Why Can Some People See Ghosts and Others Can’t?

As a kid and a young teenager I used to see a lot of spirits around my house. I think there was one which was evil but my home was pretty much alive with spirits.

As I’ve gotten older I only see a spirit from time to time, like when I get a ‘visit’ or if I go to a haunted located I’ll often see the offending ghost.

How come I’m so sensitive? Is it because I’m open to it or is it just part of my purpose to be spiritual?

Most people I know have never seen a ghost let alone believe in them.

Asked by Violet

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  1. Hi Voilet

    Good question and there are a number of reasons.

    1. ‘seeing is believing?’. Or, in other words, some folk would simply not accept the concept of a spiritual world unless it jumped up and bit them on the bum. And even then, they would most likely pooh! pooh! a genuine ‘encounter’ as nothing more than something quite natural and ordinary. These folk need a lot of convincing.

    2. Degree’s of psychic awareness. Or, in other words, although everyone has psychic ability to some degree or other, some folk are naturally more ‘open’ than others. Folk possessing ‘mediumship’ abilities, for example, tend to see far more of the spirit world then those who do not.

    3. Fear. It is easier for some people to simply dismiss the spirit world, because they are frightened to death (excuse the pun) by the concept of it. In other words, they ‘close down’ psychically.

    4. Apathy. Who cares? LOL!

    I’m sure Ama will come up with plenty more ….. unless she has pipped me to the post again and already replied further up this thread. LOL!


    • No, angel, you beat me to it. I didn’t even know we had questions until the middle of the afternoon .. and there was some rushing about to do .. so its dinner time now. LOL

      Hello Violet,

      My name is Ama Nazra and I talk to ghosts and spirits, angels and other nastier stuff, but only when its really necessary.

      Why can we see ghosts and spirits .. because we made the choice to before coming into incarnation. It is my understanding that we choose ‘all’ our gifts before we come into each lifetime, and one of the available gifts is called ‘discerning spirits’ by the Christians, or Clairvoyance by the rest of us. So you can, and perhaps your friends can’t, for the good reasons AJ listed .. although I’m not sure about Apathy? LOL The big question is .. what do you want to do with your gift?

      Being spiritual has nothing to do with ghosts and spirits. Being spiritual is about your relationship with God, or a deity of your choice .. its about your commitment to following whatever rules are laid down by that entitiy, and hopefully, doing good in the world. I don’t know why people tangle them up together, but athiests, who don’t believe in God, can often believe in ghosts, because they have experienced them .. or deny them, as AJ says, just as easily, and find ordinary excuses for the things that happen to them .. I’ve seen them do it. LOL

      Wishing you a good day,
      Love & Peace
      Ama (listed here under Friends)

  2. Violet , what you had seen and see on and off now are demons. Also don’t be happy that you observe them, an ordinary life is that you be free of them. Fortunately that demons are common and are not scoundrel and turbulent ,otherwise they did hurt you and you didn’t find any shelter against them.

  3. I tend to be more sensitive and easily pick up a spirit’s presence. Recently I am starting to believe that I may actually be physcic. Originally I was a major skeptic and did not really believe in ghosts. It was not until two years that I could sense spiritual presence. Now sometimes I pick up horrific visions. The visions I get are of death, likely the death of the spirits giving me these visions. I have got some pictures of orbs, floating faces, and mist. Also, I have got about twenty class A evps and hundreds I can not make out. It seems no one believes me because I get visions and experiance presences in every day places, not really in old houses because I do not go in one that often. Can someone help explain this, I thought this only happened to very religious people like priests.

    • Hi Nicholas,

      Everyone is psychic to varying degrees. Some people ‘trust’ their ‘gut reaction’ or their ‘intuition’ about things .. the word psychic is the umbrella term for all sorts of gifts in that direction.

      You can see ghosts .. which is the word I use to describe spirits who have not crossed over into heaven yet. Yes, they show me their deaths, often because it is the only thing they remember at the time, or its what is binding them to the earth. It is from those scenes that I work out how to help them find peace again. And there’s no ‘age limit’ on the ghosts I rescue .. the last was an 8 year old boy, the oldest was 97 .. and I’ve rescued ghosts who have been around for hundreds of years, and some of the them have been mighty angry.

