Am I a Medium or Psychic?

I don’t know how to explain this, there is a lot, I don’t wanna sound nutzo. Well I am 24yrs old I am from Oshkosh WI, It all started when I was little I used to have out of body experiences, floating feelings of falling back, traveling.

I have dreams which I talk to dead family as i do today, funny thing is the things they talk about always comes true. I also sense things and see things,people, or sometimes shadow people, they not friendly or to be trusted.

I moved to Omro bought a mobile home funny thing is on the southeast side of it, it has a purple swirling thing,no one sees it but me, which I don’t know what to call it. That side makes people feel uncomfortable, I had a roommate that only stayed with me for a two months. People come and go all the time, don’t like my home. It doesn’t seem to bother me. Just sometimes I get people staring at me once in awhile at 4 am, then they are gone.

Oh I am attracted to certain numbers 4,9,11,13 a great deal to 11:11. I am not sure why those numbers but it has become a custom to me. I have many questions but no one to talk too. I been to a head doctor, years ago I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia, and I was retested this year found I have a form of autism. So I know I am not nuts.

Asked by Rose

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  1. Hello Rose,

    The simple answer is .. everyone is psychic to varying degrees. One of the abilities of a psychic, if they have clairaudience (hearing) or clairvoyance (seeing) is mediumship, which is the ability to talk to dead people. So yes, you are both, and you have the two gifts.

    The purple thing is probably a vortex. I call them ‘gates’ because the Michael angels call me a ‘gatekeeper’. A gate, left open for too long, will affect the energy of the ‘real’ world, and can make people feel very uncomfortable. They are supposed to open and close naturally, not constantly remain open.

    You might consider shutting it. If it is natural it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to do. Make sure to protect your energy first .. there’s a personal shield here that works well .. then make sure you are solidly connected between heaven and earth. An easy way to do this is to decide you are a tree and let roots grow into the ground from your feet and legs, and reach your arms into heaven, like the branches. And then use your imagination to ‘see’ the gate, think of it as a door with a handle and lock on it, and then close it and lock it. If the gate was created by another living person, it might not want to do this, but then you could ask your angels to help you will it, and do the same visualisation, with a little help from a ‘friend with wings’. If there is a problem, write to me privately .. you’ll find my email address on my site .. which is also listed on the right there Victorian Paranormal Connection,

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. Well thank you, Well the vortex started out small no bigger then your fist, (that was one reason I bought the house it had a certain vibe to it), until I got some intriguing voice in my head one night. I touch it with my index figure followed it clockwise, It just started to grow. It has been open for two years. The only thing I worry about are the shadow people they are the first to come, I counted 5 in my house . Other then that there is a little girl in a white Sunday gown, older woman hag like that is very angry, always talking about her husband, and a man I would say in his 30′s he usually very pleasant. My mother the other day swears up and down she heard a growl and was pushed, I wasn’t home. I tell her all the time stay out of the back room. She thinks I’m loony, now she is afraid. Slowly believing what I am talking about for many years since I was little. It seems I am evolving, more strange happenings.

    • Hi Rose,

      Since you opened it so easily, I would suggest you close it the same way. Have you tried? Haunting tend to escalate, and by the sounds of things, that is what is happening, so its better to clear the house and shut the gate, before anything you can’t handle decides to come through.

      // This Invocation clears negative entities, and energies, from a person’s home. Start by saying to clear your own energy, then change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my home’ and settle the place down. Then close the gate. There are enough lost souls, and more negative entities, on this side of the vortex already, without allowing more though.

      Love & Peace

    • Call Archangel MIchael name out loud three times and ask him to move the vortex. It worked for me.

  3. Well I tried last night, I got a door slammed in my face. I got angry started yelling ” This is my house enough is enough, I’m not afraid of you, you seem to think you own the place.” The little girl is gone and the old woman is gone. But Jim the fellow in is 30′s seems to stick around which I don’t mind. He pretty much attached to my hip. But them horrid shadow people they just wont leave. They are like a black mass shaped like people that snakes around the house, they growl and scratch, sometimes bite, kinda like an alligator. Never to me but other people. (well I had a intriguing thought from a dream I had) I went into my closet put natural sea salt over the threshold and place saint Michael over the door. Some how they wont leave, the room, I guess for now I got them contained. But I will try again soon.

