Am I Talking to God?

OK, so I start probably with the statement that I am Christian but kind of my own way (I don’t go to church, I dont feel very good there, and I don’t listen to and don’t believe church) just for clear.

But I believe in God (always had) and heaven and I LOVE God. I’m trying to talk to him every day (most while meditating) and of course I have always responses, but you know I’ve heard a lot of cases here, when evil (demons) are trying to get into your mind and fool you, trick you..) so sometimes I just don’t feel sure about who am I actually talking to…

How could I get to know, please? Every time I ask our God to help me find out this, he says: “Listen to your heart.” But sometimes it’s just very confusing.

So my question is: How can I be sure that I’m really talking to our Lord and plus how can I have closer relationship with Him?

Asked by Ancika

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  1. Hi Ancika

    I always ask the spirit the following question; Do you represent God’s Light?”

    If the spirit answers, “Yes! I represent Gods Light!” or “Yes! I am of Gods Light” then they are. No demon, earthbound spirit or daemon can respond to that question in full.

    Always test the spirits – 1 John 4:1-6


    • Another great question Ancika,

      I agree with AJ .. but I say ‘do you come in the name of Jesus Christ’. They have to answer ‘I come in the name of Jesus Christ’ (saying his name) and then I ask the guide, or angel (because the angels say the same thing to me) what their name is .. I don’t speak to any ‘guides’ that won’t tell me their name and nature (which angel they are, or who the spirit guide (human being) works with (like Mother Mary).

      There are lots of beings out there who want to be helpful, but really should be in healing.

      Love & Peace

  2. The Bible is God’s word. I would suggest spending time reading the Bible if you with to deepen your relationship with Him. A. J. is right about testing the spirits. The Bible says that every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God. If they say anything contrary to that, then they are not of God.

    Hope this helps!


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