Is There Really Anything to Ouija Boards?

I have tried using a Ouija board several different times and with different groups of people over the years.

I have never seen anything that made me think the Ouija Board was real or that there was anything paranormal or evil whatsoever about them. So is there really anything true to all these Ouija Board stories and stuff? If so then why havent I ever been able to see anything? (I mean the planchette never even moved)

Personally I believe the Ouija Board is nothing at all except for cardboard and paper.

Sent in by Hannah

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  1. I agree that a Ouija Board is only cardboard and paper but that isnt really the point. A tool can be made of many different materials – including paper and cardboard. A Ouija board could lay there for years and never harm or annoy a soul, just as a gun or a sword or even a bomb may do.

    Things like Ouija Boards are sometimes referred to as portals. Well, that really isnt a good description. A portal sounds like a doorway or a big open window where unearthly things can traverse back and forth. But the general idea is correct but generally looked at from the wrong angle.

    A Ouija board can become a bridge, not a portal. Tools like the Ouija create a bridge between you and whatever those “things” are; call them ghosts, demons, spirits, familiars……

  2. Its just a kids game people. How can any adults actually take this serious?

  3. I believe that there is some thing to it maybe nothing will happen at the moment of use but it might later. For one thing you have to believe in it i think but then again I have heard of people just playing with it like a normal game and not believing in it at all and bad things happen I also think that it depends some times on who gets a hold of it as well but I this is really a hard question for me for I have never messed with on to afraid of them.

  4. Maybe you are just lucky. I have yet to actually meet someone that has had an experience with a ouija board and it not be bad. I will say however that maybe you just aren’t sensitive. That happens sometimes.

  5. I do believe Ouja boards are dangerous, don’t play with them, even if you don’t beleive it, what if something serious does happen, and you bring up a ill-intenioned spirit?

  6. Is there a way to play it safely? Like without getting involved with a demon?

  7. @Eru, that’s like asking is there a safe way to drive drunk. You may not wreck, you may not have anything at all happen to you, but there is a very strong possibility. You have zero way of knowing for a 100% fact who or what you are communicating with, so my advice is not to risk it.

  8. Hi Hannah, and Eru .. and everyone,

    Stay away from Ouija boards. I could put it far more bluntly but we are not allowed to swear here. I am one of the folks who met a demon through the board. Believe me, it was not fun, funny, or anything nice at all. I was 12 years old and terrified out of my mind, paralysed and in deep trouble. I was rescued by my mother’s faith. She prayed over me with our family bible, but it could have been far worse. It wasn’t just that I recognised the demon, it also Knew Me .. and I will never forget that. That experience of the dark is one of the multitudes I have had since I was 2 years old and I am now nearly 49. The second experience was a brief encounter. I was 17, in a brand new building, on the 2nd floor of my high school. Two girls wanted to play with the board, and I thought I’d give it a go .. I opened the door of the room where the ouija (and the girls) were, in the middle of the room, and the planchete (triangle with a clear circle in the middle to put your fingers on) picked itself up and Hurled itself away from me. I had not even entered the room. I closed the door again and walked away .. quickly overtaken by the two girls who had been in the room.

    Yes, the ouija is made from paper turned into cardboard and there are letters and numbers etc printed on it. That’s not a problem. It’s just a bit of cardboard .. yeah right. Do you know what INTENTION means? One of the questions I just answered on this site was ‘is magic real’ .. the power of INTENTION is an incredibly force (or magic if you like). The people who create the boards create them to be a doorway through which living humans can talk to dead ones .. and other entities. They are not specific in whom they want the board to communicate with so its open to anyone, or thing, that wants to talk through it. That’s the problem. You see, spirits (the good guys) generally don’t bother, because they can talk to us in our dreams and when we are astral travelling (which we all do BTW), but ghosts .. they feed off our fear and anger, and demons … are a whole worse problem. The board itself connects to the Void where most of these lost/nasty entities hang out. Living folk are not supposed to go there, and go we do when we open ourselves, through that little bit of cardboard, to ‘talk to the dead’.

    Yes, some people have never had a problem, but if you check on the internet the horror stories far outway the ‘we had fun’ ones. Pay attention people, please, the board is like playing russian roulette. That’s where you place one bullet in an old fashioned gun, spin the chamber, and put it against your head and pull the trigger. You have one change in six of killing yourself. Who wants to take that chance?

    Also .. a lot of the work I do as a Spirit Rescuer (ghostbuster) and Demonologist is because someone played with one of those boards, and no matter how hard they tried they could not get rid of the entities afterwards….

    So please .. burn the boards. That is the only way you can actually destroy it. There are also plenty of stories of people throwing them away, and of them coming straight back into the house, or the house of one of the other users, all by itself.

    Love & Light

    • Wow I find this funny and ironic since a good amount of the horror stories are of people burning their Ouija boards and it causing a permanent connection for the bad spirit to torment that area.

      • Hi Paradox,

        The problem is the link is already made to a person, or place, and burning the board doesn’t close that door.

        Love & Peace

  9. Ouija Board, for me it’s just a tool to communicate or even invite the entities like spirits, ghosts, demon, etc.
    @Eru, Ama and Teresa: Yes, Ama is right. If you can, stay away from Ouija Board. In this world, there is nothing that can absolutely protect you from creatures like demons except The Deity himself. But, if you still want to play it, be sure you have someone who you can rely on, if the situation is going wrong. Maybe an experienced spiritualist or guardian angel, and DON’T you EVER play it in your own house. Why? Because if you are, by an accident, calls a demon or any evil spirits who don”t want to go back to where they are come from, they will haunt the place at where you play Ouija and start making troubles to anyone who lives at that place. Trust me, you don’t want it happened.
    I will tell you this, once you invite the entities to be with you, you will never be able to get rid of them. Because, your invitation will becomes like a pact with them, a pact that stronger than any vow a human can make, that enables them to possess you forever at the times you invite them. You don’t want to be followed until your death, right?

