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Midnight Banshee

This wasn’t my experience but my great grandmas. It happened last summer.

We all were getting ready for bed, it was 11:30 pm and we went to bed at 12:00 am. I was sound asleep but 30 minutes later meme heard a blood curdling scream and she also said she saw a figure.

The next day she told us all at breakfast and she told us all. My mom my aunt and my granma didn’t believe her but I did. I was scared yet interested so I typed in creatures that scream and I saw a creature called a banshee or washer women. I don’t know why and it says that they come along when someone in the family is dying but I didn’t know if anyone in the family was dying.

At 1:00 pm my meme was crying and she said that her cousin or something was dying. I was shocked but I didn’t feel like telling her about …

September 27th, 2011 by Caretaker 
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