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The Haunted Old Pilgrim Portrait

My friend told me this story about how about 70 years this lady owned a really strange portrait that was supposedly possessed by the lady painted in it. The story sounds like on cartoons when they walk through the creepy haunted house and the portraits look at you as you walk along. Here’s how it goes.

Around 1940 an old lady named Francis owned a 18th century portrait of a wealthy lady in a black dress. She had bought from a man in Kentucky who was strangely eager to sell it for a cheap price.

The first day she had it in her house she heard a woman moaning at night coming from the living room where it was hung. When she went to investigate nothing weird was going on so she went back to sleep.

The second day she was playing the piano in the living room and heard an operatic voice singing along she immediately stopped playing and …

March 24th, 2010 by Caretaker