Does My Son Have a Demon Inside Him?

I am a mother of a six year old who had ADHD. He also complains of hearing voices in his head that tell him to do bad things. He says they are all different colors but the red one is the worst because he comes and plugs himself into his brain and has a big suitcase and tells my son to kill people and opens his suitcase and there’s all kinds of weapons.

My son has tried to kill his 18 month old brother before and I have heard him at night talking to someone and he has nightmares about the demons.

Is this truly demons and if it is how do I stop this before my son hurts himself or someone else?

Asked by Kathleen

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  1. There is a woman on this site named Ama Nazra who is a Spirit medium/ Demonologist. She is under the friends section as Victorian Paranormal Connection. Contact her as soon as possible. This sounds to me like a Demon, but Ama is the real expert. She may even respond to you, but in the mean time, here is her link: She is very timely in her responses. Contact her as soon as you can!

  2. You know what? I have a nefew that has adhd and he has the same experiences as your son, He is only 13 and he too has been told to do such things, once he was over at my house. and I have this statue and he claimed that this thing was talking to him , he sat there and asked it questions and would answer back to it, I told his mom and she told me that he has been doing this for a while now and she has told him to tell it to leave him alone, but it get aggressive, he too tried to kill his younger brother, and too this demon wants him to kill some kids at school, I do think it is a demon , his mother said that she thinks it could be the medication, but i really doubt it. but i dont know , but i tell you one thing ,it freaks me out.

  3. Moya,
    Your nephew’s mother may be right in some ways about the medication; If it is Ridalin, all that is is speed. In a child who trully has ADHD it slows down their thought process and helps them function normally. However, if the child does not have ADHD it can cause hypersensitivity in the child and possible halucinations. Stratera can cause suicidal tendancies in kids of that age group(13 and older) @ Kathleen: I suggested talking to Ama because I can not be sure if it is the medication or a demon, but I feel Ama would know.

  4. Also, your child may need to go back to his Psychologist/ psychiatrist for a re evaluation of his condition. You need to be SURE that he has ADHD and that he wasn’t misdiagnosed, and further, be sure he is on the right medication. Good luck, as the intent to harm another is very serious, and with him being only 6, you need to address this right away!!!

  5. LOL Thank you LunaTerra

    Good morning Kathleen, being in australia, I’m asleep when the rest of the world seems to be awake …

    Let’s start by eliminating the logical possibilities. Has your son been assessed for schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses, by a psychiatrist? That’s my first thought, rather than a demon. That being said, there are many children now who can see and hear ghosts, and other entites, and those with ADHD, who ‘live’ at a higher vibration find it easiest of all. That he reacted by trying to hurt his brother is a real worry. I am very glad he’s talking to you about it now.

    Are you members of your local church – or do you have one around you that has a deliverance ministry? It would be good for your son if they would pray for him .. perhaps not ‘over’ him in person because he’s so young, and it can be a bit strange, but prayer works just as well at a distance, and you could have them pray over you and your whole family, with special emphasis on him.

    In the meantime, the house shields and personal shields on my site:

    only take a little imagination, and they work very well. It might calm the whole situation down while you look for local assistance.

    If you can’t find what you want then write to me privately .. at the link Luna has given you and we’ll see what we can do from here. That link leads to my biography ..

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  6. Here is a sure test to find out if it is actually demonic or not. It is not only a test but could be the beginning of a whole new life for you and your son. Please stay as far away from spiritist and mediums, I am not bashing them here there is just too much risk in their involment at this point. Now for the test. There are 2 things that you can do. I am not sure if you have any religious affiliation but this will work for anyone who really needs and wants to end this torment. When your son goes to bed and before he is asleep lay your hand on his head and say to yourself or very quietly where he cannot understand what you are saying, then say “foul spirit Jesus rebuke you” and say it a few times noting any reaction from him. The other part of this is to pray fervently for his deliverance to God in Jesus name. If you are not a Christian still pray like this: Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me of my sins and I pray that any evil spirit connected in any way to my some my home or my family be cast out now in Jesus name. Thank you Lord, Amen. Pepeat this prayer as often as possible. Get a Bible and place it under his pillow or open it to the Gospels on his night stand. Continue to quietly lay your hand on his head when going to sleep or while asleep and say “Jeus rebuke you”.

