Is There a Way to Hear Spirits Without a Digital Recorder?

I have done alot of EVPs but usualy get nothing but maybe a knock or a humming sound because I use a phone to record it. Is there another way to hear spirits without a digital recorder?

Asked by Adrian

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  1. I never use that kind of things…. I hear them with my bare ears….

  2. Hi Adrian

    I have been very successful with evp recordings, as I always seem to have an abundance of ghosts in the house. Most of my recordings are targetted to specific people who have died, but I always have random ghosts wanting to make their presence known with a silly remark or 10.

    The “ghost box” is something else that is used, but has never worked for me.

    Of course, there are many links on the web with recorded evp voices to listen to. If you are interested in recording your own, I would suggest you invest in a good digital recorder.

    The web has heaps of information on the types of software required for auditing recordings etc.

    The only other way to hear ghost voices (that I am aware of), is if you are “gifted” with clear hearing (clairaudience). This can be a nuisance, as it isnt always that easy to block out the voices.

  3. There is a great iPhone app. that I have been using called “GhostHunter M2″. It has many features, one of which is a EVP device.

    I learned about it because I recently had to have a paranormal investigation done in my own home, and one of the investigators was using it. It really worked great, so I downloaded it myself… only $.99

  4. Well you could try to just straight out ask the spirit to talk to you. Tell the spirit you will give it a little bit of energy. To do this is imagine a white light shining down from your higher self to your recessive hands palm and the light filling you. Then imagine a little of that light to seep out as a open invitation for the spirit to feed on. If you are 100% sure it is a good spirit give it permission to enter your mind and give you the answers you seek.

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