I Need to Know What I am Dealing With

I got a black magic in me like my mother does and I have been seeing shadows and ghosts but I cant make out the ghosts and I dont know what they want from me, I dont know if they are good or bad. I come in to the room and I felt bad energy and I felt at least seven different shadows in the room where I sleep and wont even let me sleep it is like every time I tried to go to sleep it feels like they are over top of me watching me keep me awake.

They tried to jump in my body but I would not let they because I was afraid that it could be something bad I need some help on this so I know what I am dealing with so I dont have to be scared of they anymore can you please help me?

Asked by Cathy

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  1. Hi Cathy,

    Often it is better not to give any entity around you any of your energy by trying to work out what they are. If they are ordinary ghosts, which they probably are, they have a better place to be – to that end we have the Michael Invocation. You can find it on this page, on the right just over the “Newest Questions” heading. I suggest you read the page a few times to get an understanding of what it will do for you, then say it out loud .. and really mean it. Then, do it again .. only this time change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home”(not the word ‘house’) and that should calm things down for a while.

    And then you can tell me why your mother and you have black magic in you?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist – listed below under Friends).

  2. dear Ama
    a same story happened for one of my friends. her name is Sara. she is a religion believer and she knows many prays and devotions. her cousin who was a 6-year old child was lost. she became so sad. they search everywhere but couldn’t find her. all of the family was disappointed. Sara said i want to ask the ghosts to say to us where the child is. some members of the family were agree but some others were disagree. the disagree members believed that this work is against god laws and has bad final and brings out terrible backwash. anyway Sara was unflinching to do so. she and some close relatives and I gathered in a room in Sara’s house. Sara wrote some words on a paper such as : yes, no, i don’t know, ghost, elf,hello, bye ( a few other words which i cant remember ). she also brought a saucer. she turned off all the lamps and just turned on a candle then reverse the saucer on the paper and put her hand on it.she began to say some abracadabra and wanted any ghost or elf who is present in the convocation to answer us. suddenly the saucer with sara’s hand on it went on hello, written on the paper.then sara asked: are you ghost or elf and the saucer went on elf.the whole story of the event is long i shorten it. sara mentioned the names of different regions around child’s house and asked him whether the child is in that region or not. e.g. she asked: is Sue in Kataba? and the saucer went on no.between these question suddenly the saucer went on yes. when they searched that region, they found the child there. a family had found the child and was caring the child. my purpose of quoting this story is as below:
    after that summon, strange events happened in Sara’s home. for example : when you sleep in some rooms, you see disconsolate and nonsense dreams and even nightmare or you awake several times among your sleep but in other rooms you can sleep peacefully. sometimes some things are lost. sometimes from empty rooms you hear the sounds of falling the objects, motion of objects. i was witness of one of these events: one night we were sitting in the saloon and speaking with each other, suddenly the door of a cupboard in one of the rooms was banged. we rushed to the room , turned on the lamp but no one was there. nothing fallen, nothing collapsed, no sign of any change were seen except the the door of the cupboard which was opened. i was so afraid since i saw the event with my own eyes and it wasn’t quoted . Sara told me that sometimes she hears her mother or sister is calling her, when she goes to them, they say we didn’t call you. she is so regretful and penitent of the summon. she believes that with summon, an elf has came to her home and has stayed there.
    whats your idea? do you have any solution for her? can the situation become more dangerous?

    • Hi Tara,

      I am not sure what cutlture you come from but is Kataba in Gambia? .. I looked it up.

      You guys invited in an entity of some kind, ghost or elf (sprite/mischievious entity), and now it’s in Sara’s house with her and appears not to have left. What you created with the words on paper and a plate, is a primitive ouija board, a spirit talking board, or a doorway into a place where all sorts of entities live, not all of them friendly. It’s not a safe thing to do. I am not saying your ‘elf’ isn’t friendly – it did help you find the girl, and that’s wonderful! .. but it certainly wants everyone’s attention, and it will want more and more as Sara’s family gets used to it being around and stops worrying about its presence. That’s when problems really start.

      To begin with – it doesn’t belong in this realm, and might be seeking a way back to its home. Did you guys say thank you to it after it helped you find Sara’s cousin. Did you ask it to go home again, or tell it to? Do you have a ritual you use to reward the elf for its help and then release it back where it came from? If you do, do it now. I’ve already suggested the Michael Invocation to Cathy, its up on the right over “Newest Questions”, but it will work well in this situation too. Just change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my home’ and get Sarah to say it out loud, and mean it. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t believe in angels, because they believe in us. You might also have a different name for protector spirits in your culture. It works the same way. Make the request to have her house cleared, and let them do it. Then do it for yours as well, to make sure the elf doesn’t simply swap houses.

      Love & Peace

  3. Dear Ama
    thank you for your advice. i certainly will transmit your solution to Sara. well, we aren’t in Gambia. if the name of the region (town) is similar to African words, i have no idea. maybe the municipality based on a reason named it so.
    i cant remember that whether she thanked the elf or not at that summon session. a frightening, strange atmosphere was on that session and i was near to apoplexy. but i am sure after that session, no other session was hold whether to goodby or to ask another question.
    the elf really answered correctly. at that session we had doubt and thought that the saucer moves spuriously but when the girl was found at the region the elf had said and also strange events occurred in sara’s home , make me sure that a creature which differs with humans and his ability is infra human’s exists in sara’s home.
    really you are right. such summon sessions maybe have sectional benefits but bring out unknown results just as like as saras’ home events.its better not to do so.

    • Hi Tara,

      Thank you. :-)

      My first experience with an ouija board the entity gave me the initials of the man I was going to marry, and it was right. The demon that popped out of the board then scared the living daylights out of me, and had the two other 12 year old girls who were with me, running out of the room looking for my mother .. who came in and prayed over me with a bible to get the entity to go away. Sometimes they know things correctly, but mostly its just invention to draw you further into their energy. The ouija, and talking to the dead, can become an obsession. Much better not to go there at all.

      Love & Peace

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