    If you do this I am expecting some great results in Jesus name. Please do this and let us know. You may be able to help many others in the same situation.

  7. Hello again,

    The other thought, specific to your question .. is to listen closely to what the young man says, and how he says it.

    He’s not possessed. If he was he would not be saying: “but the red one is the worst because he comes and plugs himself into his brain” . which means its an outside entity interfering with him, not an inside one .. unless he’s schzophrenic.

    Love & Peace

  8. This is hard for me to say….as I don’t like the way it sounds but, your sons symptoms could also be the beginning stages of schizophrenia. I implore you to have him evaluated by a behavorial specialist. While it may not be the case, it’s not something you want to play around with. Please consider the medical aspect first, and cross that off the list before you consider anything paranormal. Please understand, I am not discounting what you are saying, I’m merely concerned that he may have a condition that could prove very very dangerous if not taken care of.

  9. Hi Kathleen

    I’m so sorry to hear about all the problems with your son. My heart goes out to you.

    At this juncture, your son’s behaviour could either be medical or spiritual. So, best to cover all areas …

    Please do double check side effects for any medication with your doctor. it never hurts to asks and it may resolve the problem.

    On the spiritual side – Are you religious (even if not practising)? If you are, my advice would be to arrange to speak with a religious elder in the first instance – your local Priest, Pastor or whatever religious background you come from. Even if you do not have any religious beliefs, it won’t hurt to discuss your son’s problems with someone of the Church, synagogue etc. There are people trained there, who will be able to advise and help, if indeed it transpires that your son is plagued by demons.

    Because of your son’s age, I would advise against suggesting lengthy DIY protection rites, burning incense or using amulets etc at this stage. After all, its not certain what is causing the problem at the moment. However, I would suggest you try to instill in your son the importance of not listening to, convercing with, or acting upon the instructions of the “bad people” and, whenever they come to him, he must have the courage to tell them to leave his presence. If you believe in God, then tell your son to command them to leave in the name of God. If you don’t believe in God, just command them to leave.

    In any event, if your son is so scared that he does not have the courage to tell them to leave by himself, then you must be there with him, also commanding them to leave – regardless of whether or not the voices are demons.

    All the best to you and your son


  10. don’t allow him to be alone , try busy him by various joyful hobbies or other along by drugging , drag him toward sport activities particular boxing or karate or riding ( only for hobby) and get help of yuga to change his mind that be able controlling his imagines you can find some adept that import him into this ways if you attempt seriously you will see its result soon.

  11. I am a Heath care worker (senior rn at a mental institution in Australia called the park) I suggest that you have your son, looked at by a professional because a lot of the time schizphrenia ( the auditory (hearing of voices), dellusions of reference ( being told to kill people). A significant amount of the time due to it’s rarity schizophrenia in young children is diagnosed as ADHD. For your sons well being I suggest he has a thorough check up regarding these recent events.

  12. Wow! A medical profession giving clarification! Thank you!!! And there is NO sarcasm in that comment because I am a medical professional as well! ;) I don’t know as much as you about schitzophrenia, but I do know enough that it is possible that this poor boy has been misdiagnosed and on medication that could possibly be worsening his condition or at best, not helping him at all. Please speak with your child’s psychologist, or maybe even seek out a Neuropsychologist for a re evaluation. This proffessional focuses specifically with the neurological aspects of your child’s condition and can better pin point what is going on. Kathleen, please, take the medical route first, if you don’t get anywhere with that, then a spiritual route maybe the way to go, but I think several people here are recomending the medical aspect first, and I think that is the advice you need to follow! Good luck!

