Was this a Visit from an Angel?

So I had ghost/demon experiences back when I was 3 years old, before being baptized (catholic). My mom had a lady “cure” me and its been fine ever since, now I am 20 and last night for the first time I had a visit.

I was sleeping and was dreaming. Felt something really heavy on top of me, I woke up. And yes I was awake. There was something holding me down (pressing) and sniffing my chest and face. I closed my eyes and prayed in my head asking god to make it go away. Then it continued on stretching my cheeks.

The whole time this was going on there was a loud noise. Like the sound of a train (vibrations). I then opened my eyes and everything vanished? Mom says it was a visit from an angel. Could this be so?

Asked by Emilse

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  1. Hi Emilse,

    Angels don’t sniff. They don’t need to. Whatever visited you last night, it wasn’t an angel. There are lost souls (ghosts) and elemental beings who will act oddly at times, but mostly they mean no harm.

    When we sleep our spirit is capable of astral travelling, leaving our bodies and going into the spiritual planes for various good reasons, like going to school or having discussions with our guides and angels, or going to places we want to visit. I once went to China this way. I live in Australia.

    On our spirit’s return there is a physiological reaction that doctor’s call sleep paralysis. People experience this just on waking when they think they are being held down and something paranormal is in the room with them .. that happens because their minds wake up before their bodies do, but not always .. in your case, because of the noise, I think this might be what happened to you. The noise is the sound of the void, between heaven and earth .. and your senses were still ‘aware’ enough to hear it, so your returning spirit was not completely in your body yet, which made it feel difficult to move. That something checked you out while you were in this in-between state is not unusual, we just aren’t usually aware of them.

    In your case, unless it happens again, I would not worry about it. There are odd events happening for a lot of people these days, mostly the beings are just curious about humanity. Write down as much of the experience as you can while you remember. The unusual is not always harmful.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. No angels do not act that way.

  3. I suspect your mum said it was an angel because she didn’t want to frighten you. I think yours was a very unpleasant experience and more down-to-earth creature-like and I can’t associate such behaviour with an angelic being – how could it be?

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