What Do You Think of My Theory of Heaven and Hell?

Light and darkness theory

Now before I begin I have to bring a few points to whom ever reads this. It is just a theory and it is not meant to make heaven seem bad or hell seem good. They in this theory still will represent what the always have. Also it is not meant to step on anyone’s beliefs.

I was talking to a friend and I brought this theory up on heaven and hell. He thought it was interesting so I thought I would ask all of you as well.

My theory on Hell is filled with the light we portray heaven to be filled with. And for heaven to be a complete darkness.

My points, now this is more a Christian outlook it says in the bible as Lucifer was casted down that he brought light with him as knowledge followed with him. Knowledge is considered a sin but that is irrelevant. Now Lucifer was in snake form at the tree so he had to of been casted down the time God said in Genesis let there be light, and there was light. So then the sun was created. Now what else gets me is when people speak of spirits or ghost unless it is a demon, evil spirits, or a replay ghost they are mostly seen or heard at night when it is dark or even in just a dark house. I ask myself why and I think it is what makes them comfortable and at ease to draw in energy. So with that said they must be able to see no problems in the dark. So how could a person who died and came back claims to see heaven say it was so bright and so beautiful. When if it is dark they wouldn’t know. Now my next point it speaks of if you are sent to Hell that you will burn well the sun burns and creates light that was created when he was casted. I’m not saying the sun is Hell but a symbol of how hot hell is. So that in this theory would make Hell full of light and heaven dark but just as beautiful as explained.

What made me think this, I wrote a story about a basement where I lived with a ghost well long story short one time he sat with my soul I think and I seen what he could see my room was pitch black but I could see everything and it was beautiful. Any questions or thoughts on my theory I would love to hear what you all have to say. thank you for your time I know its kinda long.

Asked by mike

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I am glad you are developing theories, its great to question things and learn from the experience. If you do some research on the net, or from some very good books on other people’s theories of hell and heaven .. not just the bible, people do write about these topics, you’ll see that hell is also said to be freezing cold.

    The name Lucifer didn’t actually get into the Bible until well after it was created. It seems he was Bishop that annoyed one of the other Bishops who was editing a particular ‘book’ and suddenly the devil had a whole new name. Lucifer means Light Bringer, as you said, and the devil was the Angel of Illumination (light and knowledge) before it fell, but they are not one and the same. There will be a demon called Lucifer now, because so many people have focused their fear on it over the millenia that will have created one. Humans are great creators.

    The devil in Genesis started as more of a lizard creature. It wasn’t until after God realised what it had done that ‘he’ took away its legs and made it ‘crawl on the ground’. This was actually ‘after’ God had brought Light into the world, and I don’t think the Light was a fallen angel, but if it was, God allowed it to be in ‘his’ perfect garden, and that leads to lots of questions about ‘why’ he did.

    Why do ghosts seem to be around more at night .. the world is quieter then and living humans are feeling more protective of themselves because they can’t really see in the dark .. so they are more aware of ghosts. Quite truthfully, ghosts are around 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have some of my best ‘visits’ at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. It’s only an illusion that they are more prevalent at night.

    And what does a near death experience have to do with ghosts? People do go into heaven, and see it as Light and beautiful, and then come back into their bodies and tell us about it, because its true. They are not ghosts. They are not lost in the ‘dark’ .. a loss that is caused by their own fear of what they ‘might’ see, so that they blanket themselves in shadows, or surround themselves in horrible painful memories .. the same memories that trapped them in the first place. And those memories can be as bright as day. Nasty things happen in daylight too.

    The ghost that you shared the vision with, saw your world as dark. He was not looking at heaven, he was trapped with you here on earth. He was not showing you what heaven is like because he’s never been there. I hope he is there now.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. Hi Mike,
    I, too, am one who has seen or experienced most all the spirits I have in broad daylight.

    In the book of Jude, it says that sinners will be cast into eternal darkness. Book of Proverbs 4:19 “The way of the wicked is like complete darkness. Those who follow it have no idea what they are stumbling over.”

    In so, so many places in the bible it states that knowledge is wisdom and knowledge and wisdom help you to understand God’s word, which is what he wanted ‘after’ the fall of Eden. Adam and Eve broke the one rule God set before them. That was the first sin. Knowledge is important as ever now, as we need it to overcome sin.

    For me, Heaven IS lightness of bei

    • Hi Keith,

      I think you didn’t finish your sentence?