  10. Some people may think a Quija board is just for fun,others believe we can control the spirits but let me explain something,when I was a psychic and I had a spirit that was like a mentor to me the more powerful I became.Well one day I saw just getting ready to encounter what ever spirit was around the board and it was moving before I had a cxhance to really make contact because of the spirits that were already manifesting.Well with in minutes a friend of mine heard it very clearly to go kill some one,another person was told to rape and harm some one.See how can we really think that we can control the spirtual relm,I have seen wizards,psychics,mediums,witches and Satanist all say the same thing,it got to intense so I need help being set free from all this.See the demonic world will take you in and its not a jokeing matter.To make a sad but true statement some psycoligest and therapist believe it could be well over 75% of people in psychiatric wards or insane asylums went to far as in opening them selves to much to the paranormal world.I was in 7 psychiatric wards and 6 rehabs 24 years ago when I was heavy in to black magic and useing psychic powers.Now my minestry is going all over talking and helping people realize this is very dangerous opening your self to the spirtual world.I am no expert but I will say this,24 years ago it was really being considerd about putting me in to insane asylum.Today I run my company and I have won countless sales awards working for other companies.Plus I am an author so please dont open a door way for spirits.

  11. Hi Tim,

    I’ll break this to you gently, but .. every single living person on this planet is psychic in some way or other. You can deny it, never use it again, pretend it doesn’t exist .. but if you trust God and your intuition (gut feelings) about things .. you are using your God given gift of being psychic.

    Love & Light

  12. as a kid i had 2 odd happenings with a ouija the exact same thing happened to me/friend on both occasions the flame of the candle we were using for light jumped up high then out/back on this was enough for me/friend to scarper both falling downstairs on both occasions do i believe absolutely not wind caught the flame being dark it obviously looks larger and the falling downstairs was just us tangling up 2gevver albeit we got the same name on both occasions nothing exotic like zozo the bakward wizard but plain old mary fairbrother/ go figger

  13. Not to burst your bubble Ama Nazra…………but I thought you took some bible college?A psychic is a person being used as a pawn for satan because the person doesnt realize they were called by God to be a prophet a voice for the spirit of God.This is just basic knowledge that even catholics teach.So what your saying cant be backed up even 1%.See heres the problem if your claiming you have bible knoledge be accurate other wise just voice your opinen like every one else but dont try to claim something at all.See I am sure you have hear of ORAL ROBERTS UNIVERSITY,well not one thing you post claiming is of the bible I have found to be accurate so what bible college did you attend?Now I am not trying to correct you because luthers,catholics,presbterians,spirit filled christians,charsmatics,all have a differance of a opinen but they all agree that Jesus Christ is the only way.But to say every one is a psychic would be like saying every one is an apostle,or a preacher or a missionary see God didnt make us roboters God made everyt one differnt in life.Quija boards are very dangerous but let point something out many words wont lead a person to truth many will find it in a small amount.

    • Hi Tim

      You just did try to correct me, and you made me smile. Thank you. :-)

      Everyone is psychic to varying degrees, but I don’t think they are all supposed to be prophets. As you said, it is a gift from God, so it should not be something that people fear or turn away from. Some people call it intuition, and some see it as their ‘gut reaction’. It’s a protective gift, actually, to keep us safe in times of danger, it usually works against natural enemies, not just paranormal ones, and we all would be in a lot more trouble without it. That’s why I recommend people pay attention to their ‘instinct to be safe’.

      Personally, I don’t think that God requires that many prophets, we have enough confusion to untangle all by ourselves (after all we created it) – rather than going from one prophet to another to see if they all have the same message – but wouldn’t that be wonderful if they did!

      And no, most psychics are not being used by Satan – though some people might choose to go that way. Try meeting the multitude who are not with an open mind, whether they are dressed in new age clothing, or some other clothes you think are unsuitable – look past the appearance and check out their hearts! Ask God to help and you will surprise yourself.

      My training was encouraged by St Mark’s Anglican College, Canberra ACT Australia – affiliated with Charles Sturt Unversity. Yes, I have heard of Oral Roberts University, but mine wasn’t a Bible ‘college’ – it teaches a university degree, and although it was Anglican, the teachers were not practising ministers with their own axes to grind, though they were very much God people. And they didn’t teach ‘the Bible is the unerring Word of God’, they taught us the bible was created by man over the millenia and that there was no room for fundamental beliefs in the course .. and since I haven’t actually quoted the bible here .. I don’t see a problem.

      And then, Tim, didn’t Jesus call everyone to worship God, whether they choose to do so or not? So everyone who believes is a teacher, apostle (which means messanger), and missionary in the right circumstances, we all play different roles for each other – just as you are trying to be a teacher for me today. Have you never been called in your heart to give a message to someone that they are truly loved by God? Who do you think is talking to you, when the message is about LOVE? And how do you ‘hear’ it .. in your heart?

      I am sorry you don’t agree with what I write, but you are welcome to your opinion. I KNOW who I work for, and with .. and I am at peace with God.

      Love & Peace

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