get as old as me and you realize the only friends worth keeping are the ones that absolutely refuse to go away.


  8. True Heart,

    Don’t think it is strange for others to despise you because of your faith. There was a man named Saul that persecuted Christians, sending many to their death. Saul was well known, and feared by many. At some point, Saul had an encounter with God, and Saul was converted. His new name was Paul. Paul became an apostle of Jesus Christ, and went on to establish many churches throughout the world as it was known then. Paul eventually had to lay down his life, because of his faith.

    Christians do not have to subject themselves to other’s harsh words or behavior. We should also know that it is up to us to choose what we will be subjected to…, unless of course Christians are being persecuted…, and persecution would ultimately lead to death. No one knew this better than the man named Saul. Saul was well known in Christian circles as something like a judge and a minister of death.

    We live in a world of good and evil. Adam and Eve surely understood this. Hatred is a very dark and powerful emotion. The flip side is Love. Don’t hide your light under a bushel.

  9. Trueheart,

    Also, remember this; if you live in America, a LOT of people are getting upset at us because many think we are all Tea Party democrat haters. Stupid, but look at how the members use Jesus as a political ‘movement.’ I love Jesus, am Christian and glad of my faith. It is indeed a shame for religion to become politicized like it has been in the last 4 years. Her parents my be part of those beliefs that we are all nuts and want to take over the world! LOL 7 years ago there were also TV preachers still getting themselves into deep trouble by their actions. Just a thought… for some one bad apple ruins the whole barrel.

    keepin the faith,

  10. Trueheart,

    Sometimes people have been very hurt by a religion, or religious person and they can hate all people that are of that faith. I knew someone who had a baby that died from SIDs and a priest told her that the baby was not in heaven because it had not been christened. So she hated Christians.

    You never know what makes someone feel or act the way they do.

    A lot of very evil things have been done in the name of God.

    If you just respect their religion and love them as they are, that is sometimes the best thing you can do.

    • I feel very sorry for the one who lost their baby and YEAH it makes me angry when a priest (or anyone) says something hurtful and WRONG like that but that is no rational reason to hate an entire group of people. That is called prejudice and is the same as racism and bigotry.

      • But isn’t blaming God and believers of today, who are not in an inquisation, or killing towns off in the name of God, the SAME thing as blaming todays white people for slavery in America? Makes no sense at all!

        There are many screwed up individuals: Christian, Muslim, buddhists, wiccan, and athiests. Insanity follow no religion. As for the Old Testament? Thousands of years ago!

        Please, let it go…

        Most people kill in the name of Greed, and their religion has not much to do with it… except in the middle-east, where hatred and intolerance is not Godly at all.

        I wholeheartedly disagree with the blanket statement the we christians are fools/blind/historically evil people because of what previous things in the past have been done – using God as an excuse. He wasn’t behind the murders of thousands, His followers that twisted it up were. I too, am tired of defending my God, when I cannot
        see any God in these actions commited in THIS world… today. We are peaceful as anyone else by and large.

        I feel very symathetic with this young lady who asked this question.


        • I’m not complaining at everyone, obviously, but only those who seem to hate, yet swear they don’t. lol

          • OK gotcha and I am in complete agreement!

        • Yes you are 100% correct Keith

          “I wholeheartedly disagree with the blanket statement the we christians are fools/blind/historically evil people because of what previous things in the past have been done – using God as an excuse.”

          What blanket statement are you referring to? I mean where?

          • CT,
            The same old thing people in America have been saying for the last 3 decades. Social changes happening so quickly that those who traditions, faith based, conservative, are somehow the ‘real’ bad guys. It’s everywhere on tv. We are all said to be Republicans, etc. I’m not, though. One christian ‘true’ nutcase says something stupid (i.e., the junk I hear from Tea Party hardcores) or a televangelist – all of whom I cannot stand, as they are not a representation of the ‘norm,’and people come out in hoards on tv all too eager to point out the killings in the name of God/Christ, etc.

            I’m just asking ‘why, exactly’ do they do that?
            Are we just easy targets?


          • Well, I believe it is because the powers that be need to get rid of God and make Christians look like fools because they want to trash the constitution and remove our rights and freedoms. You see they want to get to a point where people say the Constitution is garbage because it bases our rights and freedoms on a non existent God. That is why, in my opinion, it seems to be a captial crime to offend anyone except for Christians you can feel free to offend them all you like. Just my take on things

        • Keith, you are wonderful .. but humanity is not Peaceful. These days the average person is fearful, fretful and angry. They hide from each other, protect what they have fiercely and suffer flashes of road rage etc .. and are encouraged to think like that by the ‘powers that be’, and not just politicians. Let’s talk about the war on terrorism .. or better yet, let’s NOT talk about it. Let’s invent ‘facts’ and spread lies so clever that people doubt their own eyes. Let’s find ‘reds in our beds’ and jihads in our cookie jars. Dear God. We are not encouraged to Love One Another .. no way, let’s ‘fear’ our neighbour because they might steal everything we have, or poison us with the free food they would have delivered when we are sick, if we’d spent any time getting to know them when we moved into the neighbourhood in the first place. The media is no longer to be trusted .. truth in advertising .. gone out the window .. truth in newspapers, don’t make me laugh. If there’s no war today, we’ll create one, no drama we’ll invent one .. so much for peace.

          You want a rant .. I can go on for hours.

          Where is God in this mess? Does he have his hands over his eyes? Nope, he’s doing what he promised he would do .. love us all like a good father .. but an absent one. Sends chocolates occasionally and then hurricanes the next time, if you believe that God interacts in the world, which I don’t.

          Humanity is capable of so much good, so much love .. but it means we have to step outside our little protective states of fear and take chances on being hurt – mind, body and spirit .. and some people do this .. 100,000′s of them, only in a population of billions is it anywhere enough?

          What does it cost to love? You can have your heart ripped out, or it certainly feels like that .. but don’t close the door on Love, or on God, just because some idiot interprets something in a way you don’t like, agree with, or want to do. Guess what, mates, this gift of free will comes with one rule .. love one another .. because when you do, you become responsible for what happens to yourself and others. Big ask huh? …. profane word. LOL

          Seems hypocritical to sign off with Love & Peace .. but I do wish it for everone

  11. CT,

    Glad you aren’t offended at my minor rant. lol! I rarely do such a thing. Was watching CBN the other day, and was disgusted. Then watched HNN and was distgusted…


  12. CT,
    Gotta say, The Patriot Act has gone a long way in trashing the Constitution, IMO. Folks just hate that the Declaration Of Independece says “God” so many times. ;)

    • There is nothing patriotic about that act, it is just another step on the way to a one world order. Did you know that Mark Twain complained about the governments discussions and plans for a one world order back in the late 1800s? He sure did, its not a new thing at all…..

      If you are arrested they can say you are a terror suspect and out go all your maranda rights and due process. Too many people accepted what happened (and is still happening) at “Gitmo” without understanding that American citizens are next for the same treatment.

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