  13. Please if he has never been exposed to a medium or psychic do not do it now. He has absolutely no say over it if you do and you have no idea what yo0u would be getting him into if you. Taking your son to a medium or spiritist is not like taking him to church or to the doctor. You have no idea who this medium is getting her information from and guess what she cannot prove to you who she grts her information from, it ain’t God my friend. I would never want to grow up and find out that my mother took me to something like this and put me at that must risk not knowing anything about it. I do not want to start an argument only to help this parent and child but this advice is highly irresponsible and not normal. If you want to know about something you go to the medium not take your child. You could bind up his free will and that is not something I would want my son to know when he gets older. There is know risk to taking my advice to test the spirit even if it is a spirit. It is a fool proof test that demonic spirits cannot cheat on. At least you would know if he needs deliverance or just further theropy.

  14. JK,
    I think you are discrediting the fact that most of the people’s main advice here is to get this poor boy evaluated by his primary psychiatrist. An MD! Everyone has their own beliefs here, but it’s seems to be a general consensus that the boy needs medical treatment first. Stop calling psychics a bunch of quack jobs! What exactly would you call a prophet?! Those people predicted the future, but no one is saying something bad about them! If I read correctly, Ama did suggest, that if no medical explanation was found, for this poor mother to take her child to a minister of her local church. I agree with her that an expert of that field, be it a medium, or a minister or priest should be the ones to deal with it,and not for her to take matters into her own hands, if it is in fact spiritual, but first, the medical must be ruled out.

  15. Hmm… dear LunaTerra, you are such a sweetheart! You know the old saying ‘sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me’ .. well, this quack job has been called worse, and by people who should have known better .. since some of them tried to come ‘up the back stairs’ for help in later years. BTW I love ducks! LOL

    On a more serious note, I also agree with the worry JK has expressed. The boy needs help, and not from some new age frootloop .. and believe me, there are plenty of them. I used to have a healing centre before I moved State, and many people offered me their ‘services’ over the years, and got quietly bundled back down the stairs. Just because you believe in angels, or ascended masters, and they talk to you, or ‘spirits’ do, doesn’t mean you should be a healer. To be a healer, first you must begin with yourself. And ‘we’ are still working on ‘me’. LOL

    And JK, ‘normal’ is in the eye of the beholder. To me, people like me are normal .. and those who close their eyes to the greater wonder of God’s world, skeptics and fundamentalits .. they miss out on so much! But that’s just my opinion.

    Love & Peace

  16. Yes Ama,
    I do agree that there are some people out there who “call” themselves psychic but are just oportunists in disguise. I think, upon listening to many valid opinions here, I believe the medical route is the way to go and to rule out every possible area of that aspect first. I have a son who was diagnosed with ADHD. The medication never helped him. Ridalin made him hypersensitive; Stratera made him suicidal. I do not believe he had ADHD at all. I still am not exactly sure what his condition is, but I believe it to be more on the lines of autism. A mild fully functional form. I believe, in this day and age, too many children are labeled with the diagnosis of ADHD who don’t really have it. I feel like it is a way for overburdened teachers to “control” the problem child. The only thing I can say to any parent is to dig deeper, don’t accept the diagnosis of ADHD on first attempt. especially from someone who is only a primary care physician, and not a psychiatrist or neuropsychologist. You want him or her examined by a specialist before you start doping you kid up on meds. You want to make sure the medication is the right thing for him, because, in some cases, it can have serious consequenses if it isn’t.

  17. Ah Ritalin .. when it works it works wonderfully well, I have seen that myself with a young boy I used to ‘mind’. He went from an overactive steamkettle (he would start to scream this high-pitched noise when he got over-stressed) .. and he was 9 years old at the time .. to a calm happy young man who was extremely intelligent. The difference was tremendous.