    • OH I wanted to add, that I also placed a blessed rosary from when I was going to church when I was younger.

      • I love rosary beads, and I’m not even Catholic. I use them to keep irritating gates closed! I have one beside the bed, and another hanging in the window of my bedroom (both blessed). If spooks want to visit, they can come through the door. LOL

        Yes, do the Invocation again, and ask specifically to have that room cleared .. and your friend attached to your hip. If the man needs to be in healing, he should go. He might be using your reluctance to part from him as an anchor to stay, but it also means he’ll be anchoring tighter into your energy, and, in the end, that is going to make you very sick. Tell him, and its true, that once he passes over he’ll be able to come back and visit anytime he wants .. and he won’t be causing you the type of harm he is .. because he’s adding to the problem of the shadow people .. his energy allows them to come and go. Negativity draws negativity.

        Love & Peace

        • I didn’t tell the full story on Jim he has been with me for 10 years maybe longer. He does come and go.

          • Well, Rose, with my experience, I would do the Invocation specifically to clear your energy, and if he doesn’t come back it means he shouldn’t have been there in the first place. If he does .. no problem .. but usually only relatives visit, never stay long, make us feel calm, warm and peaceful, and go again. Otherwise, its ghosts.

            Love & Peace

  4. I also have a question concerning psychic abilitys. Maybe you can help ama, I have always felt different. I never understood why, i have abilitys, that i never understood until i got older. When i was little i would have very vivid dreams about people and places i have never seen. And then later on i would see the person or visit the places. As i got older i was able to predict certain things concerning my self or others, i was close to. I have felt the death of a loved one before they died. I have heard the thoughts even, of others, as if they whispered the words clearly in my ears. I have felt other peoples feelings as strongly as if they were my own. I can see other peoples ora’s and i sence and see colored orbs. But i know i am seeing the ora’s of the dead or other beings. I can feel the touch of the dead and they give me visions and i have even heard them speak to me. I have felt so alone for so long, when i do trust certain people and tell them what’s happening i’m afraid that they are going to think that i am crazy. Please tell me what all this means? I have been so attracted to the supernaturel and ghosts and i dont know why? Am i some kind of freak? What am I called? What are these abilitys?

    • Hi China,

      To start with you are NOT a freak. There are millions of us out here who can do, and sense, what you do. There are also a million different interpretations for what we are, and do, the nice ones make us gifted and interesting to know .. and I ignore the rest unless someone tries to get pushy about it. LOL

      To start with .. hearing thoughts is telepathy .. its a gift, like everything else, and should be learned to be used with caution and discretion. You might ‘hear’ a thought, but you don’t have to tell the person that you have, and you should not share it with anyone else. If you do it involuntarily .. in other words, can’t ‘choose’ to hear what someone is else thinking .. that’s good. You might not get into the habit of invading other people’s privacy ‘just because you can’. I know a few people who do this (invading), and to me its just bad manners, or worse. A lot of people pick up ‘stray thoughts’ from others, but often it is because of body language, or their intereaction with the person’s energy, if they are ‘broadcasting’ their emotions very loudly.

      Vivid dreams might be lucid dreaming, or astral travelling (your spirit leaves your body and goes to other places and sees things, like me going to China) though you do not describe it very well. Clairvoyant (which means clear ‘seeing’) dreams can show you the future – and then you went visiting.

      You said ‘felt’ the death of someone, which might be termed either as ‘clairsentience (clear sensing) or empathy .. which is feeling what another person is feeling, often overwhelmingly. Clairvoyant and sentience often work hand in hand, so you would ‘feel’ the future death fo someone.

      Seeing spirit orbs, and the human aura, is part of the clairvoyant gift, sensing them is the ‘sentience’ gift.

