Bedroom Set from Thrift Store Haunted by Something?

I bought a bedroom set older four poster bed styles bed from a thrift shop that is usually donated. Since I have had this bed, the first time back in April of 2011, I cannot seem to breathe. I feel like someone is choking me. I cannot get up.

My husband says I make grunting noises and then nothing. I am not breathing. He can lift me, wake me. I am gone. He and my daughter so scared that it was just me. They called 911. Even with crash paddles to restart me is when I finally came to. They immediately gave me oxygen and brought me to the nearest hospital.

The doctors were baffled because my husband witnessed something like a seizure. But it was not the typical tongue biting seizure. I in my body trapped. I hear everything. However cannot respond in any way shape or form. After 10 days of being in the hospital and ran all test. They could not find anything.

So now it is December 22, 2011 and now again the same thing. I am laying there sleep start making a weird sound and body twisting my husband said. Then out I go not breaking again. No pulse heartbeat. Again he called 911 but this time my daughter claims she witnessed a black figure over my body. Again declared dead. But with paddles and a shock to heart along with oxygen they bring me back. Rush me to the hospital again. Now it happens three more times. But I am in my body and can hear but not respond cannot moved anything. Once again. A lot of testing. ecg, mri. They cannot find a diagnosis or prognosis.

Now I am home and last night while sleep I could not breathe again. There was a pillow on my face. I was struggling trying to get it off but could not. I felt like something was holding my hands down and pushing pillow harder in my face. I am so baffled and scared. Please help.

Asked by maryann

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  1. Hello Mary Ann,

    Have you tried getting rid of the bedroom set? i know the logic may sound crazy, but try it if you haven’t already.

    I’ve heard stories about people buying furniture from thift shops and once brought home, strange things happened. You got to remember these things we’re previously own, and we don’t know what practices the prev owners were in to.

    If you already got rid of the bedroom set, try praying as a family. Pray out loud and be specific in what your praying for.

    If your symptoms continue, you might want to inquire a professional…. ghost hunter.

    Don’t ignore the fact, this might be a health issue either. Many doctors misdiagnosis or miss all together diseases or disorders.

    Try getting a second opinion.

  2. Hi Maryann,

    What is happening to you is not natural, as you know, and should not be allowed to continue. I tend to agree with Dark Knight about getting rid of the bed. Take it into the back yard and burn it. Do not give it away, destroy it completely. Hopefully that will remove the problem before it gets any worse.

    In the meantime, I think you should consider having your family blessed by your local priest, or, at the very least, each of you should say this Invocation/prayer, to remove negative energy from around you. It is called The Michael Invocation and you’ll find it on this webpage on the right at the top, right above the square with the advertising in it. Click on the link, read the page through a few times, to get an understanding of what it is asking, and then each of you say it out loud. If your children are under the age of 13 you can do it for them. If you have any questions there’s an email link on the page to write to me privately.

    Once that is done you’ll be able to separate your physical problems, if they persist, from any paranormal ones, which should help you find the source of the problem. Have you had brain scans?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist – listed below under Friends)

    • This happened when I was a kid. My parents had bought a used bed somewhere and starting that night dad had a nightmare about a woman who came to the door and knocked. When he answered the door she would shriek and then scratch his back with her fingernails. When he woke up there were visible red marks on his back. This went on for a few days and dad got the idea that it was related to the bed. We carried the entire bed and mattresses out back and burned it all. The nightmares never came back. Coincidence? Could be but it aint

      • There’s a haunted bed in Monte Cristo (a haunted house) in New South Wales here in Australia, CT. :-) I refused to sleep in it the night I stayed there. People were supposed to be awakened by the sound of whispering right over them, without being able to hear the words. I didn’t need that. I got woken up twice during the night, by ghosts, but only growled at them and rolled over and went back to sleep. LOL

        Love & Peace

  3. Mary Ann,

    Yes! All the above. Two years ago, an object was left in the garage of the house we moved into. It was one of those things you just want to keep, if that makes sense. So I put the ceramic angel, yes…angel, on on my desk in the studio. Our family began experiencing a haunting, apparitions/things moving/hearing her talk. Only later when we moved out (long story about what angel’s ghost did) I realized it was the angel. Had a spirit of a woman attatched to it. I baptized it in name of Jesus and chucked it in a river (spirits do not like water.
    We waited for a call from new owners about a possible haunting. Non came, thankfully! A spirit can attach itself to just about anything it wants, I’ve read. Good, or bad.
    Oh, don’t chuck your mattress in the river! LOL! Jail’s no fun hehe :)


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