Am I Having Contact with Spirits?

Hi just need a bit of assistance I dont know whether im going mad or having contact with spirits, its hard to talk about because people might think im crazy.

Ive been having sleep paralysis since I was 12 waking up without being able to move except for my eyes, I could feel it coming on before with slight pulses of air up the back of my neck then woomp have the feeling like they say someone has just walked over my grave, that feeling is constant for around 5 minutes, it always feels like something is trying to suffocate me. when I first had it there were always a gremlin looking woman in horrible horrible looking laughing at me I try and fight her but to no avail she seemed to enjoy scaring me.

I had the past 2 years without a thing happening, then the past 2 months ive been having it again but I looked up a few things on the internet about it and tryed jesus please help me and it has worked, I still have the feelings at night and feel something is in the room watching me but no sight of that nasty woman, its actualy starting to feel relaxing and sometimes like I can see myself led in bed! But recently as im going to sleep im hearing voices men women and different languages!

Now my mum used to be well into spiritulists when I was a youngster and said that I used to see things when I was a kid. Im going to be a father in 6 weeks should I be worried?

Asked by mark

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  1. Hi Mark,

    No you are not going mad, there are ghosts out there and they do haunt people from time to time.

    If you look under Questions&Answers (the link is at the top of this page) you’ll see a couple where we discuss sleep paraysis and what it can be. Sometimes it is caused because your mind wakes up before your body does, just after your spirit has returned to it after astral travelling, and your psychic senses are still very strong, so you can hear and see all kinds of things; and sometimes there are unpleasant entities in the room trying to get your attention, like your lady, but if they don’t get what they want from you they often more on to more suseptible people – so you might never see her again.

    When your baby arrives you’ll be too busy, and too tired, to worry much about ghosts or spirits. Believe me, babies are a lot of work. :-)

    In the meantime, congratulations to you and your lady and I am sure everything will go well for you. One thing I do recommend though, being a woman, buy a present for your lady. She’s about to go through a lot of hard work to present you with your child. Babies tend to get ALL the presents. LOL

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed down below under Friends)

  2. Hi Marc, I believe Psycologist call these hag dreams. But as you know, the name of Jesus get rid of this paralysis. Believers no that this is condidered a demonic attack.

    The legal ground given in your situation that invited these episodes into your life, is because of your mothers dabbling in spiritualism. When children’s parents play with this type of thing, then the children, start getting situations such as yours including visits from evil or scary looking faces during the night.

    Sometimes one can have this type of encounter without participating in any type of spiritualism, but rather lets say having some type of participation in a sinful evil act, or even for no other reason than just having a demonic attack.

    You will not have any more of these attacks if you renounce your ancestral, including mother and or fathers participation in occultic or spiritualism type dealings.

    There are actually online specific prayers, that say what to do to break all family line curses. You don’t want your child to go through this, and I am sure you do not want to continue to go through this. So make sure you confess your sin outloud to the Lord, you can do this in your home. Tell the Lord that you want to ask Him to forgive you and your ancestors including your mom for her participation in this activity that you now know it is considered sinful, and do not want to reap the fallout of this sin.

    Also consecrate your new child that’s coming to the Lord. And make sure you seek salvation from Jesus through John 3:16.

    The more you call upon the name of Jesus, the spirit will not want to continue to bother you, as the name of Jesus inflicts pain on them.

  3. Sorry about my misspellings! Just noticed them after re-reading!

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