Ghost Haunting Me or Trying to Protect Me?

Hello I’m from Greece. One year ago on November 7th of 2010 my grandfather passed away in his sleep, he was a good man but it all started then.

One night I was with my friends at the living room smoking and suddenly we heard something in the stairs, we hid all of our cigarettes and opened the door only to find the stairs dark and empty… and it happened 10 minutes again and so we were all scared and went to the balcony.

Another mysterious event happened to me while I was playing with my dog Freddy. While playing suddenly he saw something at the window and sat down, when I looked too I saw a human form, I couldn’t realize who it was so I moved a bit left and I recognized it… it was my grandpa just sitting on the sofa… he wasn’t moving. When I went inside the room he wasn’t there, he had visited me.

Last which still happens to me sometimes, I can hear his voice while asleep. I can’t understand what he says but I somehow understand that this is his voice.

I believe he’s still here next to me trying to protect me or something.

Asked by nikaras

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  1. Hi Nikaras,

    My grandmother was a very strong woman who wanted to see her grandchildren before she died, but she didn’t live long enough, so she came back to visit us after we were born, and was a part of my life until I was 29 .. that was 20 years ago. She finally went into heaven after I changed churches to one she thought was more suitable. LOL

    I am glad your grandfather is watching over you. Our family does that when they love us very much. If he ever makes you feel very tired and cold, or sad, he might need help crossing over .. but you would probably know that by now, so he’s probably just visiting.

    Enjoy. Tell him to speak more clearly in your dreams, so that he can get his message across. He might not realise he’s a bit hard to hear right now.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • Hello,

      I have something similar that has been happening lately. My son was born a little more than a year ago and a baby boy balloon (which we got from my parents when we brought him home)would travel around my house, up the stairs, and be right above my son’s bassinet to the point where the string from the balloon would be draped over it. We had a first birthday party for him a month ago, and balloons from his party have been making it up the stairs to his bedroom. We thought it was the heat vents pushing it up but my husband explained to me that it that the air blows the other way and its not really possible. A few days ago, my sister who is a nurse was working at the hospital, and one of the secretaries sat her down. She said she had to tell her that she was feeling a strong, male presence around her, and said he worked with his hands and loved to garden. We knew he was talking about my grandfather who died eleven years ago. It was nice to hear he’s around, but I was upset at the same time wondering why he was still “here” and hadn’t moved on. We’ve had other family members die more recently, and he’s the one that some other family members have felt around us as well. Perhaps it is my grandfather moving the balloons? And do you believe something is keeping him here and that’s why he can’t move on, or is it his choice?

      • Hi Kath, :-)

        I absolutely love the balloon thing, what a lovely way of showing someone cares .. if you can’t buy one, a spirit can borrow one and give your son something to laugh over. How does the little boy react to the spirit in the house?

        Your grandfather might not be ‘still here’, the way my grandmother was. He might just be visiting. Our families in spirit come and go to suit themselves, and visiting little babies .. just like he would have if he was alive .. is not a problem, from my point of view.

        Here’s the test .. is there anywhere in the house that always feels cold and you can’t heat it? When you think of your grandfather do you feel cold or sad, do you constantly remember bad memories of him, rather than good? Do you have dreams of him, or nightmares? Or of any other members of your family that have passed over? As I said before, how does the baby react to the house .. any spots he doesn’t like? Does he talk to invisible people, or seem to, or smile madly at something you can’t see? Is he frightened at all?