    I agree that there are too many diagnoses of ADHD, and Autism seems to be on the rise as well, add Depression, Bi-Polar disorder .. and 3/4 of the popular can now be seen as legally insane. That is a real worry.

    Love & Peace

    • I know people with autism that are not legally insane. I just had to get that out. I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure it is just a misunderstanding across the net issue, but I would like to make sure it’s clarified.

      On this topic. My grade school teacher thought I needed to be put on speed to calm down and pay attention in class. Needless to say Ritalin was no help to me either. It just made me lots MORE hyper and prone to babble lots of nonsense. Some of it, thinking back was quite creepy. I’m glad that didn’t last very long.

      That said I wonder how the OP’s child is doing? Better I hope? Any updates?

      • Hi JI

        My answer should have read 3/4 of the population can be seen as legally insane, although they are not. I wasn’t thinking any autistic people are insane, to me they exist on a whole different plane to the rest of us. I used to drive an autistic young man back and forth from high school when I had the taxi .. I would track his energy each time I saw him .. and talk to his mother at the end of the day, when I drove him. He could communicate but it was in totally different ways to the way we are used to.

        I know Ritalin doesn’t work for everyone, but for those it does help .. its wonderful! I wish we could find better drugs .. but truthfully .. I wish everyone understood energy better, so our ‘hyper’ children could be raised in a way that they knew they are ‘normal’ and ‘we’ are slow. Given the right stimulous, and at higher speeds, they thrive. But the schools are not geared to the new generations, only to the old.

        No, no updates. I would like to know too.

        Love & Peace

  18. Your sons way of thinking is incredibly creative, yet is bringing him great distress. I think he may be gifted due to his creative way of thinking, I hope he finds peace, and that his creative way of thinking is put into a positive way of creative thinking, so that he finds positive success

  19. Don’t be too hard on JK – he’s obviously genuinely concerned about this child’s welfare, as I’m sure we all are. His concern about mediums and spiritualists isn’t unfounded and is well-documented. While there are many that have a genuine gift of insight or vision into the spirit domain, there are an equal number whose “gifts” originate from the demonic. The problem is that it is practically impossible for the layperson to tell the difference. JK may be concerned that this young man will be exposed to the wrong person and end up much worse than when he started. I can offer this – a person does not have to be possessed by a demon or evil entity in order to be influenced or coerced by them. Demons have the capability to plant thoughts, false memories or emotions within human beings without actually possessing them. In fact, cases of actual possession are extremely rare – more often than not, there is a medical cause, or it is a case of demonic attachment/influence, but not possession. You can’t ever go wrong discussing this with a priest or deliverance minister – at least you can be pretty sure of what you’re getting into if you stick with established religion.

  20. I am not a medium or a spiritist but I do have and extremely close relationship with Christ and His Holy Spirit does live within me. The Lord has loaned me a gift of discernment and the most difficult task of having that gift is communicating to others where things might be heading. The Holy Spirit nor Christ have ever told me anything that was going to happen in the future. Why? Because I surrendered my will to Him many years ago and I place all my trust in Him so no need to worry about prophecy and maybe He will gve me one some day. His Word the Bible gives me all that I need to live the most Christ like life that I can and to tell others about Him. I do not have a problem with mediums, but if a person simply knows Christ then they have no need for one. I would rather them know Christ personal that to consult with spirits. If you are a Christian prophet and information comes to you by the Holy Spirit then I say right on. If you are speaking to something other than the Holy Spirit, just who do you think you are speaking with? I don’t believe in guardians and guides so don’t try that one on me. I believe in angels good and bad but I don’t think the good ones do a whole lot of talking to humans especially non-believers (in Christ). I don’t mean to sound narrow minded but there are another 3 billion folks walking around the earth right now that kinda see it the same way I do. We might be rare on a site like this but not in the world today. So to put it simple, I can talk straight to the Boss because of what Jesus did for all of us and you all can to if you take up your own cross and follow Him.

