How Can I Get Rid of this Ghost?

Since last year my children and I have been bothered by ghosts in my house. It became apparently bad when my daughter heard it screaming woke me and I heard it too. Her face was drained of color and she had been crying all night.

I had a paranormal TV crew come to my house around Christmas. Ever since then it has gotten worse, it started speaking to me and my kids. It grunts and growls bangs on the floor above us during the day.

My daughters say it walks down the stairs they say it is a dark shadow. I have not told you the worst parts but you get the drift.

It is now attacking me in my sleep. My daughters hear me talk in a mans voice and they say I tremble and choke. I get up and sit and stare into the bathroom and at my youngest daughter. I don’t remember doing this at all.

How do I get rid of it? I do not go to church. But I believe in God and have rebuked it, read scripture aloud and used sage.

Asked by Heather

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  1. Hi Heather

    Quite a pesky little critter, isn’t it?

    My advise would be to go and have a word with your local priest / vicar / pastor or, whatever religious background you came from and ask them about coming round to bless the house.

    In the mean time, try to show no fear (it is feeding on your fear – so starve it!). If you are from a Christian background, say the Lords Prayer just before you go to sleep (sleeping with a Bible under your pillow / beside your bed is effective too) so to protect yourselves against night-time attacks.

    I personally would advise against burning sage (unless trained to smudge effectively) – for some reason this seems to make ‘em mad more than anything else, and insights bad behaviour!

    If you feel it is trying to possess you, say this: The Holy Ghost is with me – your evil will not prevail.


    • Also try putting a protective light shield around your home, at least, until someone from your parish church can come for the blessing. One that I have tried, and that has worked is on a website that’s listed here under “friends” as Victorian Paranormal Connection(Ama Nazra- She comments here frequently, too!) A.J.’s advice is excellent, too! AJ also knows some protective shields, too, at least until you can get your parish pastor out there. It doesn’t matter if you do not frequent the church. AJ is also correct about being scared of it; try your best not to be afraid, because that is what it’s feeding on. My guess is, the paranormal TV crew aggravated it; whatever it is did not like them being there. I wouldn’t bring that sort of thing back into your home. Bring a priest/pastor in who is trained to deal with such things to bless your home. Don’t delay. Keep us posted; we are here for you.

      • Also, why did you let the paranormal TV crew in? just curious? I am not sure they are the best idea, sometimes.. All they want to do is get scientific documentation of paranormal ocurances; they really do not do much to “rid” you of the problem. Just a little curious……

  2. Hi Heather,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I am a metaphysican who works with Archangel Michael to help solve problems like this. During the past 14 years we have created an Invocation/prayer that covers all sorts of haunting problems, including those like yours. You can find the invocation here Please read the information on the page to get a clear understanding of what is being requested, and then say it for yourself and your family. You can also change the third line to read ‘Remove all attachments from MY HOME’, and do it for your house.

    If the problem continues you might like to contact me privately (from here, or from the Michael site) and I’ll arrange to clear your house from here. I’ve been doing this work for as long as we’ve had the invocation, with great success.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. what you described is a female demon no a ghost as I explained in some other post demons bothered from some our actions, and the worst of that actions is igniting fire and bestrewing boiling or very hot water one the grand in nighttime. especially where that demons chose that places for themselves. for example under trees or bathrooms( at night). but I think many readers didn’t attention about that information and warning. Anyhow, my function is to say. The most involving of people by demons in west and east of the world is that they don’t know demons well. and don’t know which actions excited them also how can they get ride of them. and by a simple calculate I suppose the most problem is from baths and showers at night. we go to the bath , open the warm water stopcock at night and pay no attention that may some existence be there which we can’t see them. yes the problem is this. demons hate fire and hot things because those do hurt them ( burn them). if a human hurt a demon or one of his family members ( like his wife or his children ) the demon become so angry and aggressive and will try to avenge and hurt him. I suppose you catch such inconvenience. as I said , probably you have burned one of her kids( in bathroom or kitchen ) and now she is bothered and want to harass you. there is some particular godly prays when one intend go to bath , ignite fire or bestrew boiling water on the ground ( and other actions like these ) that announced demons to go far and be safe. I am not able describe that prays but only can offer you when you or your daughter want go to bathroom for shower ( at night) or see her or hear her sounds again , say :” in the name of my creator ” first of all.

  4. What you are describing (your symptoms) sounds exactly like demonic oppression.

    Like A.J. said, I would go talk to a pastor or priest that is familiar with spiritual warfare.

    Get help. This is only going to get worse.

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