      Love & Peace

      • ama,
        heheguess I didn’t! Thanks for reminder

        For me, heaven IS lightness of being covered in Gods own Light for eternity. Faith is a flame in the darkness. As you walk nearer and nearer to it, the brighter it gets, and the darkness shed’s its power. Find your candle, find your light!


        ps, Yep, Ama, I added more…. since I had a second chance! See what happens? hehe

        As always sending Love to you, my friend :)

  3. It seems to me, the Universe in general – that is the space in which the stars and planets etc. reside, is darkness, with still more dark matter and dark energy enveloping the shining stars which light up the surface of their orbiting planets. Of course we are talking about the physical/material world visible to us which is both dark and light, so ‘on earth as it is heaven’, there should be light and darkness in the spirit world ????

    • Hi Pat,

      The spirit world is the world of energy, not matter, and light and dark exist because people choose them to, but they also define the polarities .. positive and negative. Hell is not dark, but it not a place of happiness either, heaven is not all light, but it is not a place of pain. Demons, negative beings who thrive on negativity and ‘resonate’ to that energy, live in a negative energy place and venture into other areas, when they can. Angels, who resonate to Love, live where Love IS. Vibrations start from lower/slower .. hell .. to higher and faster .. heaven .. and we exist in between, one foot in both camps, and capable of being either positive or negative. Surrounding this plane (technically 3rd dimension) are two others, 2nd and 4th, where we can also exist … one in struggle, and one more easily, and we cross into both in lower and higher emotions, but we don’t belong there as human beings (in our bodies), so we always end up back here .. in the ‘balance’. You could call our plane the solar plexus of the universe, the central core.

      The planets exist within this central core with us. They have their alternate selves in the higher and lower planes, but they are pinned here (in a sense) like us. The dark around the planets is simply the absense of light .. or we think it is. When we get closer there’s always light around, or we would not be able to see outside the spaceships. The place between the planes is not negative, it is instead, ‘possibilities waiting to happen’, and room to expand. The emptiness is not empty, its full of ‘dark matter’ as you said, or God before he does something miraclous.

      Lovely. LOL

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama

        I believe ‘we’ human beings and creatures, are only able to view darkness and light in the visible sphere of our existence – the material world. We seem to have our eyes shielded to hide the spiritual world and just as well, because we would be very confused if both worlds were within our scope. I therefore wonder sometimes, how individuals like yourself (and I say this with the greatest of respect) are privy, in the main, to the spirit world which houses light and dark beings with-held by the Powers that be, to the rest of us human beings.

        In one of your inputs, you mention you are a Gatekeeper. A Gatekeeper protecting the portal for the comings and goings from the physical and spiritual worlds and visa versa?? How did you as a human being get such a responsible and dangerous position, and who allocated this job to you?

        Ama, being a very logical and down to earth individual (I think), I struggle to understand where you are coming from.
        Please enlighten me. :-)

        • Morning Pat,

          Why am I what I am .. God’s will and my will/choice. Perhaps it could be explained that some of us have been on the karma wheel a lot longer than others, and so we have developed a greater awareness of how the energy works, perhaps a deeper spiritual awareness? I know I have been especially trained, and I have done this work in other lifetimes. And ‘danger’ is relative to what you know or don’t know.

          Many people want no concepts of spiritual planes in this existence, but far more of them seem to be taking their blinkers off right now, which is lovely. Some of us seek explanations that make sense to us, even though they are very different from what others believe .. so we end up comparing angels to aliens, which is fascinating but doesn’t always seem logical to either party? It’s good to be able to discuss things, even if we don’t change our personal opinions on the topics.

          I don’t find it confusing to be able to see both heaven and earth, or the rest. It has always been part of my reality, even when I didn’t want it to be. To a person who’s beliefs are firmly grounded in this reality, accepting that other planes and unseen entities exist might be mind-bending, or mind-opening, depending on how we all cope with change. Perhaps that is why logical or sceptical people have extraordinary experiences, to help them open up?

          How did I get the gatekeeper job? Not just one gate, lots of them, but the big one is over the little dam LOL .. and its a pain in the butt at times, makes the orchard very, very spooky – to the point the workers leave fast some afternoons, and don’t want to go back down there, and then some nights … hmmm. I chose it. We have free will, Pat. Each lifetime we choose what we will do within it, the main things, not the minor, and the path we will follow .. and then its up to us to follow it as best we can. We ‘know’ when something is right for us, and also know when we go off course. You can feel in your soul. I am sure you know those feelings too. You seem to hold your beliefs and knowledge very strongly, as do I. And people get allocated dangerous jobs all the time, why is a spiritual one different from say a ‘bomb disposal expert’?

