Will Doing Spells Make Me More Noticeable to Demons?

Will doing spells make me more noticeable to demons? Because I was doing one tonight and I was hearing and seeing things.

Asked by Kelly Hill

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  1. It depends what kind of Spells.

    I’ve read that with summoning spells you never really know what it is you’re summoning.
    I’ll be interested to see what someone else who does spells will say.

    I’ve seen contrasting evidence.
    On the one hand doing anything like that, that we’re not really supposed to be doing according to certain religions, will attract the attention of other worldly entities.

    But some spells are supposed to repel them, and theres lots of people, witches i guess, who practice magics and such all the time and seem fine. I wouldn’t advise it though.

    Black magics a whole other story though. Just stay away from that. I’m a half skeptic and even i say stay away from that stuff :p

  2. Hi Kelly,

    What were you hearing and seeing? And what sort of spells were you doing?

    When a person uses magic to influence the outcome of an event, or to change another person’s choices, its interfering in the natural way of the world. If someone is going to do spells of any kind, they must know about psychic protection, and use it conscientiously. When you work spells the Light/energy of a person’s body expands, like switching on a Light, and that might attract negative entities to them. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it can. Work magic enough and you change the substructure of your energy and can become a beacon that negative entities want to ‘find’ and harass, particularly if what you are doing is not ‘Light’ work. Remember the three fold law.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (find me under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection – on the right here)

  3. I’m not an expert at this by any means but, my guess would be, it all depends on your intentions. I’m a strong believer in karma. I certainly think that eventually you get back what you put into the world. Are you putting out love and light? If so, I highly doubt you have anything to worry about but, as I stated previously, I’m certainly no expert so please take my answer with a grain of salt.

  4. Most of the time casting a spell there are three things to consider to see if you doing something wrong.

    1 – You dont know what your doing an but a book from waldens books and think they are actually spells. (you biggest outcome will be your imagination thinking you can cast spells)

    2 – If you actually capable of casting spells and dont want to use the magic make believe i will good energy shields people spew out here. Use actual protection of some sort should you know what that is.

    2 – If your calling on a supernatural “power” to cast your spell sometimes with the overflow of energy there are residual outcomes that unless you find a way to clear it up will attract supernatural phenomena.

    4 – Who your doing it to and make believe “willed” shields of light are bogus and do nothing actual in a world filled with actual supernatural things out there. Saying prayers to god wont change anything either if there is an actual supernatural occurance. Thanks hope this helps

  5. If you are doing spells then you are calling out demons to carry them out. If you are casting spells that seem to be working then you are already in business with the demonic. How do you think spells and curses work? What physical power or energy do you thinkbrings action to magic, it aint magic, it is demonic.

  6. as long as it has nothing to do with negitive entities it wont atract them. i know because i`ve been doing it for 1 year and nothing bad has happened. Just to let u know black magic is not always evil, if you r doing a spell to get energy it is considered black magic, but depending on where u get the energy from it can be both. the main difference is that white has no potienal for bad uses while black has the possibility.

  7. Hi Joel,

    Sorry, but you remind me of all the ouija board people that say ‘I’ve never had a problem, therefore problems for others are not real’. Not true. If a person is going to indulge their ego in using black magic to get what they want .. they have to expect to pay for it somewhere down the track .. usually when they least expect it – like years after they have given up the practises and are trying to live a ‘good’ life. The dark doesn’t forget previous dark behaviour .. it just bides its time until the person is most vulnerable ……..

    IMHO, its better to stay right away from it,
    Love & Peace

  8. Yippee for the ‘testable’ .. and I mean that sincerely.

    I live in the world of the unseen. :-) It would be lovely to say to the angels “Michael, could you just appear for a moment, this person needs to believe in you” and they would, but then .. there is so much more power in faith than in belief ..

    Jeff .. how do you define ‘the correct result’ .. in paranormal things?

    Love & Peace

  9. Now when it comes to entities sensing you after you preform magic yes it occurs. This is is because your aura (electric field that surrounds your body) is more powerful and on the astral plain more entities will be attracted to you good or bad. Although this does tend to be bad because in the end alot of bad things will come to you as a result of you preforming magic because you will be sort of like a lighthouse on the astral plain.
    Therefore I think it would be best to get an protective amulet, do some protection spells, get the nearest demonologist in your neighborhood on your phone on speed dial, and the final tip would be to know what you are summoning (probably the most important) because if you don’t know what you are summoning and it isn’t what you expect then please don’t make the mistake and and just be aware that not all spiritual entities are nice.

    • That is a bit like closing the door after the horse has bolted (run away), better yet, don’t do any spells that will harm others, or any at all, unless you truly know what you are doing .. and that means an apprenticeship with a true practitioner, not just someone who calls themself magical.

      And better again .. don’t SUMMON anything! You can never guarantee that what you summon won’t come with other nastier beings.

      Love & Peace
      Ama (demonologist)

  10. ok here is my go at this one The only reason that you were hearing and seeing things in my thoughts is because you were scared of what you were doing if you were doing some sort mean of evil spell then of course you would afraid but no it does not make you more see able to demonsunless if you go into a spell with negative thoughts hate-rate in your mind then your aura will be black in color and casting them will make some that are not watching any one at the time turn their eyes towards you and watch you and if you keep that door open then you just might be into trouble real bad if you are only doing white magic and not in it to hurt any one then you have nothing to fear before doing any spell you need to cleanse your body and soul and reverse all bad thoughts in your head and only think good thoughts turning your aura to pure and white making the demons look the other way for the whiteness will blind them from you.

  11. I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that all casting of spells is NOT summoning or using an alternate beings powers to claim such only shows you really have no idea what your talking about. If your self taught this is a good example of people who just makes things up hoping something happens for an outcome.

    Requesting “something” from an outside source demon, angel whatever you claim to be calling on and really saying you know the difference between the two powers is arrogance in my opinion. The only reason I say this is that you only get to feel the energy from them they allow you to feel.

    These beings some even change demeanors based upon times of the day and seasons of the year. Even the moon in the sky. Some are old, old by civilisation standards to think we can control, request or command them without it costing something in the long run makes me cringe to think people are out there just making stuff up.

    So my advice is that you understand that you willl never understand everything, never be an expert in all things supernatural. No one will of course heed this advice as there are a lot of people out there that are unafraid of the supernatural things out there and are content to stir the pot.

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