      I love orb photos. I know a lady who can call orbs .. hundreds of them. She’s amazing.

      I believe you .. I meet ghosts in the supermarket, or in our orchard, or see them in cars sitting next to the driver .. even had one try and drive my car, through me (he took control of my arm) which spooked my teenage kids at the time. LOL They are everywhere, they just don’t hang around in haunted houses and graveyards.

      EVPS .. ghosts want to be heard. And when you are asking for ghosts to come and talk to you, and talk to them, you are giving them your living energy .. which is not healthy for your body, or, in the long run, your mind. It can lead to an obsession with hunting the dead .. and people are not supposed to do that, Nicholas. You came into the world to LIVE your life, not focus on other people’s deaths.

      My next question has to be ‘how old are you’? So many kids are being born today who have the gift of mediumship and have no idea how to deal with it. In my opinion, if a person has this calling they need to grow up and live their lives first .. life experience helps us better help others .. so its best to leave it alone until a person is in their 30′s and they might be able to handle it all much better.

      Be careful. I don’t like people doing evps .. I find most people get very little of any useful stuff, except occasional words or phrases, often without meaning to the listener. Some very good EVP people can get answers to direct questions, and help the living with it, but they too have to be careful how they go. They can get lost in it, just as easily as the newcomers can.

      Who am I? My name is Ama and you’ll find a link to my webpages on the right under Friends. You can find out about me there.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  4. Sometimes i see shadow like people outside my window in the corner of my eye. I don’t think I’m psychic, no offense but I don’t really believe in that stuff. I do believe in ghosts though.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Being psychic doesn’t depend upon belief, its just what we are. You never have to do anything with it. Some people are born with a very strong gift, in one or many different directions, and some people aren’t. Seeing shadows can be part of the clairvoyant gift. I ‘see’ lots of things, but not shadow folk .. no, my partner does that for us. :-)

      Love & Peace

    • No James , observing or feeling demons is very easier than observing ghosts . demons are various folk and live in every area of across the world but ghosts (soul of deceases ) are not in this world and must travel to earth by god permission . usually some persons see or feel a demon but they suppose they have seen a ghost. no as I told ghosts are in other world and come to earth seldom and for a short time

  5. I do think I am psychic, now. I did not seem to have this sense until after I was possesed. Even after I was possesed I was still a major skeptic. The possesion was kind off and on ended several weeks after I first started acting weird. When I first got this sense I picked up a presense in my home, I had weird feelings, heard noises, saw mist, shadows, and saw orbs very frequently. Even after all those experiances I was still a skeptic. One day I found a voice recorder, so I asked some questions just to prove nothing was in my house. When I actually got a clear response I started to believe in ghosts. After that I was worried that the demonic spirit was still there, but the spirit turned out to be my grandfather. His presence has never caused harm or a sense of fear in the house, in fact I am the only one that lives in the house that has had a paranormal encounter. Which proves that the living and the dead can live side by side with few problems unless they are demonic. No one else believes my experiances are true and say that there is a logical explaination. Yes there is a logical explaination, that is that the house is haunted. As for me recording evps and taking pictures that is just something I do when I have nothing else to do. I believe I somehow got my ability off of when I was possesed, I do not truely understand how to use this ability and it seems no one believes me. I would not be on here if I was not 100 percent certain this stuff was going on. My main goals is to put my life first, but I believe I should use my abilities instead of wasting them.

  6. Hi Nicholaus,

    If you had actually been possessed by something demonic you would not be the least bit sceptical about it at the time. Who removed the possessing entity from you and what happened to it?

    You might have had a ghost attach to your energy, but that is not possession. Possession happens when your spirit/will/personality is taken over by something unseen and the person you are pretty much disappears. Before that is a stage called oppression .. where you can see and sense things that you usually don’t, because the demon is trying to work its way into your will. The whole process is incredibly nasty .. but its not something ghosts do.

