Can a Ghost Detect Someone Who is a Medium?

I am staying at a reputed haunted 13th century Inn next weekend and am scared that I will be bothered by the reputed ghosts.

I have been sensitive all my life with many ghostly experiences but this is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the UK so am a little scared that they may in someway be attracted to me.

Can a ghost tell if someone is able to sense them?

Asked by Spooky

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  1. I have always wondered the same and beleive that they can. I have been very sensitive since I was a little girl. I walk into a house and i know that something is not quite right. I do beleive they also know I can tell they are there. I do everything I can to avoid that type of situation for that reason so I think you are very brave! Whilst I have a very open mind to what happens to me and also look for other reasons as to why I experience this type of thing, your visit interests me so keep in touch and post any ‘issues’ you experienced. Keep in touch!

  2. Hi Spooky,

    Yes, ghosts can tell when a person can sense them. If you know about white light shields I suggest you use one for the weekend, so that you won’t be particularly bothered. They’ll like you more because you are nervous. It’s good energy for them to feed on. this is the link to my webpage that describes how to create a shield, if you don’t have your own.

    Have fun! The last time I stayed overnight in a ghost house (Monte Cristo, in Junee NSW, Australia) .. I worried about the ghosts, but by the time they came to visit I was too tired to care, and told them both to bug off! LOL

    Love & Peace

  3. Things never come in mind if mind never call those up.sometime we ourselves would like go in a unsafe domain ( because of adventure ) if not , unsafe area never ask us go there.Also If you tell me you have seen a demon I believe in immediately because this group of entities live on the earth and are around us but if you say you have seen a human,s spirit it is not so believable because they are not in this world and god don’t allow every spirit come in here simply. and if a spirit get a permit from god to arrive to this world it would be temporary and that spirit would be returned according to permit time. so none spirits not allowed stay in a place in this world everlastingly. Even I informed some of these kind spirits are not free to come in alone rather one watcher angel (like prison watchman) is along them. Of course they are some good spirit but some sins is seen in their dossier and may god forgive them later because it is not far from God,s mercifully.therefor it is questionable what you have seen be some human,s spirits.

  4. Hi Spooky
    How did your weekend go at the haunted inn? Did you have problems with spirits who could detect that you are a Medium?

  5. No, but a demon sure can.

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