      Hearing things is ‘clairaudience’. I also see ghosts and hear them speak, and sense them and they occasionally invade my dreams, which is why I have personal energy shields and houseshields .. so I can get a good night’s sleep. If you scroll up to my first comment on the page you’ll find the link to the energy shields. Learn them and use them, to give you some sense of control over your life. I use white light shields in crowd situations, like the supermarket or shopping malls. Ghosts are attracted to places where people congregate .. so in church is good too. They need our energy to maintain their unnatural existence. I am not talking about spirits here, who have crossed over into heaven, but of those who are too afraid, or angry, or hurt, to go automatically, and instead choose to remain behind. Some mean harm, the majority don’t, and they ALL need to be in heaven/healing.

      You can talk to me .. and AJ .. and LunaTerra, and Diana .. we all have similar, and differing gifts from each other. And you will find there are people all around you who do to. If you would like to email me privately you can .. through a link off the webpage I recommended, and you can read the rest of my webpages through the link here on this page listed under Friends .. Victorian Paranormal Connection.

      Why do you see ghosts .. perhaps you can learn, as I did, to help them cross over? It’s not strange, nor constant, but the ones who need our help know who to look for.

      In the meantime email me .. I would like to know how old you are .. just to start with. So many young people are being born with these gifts now, and there’s no one around to teach them. We should open a school. LOL

      Love & Peace

  5. Can you please tell me who i can talk to about these things? Are there others like this? Do you know how i can talk to them and get in touch with them ? Who can help me understand what to do?

    • See my previous message to your first questions .. and as I said, lots of people on this site also have your gifts, China .. so you are part of a very interesting group of people.

      Love & Peace

  6. Neither, so don’t be deceived any longer. Seek God through Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit wioll show you how to use your gifts that are God given. They are His gifts by the way on loan to you.

    • Thank you JK .. its nice to know my gifts are God given in your opinion. :-) Discerning spirits is clairsentience, and the gift of prophecy is clairvoyance and clairaudience. People put up the most amazing webpages these days (and pretty). Here we are in ‘Bible Speak’. The prophecy bit made me laugh .. Christian prophets are not talking about the future, even thought hey are telling about something that will happen in the future. :-) I think that is a bit of sophistry.

      Love & Peace

  7. I have had lots of dreams that come true shortly afterwards. My Grandfather’s spirit resides in my house. He would not harm anyone, but sometimes I come in contact with extremly negative spirits in other places. Sometimes I will have vision of murders and death that took place in a location.

    • Ni Nicholas,

      My advice to you is the same to China .. learn personal energy shields and use them. You have gifts that are meant to help yourself and other people, so get to know what they are, and learn to control your energy.

      Love & Peace

  8. you are a medium. I also can talk to the deceased in my dreams.

  9. I Have sensed spiritual in all types of place. These range from very old houses to the newest of Big Box stores. In stores spirits tend to be found in the restrooms of in Grocery areas were freezers or ovens are nearby. I recently had an experiance at a Super Kmart where I saw a can get knocked off the shelve and roll away quickly, then I saw someone acting suspicous in the grocery section nearby. I walked closer to investigate and nobody was there, but I could feel that I was being watched. I even had an experiance during the Grand Opening at a JCPenny store. I always get the same exact horrific vision when I go into the Freezer section at the Sam’s Club close to my house. It is a common misconception that spirits are only found in very old buildings.

    • I once watched three tomatoes, one at a time, rise up in the air and fall onto the floor .. until I told the ‘guy’ I could see him and to stop kidding around. That was an interesting day. LOL

      Love & Peace

  10. Hi, Ama,
    Thank you so much for your comments :) You don’t know how alone I have felt for so long, I feel comforted in the idea that I can talk to you and others about my abilitys. I would like to learn how to use them to help others. I didnt find the link you spoke about so that i may email you priviately about every thing. I will try to find the web site on the internet and then try to find a way to email you privately. I also want to thank everyone for their comments and their shared expeirences, that greatly helps others in knowing that their not alone.

    • Hi China,

      I needed to edit my message better, sorry.

      You will find a link to me under Friends on this page, on the right up the top . Victorian Paranormal Connection .. there are links on the site to email me directly.