    I’m glad the ghost turned out to be your grandfather. Has he left now? If he’s still around he is probably needing some help to cross over into heaven. He would come to you because you are family, familiar energy, and welcoming. It’s not healthy for either the living, or the dead, to be haunted. The dead should find peace and healing in heaven (by whatever name you call it) and the living should not have their energy taken by dead people .. they don’t know when to stop, and they take core energy which can make a living person very sick, and can influence the emotions of the person they are hanging around .. in negative ways. They might not mean to do that, but they are trapped away from something their heart yearns for, even if their minds refuse to listen. This leads to a great deal of frustration, and then anger .. which is not good for anyone.

    What skills do you have? How do they manifest? And you still haven’t told me how old you are. I never ask questions without a good reason.

    Love & Peace

  7. He is still here. I do not Know how to help him. It seems the possesion ended by itself, but I think I got some pyschic ability from this experiance.

    • Hi Nicholas,

      Possessions don’t usually end that way. In my experience you were not possessed .. and be grateful that you weren’t.

      What are you abilities? How do they affect you?

      A gentle way to send your grandfather into heaven is to ask your guardian angel to FIND him and TAKE him into healing. You don’t have to believe in angels to do that. You can just make the request –

      Archangel Michael, please FIND my grandfather (his name here) and TAKE him into healing.

      Yes, it can be that simple. The angels know exactly what to do. They will talk to him, make sure he’s fine, and scoot him Home. And then he can come and visit anytime he likes .. but he’ll only stay a moment, because that is all the time needed to remind us that we are truly loved.

      Love & Peace

      • Can’t demons mimic the dead in order to get to us? He could already be crossed over and a demon is mimicking him…

        • Hi Violet,

          There’s a principle called ‘Occam’s Razor’ .. stated simply it means, when something looks simple, it usually is. Nicholaus has not told of us of anything that says he might have a demon around him, but he has of a ghost .. and since I have been dealing with ghosts and demons, on one level or another, all my life, I usually can tell the difference. Where demons are concerned, I don’t pretend there isn’t a problem. Where ghosts are concerned .. they are no problem in comparison to someone who is truly being oppressed.

          So no, its not a demon pretending to be his grandfather. I know the church teaches that all ghosts are demons, but they aren’t. They are just ghosts – people who have died and not gone into heaven for a multitude of different reasons. They generally don’t mean anyone any harm, they are just hungry, lost and frightened ..

          I would not like to think someone would treat me like a demon if I chose to haunt people in my family because I was still looking for the love and acceptance I had when I was alive.

          Love and Peace

  8. I think I am a bit open to these phenomenons. At puberty, there are some incidents where I see unknown shadows just passing by in some parts of our house. It only happens when I am alone in our house. Even in my B-house (or boarding house, a fairly big house where you could rent a room when you have to go to a college far from your home), i sense that there are someone watching me nearby and sometimes I see a shadow for merely split seconds. Could it be that i am really open to these things even if I only see shadows and not the clear apparitions?

    from Philippines

    • Hello James

      Everyone sees, and senses things, differently. We also interpret what we see and sense differently from other people us. So where see a shadow person, I might see or sense a ghost, or not see anything at all.

      Yes, it seems you are learning to be open to this gift. What do you want to do with it?

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

      • I don’t really know what to do with it. Since i am not really trained with these things, I just want to protect myself. I read your article about white light shield and i hope it will protect me.

        • It does, James, just like its protects thousands of other people before you,

          Love & Peace

  9. well ama dont know if u remember me but u did tell me infact that i know that my house is haunted. I let a paranormal team on Monday dec.19th. i had them come over they had 2 psyics with them …as soon as they came in the front door they felt the presence around me …we talked for a little bit didnt tell them personal things…well we went up to the second floor and he snapped a picture and saw 2 orbs on the steps he took another one nothing, the 2 pshics went on the third floor they did keep recorders in my room and the 2nd floor apartment…they wanted to talk to me they asked me if i knew anyone who lived in this house that had jet black hair i told them my dad did , they also smelled coffee up their they told me he has been their since i died they ask y u here he said, that he is worried about Kimberly (thats me) what will happen to me if my mom passes, he also said he is here until my mom dies :( they also said he wanted my forgiveness also i dont wanna go into what my dad was like he was a very strict father and i was afraid of him when he was living. they told me their is no evil spirits here whatsoever…my dad was a flashy dresser they said he had on a purple suit ..when my dad was younger he dressed like dean martin jacket with the kleenex in pocket that look…i showed a picture of my dad older they said it looked like him but in death some spirits show what they looked like when they were younger…ever since i told my dad i for give him that i already 4gave him years ago…it was quiet i could sleep i was not afraid anymore its been quiet in this house for 4 days now but i still do feel the presence in my room all the time but im not afraid…i told them i also have experieces where my grandma used to live and my sister at the same house…and i told him im seeing orbs in my room in the hall…they said i could have a gift that i can feel see and hear them..if i have a gift how do i make it stronger? ..and they also told me that i have 2 angels with me at all times…when they were done we were talking and the one phsyic asked me about my mom i told her she is getting old u can see her bones she did get hit by a car 3 times stomach cancer, she did say sometimes love ones come back cause they know that a love one is gonna die or to tell someone something is this true..thank you for your time ..

