Thing With a Black Hat and Red Eyes

I’ve been seeing this big tall person, I think it was a person, wearing a long black cloth black hat and red eyes. I’m just wanting someone to tell me what it is and if it would hurt me.

Asked by Judie Ann Clark

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  1. My had a uncle that has seen this when he was a young boy, But i will tell you this , he was very rebelious, and on one day that the he was at his most, he seen this thing waiting for him by a dumpster as he was taking out the trash. my grangmother always said that it was satan. wanting to take a rebellious soul. Would it hurt you ? I dont know. PRAY, and show it know fear, I will Pray for you, for this thing to keave you alone.

  2. Hi Judie,

    I’m Ama, I help people with spooky problems. Can you answer some questions for me -

    Where and when have you been seeing it? What was happening when you saw it? How does it make you feel?

    Love & Peace

  3. Don’t just a book by it’s cover, just because it is scary, doesn’t mean it’s evil…. But, you should not let your guard down, too. Hmm…. Praying is a simple yet good solution for now…. Oh, I want to ask, is that thing stalking you eveywhere and everytime you go?

  4. Sounds like a demon. Yes it could hurt you.

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    Sounds like a guy in a black hat with red eyes. Don’t know if its a demon. Until we find out what its actually done to Judie, its way too soon to judge ‘what’ it is.

    I agree, demons can hurt you .. but until otherwise advised, its better not to alarm people for no reason.

    Love & Peace
    Ama (demonologist)

  6. In “There’s Something under the Bed” by Ursula Bielski, she says these Shadow People with red eyes are called “Negs” or negative entites. They are demonic. It suggests that water is a a powerful force to keep them at bay, especially for children whom Negs are attracted to: “A pass through the shower or even stepping over the garden hose while its running can temporarily end the connection.”

  7. I agree sound like a demon. Start praying.

  8. It’s weird how I hear the same thing on shows and on here how demons or regular ghosts look. There is always something with red eyes or it’s a shadow person. I’m a beginner on ghosts but this sounds like a pattern to me. Or is it just the way they look to people?

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