How Do You Achieve a Lucid Dream?

If you have ever experienced lucid dreaming how did it happen? Did you use a certain methodology or did it happen spontaneously? Have you been lucid in your dreams just once, a few or many times?

If you can tell others some pointers and advice and share your own methods of achieving lucidity do so in the comments below.

Remember, we are looking for insight on how the lucid state is achieved and not necessarily a discussion on dreams in general.

Asked by CareTaker

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Lucid Dreaming for Beginners: Simple Techniques for Creating Interactive Dreams (For Beginners (Llewellyn's))

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The Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Manual: From Basics to Beyond

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  1. I achieve Lucid Dreams when I use an affirmation on myself to take control of my own dream.right before I went sleep. Usually, I just give the suggestion one time, and it works. Some people may need to re-affirm themselves several times to make it work, usually until they get sleep to make the affirmation reach their “Unconcious Area”.. The more you did it, the easier you will get a Lucid Dream. It’s a very exciting experience and very fun. ^_^

  2. In my experiences with lucid dreaming, I am generally thinking very hard about having control of my dream as I drift off to sleep. The more I think about it, the easier it is. Sometimes it takes seeing some sort of familiar symbol incorporated into my dream before I realize I am dreaming. It’s only at that point that I can gain any control over my actions and steer the dream in whatever direction I would like to go. Think of something that would be easily recognizable to you should you see it while dreaming, and try to keep it in your mind as you start to fall asleep. Just make sure it is something that you will easily be able to identify as being part of your waking world, perhaps a treasured possession, some sort of sentimental item that has a lot of meaning to you.

    Something that helps as well is keeping a dream journal. The better you are able to recall your dreams, the easier it will become for you to slip into the state of lucid dreaming. Keep the journal beside your bed, and as soon as you wake up, right down as many details as you can remember. It’s very important to do this immediately after waking so that none of the details fade from your memory during the course of your day.

  3. @Diana: Thinking very hard? Well, In my case, it’s not worked if you thinking about it very hard. It’s work better when you think about it in relax state, and not too pushy about it.

  4. @Adhinferno You can be relaxed and still concentrate on something :) However, that is what works for me. It may not be the same for someone else but, it doesn’t hurt to have a few different opinions. When one doesn’t work, on to the next one, and so forth.

  5. Yeah~ I agree with you, Ms. Diana. Everyone have their own way to reach their goals which is the best for them, but not for the others. Like the said, “There are many ways to Rome”. Hehehehe.

  6. I’m bumping this. Doing historical searches as I just joined a couple months ago….and I love this subject.

    CareTaker, great topic. I’ve been a lucid dreamer since my first realization of self and dreams in general. No idea why, but it just happened. Interestingly enough, the first dream I can remember, was my first lucid dream, was my first dream about my own death. A lot to learn in one dream at a young age (usually say about 7 years old, but lately, I’m thinking that started more around 5-6 years of age).
    Recently, however, I have tried to find new ways to achieve different levels of lucidity by will.

    I’ve talked about all this on other topics, so I will keep this a little more concise:
    1) Two books listed at the top have been my research tools for lucid dreaming (and good books in my opinion). Gateway to the inner self by Waggoner (top left book). Also, the Lucid dreams in 30 days is a great start if you are trying to achieve lucid dreams for the first time or, like me, trying to find new ways. Spells out the normal suggestions: Use a journal…..ask yourself if you are currently in “reality” so you will automatically ask when you are dreaming….etc.
    2) I read Lucid dreaming for Beginners and took it back to the store. Just my personal opinion, this is more a discussion (or “rah, rah” rally about how dreams can help you understand how to better work with your boss). The only instruction I saw in this book was the “look at your hands in a dream” technique (which doesn’t work at all levels of lucidity, IMHO), and that was it. The rest was stories about the author wanting to become more lucid. I don’t recommend. The 30-day guide provides all of this, plus much more, without the “goooooooo lucid dreams!!!!” feel.
    3) If you are like me, the more techniques you learn, the better, as your ability to lucid dream can change. Different levels require different measures (was told that in a lucid dream).
    4)I also recommend checking out Reece Jones on youtube (reecejones87).
    He has some great insight into different methods of attaining lucidity in dreamspace as well as a breakdown of various levels.

    Happy lucid dreaming!

  7. Bumping this again. Apologies. Yes November is quite far away from August when this was last replied to. At least it is in the same year, lol.

    I wonder what I was doing wrong when I tried to become lucid in my dreams. This was some years ago, but still lingers in my mind. I couldn’t find anything mentioned about or similar to what I faced. I was trying to speak in my dream and come to the realization I was dreaming. Got that. Got one of the first steps to making a dream lucid. I got the the point I knew it was a dream and I was in dream land. Then I tried to change the setting or whatever was happening. Or at least know that wherever I was wasn’t the waking world.

    The problem occurred: The dream took its own life form and took control away from me by repeating itself. The scene kept repeating each time as if it was saying “This is real, and this is how the actions will go. You’re not in any more control of this dream than you are of reality”. It kept happening for several dreams, different events.

    There was only one dream I can clearly remember doing something to change the sequence of events. Even then I had quite a struggle and fought a mental and verbal argument throughout that dream sequence. The force was arguing that it was in control and that I couldn’t change it. I won in that dream, though I didn’t get my full way. I wanted to end a storm completely, but had to settle with being able to get rid of the severe weather and put up with a cloudy sky and drizzly rain. Not the perfect blue sky and sun I wanted.

    There was another dream I was trying to change, sort of an unpleasant one, but no matter what I did I just kept turning around and returning to the same sequence again, each time with my mind thinking “This isn’t a dream, no, *this* time it is real.” As soon as I got myself to realize it was a dream, it stopped then repeated the scene yet again. I had to give up trying to be lucid. Once I gave up, the dream let me onto the next scene and finished up without me remembering the rest. I haven’t been able to be lucid and in control of my dreams since. I can remember dreams in great accuracy. They stay in my head the same way I remember real events. Only somehow I know when a memory came from a dream and not reality. But as far as being able to stop and talk with dream characters, ask them the questions I’d like to ask them, etc, that it seems my dreams don’t let me do. If I try I fear I’ll end up with the same problem.

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