  10. Hello Ama,

    You say you’ve been dealing with these entities for years and seem to know answers to all sorts of related questions, how did that come about? How do you know so much about them? I say this because like many other people, I experienced them in various ways since very young, yet I’m still in the dark as to what, why, wherefore? The truth of the matter is I don’t like them lurking about me, it’s not normal to accommodate these entities – after all they shouldn’t be bugging us in the land of the living – should they? They scared the living daylights out of me most of the time. Although as I’ve got older, I haven’t been bothered much.

    • Oh Pat, its a long story. It started with me seeing my grandmother, when I was two, and scaring her daughter (my mother) by reaching over her shoulder and yelling ‘grandma’. Her mother had died 8 years before I was born, but she was around me until I was 29. I am 49 now. I was born with knowledge of all my past lives, (and between lives), to varying degrees, into a household who didn’t talk about ‘weird stuff’. I didn’t even know the concept of reincarnation until I was 20, then it was like a door opened in my mind to show me myself, and each revelation since has felt like that .. as if the ‘real me’ was only simply one step away, and its fun to take the steps, and sometimes challenging, but I wouldn’t change what I know or do for anything.

      I have been in training all my life. I can’t remember a time when the strange things that happened to me didn’t end up being lessons of some kind. I talk to angels. They have been my greatest teachers. They show us a whole different world to what people think they understand of this one. They helped me have courage in the face of great adversity, and in times of trouble .. like bringing a demon into the house on night because I wasn’t being more careful. You learn to be careful in this job. LOL

      Through their encouragement I studied anthropology, mythology (heros and villains, elementals and paranormal), history, archeology, theology, demonology and ghost busting .. I studied metaphysics, became a Reiki Master Teacher, a Counsellor (also spiritual counselling), a Regression therapist to help other people, and read and read and read .. anything and everything I could get my hands on, and I still do. I even read an entire encyclopedia one year, because it was in the house and I was young (16?) and hungry for information.

      One day the angels came and told me I was ready to work with them, because I had promised to .. and I have ever since. But I had to wait until I was 35 before they did that. We need life experience, and hopefully maturity, to do this work. Up until then I had spent years knowing, and finally telling, people that I was going to be a demonologist ‘when I grew up’. I don’t recommend it as a job. You don’t get paid much, :-) if anything .. but the satisfaction in helping people is more than enought to soothe my soul.

      And I have knowledge given to me by the angels that I am still learning today, event by event .. so when someone new asks about something I have not heard of, I ask questions .. both to them, but also of my teachers .. and sometimes the answers are already within me, and sometimes I learn from people, like AJ and her daemons. I had the concepts but she is teaching me how she applies them each time she writes something about them on this site. It is not something I would have considered creating, but I am fascinated by it. I have defeated out of control daemons before, but never questioned the intricacies of their creation .. but thanks to AJ now I know. I am always grateful for my teachers.

      I don’t like negative things lurking about me either, that’s why we developed the houseshields (you can find them now at the top right corner of this page (white light shields) and the Michael Invocation is there as well. Learn them and use them. They bring peace of mind.

      Are ghosts being about normal? Yes. They have been around us as long as we have had the free will to say ‘no I won’t go into heaven’. They have done the same things they do now, trying to get out attention, our energy and our help. Demons also have been around almost as long as humans. They have been harassing us since we gave them the right to do so, by allowing ourselves to be ruled by anger and fear. It’s a complicated subject. It’s enough to say that if you can act from Love in all things you are less likely to be haunted or have problems with other dark entities, but that is not always easy to do, which is why people like me exist.