          Ahh yes, logic. The bane of my existence LOL. Yes, I am a very down to earth and logical person and everything I know and do has to make sense to me or I refuse to co-operate, and you can ask my angels about that one! Boy have we had some ‘discussions’! I don’t see anything illogical about have doors through ‘walls’ that ‘separate’ this plane from the others. I think, in that sense, separation is important. The fact that humanity keeps trying to pull the walls down makes no sense to me at all. We have enough doors already .. we need the walls, but they can’t all know that. There is stuff out there you people don’t need to know about. I love the phrase :-) ‘on a need to know basis, you don’t need to know’. LOL

          The universe etc was created by a very organised being who knew what it was doing – and then for fun (hehe I am joking, or maybe not) he/it created us. We get to mess with the plans, but we also get to take it and, maybe, make it better. Some people call the creator ‘God’ .. personally, I don’t think it minds what we call it. And it wants Love because LOVE provides the building blocks of the ‘everything’. But that’s another story.

          So why am I what I am .. because I was created to be this way? And I wouldn’t change it for a minute. Thank you for asking.

          Love & Peace

  4. Hi Ama,

    I’ve decided to ‘limit’ my beliefs on what I believe to be the ever-wrong right answer. lol! I’m talking about the New Testament, specifically. I’m aware of what all is out there, in the way of spirits. I have experienced and dealt with a few types of them, but all on a christian level. And it works for me. I’m finding it impossible to believe in ‘everything’ when my heart tells me there are ‘certain things,’ things that have saved me in every circumstance. I’ve not become close-minded, you see. Just opening up to all the truths in my own God, the one of my choosing, the Father of Jesus. He worked with every kind of spirit and I draw all my inspiration from Him. I really think that concentrating in one area builds a master in that one area, rather than a handyman in most.

    There’s nothing wrong with studying every other sect, cult or
    the place of heaven and hell. I’ve decided that wiccan, mystical, whatever…is not me. I am a son of Jesus’ teaching. I think this is what you meant in your pm to me. I found my spot. :) I found my Truth and it was same as always.

    This is exactly where I have been led during the last 2 days of meditation and prayer. It works for me. I find that all answers are there if I contemplate enough. Yes, I am on my way in this journey, I have no choice…they don’t leave me alone. Word of Jesus keeps’em at bay! :)

    Heaven and Hell? Just where they are supposed to be! Yay! I love me :) HAHA!


    • You know something, Keith, I don’t we are supposed to believe in ‘everything’ and I agree that staying within your limits is a very good idea. I have been learning mine as I’ve been going through this process. I do what I can, when I can, and give the rest back to God. That’s all we can do.

      I agree with you about Mastery, though I still see myself as a Jack of all Trades. LOL I didn’t notice any exams as I went along, just lots of tests. :-) Spirit once told me I am a Journeyman now, but I still feel like a child .. some of the time, and sometimes I feel like a very ancient soul – particularly in the middle of the afternoon. LOL

      Love & Peace

  5. Hi Mike

    To me, hell is part of Heaven … IE Hell: the name of a district in a town called Heaven, or, Hell: the name of a city in a country called Heaven. Hell is just a part of something bigger.

    Do I see them as light or dark? Not physically, no. So, if I refer to a ‘dark’ spirit, I’m referring to its ‘mind-set’ or its nature, not it’s colour. Same with ‘sending a spirit into the light’. Its about sending that spirit to a positive place, not a negative one.

    So I really don’t think it matters if you visualise Heaven as being a physically dark place whilst hell as a physically light place. So long as you see Heaven as a spiritually light, positive place to be, whilst you imagine hell to be a spiritually dark, negative place to be, that is what counts.

    BTW – I find sleeping in the dark much for relaxing than sleeping with the light on. So maybe a physically dark heaven means a place where we can finally chill out, relax and enjoy some peace … unlike hell with its 24/7 noise, flashing lights, debortuary and wild parties. LOL!


    • Hi all,
      Oh I think there will be plenty of wine in heaven for our ‘happiness’ parties with God, angels and Jesus! After all, Jesus is pretty good wine maker ;)

      • Well, so long as the angels don’t get so drunk on Jesus’ special brew that they trip over their wings, we should all be ok! LOL!


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