      Love & Peace

  11. I have abilities since I was 12 and still have them at 37. I am a loner or an outcast if you will. I was working at my old jobs and after the first day I went home and I dream or vision is what I call it. I went to work and told the guy I had a dream about me but of course I got a crazy look. I saw a house with a basement that the door is on the right side and the washer and dryer is at the bottom against the wall across the steps with bags of toys and I felt I was there as I am telling him. I told him not to say anything that there’s more.hTo the right wall was a dark shadow that leap from right to the left I told him to run but it took my energy and he had to carry me up the stairs. I then snap out of it and he then said I just describe he’s grandmother house. I told him its still there. He said he knows.

    • Hello Emma,

      I learned, early on, that most ordinary people are not open to being told there’s something spooky in their house, but I told them anyway, and then learned how to ‘clear’ houses of ghosts and other entities. I must admit I did it for me. I couldn’t stand living in a haunted house. I had grown up haunted .. not the house I lived in, no .. me, and without support from anyone around me. It was a very isolating experience, and sometimes frightening, but what it did for me is make me very strong!

      So years later, when a bunch of angels told me I was capable of helping lost soul and other sorts of ‘rescue’ work, I just said yes, and got on with it. Now .. I help people all over the world with paranormal problems, and love it. But I am still a hermit, now by choice, because sometimes world energy is too negative for me, and I love my own company. I still go out into the world and interact with people, and shop and do whatever, but home became sanctuary for me .. my quiet place .. with the help of energy shields to keep the ghosts OUT.

      You are not an outcast, and being a loner is a choice .. one I was happy to make. When you accept that you have extraordinary gifts, as do thousands of other people all around you, you’ll find them and find friends among them. There’s a group on the internet now called ‘meetup’. I don’t know where in the world you are, but they are everywhere .. The Meetup webpages are the hub of a wheel that branches out over a million topics, bringing people with shared interests together. Psychic gifts is one of the many things available .. I know this because I used to be on a few of those groups. You can do a search on the site for groups in your area .. you’ll find them.

      What can you do .. you touched the man’s energy (in a dream I think?) and then either went to ‘visit’ his grandmother’s house using astral travel, or your spirit just dropped in for a moment. There’s a ghost there, that you saw, that might have an energy connection to the man, which is how you found it. This is often how I work when I am going to clear someone’s home. I connect to their energy, and then ‘reach’ and change the energy of the household, find the ghost and get it ‘escorted’ into heaven. Sounds complicated maybe, but it only takes a moment.

      If you went to the house the ghost might ‘take’ your energy, the way it did in the vision, so I don’t recommend it. What I do recommend is that you learn to protect your energy .. white light shields are simple and very effective, and you might find, if you are uncomfortable in places like supermarkets or malls, or even other people’s houses, you’ll feel a lot better if you are shielded before you go there.

      Here’s the link to my version:

      It only takes a moment to decide it exists .. and it does.

      Love & Peace

  12. I didn’t finish but it button by mistake. It smell like old mold or like mold iron or a penny that sat in water for a long time in a fountain. Don’t know how to describe it. What do I do or how can I control or even learn my abilities. Help please.

  13. I have seen and hear and felt different things through out my life and never understood why.I have many gifts that I don’t know how to use and now learning them. I told a person who I used to work with that I had a dream about him and I just started a job there I didn’t know him. I told him about a house with basement as you walk in there is a door and down the stairs against the wall is a washer and dryer with black bags full of toys. To the right was a black shadow that leap from rite to the washer going after him I told him to run but I got in the way and he had to carry me with my arm around his neck and lock door. The shadow made me weak. He then looked at me and said you describe my grandmother house. I told him it is still there and he said I know. I said no more because he gave me a crazy look. I just said don’t go in there or get s:-) someone to remove it. I saw it as if I was there.
    There are times when I’m asleep I stay alert because shadows are taking my energy and makes me very weak like I’m moving in slow motion or falling and floating and there’s no bottom. I jerk out of sleep. What does this mean.

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