  21. Hi JK, I always enjoy your comments, you make me think. Thank you.

    From the teachings when I was in Sunday school, and churches later, we are not supposed to talk direct to God, we are supposed to talk to Jesus and he’ll go to God for us.

    If Christians don’t need to know the future, why do you have prophets in your churches .. and prophets in the Bible?

    And then there’s me .. a Christian medium .. why do I have my gifts, and why do so many others like me have them? I have had these gifts since I was born .. going by what my parents tell me. And I have loved God and Jesus since before I was old enough to go to church. I have always ‘known’ God and Jesus, which is why I got expelled from the Methodist sunday school for saying that Jesus didn’t have blue eyes and blond hair, and that God loves us all and we aren’t going to hell. And I knew I would be doing what I do since I was a very small child, the first memory is of 5 years old. BTW, I don’t ‘consult’ with spirits, and I can only groan when I see others do it. I don’t think they are any wiser than us, just because they are dead.

    Yes, the world is swimming in ‘mediums’ these days. Some are good, some are not .. and some should be banned. Some ‘think’ they can do it, and can’t. They just mess it up for the rest of us. And then there are the really good fakes. I have to question – why now? My opinion is that there are more ghosts moving around. They are no longer ‘locked’ up in places like their graves (a Christian belief while they wait for the 2nd coming), or the houses they died in, or hospitals etc. And they need our help. Trouble is people think of them as entertainment, while they think of us as dinner. And one ghost contact does not make you a medium. Sigh

    Yes, I talk direct to the boss too. But the action, and the answers, come through our angels – or guides, if a person prefers to see them that way .. trouble is, so much other rubbish comes through as well, to confuse and confound.

    Spirit (Holy Spirit) taught me that if I have one moment’s hesitation, one moment’s doubt, in anything I am ‘taught’ I should discount it and all the rest of the teachings. That’s what I do – and it has held me in good stead, safe in the arms of Love – since the beginning of my journey. Yes, its fun to think you are talking to aliens, ancient egyptians, american indians, venerable chinese wisemen and women .. ascended masters, angels and other guides .. but please people, use comment sense. If it doesn’t ‘feel right’ .. ignore it all.

    Love & Peace

  22. 1)I am certain your first answer wasnt to come to a website and ask a bunch of theorists, what do you think about my son. I am sure you took him to a doctor who doesnt believe in the supernatural and he said here is a pill try it if it doesnt work ill give him another pill.

    2) Most ministers/priests and religious figures in our communities have no real experience with an “actual” entity of malign intent such as a demon. Ive met some less versed in the bible than even I am. Though I am pretty well versed in it. But not a christian.

    3) Advising you to call upon the power of jesus to expel a demon….that only jesus actually himself successfully did himself none of his followers ever have. So if you feel you have the abilities of Jesus you should do that as well.

    4) An actual demonologist that has dealt with “actual” demonic entities, which terms a creature not of this dimension. If you think something is actually compelling your child to try and kill another of your children the first thing you should do is absolutely dont give him the opportunity to be alone with anyones children until the situation is rectified. Regardless of whatever else you do make sure the other children are safe first and foremost.

    5) The catholic church is known to have rituals capable of removing a creature possessing another human being. They will almost never do it or even confirm there is anything really doing anything to your child and will refer to point one get a doctor to check him.

    6) If all else fails and you feel he is haunted find an actual professional, I would ask how often these spurts come and if youve moved recently, how old your home is, and factors such as these before giving any form of advice. The medical field is great except they will never ever affirm and outside influence on your child regardless of any proof.

  23. Jestergypsy not sure where you get your information about Jesus be many many demons have been cast out through the power of Jesus by his followers up until this very day. You are right infact that no human has ever cast out demons through their on power, only Jesus but He clearly gave His descples which include His followers today, His power to cast out devils and demons. It is not our power but His power through us that demons are cast out daily. what you are saying is definately not Biblical and I can certainly show you in the Bible where Jesus gave all of those who choose to follow Him, His power and dominion over the demonic. Some Biblical study may be in order to keep false statements like the one you made from deceiving God’s elect.