      The dark used to scare the heck out of me too. They can still startle me, but mostly I just get ‘fired up’. I can’t say its ‘anger’ because I recognise when I create that emotion in myself and when something else is triggering the similar feeling, but it is a normal reaction to feel frightened around what you cannot see or do not understand. It’s a protection. But .. its also an energy source to aid in communication, because when you feed an entity you make it stronger – for good or ill.

      I can answer whats, most of the time, whys are harder because it depends on each individual as to why they experience a haunting, and if they will. I do what I can.

      And no, I do not teach people how to be what I am. I am a giant jigsaw puzzle, and a patterner who hasn’t seen the whole pattern yet, but I’m working on it. :-)

      Love & Peace

  11. Pretty much everything I know about spirits I learned from my own experiences. I am still trying to learn more about them, since I do not really know much. What I know is that there are angels, demonic spirits, intelligent spirits, and residual spirits. I have came in contact with all of these. The types that are very likely to confront the living are demonic spirits and the spirits of people who have just died recently. Demonic spirits thrive on fear and pain, while the spirits of people that just died will sometimes seek forgiveness and help people get over their death. Some times spirits of loved ones will stay close to relatives. Hopefully, Ama will help clear up some questions.

    • Hi Nicholas,

      There are spirit, spirits and spirits, which can be very confusing. First we have the Holy Spirit, which new age folk just call Spirit, then we have spirits who are people who have died and crossed ‘over’ the wall’ or ‘through the veil’, into heaven, found peace and healing, and yes they will come back and visit their families and try and help them to release their grief, guilt and fear. And then we have ghosts .. which are also called ‘spirits’ as are demons by some Christian churches. We’ll leave demons for now.

      Ghosts .. people become ghosts because they think they have very good reasons for not ‘going to God’ (fear of judgment, disbelief in a higher being of any sort, disbelief in heaven etc), or because they have died in shock and great pain and really don’t know if they are dead or not. Even those who die in their sleep might wake up confused, particularly if they were suffering from a mental illness like alzheimers or dementia, but not all do, some people simply wake up and go wow! and go Home with their angels and family. Some people become ghosts because they committed suicide for what seemed like a really good idea at the time, and the hurt they have caused themselves and their families keeps them planet bound to try and make amends. If only we could train people to know two things – if you make this choice you would be better off in heaven, in healing, and coming back after that, and – you are going to have to repeat the lifetime, with all its challenges .. until you make a better choice. And repeat it .. the better choice being not to end your life before good things can happen.

      Ghosts are what I deal with. I have very little contact with spirits. I am not what most ‘mediums’ are. Unless Uncle Johnnie needs to be ‘rescued’ I might not be able to see or sense him at all. I might, however, be able to hear him, but only if its vitally important to whomever asked me to ‘find’ him. But I can check to make sure he crossed over, and ‘FIND’ him if he hasn’t, and make sure he does .. thanks to my angels who are trained for this work.

      Ancient ghosts also confront the living, Nicholas. Sometimes its because they mistake us for someone from their past, or because they ‘see’ us as we were in the far past. I know a number of people who have reconnected to a past life companion this way, at least for a moment, before we crossed him or her over.

      The problem is, the longer a ghost is outside heaven the angrier and hungrier it becomes, and the more trouble it can create for the living. So we try and find the nasty ones and ‘help’ them before they do any more harm.

      Love & Peace

  12. Good evening squires. I have experienced the terror of demons for approximately 25.6 years. Very disturbing and troubling. Have tried to jump off balcony and cliff but unsuccessful unfortunately. Does anyone have any ideas how one might release themselves of this through a necking or other type of breath removing strategy? Stressed guy from Adelaide! Tick tick.

    • Hello Classic,

      ‘Necking’ .. I have no idea what they means where ghosts or demons are concerned. And no amount of breath work .. and I do know what that is, will release a demon.

      Would you like to explain the situation in more depth and I will see what I can do?

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist)
      (listed below under Friends)

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