Does the Moon Bring Out Ghosts?

I would like to know does the moon bring out the ghost in some kind of way?

Asked by darren

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  1. Hi Darren,

    The moonlight has a gentler, more emotional, content to its energy. Since ghosts feed on emotions, its good for them too. So do living people. Think how good we feel when we are happy and at peace.

    In the dark the world is usually quieter (though not in most cities as far as I can tell), and we are often more relaxed. There is less to look at, and so people tend to be more introspective (which means we look at ourselves, and think about things more – which includes worrying, fretting and fearing). In that sort of atmosphere, ghosts get more energy from us – and when the moon is full it affects the tides – not just of the ocean and rivers, but also inside our bodies – because the energy of the moon pulls at the water in our blood and cells – and so people often say they are ‘affected by the moon’. Me being one of them .. I sometimes can’t sleep when the moon is full, or have very vivid dreams, and my mother an daughter are the same. And I know of many other people who are affected the same way.

    Ghosts, being still more people than spirits, are drawn out into the full moon because of all the energy/emotion in the atmosphere, caused by the moon and also created by living people.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hmmm…. Actually, it’s not the moon that bring out ghosts. It’s ghost themselves who attracted with the moon. Full Moon brings out a great energy, and that energy is negative Not negative that means it’s bad, but negatives that’s similar to electicity, it has their negative and positive part. Sun is “positive” and Moon is “negative”. Since ghost have negative energy, it’s normal for them to attracted to another negative energy. To add their power…. That’s their purpose.

  3. I don’t think the moon is negative, but I agree with Ama. Some of the best arguments I’ve had with hubby to be have been under the full moon. Oh, they’ve been absolute corkers LOL. But then some of the best most romantic nights we’ve had has been lying in the garden, under the full moon, having a little midnight picnic, just talking, snuggled up together. Its the emotion that ghosts feed off, and the moon is a great emotioncatcher!

    If it wasn’t for the moon, we’d have tsunami tidal waves all over the world. I’d say having the moon is pretty darn positive!!

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