  24. And thus it never stops…

    I hope your son and you get the help you both need. If the red one is plugging itself into your son’s brain, then as somebody mentioned earlier, it’s quite possible it could be external influences. Ask your son if he needs help in covering up the plughole and see what he says (like a special cap or a hat or something). Ask him how many times he hears the voices, and what they sound like. Ask him what the voices don’t like.

    Things like this are so very difficult and we are all here for you if you need to talk.

    Steph xx

  25. well im sure we can all agree that this ladys son needs help! let your mother instincts kick in, you have talked to your son he as expressed what is happening. if it is something demonic attacking your son, i’ve had experience in this being my girlfriend was possessed back in 2008.(make sure all other children are out the house)becase it could jump into one of them) i used holy water and olive oil that was blessed. take those and this quote ” i rebuke you in the name of jesus” plead the blood of jesus over your son, as your annointing his forehead with the holy water or oil. i prefer holy water it tends to hurt the demon more. once you have done that and weakened it. read the psalms 91 through out your home, going into every room anoint you windows drawing a cross on them with the oil. do not leave any room untouch do them all! if that does not work then make a trip to the doctor. i wouldnt tell you this if i have not been through it myself. believe me when fighting this thing to keep your faith. dont be fearful they feed off of fear and stay strong it will fight back through your son. hope all works out for you both.

  26. Hi Kathleen,

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind he is possessed.

    One of Satan’s biggest deceptions in the western world is a lot of these issues can be explained biologically, but the truth is they are demonic attacks. The western world has gotten so proud on scientism that they’ve become spiritually blind.

    I ask you to please take your son to a pastor to be delivered from the demons. Only the power and authority of Jesus Christ – the King of Kings and Lord of Lords – can help your son. Believe me on this.

    Please give me a follow up after you do this.

  27. I’m sort of a skeptic to the super natural. It isn’t that I don’t believe it exists, I just rather not jump to conclusions before thinking it out and looking for valid scientific reasons first. I do believe there are such things as demons and angels, but before jumping to immediate conclusions, I’m joining camp with those saying to have the child go through a medical evaluation.
    Addressing this to the general population lurking this posting: Please don’t confuse ADHD, autism, developmental disabilities etc with demon possession. Tragic things can happen and have happened. (There was a case some time ago an autistic child died during an exorcism. The family thought it would help, but instead they lost their child).

    This child could be dealing with schizophrenia or it could be something less serious such as being highly imaginative.

    I had that skill as a young kid and I talked about my imaginary world like it was real. For a while my “imaginary friend(s)” sure did get the blame for a lot of my bad behavior. One of my characters was even banned from one of my schools for that reason. Hey he was my scapegoat! And if I could imagine something to exist then, he did exist…in some form, even if it wasn’t real. I’m glad my parents did not write me off as demon possessed or schizophrenic it would have traumatized me, I’m sure.

    That said are there any updates on this? I’m not saying it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Whenever someone crosses the boundaries to threaten someone else’s life, it does require action, but it has to be done carefully.

  28. Please get your son help! This is not normal behaviour for a child of his age. Sounds to me like Psychosis or some other mental health problem that could esculate if it is left. My little brother had the same problems and tried to take his own life because he got “sick of the demon inside his body”. Take him to your GP ASAP

  29. The only Person to save anyone is Jesus Christ. Allowing Spiritualist to interfere will only cause you to have more demonic attacks in other areas of yours and your families life… Please heed this warning and see a Deliverance Minister in your area. I have been through many attacks and thought, because it is Spiritual go see a Spiritualist… DONT! please x The only thing that can stop this is the Blood of Jesus Christ. I am now delivered and so wish I knew this many many years ago, I wish someone told me.. xxx GOD Bless and may you come to know the truth x

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