        A baby, being still so close to heaven in their energy, is far more aware of the different entities that might inhabit a house. If he’s not having problems, then I don’t think whichever member of your family is visiting, is a problem. But answer the questions for me …

        Love & Peace

        • Thanks for your repsonse Ama. My son seems like a very happy toddler around the house. In fact, our house is where he’s happiest :) (He’s been having some stranger anxiety lately, mostly with doctors,haha). There are times when I’m rocking him at night, and he’ll start pointing and seem like he’s looking at someone in the room. He doesn’t get the least bit scared though, and it seems as if he likes and knows what he’s looking at. We have a video monitor, and a few times I’ve seen “orbs” go pretty fast in front of the crib. At this point, there was no ac or heat on so I wasn’t sure that it could be dust. Also, we’ve had some toys go on by themselves. One night, during a thunderstorm, I was in my kitchen and I continued to hear the toy say “lights on, lights off”. Usually, I don’t worry about it because it was pretty normal for this toy to go on and off by itself, but that phrase kept going over and over. I ran upstairs and left it, but it kept going. I finally got my husband to come downstairs with me and we turned it off together. Its funny, because it’s a toy my aunt gave to my son that her daughter used to play with. She used to have many toys in her house go on and off by themselves, but not this one in particular.

          As far as memories of my grandfather, they are all warm. I was with him a few hours before he died…They were moving him out of ICU because they said he was getting better. He was “rallying” that day. He was sitting up and looking at me:) He couldn’t talk, but he pointed at my cousin’s necklace. She explained that her boyfriend gave it to her. I joked that I didn’t have a boyfriend to buy me anything like that and he looked at me and moved his hand as to say “don’t worry you don’t need a boyfriend anyway”. We had our laugh for the day. When it was time to leave, I walked to the door and something made me want to stay. My cousin kept walking, but it was a feeling I had that I wanted to stay longer. We got a call a few hours later, once they moved him out of ICU that he had passed away.

          My grandfather was a wonderful man and I was very close to him. Yet, he did make his mistakes when he was younger. He was an alcoholic and though my mother loves him very much, she seems to not be able to forgive him for being that way during her childhood. My grandmother loved my grandfather, but never could forgive him. She died five years before him, and he visited her grave everyday. I’ve never seen a man more in love with his wife. When my grandfather was dying, it was as if he was almost arguing with someone in the room that we couldn’t see, pointing his finger at the corner in a reprimanding manner. He started scribbling messages on paper that didn’t quite make sense…Almost like there was something he needed to tell us but couldn’t. I guess this is what upsets me, that he left here unhappy or wasn’t able to get his message across. I haven’t had any dreams about him, but I would like him to come to me and let me know he’s okay. I have had dreams about other family members, telling me they were okay. One was actually there in one of my dreams during pregnancy, where I found out I was having a boy ( and it was right:)… We don’t really have any cold spots in our house either. If someone is here, it is a warm, comforting feeling:) Thanks so much for your reply. It is nice to be able to talk about this, as some family members just laugh when I tell them the balloon story.



          • Hello Kathleen,

            Your grandfather doesn’t sound like a lost soul to me. He might not have been able to communicate what he wanted right near the end, but it was probably something like ‘your grandmother says I have to go now, and I refuse to’. LOL I really wouldn’t worry about it. :-)

            The anxiety with strangers thing .. both my kids did that, although my daughter only did it with certain people, not everyone. There were some she just didn’t like, and she’s a very cluey lady now, at 25, and I still trust her judgment.

            The toy thing sounds fun. Have you tried taking the batteries out and seeing if it still light up .. arent’ I a brat .. its called ‘testing spirits’ LOL. Actually, its not really testing spirits, but I think that it does eliminate the possibility of faulty wiring in the toy. Also, during storms, there’s lots of electrical energy floating around making odd things happen.

            Older people do hold on to grudges, even justifiable ones .. they were not brought up to let go, and being angry at people can also help them feel safer .. in the familiarity of the feeling. Forgiveness has to happen in two ways, and sometimes its simply too hard, not to forgive others, but to forgive ourselves. Luckily, and hopefully, we are all bringing up our kids now to work at doing just that.

            Have you told your grandfather you want to talk to him .. try it and see. I might suggest you write him a note, and put it under your pillow for three nights. He’ll get the message, and come if he can – if you’ll allow him to.

            Love & Peace

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